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Assistant Systems Engineer Resume


  • Graduated with Masters in Computer Engineering with a focus on Embedded systems design, Embedded software, digital systems design, computer architecture and parallel computing.
  • Worked on projects based on Embedded systems, computer architecture modelling, Web app Development, Image and signal processing and parallel computing with an application on supercomputing platform (Superior machines at Michigan Tech).
  • Expertise in design and simulation using Matlab and Simulink. Knowledge of Git for version control.
  • This project proposes a framework to use wireless network to send messages to a vehicle that approaches a traffic signal turn off and ignite its engine.
  • Idea is to develop an embedded framework for connected cars which can be useful in conserving fuel as well as reducing emissions. MATLAB was employed for overall system simulation and NS2 was used to simulate the networks involved.
  • Designed an Internet of Things based home automation system to control lighting fixtures and other household appliances using Raspberry Pi as the central controller .
  • An android app was developed for user interface. This app was interfaced to Raspberry pi through a wireless network. A python server was created on the Pi to establish the socket communication.
  • Encrypting images using Visual Cryptography technique on GPUs using C and CUDA and on Multicore CPUs.
  • The goal of the project was to explore the advantages of parallelism offered by GPUs and Multicore CPUs.
  • Designed an dynamic website for an eCommerce application using Web Technologies like HTML, Javascript, jQuery and Ajax .
  • Back - end of the website was designed using both Java Servlets and PhP. MySQL was used for database support.
  • Designed a data acquisition system for automobiles to analyze the real time performance of various parameters of a vehicle like speed and fuel consumption.
  • Atmega32 microcontroller was used along with Hall Effect sensor, flow meter, and accelerometer to acquire the data.
  • Embedded C was employed for the designing the data acquisition part. Serial UART communication protocols were used.
  • Implemented a VLSI Architecture for Variable Block Size Video Motion Estimation on FPGA. It was based on an idea published in IEEE on the same topic.
  • Key takeaway was exploring the use of GUI based HDL coder Altera's DSP Builder on Simulink to implement a faster VBS motion estimation system. It was a simplified custom hardware development process.
  • Designed an automated control system for the escalator, aimed at conserving energy.
  • Control action achieved by employing piezoelectric sensor and other analog components like LM324 op-amp, 555 timers.
  • Key takeaway was learning to design a cost-effective control system to achieve an optimum control


Languages: C, embedded C, Python, Java, C++, MATLAB, Verilog(HDL), Shell(Unix) and CUDA.

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, Javascript

Software: Simulink, MS Office, AVR studio, DSP builder, Simulink, Simplescalar, Dinero IV simulator

Networking: CAN, TCP/IP, UDP


Assistant Systems Engineer



  • Software development using Object oriented programming in Java and Web-based development in JDBC
  • Worked on an internal talent management web app development


Systems Engineer


  • An experimental project involving troubleshooting and onboard testing of different signal conditioning circuits.
  • Key takeaways were exposure to designing with discrete electronic components and black box circuit testing

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