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Research Assistant Resume


Programming Languages: C, C++, Verilog, Assembly Language, System C & Python(Beginner)

Electronic Tools: MATLAB, KEIL, Micro Wind, LT Spice, P Spice, AVR Studio

Operating Systems: Linux, Mac, Microsoft Windows



Research Assistant


  • Developed programs in C language, C++ and Verilog for different projects like arm controlled robot and line following robot using Arduino and At - mega 32 micro-controller
  • Designed PCB schematic and Board layout using Design Spark PCB software
  • Used different sensors like Touch sensor, Flex sensor, Accelerometer and IR sensor to get the real time data for above mentioned projects


Associate Electrical Engineer


  • Developed firmware code in embedded C, C++ and Verilog by using 8/16/32 bit micro controllers for different products
  • Designed various projects using Digital and Analog design concepts, designed PCB schematic and Board layout using Design Spark PCB software
  • Tested and troubleshooted different communication protocols like UART, I2C, RS 232, Bluetooth and Fixed bugs
  • Worked wif QC to test, identify and resolve software and hardware related issue
  • Evaluated different IoT communication protocols and schematic for different products


Embedded Software Developer Intern


  • Developed programs in embedded C,C++ for Line/Wall following robot and Touchscreen operated home appliances using ATmega 32 microcontroller
  • Learned Operating System concepts to achieve/meet projects requirements
  • Collaborated wif staff members on the projects like Sign Converter and Touchscreen operated home appliances wif embedded C

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