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Hybrid Cloud Architect/ Disaster Recovery Sme Resume


  • A proven infrastructure architect and leader with more than 25 years experience in large - scale enterprise automation and virtualization.
  • Confidential has the expertise to guide and direct the design, deployment and operation of cloud based and on-premises multi-petabyte processing infrastructures.
  • He has a comprehensive background in servicing both private enterprise and governmental agencies.
  • He is highly proficient in developing partnerships with vendors and IT service providers.
  • Confidential has delivered powerful infrastructure platforms for the most demanding, high bandwidth, high volume application environments.
  • Large scale e-mail and messaging operations with over 60,000 mail users
  • Large SharePoint and collaborative document management systems
  • Continental clustering with multi-hop data replication and Continuous Availability
  • OTV and NSX SDN for multi-site availability with CA and HA global applications
  • Large scale virtual consolidation with pre-cloud assessment and rationalization
  • Hybrid cloud and Public Cloud integrated solutions (AWS, Azure)
  • ERP/CRM/MRP packages including SAP and Oracle
  • Online banking and trading teleprocessing
  • Unique Department of Defense real-time applications
  • Equipped with outstanding presentation, leadership and communications skills, Confidential has managed and directed teams of 3 to 50 individuals.
  • As a leader, he has strong mentoring abilities and interpersonal skills, inspires self-confidence and promotes collaborative team success.
  • As a manager, Confidential has supervised projects in excess of 100 million dollars, producing dramatic returns in increased revenue and cost reduction.
  • Applying the detailed disciplines of project management and the motivational skills of effective leadership with a depth of technical knowledge acquired over 20 years of professional experience, Confidential has achieved outstanding project success and customer satisfaction.


  • Storage Administration (SAN, NAS, DAS)
  • Backup, Recovery, De-Duplication
  • Systems Administration (Unix, Windows)
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Database Administration (Oracle, Sql Server)
  • Clustering with HA and CA Capabilities
  • Network Administration (LAN, WAN, SDN)
  • Data Migration, Application Mapping
  • Network security and Identity management
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • EA Framework and ITIL practice guidance
  • Data Architecture “Big Data” Services


Computer Hardware:

SUN: E3500, 6800, E4900, E6900, V1280, E10k, 15k, 20k, 25k HP/9000 RP54XX, RP74XX, PR84XX, Superdome, IBM Pseries P670, P680, P690, IBM AS/400 IBM S/370-390, z10, z9, Dell PowerEdge, IBM BladeCenter, Cisco UCS M/B/C series, fabric extenders/interconnects

EMC Systems: VCE VBlock Series 200/300

Symmetrix: VPLEX, V-MAX, DMX-4, DMX-3, DMX3000, DMX2000, 88/87XX

VNX/VNXe: VNX2,VNX 5XXX, VNX 7500, Fast Chche, Fast VP, VNXe

Celerra: NS960, NS480, NSX, NS80, NS40, NX4, NS700, NSXXX

Centera: Gen2, Gen3, Gen4, CE, CE+, Centera Replicator

Disk Library: GDA, DD880, DD660, Avamar, CDL, EDL, DL4000 EMC Software

Enterprise: RecoverPoint, GemFire, Rainfinity FVA/FMA, OpenMigrator, OpenReplicator, HACMP, Hyper-V, ASR, SCVMM, ESXi 5.x/6.0 vCOPS, vCloud, vSRM, vCAC, vRealize, OTV, ACI, NSX, LISP Watch4Net, SCOM, SPLUNK, DCRUM

Symmetrix: SymmWin, FAST/VP, TimeFinder/mirror,snap,clone SRDF(STAR/S/A/DM), ConfigChange, SymCLI, Symm Optimizer,Unisphere,Prosphere, SPA, SMC, OpenReplicator

VNX/Clariion: Unisphere, SnapView, MirrorView, SANCopy, Navisphere, FAST

Hitachi Data Systems: USPV, USP1100, AMS2300, AMS2100, 9980V, ShadowImage, TrueCopy, HDvM HTnM, HCmD, HTsM, Storage Navigator, HDP, Universal Replicator

Hewlett Packard: XP24000, XP20000, XP12000 EVA6100, EVA4400, EVA4100, MSA/EMA, BusinessCopy, Continuous Access, Snapshot, Command View AE

NetApps: FAS6280, FAS6210, FAS3040, FAS2050, Data ONTAP, DataMotion, FlexShare, SnapMirror, SnapShot, SnapVault, Data Compression/De-dupe, Flash Cache(PAM II) Virtual Provisioning

IBM: DS8300, ESS2105-800, FlashCopy, Global Mirror, Metro Mirror (PPRC), GDDR, HyperPAV, EVA


Brocade: DCX, 48000, Mi10K, M6140, 24000,12000, 5300, 5100, 5000, 7500, M3000, M2640

Cisco: Fibre MDS 9700, MDS 9509, MDS-9506 LAN Nexus 7k/5k 1000v Catalyst 6500, 2960, 3750, 3560 Software NX/OS, IOS, USCM F5 Big-IP, LTM, GTM, APM, AFM

Tape Libraries: Quantum(ADIC) Scalar 10K, i2000, i500 StorageTek SL8500, SL3000, Powderhorn, L5500, L700, L180 HP EML E-Series IBM TS3310, TS3500


Operating Systems: HP/UX(10.20 - 11.i), AIX(4.3 - 7.1), Solaris, Linux(Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu), Windows/WSFC 2012, 2008, 2003 Netware 4X, 5X, 6X, AS/400, Z/0S(2.10), Z/VM, MVS

Languages: OS/ASSEMBLY, C/ C++, VISUAL C, PowerBuilder, COBOL II, Fortran, Pascal, Natural, RPG, C Shell, KORN Shell, Prolog, Perl, CGI, HTML, Java

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Data Guard, SharePlex, Xtivia, Golden Gate, Cognos, Holos, Essbase, Informatica

Applications: Apache (1.x - 2.4), Exchange (5.5 - 2013), Lotus Domino/Notes(7.x 8.x), Citrix, XenServer, LPAR, WPAR, PowerVM, MOSS SharePoint, FileNet P8,Content Manager, Alfresco, Atmos, HP-TRIM, Autonomy, OpenText

ERP/EA: SAP/R3, SAP/BW, Oracle Apps, PeopleSoft, TOGAF, DoDAF, FSAM

Backup/Restore: NetBackup, CommVault Simpana, NetWorker, Avamar, DataDomain,TSM, Veeam Backup, FastSCP, esXpress, Backup Exec, Omniback, Data Protection Advisor



Hybrid Cloud Architect/ Disaster Recovery SME


  • Engineered and delivered numerous integrated storage infrastructures for the Department of Defense. Infrastructures include: SAN/NAS deployment, backup/restore, de-duplication, archiving, DR (COOP), data encryption, optimal tuning and specific application support (Exchange, Database, etc.)
  • Performed network security and access/identity management inspections with remediating recommendations. Engineered new IAM solutions and redesigned existing core and distribution networks for superior operational security and intrusion prevention.
  • Designed private cloud and hybrid cloud SDDC infrastructures based on VMware and Hyper-V virtualization models. Provided P-to-V rationalization, migration, storage consolidation, load balancing and bandwidth QOS management. Utilized vRealize for orchestration and automation with the assorted enterprise tools of vCloud and Azure ASR. Integrated public cloud services with unified SSO and IAM management.
  • Designed ultra-high-speed SAN storage environments for DoD and DoE requiring static I/O rates above 450 MB per second, per channel. Aggregate I/O rates above 5 GB per second.
  • Deployed GemFire distributed data grid to provide high volume, ultra low latency transaction capabilities for a globally available defense system.
  • Designed and deployed new storage and processing infrastructure for an Exchange 2003 migration project for the U.S. Air Force (AFMC) Command. The new infrastructure supports over 60,000 users with integrated backup/restore and long haul replication using SRDF/S and SRDF/A in a multi-hop configuration with bunker sites.
  • Provided email and file archiving utilizing EmailXtender and DiskXtender in the Exchange and NAS environment for the Air Force. Integrated archiving included CommVault Galaxy and EMC Centera interoperability.
  • Collaborated in the design of several document management and content publishing systems using such products as Documentum, FileNet P8 and MOSS. Created storage and processing platforms for these systems.
  • Formed large scale NAS deployments for Air Force and ARMY providing both CIFS and NFS access with integrated backup/restore and archiving with long haul replication services.
  • Reorganized and streamlined the processing cycle of cellular billing for Voice Stream (T-Mobil). Through infrastructure acquisitions and redesign, reduced the customer billing cycle by 80% and increased call volume processing capability by 120%.
  • Was the consulting Data Architect for Nestle USA, MGM/Sony, and Nike. Provided data dictionary foundations, data modeling, metadata registration and data warehouse ETL definitions. Provided SAP/BW and star schema design.
  • Acted as database administrator in several engagements installing/configuring Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Informix, Terradata.

Tools: and software utilized in these projects include: RecoverPoint, vCloud, vRealize, ASR, AWS/EC2, OIM, SAML, OpenID, OSCP


Disaster Recover SME/ DR Architect


  • Having centralized IT operations at a data center in Houston, Weatherford commissioned a project to provide Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capabilities. Weatherford invested in Vplex and RecoverPoint technology for data replication activities.
  • Confidential designed a phased approach to integrate a new data center, in Austin.
  • This solution utilized Vplex Metro, RecoverPoint and vSRM in a near/near/far deployment with the “near/near” deployments being in different power domains within the same co-location facility. With 95% of all systems virtualized under VMware, including large VDI deployment, vSRM provided complete control and monitoring of all compute/network/desktop/storage assets. The integration of OTV, LISP and F5 BIG-IP crates a seamless fault tolerant environment with global and local load balancing decoupled from application awareness.
  • Ace globally maintains many data centers and IT facilities.
  • Ace engaged EMC to deliver a plan to consolidate the Latin American IT operation in a new facility, to be located in Miami or Austin. Confidential was responsible for the overall systems integration/migration plan and technology selection recommendation. In a “local to global” approach, Confidential presented solutions allowing for continued consolidated localized custom services and applications while providing a global infrastructure with SDN and SDDC application virtualization.
  • Solutions leveraged F5 cloud technology to provide anytime/anywhere application delivery with end-to-end security and authentication.
  • NSX/ vSRM was integrated to provide the flexible network fabric to provide global load balancing with local and regional disaster avoidance.
  • Confidential addressed both IT and human operations in this plan allowing for quick integration with North American operations in the same co-location facilities.

Confidential, Denver, CO

Backup/Restore SME/Architect


  • The existing Simpana 10 deployment did not deliver the expected performance and many backup jobs were failing or grossly exceeding the backup window. Mr Kriss was also engaged to review all backup, DR and archiving solutions at Confidential and delivered an integrated strategy to reduce complexity and platforms.
  • After review of software configuration, network capacity, blade server “compute” power and storage library configuration, Confidential deployed enhancements and methods that improved backup performance by 10 fold. He also presented a new strategic path for backup, archiving and DR alignment.
  • His proposals target overlapping technology, superfluous software, workflow and methodology, training and administration.
  • Through restructuring, Confidential has a clear and proven path for reducing cost while extending backup/restore and archiving capabilities.

Confidential, King of Prussia Penn.

Storage Infrastructure Architect


  • Entered the IS field in 1982 as an assembly language programmer on OS/MVS systems.
  • Progressed from applications programmer to systems programmer and DBA
  • Participated in the administration of IMS DB/DC CICS and DB2.
  • Worked as DB2 DBA and pursued other relational databases such as Oracle and Adabase.
  • Developed detailed knowledge of the UNIX operating as a meticulous UNIX administrator.
  • Worked primarily with petrochemical, manufacturing, defense, and health care applications.

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