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It Specialist (sr. Network Engineer) Resume


  • Self - Study for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 and passed exam.
  • Self-Study for VMWare Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization and passed exam.
  • Self-Study for Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303, Exam is scheduled.
  • Self-Study for Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-304, Exam is scheduled.
  • Self-Study for Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104, Exam is scheduled.
  • Installing, Managing and Monitoring VMWare ESXi/vCenter Lab’s connectivity with Azure IaaS and container services in an AD environment.
  • Bid and awarded daily contracts to install, troubleshoot and replace network routers, switches, firewalls, servers, PCs, wireless AP, Verifone payment pads and printers on the Work Market Platform and Field Nation.
  • Also includes WAN ISP upgrades with Lumen and Verizon.



IT Specialist (Sr. Network Engineer)


  • Daily Monitor and Manage Cisco Network performance to ensure that the LAN and WAN network is available 99.9% of the time.
  • Daily Monitor and Manage SAN/NAS IOP performance to ensure that the Datastore LUNs are available 99.9% of the time.
  • Serve as the WAN/LAN Administrator and maintain connectivity throughout the service unit.
  • Maintainthe network cable plant and accurately configure/optimize network components such as Cisco routers, Dell and Cisco Switches, Cisco Wireless, etc.
  • Monitor problems,trends and propose proactive and well-researched actions to prevent future occurrences, including updates, firmware, and patch installations on Cisco IOS’s, Dell Server iDRAC’s, HP Server ILO’s, EqualLogic firmware, VMWare ESXi and vCenter patches and updates, installation of Linux security patches for Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and package installations.
  • Provide and plan maintenance and support of WAN and LAN network connectivity while communicating results to management.
  • Ensure all I.T. incidents and/or Security breaches are documented and reported to Management and the Navajo Area Office ISSO in a timely manner.
  • Monitor LAN and WAN for rogue security attacks and/or suspicious/malicious activity.
  • Primary Administrator for all systems in the Windows Active Directory Environment.
  • Recommend appropriate systems software install, manage, and monitor as a complete or part of the solution for Patient and Non-Patient applications, including MS SQL Server, Apache, PHP, Maria DB, mySQL and MS IIS 7.0 full stack implementation.
  • Manage accounts, privileges, and access to the desktop systems and RDP Servers on a daily basis.
  • Manage and Monitor Print Servers for Windows Servers for Application Access and User Access.
  • Manage the installation and integration of system fixes, anti-virus and windows updates, patches, and enhancements for Windows Operating Systems, Ubuntu Linux 18, Debian Linux, and VMWare operating systems.
  • Develop the installation to automate AD Group Policies and application changes using scripting and mass deployments with PowerShell and Visual Basic Scripts.
  • Maintain, monitor, and tune SQL database systems to ensure performance meets specified standards for best performance for Patient Applications.
  • Assist as the Primary Contact with the maintenance and support of the service unit LAN and WAN connectivity to the security requirements of Federal Government Regulations.
  • Manage the maintenance and development of the Health Service Unit web applications for patient and non-patient data.
  • Assist with managing all ITAC requests including VPN access and usage.
  • Workto achieve a goal of 99.9%system uptime and availability for the entire infrastructure.
  • Primary Engineer for IP Schemes, VLANs, QoS, Port Channeling, CDP, MPLS traffic shaping for the VMWare infrastructure, iSCSI Traffic and Cisco VOIP UCS traffic.
  • Installing, configuring, maintaining, monitoring, performance tuning, backup, and recovery of SQL databases.
  • Proactively ensures database management system software is kept patched to current security levels.
  • Analyzing and planning for anticipated changes in data capacity requirements.
  • Ensurethe rigorous application of information security, policies, and practices in the delivery of data management services.
  • Develop and manage hardware and software inventory database services.
  • Works with the OIT NOSC and local ISP (Verizon and Century Link) for WAN issues.
  • Establishedand maintainedongoing professional communicationas the point of contactwith Network Operations Center, Cisco, Dell, Presidio, ITSavvy, Confidential Centricity Perinatal, T-Mobile, Line-Han Communications, Radiology, and Area IHS Services.
  • Troubleshoot, coordinate, and follow through with Tier Level support to maintain continuity of operations in a 24/7 environment to provide the SLA of 99.999% uptime.
  • Maintain the accuracy and functionality of the HelpDesk Database (OS Ticket) Linux Platform.
  • Develop and maintain a data backup and recovery procedure using Veeam, Acronis and NAS hardware for all server software and SQL databases.
  • Install, Maintain and Monitor of firmware and patches for Cisco Unified Communications Management. Register and de-register Cisco IP Telephony, Cisco IP Analog Gateways, Cisco ATAs.
  • Creating OS templates, snapshot management, Performance Monitoring in VMWare ESXi vCenter and vSAN.
  • Manage and implement VMWare DRS, vMotion of ESXi Host and VMs.
  • Created Detailed Network Diagrams with all Networking port information, iSCSI connections, VMWare VM information and logical diagram layout in Visio.
  • Created System Infrastructure SOP “Standard Operating Procedures” for Daily operations, that include Networking, Telecommunications, VM Infrastructure, VM Datastores, Applications and backup/recovery procedures.
  • Upgrade all old Windows Server to Windows Server 2016 and 2019 with the installation of all patches.


Sr. Network Engineer


  • Coordinated the purchase and installation of the Dell EqualLogic SAN, in the Dell m1000e, configured the LUNs and iSCSI Client and host connections to the VMWare ESXi for existing VMs without downtime. Using vSAN for DRS and HA. This Improved the IOPs and VM performance for the entire Infrastructure.
  • Coordinated the purchase and installation of the Dell Network Port Aggregator, in the Dell m1000e, configured the LAgCP connectivity to the Cisco Nexus 7009 and iSCSI Client and host connections to the VMWare ESXi for existing VMs without downtime.
  • This increased the network performance that uses vSAN for DRS and HA for infrastructure production.
  • Coordinated the purchase and installation of VoIP phone replacement at Confidential, replacing 1300 phones in locations atTohatchiClinic, GSU Administrative Service Building, and Confidential . Coordinate with Telecom staff,the General ServicesManagementDirector, Navajo Area office, Network Operation center and our internet service provider to replace the internet circuit atTohatchiand its Wide Area Network devices. Coordinatedthe upgrade of networking devices at the Administrative Services Building to provide faster, reliable network support for VoIP phones. Preparedthe power conditioning to support the power to the VoIP phones in all clinical departments.
  • Coordinated the installation of new Iris Lamp scanner device for Eye-clinic on the network.
  • Coordinatedthe Vista Rad Modalities with GSU RadiologyDirector, and the EyeClinic Director.
  • This device will provide quality care to patients.
  • Designed and Upgraded Cisco Network, Dell EqualLogic SAN and the new Dell Blade Center 2015 Server
  • Coordinated the replacement of old copper network cables into the current blade center with 10 GBfiber cables.
  • Thisincreased the network throughput to 10 GB increasing the speedby80%of bandwidth to virtual servers.
  • Redesigned the way the virtual servers communicate to the virtual data stores for server communication providing a 20% performance increase.
  • The new servers installed, that host the EHR application,nowprovide a 60% performance increase to all the clinics and users.
  • Coordinated the replacement ofan oldLab server that was failing on a weeklybasis.
  • Coordinated with Confidential engineers and the women’s health department manager to installthenew Confidential application on PCs and installed the Confidential Application Server on our Virtual Environment.
  • This reduced the cost of purchasing additional server equipmentand savedmoney on the purchase price hosting the application server on our Virtual Environment.
  • Coordinated a team from the Help Desk Staff to help with the installation of sixty network switches throughout the Confidential .Replacedthe core switch that hoststhe main switch that serves all network communication.Replaced all the wireless access points.
  • We gained local network performance and reliability with communications to clinical server applications using 10GB speeds.
  • Upgraded the server infrastructure into a Dell Blade center with removal Blades and using VMwareEsxiServer that hosts the Virtual Servers. Coordinated with multipledepartmentsbeforemovingall the Servers on the Hyper-V environment into the VMWare infrastructure.
  • This increased the performance and reliability to clinical applications stored on the serversthat Users andClinicalStaff use on a daily basis.
  • Consolidated and removed 30 old physical servers and converted them into virtual servers using Microsoft Server 2012 Hyper-V and VMWare 5.5.
  • Increased server performance and reduced the power consumption and created a standardization for server environment.

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