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Information Security Investigator Resume


Cyber Security specialist with 3 years of practical hands - on experience in corporate security system, seeking to obtain a position in the financial service industry that can utilize my extensive investigative background, strong knowledge of risk management and enable me to make a positive contribution to the organization. Expertise with Akamai, WAF, Deception Systems, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Email Security Tools, Malware Analysis, Firewalls and Log analysis, SIEM, Network Behavior Analysis Tools, End User Antivirus Tools, Network packet Analysis Tools and Azure Cloud Security.


  • Day-to-Day operations and administration of the in-place security solution
  • Identification, investigation and remediation of security breaches and preparing training procedure
  • Extensive knowledge of all common business-related IT functions
  • Threat hunting through various security tools to detect internal & external threat activities.
  • Analyzing security incident and handling through the incident response process with efficiency
  • Subject Matter Expert for Akamai and Deception
  • Expert in various security tools; Cloud security, Email security, Endpoint security, Malware analysis, Deception, Network security, UEBA, etc.
  • Over 8 years of experiences in the IT industry


Application security: Akamai, Web application Firewall, Kona Rule sets, Rate controls, DDOS

SIEM: Azure sentinel, Coretex, Devo, RSA, Sumo Logic, ArcSight, Splunk, Logz, AlienVault

Deception security: Attivo Distributed Deception Platform.

End point security: Tanium, Trend micro, Carbon Black

Email security: Proof point TAP & TRAP, Office 365

Network security: Fire eye, Blue Coat proxy

UEBA: Securonix, Azure Sentinel Analytics

Cryptography: BMP wrap, Quick Stego, Spammic, Xiao, Steg Spy, Mailvelope, open PGP, Bit locker

Programing Language: C, C++, Java

Operating platform: CentOs, Window server 2008, server 2012, Kali Linux

Database modeling: MySQL, Oracle, ER-WIN



Information Security Investigator


  • Managing the whole incident cycle. Triage-Containment-Investigation-Remediation
  • Analyzing further security risk and handling security incident through the incident response process
  • Consulting all types of security tools in the environment specializing in Could security like Site defender, Site shield, Bot management, Prolexic as an end-user.
  • Developing deception strategies for detecting lateral movement in the organization
  • Detecting and investigating all types of threats through various security tools.
  • Q&A with feedback for L1’s performance against Incident handling.
  • Assessment of residual risk and designing or tuning use cases for the IR team


IT Monitoring Staff


  • Assisted the students in the use of software applications
  • Monitored illegal use of computers and violation of Library Learning Common (LLC) policies and user guideline
  • Reported any difficulties, problems, and issues to the User Service Representatives


Database Architect


  • Founder of IT start-up company and handling from business idea to final web service for the market.
  • Developed and managed enterprise web portal marketing platform ‘Play Pac’ with Backend Java skills
  • Designed and handled Relational Database structure (MySQL 5.x InnoDB)
  • Designed and created a specific web crawler (Java and spring framework)
  • Controlled Database Trigger and Rollback & Commit in MySQL/ tuning and backup for optimization


Equity trader


  • Managed branch office; hiring people, managing assets, teaching how to maximize profit & minimize loss daily

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