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Aws Engineer Resume


  • Highly motivated AWS Cloud Engineer wif experience in AWS and IT environment.
  • Designed efficient and TEMPeffective technology solutions on teh AWS platform.
  • Current interest in Cloud Adoption Strategy, Security and Monitoring.


Skills: IAM, S3, Encryption, VPC, Subnets, Internet Gateway, Nat gateway, Transit Gateway, VPC Peering, EC2, Security Groups, NACLs, AWS Load Balancer, AWS Auto Scaling, AWS Organization, AWS IAM, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS CodePipeline, AWS code Commit, AWS Code Build, AWS Code Deploy, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Lambda, RDS, SNS, Route53, CloudFront, Service Catalog, Trusted Advisor, CloudWatch, DynamoDB.

AWS Migration: Phases (Assess, Mobile, Migrate and Modernize), Tools (CART, ADS, Migration Hub).

Programming Languages: Json, Yaml, Python, Bash.


AWS Engineer



  • Designed for high availability and business continuity multi - AZ deployment for EC2 instances, ELB health checks, self-healing-based architecture.
  • Implemented Auto Scaling to automatically adjust teh number of you're EC2 instances in you're environment base on teh condition
  • Monitored end-to-end infrastructure using CloudWatch and SNS for notification.
  • Implemented AWS security best practices including MFA, role-based permissions to access S3 Buckets, access key rotation, role-based permission.
  • Minimized cost by Configuring a Life cycle management for data in S3 buckets in accordance wif how often it is accessed.
  • Configured S3 events to set up automated communication between S3 and other AWS services.
  • Implemented AWSSecuritybest practices, enabled Encryption for Data using KMS, S3 bucket policies and ACLs.
  • Make sure to always keep my data away from people, by putting it in a private subnet.

AWS Cloud Administrator



  • Designed for cost optimization, highly available, secured and fault tolerant infrastructure using AWS best practices .
  • Built and configured infrastructure in AWS (VPC, subnets, security groups, EC2 instances, load balancer, RDS, route53.
  • Implemented AWS security best practices in my infrastructure using MFA, Encryption for Data using KMS, firewalls- Security Groups and NACLs, S3 bucket policies and ACLs, WAF andShield to avoid DDoS attacks.
  • Implemented AWS Organization for SCPs aiming for Preventive guardrails and AWS config rules for detective guardrails.
  • For generalsecurity of my environment, I’ve configured monitoring, in order to capture logs dat have been generated across teh board by using Cloud Watch to capture those events and make teh alert through SNS.

IT Support



  • Supported teh operation by making sure dat employees are receiving teh right training and meeting teh safety, quality and productivity goals in their different paths.
  • Assist wif troubleshooting problems wif their computers and work machines.
  • Analyzed users problems, identify their source, test and implement solutions and escalates to management when required.
  • Assist in product evaluations, system administration, network administration, new installations, and security related tasks.
  • Assist in documenting troubleshooting procedures for systems, network, and phone issues.
  • Provide after-hours IT support and scheduled maintenance as required

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