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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

Professional Summary

Over 10 years of experience in planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining Local Area Networks, Metropolitan Area Networks, and Wide Area Networks. Adept in advance routing, switching, VPN, implementations, crisis management, troubleshooting, problem solving, vendor contract negotiating, and establishing network policies and procedures. You will obtain a highly motivated IT professional proficient in network infrastructure design and engineering who is eager to take on new challenges.

Certifications CCIE Written (Routing Switching) (Cisco#CSCO10844284) Cisco Certified Information Security Specialist (Cisco#CSCO10844284) Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (Cisco#CSCO10844284) Cisco Certified Network Professional (Cisco#389304723920GRBK) Cisco Certified Networking Associate (Cisco#384944309657DMWI) Juniper Certified Internet Associate M/series Sun Certified Systems Administrator (SCSA Solaris 8.0) Sun Certified Hardware Maintenance (Certificate) Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE NT 4.0)

Government Secret Security Clearance (Interim)

Education Certificate in PC Networking B.A. Sociology Minor: Criminal Justice

Computer Skills

SOFTWARE: Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advance Server, Windows XP, Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows NT Workstation 4.0,Windows 98, Windows 95, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server, Solaris 2.9, 2.8, 2.7, 2.6 , Linux 9.0, 7.0, Free BSD, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, ( Web Author: HTML), Excel, Publishing, Access, MS-DOS, TCP/IP, Sieble, Remedy, Opsware, MIRC, Secure CRT, Visio, Cisco IOS, Pc anywhere, Windows terminal,MIRC, Norton antivirus, CNIC, Visual, Cisco Works, Granite, CTS, IWOS, Granite, AT&T Iwos, CTS

HARDWARE: Installations and Configurations of Hard Drivers (IDE&SCSI), CD Drivers, Floppy Drives, Modems, Network Interface Cards, Printers, Sound Cards, Power supplies, VGA Cards, HBA cards, JNI cards, Mother boards, Sun Microsystems Servers Center Planes, Clock boards, I/O boards, Dimm banks, Main Logical boards, Cpus, Cisco supervisor and support boards, Cisco: 2900, 2600, 3500, 3700,4000,7200,7600 routers 2900, 3500, 4000,5000,and 6000 series switches, Cisco Pix 515, 520, 535 series Cisco ASA firewalls, Cisco IPS 4000 sereis, Cisco CSS, F5(load balancers) Juniper M-series routers, Compaq:dl320, dl360, dl380, dl560, dl580, Sun fire 280r, 480r, 3800, 4800, 4810, 4500, 5500, 6500, 6800, Sun 220r, 420r, 3500, T1, DS3,OCx, X1,Frame-relay, multilink, HP servers



Confidential (consultant) 7/08- Present Sr. Network Engineer(implementations) Test all Site Implementations for AT&T South East Data Centers (Routers, Switches, and OCx turn ups) Configure and validate Core and Edge Routers per Data Center Designs(EDP) Configure/Troubleshoot Cisco and Juniper Router Configurations/ Test configs per design for Production and Transport delivery Configure and Troubleshoot all hardware issues with Cisco and Juniper devices. Configure and Troubleshoot OCx's with circuit carriers for Data Center Turn-up CT Testing for all Data Center Implementations Per design for OPS acceptance Troubleshoot Sonet connections to Core and Edge Routers (Light level readings, antenuators, jumpers, Sonet alarms, and Sonet interfaces configurations Supervise all Vendor Installations (cabling, Fiber, Patch panel builds) Troubleshoot all Router and Switches Configurations (bgp, ospf, mpls, and Sonet) Configure CBB Shadow routers/test/ and approve for operations Turn up all OCx connections for CBB Transport

Confidential, Cisco Network Engineer 11/07-7/08

  • Design and Troubleshoot Spacenet Global IP Backbone and Customers Networks devices, which includes Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls.
  • Configure/Troubleshoot static and dynamic routing on Cisco's 1800,2800, 3600, 7200, series routers
  • Design, Configure/Troubleshoot private and public Vlans on Cisco's Catalysts 2900, 3700, 5500, 6500 switches for customer's requirements.
  • Configure Cisco pix ACL/conduits, static NAT, and SNMP monitoring for customers request for access and denial services toward their networks.
  • Upgrade all Cisco devices for customers and company needs
  • Create Vpn tunnels for customer needs and Extended T1 connections
  • Manage tacacs server for company
  • Design all maintenance changes for the Global IP Network
  • Setup WAN Peer to Peer establishment with ISP's
  • Design and Order all Cisco equipment for Customer and Company requirements
  • Build out Solaris servers for RF Engineers deployments
  • Consult with customers for networking questions with sales team
  • Design cisco vpn site to site for customers deployments
  • Design and build all customer firewalls access-points

Confidential (Consultant) 5/2007-11/2007 Sr. Network/ WAN Engineer Assist in the design, deployment, assessment and maintenance of the U.S. Army Reserve network, which consists of over 950 MPLS and point-to-point circuits, over 2500 routers, over 3000 switches, 20 VPN appliances, and over 1500 servers supporting over 50,000 users and 50 data centers.

  • Design and engineer network topologies using redundancy, symmetry, and load balancing techniques to best support business needs
  • Develop and deploy IGP and BGP routing policies to best utilize LAN and WAN circuitry
  • Develop and implement QoS policies for a more predictable and reliable network
  • Configure, manage and perform troubleshooting on a large variety of routers, switches, and VPN appliances
  • Perform configuration management, image upgrades, and life cycle management
  • Perform site surveys for new deployments and network infrastructure upgrades
  • Perform troubleshooting on enterprise Backbone Network and Customers network devices, which includes routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, and proxy servers.
  • Configure and perform traffic analysis in a variety of WAN and LAN circuits to include: OC3; multilink and fractional T1 and DS3, Ethernet, EtherChannels and trunks
  • Produce as-built and redesign network diagrams
  • Prepare a wide variety of reports to include circuit utilization, maintenance and inventory
  • Develop business case and cost models to implement new WAN and LAN architecture
  • Interact with individual customers and organizations to ensure consistency and quality
  • Conduct special projects and execute other duties as assigned

Confidential 3/2007-5/2007 Sr. Network Engineer

  • Configure/Troubleshoot/Install Cisco Network Cores devices through U.S
  • Design infrastructure for Cisco Network devices Install for Customers in the U.S
  • Configure Troubleshoot customers public and private vlans on Cisco Catalyst Switches
  • Configure/ Troubleshoot Customers Cisco Configurations for Routers and Switches
  • Build out customer networks in staging lab for testing and SLA's

Confidential 10/2005 - 1/2007 Network/Firewall Engineer

  • Design and Troubleshoot EDS Global IP Backbone Network and Customers network devices, which includes routers, switches, load balancers, and firewalls.
  • Configure/Troubleshoot static and dynamic routing on Cisco's 2600, 3600, 7200, series routers
  • Design, Configure/Troubleshoot private and public Vlans on Cisco's Catalysts 2900, 3700, 5500, 6500 switches for customer's requirements.
  • Configure/Troubleshoot Load balancing on Cisco CSS/ create vips, services, ip redundancy as customer needs and request.
  • Configure Cisco pix ACL/conduits, static NAT, and SNMP monitoring for customers request for access and denial services toward their networks.
  • Investigate all customer network attacks with EDS Syslog (for all ip traffic coming in EDS network).
  • Troubleshoot netscreen vpn devices for untrust, trust, and tunnel access (connections) for all customers' networks.
  • Investigate all ports and interfaces health issues for the routers and switches connectivity with customers agreed speed, duplex and bandwidth.
  • On call 24x7 for all Network related issues (Cisco tac cases/bridgelines)

Confidential 1/2002 - 10/2005 Infrastructure Analysts/Team Lead

  • Install Network cores for EDS Data Centers through the U.S
  • Deploy new networks for customers though out the U.S (Sony USA, Fannie Mae, USA Today, Detroit News, Univision, Cablevision, Juniper, etc).
  • Build out compartments with Sun, Compaq, HP, Cisco, hardware and software including Windows 2000 advance server and Solaris 2.8 and 2.7
  • Upgrade software for all network devices and (Cisco router, firewalls, Alteon updates). Configure routers and switches (rip, rip2, igrp, eigrp, ospf,hsrp,vtp,stp,isl, vlans, ppp, frame relay, Trunks, Nat, access-list) for customers and company updates
  • Install frame relay services for customers and extend T1, DS3, and ISDN Circuit Line to customer networks (Cisco routers).
  • Troubleshoot T1, DS3, DS0, and ISDN lines with customers and vendors (AT&T, MCI, Verizon) Set up Maintenances with vendors for contract (warranty for equipment and schedule upgrades)
  • Set up time frames with customers for Maintenances and Troubleshooting issues
  • Travel on a rotational schedule to support live Data Centers in the U.S
  • Respond to all operations infrastructure issues through a 24 hours - 7 days a week pager system
  • Document and update all network diagrams for customers and data centers

Confidential 9/1999 - 1/2002 Internet Systems Engineer (NOC)/Data Center

  • Supported customers with all Network issues
  • Monitored customer websites and networks with HPOpenview
  • Supported and Monitor internal Network Operations for network alerts
  • Installed new customer deployments with Dell, Compaq, Sun servers, Cisco routers 2600, 4000 series, Cisco switches 2900 and 3500 series
  • Configured routers for customer's networks using rip,rip2,igrp,eigrp, and ospf
  • Created vlans, trunking, and encapsulation for customer networks with stp, vtp, isl, dot1.q and ppp
  • Set up maintenance for Telco vendors (MCI, AT&T, Verizon)
  • Performed maintenance for Sun, Dell, and Compaq servers (hard drives, network cards, cpu's, power supplies, and memory
  • Setup cabling for customer cabinets
  • Installed monitoring agents on Sun and Compaq servers for the HpOpenview monitoring
  • Performed daily backup for customer networks
  • Restored customer file systems from backups

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