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Service Desk Problem Coordinator Resume

Alexandria, VA


Client focused Service Desk Problem Coordinator/IT Professional with 20+ years of military experience in leading personnel with directives and multi - tasking solutions to surpass pervious performances. Applied excellent oral and written communicative skills increasing performance by 80% within the Executive Community and other various government and civilian agencies. Utilizes effective decision-making abilities to work within extremely stressful and complex environments to curtail critical situations. Reviewed and made final determinations on Customer Questionnaire Survey ( Confidential ’s) on whether it was a valid satisfactory/unsatisfactory rating against the support group. Annotated Problem Known Errors (PKE) to better understand the site scope test ran and how to quickly correct the issue or implement the work around to get the customer back up and running quickly. Used ITIL for Problem Management issues to steer Agency into using the up to date models. Scribed and revised standard operating procedures and documented training materials to provide simplistic operational procedures and system troubleshooting enhancements. Amenable and competent to train for positions not yet qualified.


Cisco VPN, Windows Server 2008/2008 r2, Windows 7/8, MS Office 2010/2013


Confidential, Alexandria, VA

Service Desk Problem Coordinator


  • Analyzes software and/or hardware problems and provides solutions.
  • Solves a wide range of operational and support problems to meet customer requirements.
  • Draws upon multiple IT specialties in order to accomplish tasks.
  • Defines project/task requirements through appropriate planning, implementation, reporting on, and evaluating projects and tasks.
  • Using the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) model for Problem Management, coordinates Problem Notifications, ensuring timely communication and follow up, and consolidates all communications related to a problem.
  • Coordinates with the Problem Management team to ensure that the notifications follow a standard structure and are updated routinely.
  • Sends out written requests for a Root Cause Analysis ( Confidential ) for each problem and evaluates the information received to ensure it is accurate.
  • Reviews the IT Support Team Service Advisories and proposed Service Desk communications and edits to ensure that the information is clear, concise, and accurate and that very technical information is written in a manner to be understood by non-technical personnel.
  • Solicits approvals from business areas and/or OCIO management before posting customer notifications.
  • Updates Problem statuses and clearly identifies the Problem stage.
  • Provides updates to management on the current status by pulling together disparate information and consolidating it into an accurate representation of the problem.
  • Represents higher level officials on teams, committees, etc., with a variety of contractors, other government officials, and external customers.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Confidential, Washington, DC

IT Support Specialist


  • Serves as Level 1/2 Desktop Specialist for 3000+ users in supporting the White House Military Office ( Confidential ); Creates/disables/enables/restores/archives accounts utilizing Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Console 2007/2012
  • Handles 2,0000+ assets valued at over $4.2 million worth of equipment life cycling with no loss in issuing to customers; Ensures data integrity by evaluating, proposing, implementing and managing software and hardware solutions
  • Research and recommended system software upgrades enhancing customer experienced on network; Ensures presidential trip sites are able to connect via four different methods to WHCA network prior to their departures and verifies all network settings to ensure worldwide connectivity
  • Works with Confidential VIP to resolve any technical issues BES manager for 500+ users; maintains servers and install/activate Blackberry devices
  • Works with Remedy IT trouble ticket system addressing and resolving customer issues; Utilizes System Center Configuration Manager 2007/2012 to create queries and remote into laptops/desktops/server

Confidential, Washington, DC

Supervisory Transportation Dispatcher


  • Served as a command dispatch center supervisor providing operational control and movement of 35 vehicles supporting 14,000 White House ground transportation missions annually
  • Managed the Presidential transportation and logistical support worldwide engaging operational planning and tasking for 31+ personnel.
  • Transmitted using WAVE radio dispatch communication and secure network switchboard
  • Organized, dispatched, and controlled an automated secured system for 60+ separate White House transportation requests within the District of Washington, surrounded areas and overseas daily movements.
  • Planned and coordinated the movement of 5,000+ tons of cargo and 21,000 dignitaries, enabling 100% secured support of email and voice communications for the Executive Office of the President.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Transportation Logisticts Coordinator


  • Supervised over 30 State Department and host nation personnel in planning and executing the movement of 10,000+ tons of Presidential cargo worldwide valued at $4 million+
  • Provided emergency action communication services to the Presidential Communication Officer and served as the assistant operator for VTC, satellite and secure telephone equipment to ensure the President always had secure communication while traveling
  • Planned, coordinated, and supervised safe and secure executive transportation of 100+ dignitaries, Presidential guests and senior White House staff
  • Organized and planned 25+ logistic site evaluations and coordinated with US Secret Service, State Department personnel and local government to ensure security and control of equipment for Presidential movements
  • Senior Driving instructor for new Presidential emergency action drivers of 40+ personnel and always achieved a first-time pass rate for testing
  • Managed the logistic support requirements at the President’s 2nd residence supporting the military contingency mission for vehicles ensuring all aspects of the trip where discreet and expeditious.

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