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Sr. It Specialist Resume

Woodbine, IowA


Technical specialist offering over 20+ years of diverse experience with IT and telecommunications systems in government and private industry. Award - winning track record serving high caliber global organizations such as Confidential. Highly fluent in technical planning, analysis, design, development, testing, configuration, installation, and management of voice, data, and video networks. Willing to take the initiative on projects that will upgrade existing networks, deliver efficiencies and costs savings, and provide advanced connectivity and communications capabilities.


  • System Maintenance & Administration / System Integration Technical Support Operations
  • Hardware / Software / Telecommunications Installation Equipment Configuration User Training
  • Network Architecture Cat 5/6 Cabling Fiber Optic Testing and Splicing Communication Protocols Interface Requirements Testing / Troubleshooting Network Switches & Routers Wireless Access Points Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Systems Computers and Laptops


Hardware: Dell Power Edge Servers, Dell Desktop and Laptop Computers, Dell 24 Port Smart Switch, Netgear 24 Port Smart Switch, Netgear Readynas 2120, Cisco 1841 Router, Cisco 2960 - 24 Port Switch, DMS 250, Netgear SRX 5800 Firewall, Barracuda F180 Firewall

Software Packages: Windows Office Professional Suite 2003, 2007 and 2010, Windows Server 2000 -2012, Macola, Dac Easy, Quick Books, Trixbox and FreePBX (VoIP) Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows 7, 8 and 10 Professional

Languages: Basic, DOS, MS DOS, Linux, some HTML


Confidential, Woodbine, Iowa

Sr. IT Specialist


  • Managed the Installation of fiber optic cabling between the 6 buildings on the Woodbine campus. This project replaced the CAT 5 cables and provides the company with a reliable 1GB internal network infrastructure.
  • Upgraded the 2 VOIP phone systems (Primary and Backup) from TrixBox to FreePBX providing the latest in VOIP technology that is available for a free network. Kept VOIP System up to date by ensuring all updates installed in a timely manner.
  • Upgraded all computers from Windows XP to Windows 7 Professional, then most all to Windows 10. Unfortunately had to downgrade about 50% of the Windows 10 machines back to Windows 7 as the CPU’s would not support the upgrade.
  • Wired and terminated the over 75 Cat 5 drops in the new Georgia Facility
  • Maintained QuickBooks and DacEasy databases, ensuring that updates and backups were properly managed, and that cleanup routines were run on a consistent basis.
  • Managed all updates and upgrades on the Barracuda F180 firewall to ensure that the system was kept up to date and that VPN Connectivity between sites (Woodbine, IA and Gainesville, GA) remained up and functioning at all times.

Confidential, Carson, Iowa

IT Consultant


  • Provide IT and telecommunications solutions to individual and business customers.
  • Perform installations, maintenance, and repairs to IT and telecom networks, systems, equipment, and software.
  • Hired by Global Resources to install a Cisco 1841 Router with a Cisco 2960-24 port switch, install a network printer, and repair an ID card printer.


IT Technician


  • Managed a broad range of installation, upgrade, rollout, and troubleshooting projects for a windows network, focused on the specialized needs of Confidential .
  • Safeguarded information security by closely monitoring policy and procedure compliance.
  • Completed a software reimaging and installation project on 300+ workstations in 3 weeks.
  • Accomplished a seamless transfer of information and full set up of the High School Superintendent’s new Dell notebook computer.

Confidential, Woodbine, Iowa

IT Technician


  • Functioned as a critical technical resource to the local area network covering 6 locations and 85 work stations, 3 websites, 3 email systems, 4 wireless routers, 3 Windows servers, 8-24 port switches, a firewall with VPN access, and a Linux VoIP PBX server. Handled installations, maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting, monitored security logs, controlled security access, and kept the active directory current. Led user training sessions on the various systems and applications in group and one-on-one settings.
  • Eliminated $30,000 in IT costs by replacing 2 PBX servers with a 60-station, VoIP system
  • Enabled voice and computer connectivity from a new location to the LAN using Cat 5 cable.

Confidential, Omaha, Nebraska / Atlanta, Georgia

Network Operations Specialist / Switch Technician


  • Oversaw the central office Nortel DMS250, OC-12 Sonet, ATM, Tellabs DACS and frame relay, and T-1/DS-1 through OC-12 cross connects.
  • Constructed Private Line Communications systems such as T-1s, DSO analog circuits, and DDS while also advising on 800, Ultra 800, Ultra Watts, Tie Lines, and VPNs. Examined construction activity taking place near or around Back-Bone Fiber Optic cable infrastructure, minimizing damage and performing on-site repairs as needed. Orchestrated network development and installation projects, handling site selection, site layout, equipment installation, and documentation.
  • Rebuilt the fiber optic cable network following major flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Delivered emergency repairs to 20 cellular sites amid a major St Louis, Missouri power failure.
  • Key member on a team of 5 that fulfilled a record-breaking 147 installation orders in a month.
  • Merited 3 Confidential Excellence Awards and 1 Confidential Values of Excellence Award.
  • Awarded a Merit Promotion based on superb ticket turnaround and customer satisfaction.
  • Processed 200 orders in 2008, leading the team with 97% on time delivery.
  • Led a team of 8 that supported a Communications & Information Center for the 2nd Signal Brigade.
  • Oversaw the Fiber Optic Facility and Technical Control Center for Camp Humphrey.
  • Chosen over 300 peers for NCO of the Year 1991 in South Korea.

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