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Senior Gis Specialist Resume

Green Tree, PA


To promote awareness and knowledge of the benefits of data automation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Senior GIS Specialist

Confidential, Green Tree, PA


  • Clients in the oil and gas industry were supported by creating maps and automating processing by utilizing Python scripts and ArcGIS ModelBuilder workflows.
  • A booklet of maps was output to display oil and gas compressor options.
  • The booklet amounted to approximately 30 maps of an area with different flow rates.
  • To streamline the production of these maps, a set of Python scripts and mxd documents were developed to automatically produce maps with alternating annotation or layer appearances.
  • Impervious areas within land parcels were digitized. Digitizing was done using visual inspection with ArcGIS editor tools.
  • To streamline quality testing of results, an ArcGIS ModelBuilder workflow was designed to test results exclusive to each parcel and display parcels with no impervious areas.
  • Mutually exclusive overlapping of several right of way passages was accomplished using an ArcGIS ModelBuilder workflow.
  • The client requested one unified right - of-way with mutually exclusive stacking of disturbance limits.
  • Potential locations for well and meter pads were designated using an ArcGIS ModelBuilder workflow.
  • The workflow operated by digitizing restricted areas, buffering restricted areas and clipping restricted buffers from the permitted area.

Senior Consultant

Confidential, South Park, PA


  • Client requests involved brine, water, oil and gas geoprocessing. The following are examples.
  • A client requested sink to source distance and tortuosity values using an established network of routes. An ArcGIS ModelBuilder workflow was developed and processed the requested values using ArcGIS Network Analyst, Structured Query Language (SQL) queries, attribute joins and several attribute calculations involving conditional and mathematical formulas.
  • A Python script was developed with ArcGIS function calls to create survey boxes of uniform width and height along designated survey lines.
  • This script was interfaced with an ArcGIS Toolbox interface for future use.
  • A client requested statistics for sampled aqueous chemistry values and values for locations without samples.
  • A Python script with ArcGIS function calls was developed to produce statistics for known values and kriged interpolated surfaces areas lacking samples.
  • Forestry data sets for a client hydrologist were processed to indicate roads prone to create sediment buildup with respect to hillside slope, grade, flow length, flow accumulation and proximity to stream. To accomplish this, a Python script was developed with ArcGIS function calls to calculate grade of roads using Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Digital Elevation Models (DEM) values interfaced with an ArcGIS Toolbox interface.
  • The grade calculation was subsequently used within an ArcGIS ModelBuilder workflow to extract the other required parameters and score each road segment.
  • Presentations were developed to publish research for internal and external publications.
  • A TouchTable manual was created for the client to explore research possibilities.
  • CTech EVS/MVS software utilized to create a three-dimensional display a client's sampled subsurface conductivity values and subsurface coordinates of a Marcellus Shale producing well.
  • Anchorage, AK was visited to coordinate GIS-related efforts of a coal study. New coal field boundaries with respect to existing boundaries were digitized with a team of geologists for a publication.
  • A Java-based spider tool with regular expressions was designed to automatically download and extract GIS data from online storage.

Web Application Programmer

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA


  • A Java-based web services environment running under Apache Axis was designed and implemented to automate visualization of protein interactions.
  • Data was stored in a MySQL database and read via a Java connection with PreparedStatement objects.
  • Visualization was enabled by generating a connectivity graph in Standardized Vector Graphics (SVG) via a buffering algorithm coded in Java.

Geoinformatics Engineer

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA


  • State of the art software, research techniques and new algorithms were evaluated in a laboratory setting.
  • Parallel processing techniques were researched using the C language, Message Passing Interface (MPI) libraries with the Condor 6.8 local job manager to produce a Single Instruction Multiple Dataset (SIMD) parallel processing environment for solving the Traveling Salesman Problem.
  • An educational environment where students could experiment with current GIS technologies was administered.
  • To provide a consistent working environment, lab workstations were routinely rebuilt with Confidential Edition.
  • Lectures and projects for undergraduate and graduate students were assembled and presented.
  • An ArcGIS manual was co-written with sample data for students to learn GIS terminology and GIS software.
  • A Java applet using Java Swing libraries and JLOOX visualization libraries was developed to visualize protein fluctuations.
  • Several application prototypes were created and tested with users and stakeholders to iteratively increase the application's acceptance and usability.
  • A client requested several data sets be trimmed to municipality borders in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  • The ArcGIS Arc Macro Language (AML) and ArcInfo were used to automate clipping of the available layers by municipal boundaries.
  • The resulting data was web-enabled with ArcIMS Map Server.
  • The Systems and Technology Enrichment Program (STEP) website was developed using Oracle 8, Confidential scripts written in Perl, XHTML 1.0, JavaScript, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop.




  • An Intranet based on a Microsoft Access database, Active Server Pages (ASP) and SQL was designed and implemented.
  • User testing was conducted with the firm’s staff and rapid application development was used to ensure usability.

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