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Core-backbone Operations, Support Center Manager Resume

Greenwood Village, CO


  • An accomplished technology professional with over 30 years of progressive and in - depth experience in network visibility, healthcare, digital rights management, content distribution, Internet Hosting and the Internet Data Center industry sectors in both domestic and international settings.
  • Recognized for his ability to recruit, develop and train system engineering and technical support teams, local and remote, who demonstrate strong capabilities for achieving complex technical initiatives and improved Customer Satisfaction results. Significant network engineering leadership competencies achieve strategic and tactical business goals with success.
  • Core competencies include:Global Support Technology expertise - Robust hardware/software roadmap experience - Strong grasp of technical ROI - Versatile technical problem solver - Cross functional team builder - Customer First focused professional - Network Visualization and Documentation expertise - IT Services Lead engineer - High impact professional services success - Mentor for junior and senior leadership - Solid Enterprise project management skills - Intuitive and skilled technical trainer
  • Asset and budget management expertise
  • Polished technical presentation skills
  • Experienced in statistical reporting - Data center design skills
  • Highly experienced trainer on technical and leadership topics
  • Founder and Lead of Change Approval and Change Control Boards
  • Responsible for Capacity Planning of WAN link bandwidths where variations commonly impact access to a patient’s Electronic Medical Record.
  • Also tasked as the Primary engineer for two product design efforts (Network Application Security Infrastructure and NetScout/NEXUS switch monitoring solutions) that influenced the design and stability of the entire KP network.
  • As Lead Network Engineer for Rockwell Space Operations at the Johnson Space Center, performed key monitoring and management tasks for Confidential including IT Support, IT Network Architecture Design and Mainframe/PC network integration project for Information Systems.
  • As a member of the NetOptics Leadership Team, composed of the “C” level and Vice-Presidents, advised Leadership as to the effectiveness of the Support Team and made recommendations on a broad range of topics that affected the company’s products, expenditures and Sales as well as reporting on new technologies to enhance the product line.
  • Utilized the reporting capabilities of Salesforce to provide constant monitoring of the Support Team’s workload, productivity, success rate/repair time and other metrics to predict workload needs based on Software Release dates, Annual and Seasonal factors and changes in the Team’s skill sets.


Infrastructure design and support

Key Performance Indicator creation

Customer Satisfaction Survey analysis

Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN)

Creation of Operations/Support policies

Network and System Architecture

Vendor management


Government - Federal, State, Local

Manufacturing - Agile, KanBan, JIRA

Basic Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Office Applications

IT Service Operations/Management

COBIT 5 principles

Data Center Design/Build/Support

Engineering - Hardware and Software

Global Customer Support

Professional Scrum Master Cert in process


Confidential, Greenwood Village, CO

Core-Backbone Operations, Support Center Manager


  • Managed teams of Network Engineers supporting the Incident Response and Break/Fix efforts for Routing, Switching, Optical Transport Services, Firewalls and Load Balancers on the entire network that connects Residential Customers, Commercial Customers, Internet Access and Back-Office functions. These teams are made up of eight to ten engineers trained in Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, Ciena, Fujitsu, Infinera, A10 and F5 hardware and software.
  • Actively participated (Hands On) in high profile and escalated outage conference bridges to provide troubleshooting recommendations, validate changes planned versus results, coordinate efforts between Charter engineers and Vendor Confidential staff and provide status updates and communications to upper management regarding these critical issues.
  • These cases included Core and Enterprise Optical Transport Network hardware for troubleshooting, maintenance and configuration validation efforts.
  • Conducted weekly team meetings to provide process improvements or changes and receive feedback from each team member on these improvements and their ideas for future changes.
  • Semi-annually met with each team member to provide coaching for progress towards their personal growth and the company’s goals. Annually wrote the reviews for each team member, reviewed them with upper management and closed the loop by explaining each item to the team.
  • Validated each troubleshooting step taken by my team for testing network designs on routers/switches/firewalls/Load Balancers in parallel with the active engineers to verify that processes were followed and appropriate actions were taken in a timely manner.
  • Performed router and switch configuration changes as part of the Change Management System.

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Manager of Technical Support


  • Engineered the expansion of the Technical Support Team by defining the team roles, recruiting the best people for each position and trained them on proper Customer Case Management methodology. This group of six Support Engineers were charged with the responsibility of providing customers with solutions to their reported Licensing and software issues. Results were a highly engaged team who delivered solid/timely customer service as measured by Case Closure Surveys that averaged above 4.8 out of 5 for the last two years.
  • Personally designed, purchased, installed and configured a Support Test Lab with eight VMware servers on DELL hardware along with a dozen routers and switches along with small format LINUX systems as traffic sources to emulate customer networks for troubleshooting major issues and testing pre-release software to reduce “First Day Issues” on quarterly updates and major releases.
  • Directly provided technical services to Enterprise level customers to determine their individual network design, along with installation and troubleshooting of monitoring solutions for their networks centered on LiveNX.
  • Improved the quality of service provided by the Technical Support Team by providing product training, clear procedures and policies and direct leadership to each member of the team.
  • Dramatically improved Customer Satisfaction by working with the Sales Team (Inside and Regional), Systems Engineering Team, Accounting Team, Marketing Team and Product Managers to constantly improve the Salesforce implementation, follow up on Customer issues not directly related to the “Break/Fix” mission of the TST and to provide guidance on Customer Communications so that each Customer would hear Confidential “speak with one voice” to avoid confusion and delays.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Manager of Global Technical Assurance Centers


  • Successfully provided in person technical training for customers and Confidential personnel on all aspects of the product line at the headquarters as well as on-site for customers across North America, Europe and Australia.
  • Personally supplied “Customized Technical Services” to enable the appropriate network design, installation and troubleshooting of customers monitoring systems on three continents.
  • Led a transformation in the customer assurance centers by defining the team roles, recruiting the best people for each position, trained them on a Customer First methodology. These six Support Engineers and an RMA Analyst charged were responsible for providing customers with solutions to their reported hardware and software concerns.
  • Results were a highly engaged and results driven team who delivered solid/timely customer service on a global basis with great efficiency.
  • Created and developed specific Key Performance Indicators for the GTAC to measure the effectiveness of the Support Organization across the Globe.
  • Continually improved the quality of service provided by the GTAC through increased product training, clear procedures and policies, personnel financial management and direct leadership.
  • Designed, purchased, installed and configured Support Test Labs for each of the four Global Technical Assurance Centers with two to four VMware servers on DELL hardware running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2012 along with multiple routers and switches to simulate customer networks for troubleshooting major issues and testing pre-release hardware and software to reduce “First Day Issues” and provide Engineering and Manufacturing feedback on new products.
  • Key accomplishments included the Testing/Troubleshooting of 10gig Network Taps sold to Confidential .
  • The customer had reported problems with the tap used to “split” light for a monitoring system from the data traffic of phone calls and HTTP traffic. After reviewing the customer’s issues with Engineering and Manufacturing, their response was that the customer “didn’t know what they are talking about”. Persistent complaints drove me to visit a Confidential site and personally troubleshoot the issue.
  • While on-site, I discovered that the “copied” traffic was corrupted at the optical level. I took these results back to Confidential where I was told that these results did not mean anything.
  • I pursued the issue and contacted Confidential , a vendor of Net Optics, and worked with them to find the problem.
  • The splitters used for the problematic taps were based on Fused Biconical Taper technology and were prone to having “unwanted reflective artifacts” within the fused glass that degraded quality at the 10G speed. I researched and found the Silicon Wafer based Light Filter technology which did not have the “artifact” problem and improved tolerances on split ratios and reduced insertion loss compared to the FBT versions.
  • This saved the Confidential account and led them to purchase thousands more improved taps. I was recognized as “Employee of the Quarter” for this effort above and beyond my established job title of GTAC Manager.

Confidential, Pasadena, CA

Lead Network Capacity Planning Analyst (WAN)


  • Methodically and systematically analyzed the available bandwidth at each of KP’s 848 WAN sites as part of the Monthly Exception Report using alert/event/change management tools for capacity due to changes in utilization and future needs, as part of the Network Services / Capacity Planning and Application Performance Monitoring Group.
  • Investigations included working with the local Network Engineers and relevant individuals (Doctors, Nurses and non-medical personnel including Regional Vice Presidents) to determine the sources and priority of traffic at specific sites.
  • Knowledge of future upgrades, new technologies and site improvements was also used to evaluate bandwidth needs. This information was obtained from Project and Facility Managers.
  • Authored 36 Network and Application Analysis documents which are used to determine the viability of new or upgraded applications when they are run across the KPIT Network. The research for each document included interviewing the Application End Users (Doctors, Nurses, etc) and capturing network traffic examples to be used in the OpNet Network Simulator to predict actual bandwidth loads.
  • Key team member in the Critical Outage Bridges to provide packet capture, analysis and recommendations leading to Root Cause Analysis for Network Incidents.
  • Appointed by Senior Management to participate in the Tiger Team investigating the slowdowns and outages that plagued the KP.org website on the Application-Centric Infrastructure in the first half of 2011.
  • Assigned with configuring, upgrading and maintaining the 200+ NetScout Network Probes and Performance Manager Servers that monitor the critical WAN links within most Kaiser sites. This system provides forensic data and PCI/HIPAA governance compliance validation among many other tasks.
  • Researched the need and architected the final design for improved visibility of the flow of information within the five Kaiser data centers by adding 30+ NetOptics Directors to aggregate traffic for monitoring and Data Loss Prevention (security department).

Confidential, Carlsbad, CA

Senior Network Engineer


  • Designed and installed a logistically challenging 100 server “instance” to support a variety of product lines including mobile, desktop, and home entertainment solutions that Confidential offered. Results were a significant increase in redundancy/backup and a remote management capability.
  • Resourcefully improved the functionality of the Headquarters Data Center by developing an in-house process solution for power management, ongoing metrics to evaluate the power usage and procedures to deal with power needs for new projects.
  • Actively participated in the 24/7 on call schedule for hardware and software customer support.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Senior Network Engineer


  • Designed, specified, oversaw the purchase and implemented innovative network architecture solutions to efficiently handle a 400% growth in production streaming traffic during 2005.
  • Acted as the Interim Manager, Network Operations Center while a replacement was found and approved.
  • Conducted successful Carrier Bandwidth negotiations in 2004 and 2005 resulting in a dramatic per unit average cost reduction of 70% saving the company more than $750K each year in bandwidth charges.
  • Researched, analyzed, justified the technical ROI and implemented a versatile path routing solution to provide improved access for streaming customers at lower costs per megabit.
  • Designed Local Area Network, Storage Area Network and Wide Area Network communications solutions of hardware and software in a heterogenous environment including Extreme Network switches, Cisco Routers, NetApp storage systems and Super-Micro servers to support the Content Delivery Business.

Confidential, Orange, CA

Network and Systems Consultant


  • Oversaw the migration of WiseTec’s DSL services into a new Internet Data Center without unscheduled customer interruptions.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Sr. Network Engineer, NOC Manager and Assistant Data Center Director


  • Supervised the Network Control Center staff of 5 Level 1 and 4 Level 2 support engineers on a 24/7 rotation which was designed to maximize customer support efficiencies.
  • Assistant Data Center Director for the day to day operation of a 13K sgft facility and a 100K sqft facility.
  • Oversaw the design for customer equipment installations within the Co-Location space including cooling load, electrical load, network access and cage layout.
  • Responsible for the training and technical advancement of all 180+ Network Engineers across the 34 global Data Centers operated by Confidential .

Confidential, Milpitas, CA

Information Services Project Manager


  • Coordinator of Network Services for the Confidential /HP Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Team.
  • Lead Analyst for Cisco router upgrades and configurations for all 24 worldwide sites.
  • Responsibility for the design, installation and support of:
  • Sales office LAN’s, the Engineering Lab Building in Ipponmatsu, Japan the Headquarters Campus LAN comprising seven buildings the Corporate WAN using T-1 and Frame Relay circuits around the globe.

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