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Analyst/technical Lead/developer Resume

New York, NY


  • A results - oriented consultant with over 20 years of IT experience in optimization, systems design, development/implementation and administration.
  • Specializing in implementing Oracle EPM suite of tools and web development using multidimensional and relational database technology.
  • Extensive GUI screen-design and event driven programming experience in creating solutions across functional areas for clients in different vertical markets.
  • Extensive background in designing, developing, coding and implementing analytical software applications utilizing BSO and ASO within large corporations from both front-end development and requirements gathering to back-end systems level development. (Have worked with BSO cubes since 1999, ASO since 2006)
  • Extensive experience in Hyperion Essbase OLAP/Planning design, development, implementation, analysis, reporting, administration, and consulting
  • Extensive experience with event driven programming, visual presentation and process automation using Visual Basic, JAVA and various other tools.
  • 12 years experience designing and implementing Executive/Decision Support systems with Hyperion Products.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Outstanding team player with an aptitude to learn.


Databases/Data - Warehouses: Hyperion Essbase 5.x/6.x/7.x/9.x,, 11.x, RDBMS; DB2 9.1.4, MS SQL Server, Sybase System 10, Oracle, Interbase, MySQL 5.0, FoxPro2.0, 3.0, MS Access.

Oracle EPM: Hyperion System 9.3.1 and version, Hyperion Analytic Analysis Services (AAS) BSO/ASO, Hyperion Essbase Studio, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Reports, Shared Services, Analytic Integration Services, Financial Data Management, Oracle Data Integrator.

Development Tools: Essbase Administration Services (EAS), Hyperion Essbase EssCmd, Hyperion Essbase, Web Analysis Studio, MAXL, Hyperion Essbase/JAPI API, Excel Add-In, Smart View, Visual Basic 5/6, Excel VBA, Hyperion Analyzer, MS Excel, Eclipse 3.1, 3.5, JBuilder, Java, Delphi for PHP, JavaScript, SourceSafe 6.0, Flash Builder 4.0, Perl, BASH Shell Scripting.

Office Software: MS Office 97, 2000, 2003 and 2007.

Platforms/Networks: Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98, DOS, UNIX/Linux, AIX 6.1.x, Apache 2.0.55, J2EE, Tomcat 5.5 Servlet Container, Java Server Pages, STRUTS 1.2/Tiles, Lenya Content Management System, Lucene Search Engine, Essbase JavaAPI


Confidential, New York, NY

Analyst/Technical Lead/Developer

Environment: EPM version, EPMA, Planning, FDM, SQL Server 2008, Windows 2008.


  • Automation of metadata and data loading for a planning implementation. Metadata is sourced from a Data Warehouse and loaded via EPMA interface tables. Data is loaded via FDM. Designed/developed Planning Forms, Reports, Business Rules, Workflow and Security.
  • Implement Planning version to replace and improve upon existing 9.3.1 Planning application and also replace HAL. MetaData/Data is sourced from the GL, Home Sales, Customer Sales and HR systems.
  • The Planning application included 2 Plan Types, one for the Regional Accounting Centers and the other for Corporate.
  • Utilized EPMA interface tables to load metadata and FDM to load data periodically. Re-Designed Planning application to take advantage of features in this release, including Composite Forms and Dashboards.
  • Met with users during initial Workshops and scheduled follow-up meetings to gather requirements and deliver the final design document.
  • Development of metadata in EPMA, deployment of Planning application with 2 Plan Types and development of Planning artifacts.

Skills Involved: EPM Architecture, Data Warehousing, EPMA, SQL, Planning, FDM, Financial Reporting

Confidential, New York, NY

Technical Lead/Developer

Environment: - EPMA, ODI, Planning, EBS 12.1, AS400.


  • Designing ODI/EPMA automated process to load metadata and data from the AS400, G/L Revenue and Expense, Projects and Human Resource and Labor Distribution data from EBS 12.0 modules.
  • To implement Planning to replace an Excel based process and to provide an end-to-end automated solution.
  • Utilize ODI/EPMA to load text table file extracts which include metadata.
  • ODI also connects to EBS via Knowledge Modules to extract dimensional information and data.
  • Metadata is then fed to EPMA interface tables for periodic refresh of the Planning applications.
  • Daily and monthly ODI jobs were scheduled to run ODI and EPMA batch jobs.
  • Met with users and gathered requirements.
  • Extract metadata to build prototypes and validated approach.

Technical Skills Involved: ODI, EPMA, SQL, Planning, Financial Reporting

Confidential, Mahwah, NJ

Technical Lead/Developer

Environment: - FDM, EPMA, Planning. SQL Server, JD Edwards.


  • Designed an ETL solution that transforms data sourced from JD Edwards and loads to EPMA for dimension builds and FDM for data loads.
  • Drill-through from Planning to FDM was enabled for the Sales cube.
  • The client was looking to centralize the business logic in dozens of spreadsheets and create a more streamlined Sales and Finance Planning workflow and system process.
  • FDM for loading data into Planning because of the drill-through required.
  • SQL Server was utilized to load and transform the JD Edwards data.
  • Met with users and gathered requirements.
  • Built prototypes cubes and validated approach.

Technical Skills Involved: FDM, Planning, EPMA, SQL Server, Financial Reporting

Confidential, Torrance, CA

Technical Lead/Developer

Environment: - ERPi, EPMA, ODI, FDM, Planning(CapEx and Workforce), HFM, EBS 12.1


  • Designed and developed an ERPi/ODI/FDM solution to allow drill-through from HFM and Planning to EBS.
  • To reduce the level of effort required during the close, consolidate the Capex, Workforce and Planning process to a web based solution and to leverage the integration points between the Oracle EPM suite and Oracle EBS.
  • FDM for loading data into Planning and HFM because of the drill-through required.
  • ERPi/ODI for managing metadata sourced from EBS and other systems.
  • Met with users and gathered requirements. Built prototypes and validated approach.

Technical Skills Involved: FDM, ODI, ERPi, EPMA, SQL, Financial Reporting

Confidential, Boston, MA

Technical Lead/Developer

Environment: FDM 11.1.2, Shared Services, Windows Server.


  • Designing and developing a Pilot project to process trial balances for hundreds of locations.
  • The Pilot is intended as a proof - of-concept, the longer term goal is develop a vertical market solution to compete against a well-established competitors in the marketplace.
  • FDM is the best solution based on the attributes of the incoming data.
  • Custom programming will be required to reduce the manual steps and to fully automate end to end processing.
  • Reviewed design documentation and functional specifications.
  • Created itemized task list, set the timeline and developed the solution.

Technical Skills Involved: FDM, VB Scripting and VB development skills.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Technical Lead/Developer

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 11.1.1.x, Essbase Studio, Essbase Administration Services (EAS), Shared Services Administration, DODEC front-end. Perl and Shell Scripting on AIX


  • Consulted with technical team on a variety of issues and suggested workarounds and solutions.
  • Suggested modifications so that 6 new divisions could be added to the existing production system that would allow the business to function while a complete re-design effort could be completed.
  • Reduced weekly batch processing time from 24 hours to under 8 hours.
  • Developed an Essbase Java API solution that queries LDAP for user roles and implements security with Essbase by dynamically building filters based on user profiles.
  • It was necessary because of the existing information security APT process and the level of granularity required for the project.
  • This solution can be implemented corporate wide for any project utilizing Essbase.
  • Worked with the ETL and UNIX/Perl scripting team to minimize complexity in the overall weekly process which included dimension building and data loading for 55 cubes utilizing Essbase Studio. The eventual outcome was a reduction of the weekly process time from 24 hours to under 8 hours, enabling the business to roll out 6 new divisions.
  • Part of the solution was Essbase optimization and tuning of calculations, database and server settings.
  • Also worked with the re-design team to tune and optimize Essbase and systems development processes, part of which included custom coding utilizing the Essbase JavaAPI for system admin and data loading batch processes.
  • Proposed solutions to reduce batch processing time, make it more reliable and reduce query times.
  • Modified cubes/settings reducing calc performance from 8 hours to less than 1 hour.
  • Suggested batch processing modifications that reduce weekly batch processing cycle from 16 hours to less than 7 hours.

Technical Skills Involved: Essbase tuning and optimization AIX shell scripting, Essbase Studio development. Java programming.

Confidential, Troy, MI

Hyperion BPM Consultant

Environment: System 9.3.x, 11.1.x, Hyperion Essbase 9.x, Hyperion Financial Management(HFM), Hyperion Financial Quality Data Management(FDM), Essbase Administration Services (EAS), Essbase Security, Excel.


  • Met with users to gather business requirements for a new version 11.1.x Essbase and Planning implementation.
  • Wrote Essbase and Planning design documents and worked with HFM, FDM and data integration team to review metadata and daily data flows.
  • Created prototype in version 11 utilizing Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA).
  • Reviewed existing Sales, Marketing and Functional Costs Essbase cubes and calc scripts to fine tune and reduce calculation times.
  • Modified server configuration and database settings.
  • Suggested design modifications to increase scalability.
  • Designed the InterCompany Product Monitor(IPM) cube. End-to-end development; gathered requirements, created outline, load rules, and calc and MaxL scripts and validated data. Also tuned for performance.
  • Wrote Unit Test scripts based on Functional Requirements.
  • Created batch scripts to backup Essbase objects.

Confidential, Allentown, PA

Hyperion Consultant

Environment: System 9, Hyperion Essbase 7.x, Essbase Administration Services (EAS), Essbase Security, Excel.


  • Transferred KPI calculations from a series of Excel workbooks to two newly created cubes; KPI Actuals and KPI Budget/Forecast cube. The objective was to minimize the impact on existing processes within the Financial, Subscriber, Capital Expenditures and Headcount cubes while centralizing KPI calculations which will be the foundation of a Scorcarding cube. Set up Transparent Partition and utilized Reference Cube functionality within Dynamic Calculations to minimize impact. The source data for Budget/Forecast required a different solution.
  • Worked on migration of all Essbase objects; calc scripts, rules files and outlines from Essbase version 7 to System 9 environment. Modified old environments batch files and MAXL scripts to integrate into new System 9 environment which included HFM, FDM and Planning.
  • Set up System 9.3.1 in a virtualized environment using Sun’s VirtualBox; Essbase, EAS, Shared Services, Planning, Performance Scorecard, Integration Services, Financial/Interactive Reporting and Web Analysis.
  • Created two Essbase KPI cubes; KPI based on 4 existing cubes for Actuals, KPIbud for Forecast/Budget based on one source cube.
  • Set up a Replicated Partitions and utilized Reference Cube functionality to retrieve data from source cubes at query time.
  • Transferred business logic from Excel spreadsheets into Outline Formulas.
  • Proposed several solutions with the pros and cons to achieve a consensus on the overall approach.
  • Performed all development.
  • Data validation with assistance from Confidential staff. Optimized for query performance.

Technical Skills Involved: Created and tuned Essbase caches, outline, outline formulas and partitions.

Confidential Greensboro, NC

Technical Lead/Developer


  • Optimized EMP Expense Reporting cube. Reduced monthly calc time from 14 hours to 4 hours and daily calc time to less than 30 minutes by modifying the outline and overnight process.
  • Exported/imported data from FRP cube, set up Filters and Security for Users and Groups and wrote MaxL script to create a partition to get data back into FRP when planning process is complete.
  • Worked with Hyperion Planning 4.0 for a 2009 Budgeting application. Created/modified Forms and Business Rules.
  • Analyzed the existing Month End Close process and determined the best solution would be to restructure the existing database and rewrite the calc scripts. I also modified cache settings.
  • For the FRPPLAN planning solution I created a cube based on the existing Financial Reporting cube then created and export process to populate it with most current Actual data monthly. Hyperion Planning was used for the 2009 Budget application; creation of input forms, business rules, dimensional model and reports was required.
  • Worked independently to analyze and fix the Expense Reporting and FRPPLAN cubes.
  • For the Hyperion Planning piece I was a team member working a variety of planning issues including developing business rules from business specs, creating input forms and modify the dimensional model.

Technical Skills Involved: Hyperion Planning, Essbase Design skills including; tuning, optimization. Calculation scripts and Business Rules. MaxL scripting.

Confidential, Reading, PA

Technical Lead/Developer


  • Worked with Hyperion Planning 4.0 Manufacturing Variance application. Modified several Business Rules to produce correct reporting results across different Lines of Business.
  • Created Business Rule to copy forward Prior Forecast and Actuals, and then clear/reallocate units for select entities at the beginning of the month.
  • Confidential had a problem with updating their planning application and needed assistance to reduce the calc time for certain business rules and the creation of additional rules. They also needed to modify input forms.
  • Analyzed the existing business rules and rewrote the rules to reduce calc times. Also created additional business rules to allocate dollars across manufacturing plants.
  • Worked independently to analyze and fix the business rules and validate the results.
  • Developed process to convert data from MAS 2000 based Essbase Budget/Forecast cube to PeopleSoft based Essbase Budget/Forecast cube. The application was VB based and utilized the Essbase API and stored procedures.
  • Modified Data Model and Metaoutlines with Analytic Integration Services v. 9.3. Wrote user defined SQL to load converted data to Budget/Forecast cube.
  • Set up partitions to bring Actual data into Budget cube.
  • Automated Budget cube process so it could be integrated into the nightly build with a combination of MaxL scripts and CMD files.
  • Optimized cube to reduce calc and query times.
  • Work on System 9 implementation, develop a new Budget/Forecast cube and work with consultants on approaches to overnight processing, AIS drill through and trickle feed capability.
  • Created model and metaoutline in AIS for Budget/Forecast cube, developed stored procedure to update dimension and data tables in Oracle prior cube refresh. Wrote MaxL and CMD scripts to automate processs via AUTOSYS nightly scheduled job. Also assisted in troubleshooting System 9 implementation issues involving; performance and Provisioning Groups/Users.
  • Brought in to work with team members to fine tune environment/processes in the weeks leading up to “Go Live”, which was a success.

Technical Skills Involved: System 9 Essbase/AIS, Oracle, MaxL/CMD scripting. Data Modeling and Partitioning.

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