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Oracle Database Administrator Resume


  • Around 9 years of experience in IT and as a Senior Oracle Database Administrator in the Database Installation, Development and Production System Support leading global teams in a wide variety of cutting edge environments.
  • Experienced in 9i/10g/11g/12c/18c/19C Database administration.
  • Expertise in Migration the databases from 11g to 12c, 9i to 12c and upgraded from 11.1.0 to, to to
  • Proficient in database administration, production support, installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, performance tuning, backup and recovery, cloning, space management, streams, partitioning, database security, troubleshooting, database design, UNIX shell scripting, korn shell scripting and documentation.
  • Worked on Large Online Transaction processing (OLTP) databases up to 9 - 12TB which is an easy and efficient mode of database which used to host the most critical part of live production databases.
  • Experience in working on disaster recovery (DR) using SAN Replication.
  • Expertise in Migrating OS from UNIX single node to Linux 2/4 node RAC and using of Golden Gate Integrated capture for Data migration and data Integration.
  • Experience with Installation, Configuration, Upgrades, Migrations, Administration and Patching of Oracle Databases and Oracle Applications.
  • Applied patches on Oracle 11g/10g Clusterware and RAC databases.
  • Experienced in various Unix Platforms like Sun Solaris, IBM-AIX, RHEL X86-64 and Windows System.
  • Adept in Database Administration activities such as patch installs, cloning, backup and recovery of mission critical databases, performance tuning, script development (shell scripting) and documentation
  • Installed and Monitored OEM12c ( and deployed Exadata & Goldengate plugins and configured incident rules and integrated with NETCOOL to generate ServiceNow tickets and documented the steps
  • Proficiency in standby database (Dataguard) installation, upgrading, configuration, maintenance, backup and administration for disaster recovery on 10g/11g RAC
  • Experience in working and tuning with Oracle Workflow.
  • Extensive knowledge of Oracle OEM 12c Architecture, Framework, and Infrastructure.
  • Expertise in Oracle OEM 12c implementation and operations in an enterprise scale.
  • OEM12c Installation, upgrade, patching.
  • Experience with Automation and Orchestration like OEM11g & OEM12c Grid Control, Red Alert Monitoring
  • Experience in basic and advance replication using Oracle Streams, Golden Gate.
  • Experience in using 11g features such as real application testing, SQL plan baselines.
  • Experience in using 10g features such as Data Pump, Flash Back Recovery, ASM, AWR, and ADDM.
  • Experience in Installing Oracle 11gR2/12c GRID Infrastructure, 11gR1 CLUSTERWARE, 10g CRS on RHEL.
  • Expertise in performance-tuning, AWR, ADDM, to collect and maintain performance statistics and improve the database performance.
  • Proficient in implementing and maintaining Database Security (Users, Roles, Privileges), space management (logical structures such as tablespaces and rollback segments) and auditing of users.
  • Profound knowledge in Oracle utilities including Golden Gate export/import, Toad, SQL*PLUS, Data Loading using GG.
  • Adept in data modeling, Physical and Logical Database design, partitioning of tables and indexes, management of schemas.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal Experiencing in basic and advanced replication
  • Ability to function successfully in a highly stressful, 24x7 mission critical environment.


Operating Systems: Linux RHEL 2.1, 3.x, 4.x,6.3x,6.7x,7.2, HP-UX 10.x, 11.x, Sun Solaris 2.6, 5.8, 8, 9, 10, AIX 5.3, 5.4, Windows 2003, Windows 2008

RDBMS: Oracle 19c/18c/12C/11g/10g/9i

Languages: SQL,PL/SQL C, C++, Perl, Bash, UNIX Shell Scripting, Java.

Tools: GDS,GTM,Golden Gate,RMAN, OEM12c/11g, SQL*Loader, EXP, IMP, expdp, impdp, TOAD,Confio,Exadata

Tuning Tools: TKPROF, STATSPACK, AWR,OEM12c,Confio

Other: EMC, NetApp, Veritas NetBackup



Oracle database administrator


  • Migrated Databases from to and to
  • Managed multiple databases on both RAC and single instance on Linux and windows.
  • Extensively worked in various areas of Dataguard i.e. Installation, Recovery, RTA (Real Time Apply), Patching, Tuning, Switchover, Switchback and Failover.
  • Converted data guard Physical standby to snapshot standby for application testing.
  • Configured Golden Gate and Integrated components for Active-Passive and Active-Active replication.
  • Installed and configured JAgent to work with OEM GoldenGate Plugin.
  • Successfully performed Disaster recovery exercises for highest availability using DataGuard broker (DGMGRL).
  • Keeping the databases up to date with respect to Latest PSU’s and very comfortable in applying patches.
  • Implements GDS (Global Data Service) service failover for active DataGuard.
  • Configured GDS (Global Data Service) Application to provide transparent service failover across multiple RAC clusters.
  • Worked on Planning and scheduling Backups, Database Recovery, taking Logical Backups (with Export /Import), Database backup (Hot & cold).
  • Worked on Features: Data Pump, ASM and RMAN.
  • Securing stored data using oracle transparent data encryption by installing TDE wallet and creating encrypted tablespaces and storing sensitive data in encrypted tablespaces.
  • Administration of all database objects, including tables, Indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures.
  • Assisting the ETL team to improve performance by analyzing SQL statements, reorganizing database objects and design indexes to improve response of queries.
  • Cloned/Refreshed Oracle Databases for development and testing.
  • Monitoring the availability of system, listener, database alter logfile, trace file.
  • Performed Schema level and table level data refreshes from production to development using datapump EXPDP/IMPDP.
  • Manage RAC environment for Day to Day Database administrator, performance tuning.
  • Provide the support for day to day database maintenance activities; planning & scheduling the changes.

Environment: Oracle 19c/18c/12c/11g 8-node RAC, GDS, GTM, SUSE LINUX 12, RMAN, ASM, OEM 13c, DataGuard, GoldenGate, Data pump, SQL Developer/TOAD.


Oracle Database Administrator


  • Involved in SQL Query tuning and provided tuning recommendations for time/CPU consuming queries (Application: LOAN IQ).
  • Generated Statspack/AWR reports from Oracle 11g/12c database and analyzed the reports for Oracle wait events, time consuming SQL queries, tablespace growth, and database growth.
  • Managed multiple databases on both RAC and single instance on Linux.
  • Regularly planned and scheduled physical hot/cold backups, logical import/ export, data pump backups, and incremental backups using RMAN on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Successfully installed configured and maintained Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to monitor and manage Exadata machine and regular databases.
  • Provided tuning recommendations and future memory requirements to Primary DBA team to make the changes in Database like table reorg, add enough spaces to database.
  • Successfully utilized Rman restore external tables, golden gate and data pump for several multi-Tera byte database migrations to Exadata and other databases.
  • Used Explain Plan, Oracle hints and creation of new indexes to improve the performance of SQL statements.
  • Implemented managed oracle physical and logical dataguard solutions.
  • Supported failover and switchover of Standby Databases during Disaster Recovery.
  • Performance tuning for optimized results using tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL*Trace, TKPROF, STATSPACK, AWR and ADDM reports.
  • Backup and recovered test and development databases using RMAN and DataPump.
  • Perform RMAN operations (Incremental Backups). Helped developer to install OracleClient, troubleshoot and establish the connection to Oracle database through ODBC, JDBC . Performed SQLTuning by using explainplan and TKPROOF .
  • Implemented RMAN - including cloning, recovery with and without catalog, catalog maintenance, archive management and catalog reporting . Also, held accountable for Virtual Tape libraries and the configuration requirements and monitoring of RMAN using Net Backup.

Environment: and Tools: Oracle 10g/11g/12C, DataGuard,Toad, RMAN, OEM Cloud Control, RAC, Service now, Exadata hardware, Confio, RedHat Linux, GoldenGate , OLAP, OLTP,Cron, Unix Shell scripting, Linux.


Oracle Database Administrator/Exadata


  • Migrated Databases from to and to
  • Installed ASR and activated Exadata (v2/X4/X5) ASR assets for hardware fault monitoring.
  • Applied Quarterly patches on Exadata servers using rolling fashion.
  • Assisted in management and database administration of Oracle database applications on Exadata platforms.
  • Installing & configuring Oracle Grid infrastructure & Database Software ( on VM’s.
  • Upgraded DataGuard Databases on Exadata servers from to and documented.
  • Upgraded Databases on VM’s from to and applied patches.
  • Closely monitored and administrated log transport services and log apply services in physical/logical databases.
  • REFRESH/CLONING of Databases and applications for development, testing and Prod boxes on demand from Application teams using EXPORT/IMPORT, DATAPUMP at table level, schema level and database level for Refreshes.
  • Published standard operating procedure (SOPs) documents for OEM12c configuration and deploying agent on servers, adding database services and DataGuard to perform switchover/switchback.
  • Installed and configured golden gate on Exadata servers .
  • Resolved replicate /extract/pump issues and upgraded classic extract to integrated capture to overcome the compression table’s issue.
  • Oracle Goldengate replication (12c) with datapump and without datapump.
  • Setup GoldenGate Database User with necessary privileges and Investigate Replication failures using LogDump utility.
  • Test impact of multiple Extract and Replicate processes on a Single Node.
  • Test initial Data Load option of GoldenGate during environment build.
  • Installed and Monitored OEM12c ( and deployed Exadata & Goldengate plugins and configured incident rules and integrated with NETCOOL to generate ServiceNow tickets and documented the steps.
  • Provided tuning recommendations to application team to increase CPU’s, memory on database server for better performance.
  • Configured high availability services TAF, load balancing and SCAN features for clustered databases.
  • Implemented backups using oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager) and VERITAS Net backup as a Media Management Layer.
  • Administrated backups with Veritas Net backup and RMAN.
  • Managed Applications on oracle 11g / 112c RAC databases using ASM file system with server control utility (SRVCTL) and CRSCTL for high availability.
  • Monitored Tablespace size, resizing Tablespace, relocating data files for better disk I/O.
  • Test impact of multiple extract and replicate processes on a single node.
  • Resolving bugs, network, issues, configuration files issues, OCR issue, deinstallation & cleanup of clusterware.
  • Migrated databases using RMAN for 2 node RAC.
  • Applied PSU, CPU, Patch set and one off patches to RAC, ASM and databases.
  • Monitoring of database for growth and performance using OEM12c and Confio.

Environment: and Tools: Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i, Toad, RMAN, OEM Cloud Control, RAC, Sql developer, Service now, Exadata hardware, Confio, RedHat Linux, GoldenGate , OLAP, OLTP,Cron, Unix Shell scripting, Linux.

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