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Sap Bw Bo Hana Consultant Resume

San Jose, CA


  • 10 years of experience in SAP BW BO HANA implementation and support projects with analysis, design, development and testing business warehouse tools.
  • My experience as a consultant involves extensive work in 3 end to end implementation and 3 support projects for different Business modules SD, MM, FI, RE, CRM in SAP BI/BW following with Blue Printing, Realization, gathering System Requirements, High Level Designs and Technical Design.
  • Experienced in domains like Retail, Insurance, Telecom, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.
  • Translate functional specifications into technical specifications and ensure a comprehensive data warehouse design
  • Expertise in native HANA and BW modeling with emphasis on performance and minimal Database usage levering capabilities of HANA DB like XS engine, Smart Data Access (SDA).
  • Extensive experience in Backend development of data model (custom extractors, Data Sources, InfoObjects, DSO’s, Transformations, Transfer rules, Update rules, InfoCubes, MultiProviders, Open Hub Destinations, composite providers in BW and HANA (BW Modeling Perspective) and IDT Universes.
  • Extensive experience in migration of BW on traditional DB to HANA DB, 3.x to 7.x versions.
  • Create stored procedures, scalar functions, table functions, AMDP Scripts and design time tables using HANA SQL.
  • Front end development (BEx Query Designer, BEx analyzer, Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Power BI)
  • Involved in ABAP coding of transformations, extractors, program, function module, and customer exit.
  • Proven record in creating complex reports by linking data from multiple data providers.
  • Extensively used Variables, Structures, Exceptions, Conditions, Selections, Exception Aggregation, Formulae, Calculated Key Figures and Restricted Key Figures while designing queries in the Query Designer.
  • Involved in monitoring activities like Process Chain Scheduling, Data Extraction, Data Loading (Full / Delta loads), PSA maintenance, Incident tracking and log maintenance.
  • Experience working with BW data extraction from ECC and CRM.
  • Expertise in migration projects from Informatica to SAP BI by migrating the whole data flow.
  • Involved in extracting data from R/3 using BW Generic extractors and Custom Generated Extractors.
  • Involved in investigating issues related to BW BASIS, OSS note support & Database.
  • Involved in complete phase of testing (Unit testing, User acceptance testing, Data validation testing) and validated data between BW and R/3.
  • Experience in identifying design issues in existing data models and worked on production support issues like coding, configuration, security, performance and data issues on priority manner.
  • Experience in COGNOS reporting tool in order to pull data to SAP BI.
  • Experience in identifying missing functional scenarios in Assembly Test Plan and Component Test Plan which in turn avoids the severity issues in Pre - Production and value addition to the Client at UAT.
  • Experienced in preparing the cut-over activity plans providing a smooth delivery of the objects.


ERP Packages: SAP Net Weaver 2004s, SAP R/3 4.6,4.7, ECC 6.0, CRM 7.0SAP: SAP BW 7.4/7.3/7.1/7.0, BW 3.5, BOBJ 4.0/4.1

Reporting Tools: BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, BW Workbooks, Webi, Crystal Reports, Design Studio, Lumira

ETL Tools: SAP Data Services(BODS)

Functional Module: Logistics (SD, MM), FI CO-OM, RE, CRM & FI-TV

Languages/Scripts: ABAP/4, PL/SQL

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g, MS SQL Server, MS Access

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, Windows 2000/2003 Server

Other Tools: HPQC 10, BMC Remedy 7.5, Requisite pro, Cronacle, Service Now

Knowledge: Informatica, COGNOS


Confidential, San Jose, CA

SAP BW BO HANA Consultant


  • Created advanced data models (ADSOs and Composite providers) using BW Modeling perspective from HANA studio to leverage SAP advanced technologies
  • Created function module extractors, start routines, end routines and expert routines to implement complex logic.
  • Developed AMDP procedures using HANA SQL for ABAP routines to push the logic to HANA database and improve load performance.
  • Designed and developed Analysis for Office reports on BEx queries and HANA views.
  • Created multisource workbooks using Analysis for Office with each sheet sourced from different sources for easier reconciliation.
  • Created BEx queries, Lumira Dashboards and Webi reports on composite providers BW and views from HANA.
  • Responsible for job monitoring through Cronacle scheduler tool, Data Services Management Console and Tableau Extracts
  • Perform activities in BODS and BO management console

Environment: BW 7.5 on HANA, HANA 1.0 SP 11, ABAP, BEx, Analysis for Office, Lumira and Tableau.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA



  • Responsible for the SAP BW development lifecycle from design through implementation and production support.
  • Proficient in SAP BI/BW Back-end development and configuration, testing and pre-production support Proficient in design, developing & support of custom BW objects using BW LSA (Layered Scalable Architecture).
  • Created Open hubs to provide BI data to 3rd party systems like DIVER and POLARIS.
  • Provided the BW cut over activity plan for monthly releases with data availability estimates in BW.
  • Resolved the high priority BW tickets within SLA time in Production
  • Lead the BW Development offshore team by providing them design, development plans, ticket analysis, monitoring data loads, daily calls and documenting the issues.
  • Created BEx queries in SAP BW based on reporting requirements
  • Responsible for performance tuning of BW systems utilizing best practices
  • Responsible for root cause analysis and providing solutions for production and development issues
  • Day to Day operations support and working with business users to resolve the issues, Bug Fixes for the issues/incidents reported, Code fixes.
  • Lead the BW Operations team with activities like.

Environment: BW 7.4, CRM 7.0, ABAP/4, BEx Analyzer

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

SAP BW BO HANA Consultant


  • Identified the GAP and provided analysis in functional specifications and created the Technical Design specifications document.
  • Translate functional specifications into technical specifications and ensure a comprehensive data warehouse design with business on planning, prioritizing, requirement gathering.
  • Migrated SAP BW 3.5 data flow to 7.3 data flow and follow up with cut-over activities in production.
  • Design complex customs BW solutions translating complex requirements in an optimal BW design
  • Responsible for delivering the data model design for Purchasing and FI reports with respect to old EDW Informatica design.
  • Experience working with BW data extraction from ECC.
  • Build and activate BW 7.4 Administrator workbench objects such as Info Objects, Info Sources/Data Sources, ODS, Info Cubes, Master Data, Transformations, Update Rules, Extractors (Custom & standard), Info sets, MultiProvider and Process Chains.
  • Worked on mixed models with BW on HANA using Attribute Views, Analytic Views and Calculation Views.
  • Provided the design and developed the data models for Logistics modules (SD, MM and Purchasing), FI-CO & FI-TV as per the functional specifications in BW 7.4 and HANA.
  • Experience in improving query performance using composite provider in BW 7.4.
  • Analyzed and optimized the performance of extractors in production by modifying ABAP function modules.
  • Written BW ABAP logic for FM based generic extractors, field routines, start routines, end routines and CMOD user exit code to support business needs.
  • Analyzed the informatica data models to deliver the old EDW data model into SAP BW on HANA.
  • Involved in production support and resolved notifications with high priority.
  • Implemented OSS notes to resolve the extraction issues.
  • Worked on SAP BO Webi reports, Design Studio.

Environment: BI 3.5 / 7.4, ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, HANA SP08

Confidential, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

SAP BI/BW Lead Consultant


  • Identified the GAP and provided analysis in FRS document and created the Technical Design specifications document.
  • Responsible for leading the team for complete design and development of the project.
  • Responsible for developing the objects as per the design specifications in BW 7.3 version.
  • Performed the source system analysis and designed the data model for multiple ECC source systems.
  • Involved in enhancing the existing master data and transaction data to harmonize the data across the systems.
  • Responsible for Backend development of data model (custom extractors, Data Sources, InfoObjects, DSO’s, Transformations, Transfer rules, Update rules, InfoCubes & MultiProviders
  • Created Open hubs to provide BI data to 3rd party systems in order to maintain several attributes across the systems.

Environment: BI 7.3, ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, TeamSite


SAP BI/BW Consultant


  • Led BW-development team to deliver complex change request.
  • Effectively gathered systems requirement from AT&T client and taken signoff on approval of systems requirement.
  • Performed Source System Analysis (OLTP), analyzed the Source and Target Data elements, created Mapping documents, Unit and System Test Plans.
  • Scheduled batch jobs for processing Flat files as source as well as target too.
  • Experience in working with BW data extraction from ECC and CRM
  • Modified the Existing Transformations/Jobs based on the specification changes.
  • I have led the team through SDLC life cycle (Requirement gathering, gap analysis, HLD, Detail Design, Development, Unit testing, Assembly testing, System test support, migration to Production environment and post go-live support).
  • Owned pre and post deployment cut over activities.
  • Effectively coordinated all teams (Basis/System Testing/Operations/Portal/Development) for successful deployment.
  • Experience writing functional specifications, Visio Flows, and knowledge documentation
  • Effectively followed process of documentation, defect tracking and pre/post deployment validation.
  • Effectively kept posted the leadership on deliverable status by scheduling meeting and emails.
  • Effectively tracked defects (peer review, unit testing and system testing).
  • Resolved different transport issues with BASIS team at the time of deployment.
  • Created Generic Extractors and effectively handled the delta loading mechanism for the same.
  • Effectively involved in debugging the ABAP code written at Info Object Level, Transformations and Update Rules.
  • Designed and enhanced the BI data model for new reporting requirements.
  • Modified the existing data model, queries, bug fixing for the defects on raised AOTS tickets using BMC remedy.
  • Developed flexible queries using filters and navigational attributes in BEx Analyzer to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized fashion.
  • Involved in ABAP coding of transformations, extractors, program, function module and customer exit.
  • Created Process chains and Meta chains for daily loads and Monthly loads of Transaction Data.
  • Worked extensively in collecting the BI objects to the transport requests, released all transports to the Quality/Production system and resolved issues related to transport failures.
  • Transported modified objects from development system to Quality/Production system.
  • Worked on performance issues of Query and InfoCubes in order to minimize the runtime and improve the performance of the query output
  • Created many test cases and Test scenarios for Unit testing, Integration testing of many BI reports and logged the defects using HPQC.

Environment: BI 7.3/7.1/7.0, BW 3.5, ECC 6.0, APO, ABAP/4, Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, HPQC 10, BMC remedy 7.5, Requisite pro.


SAP BW/BO Consultant


  • Gathered Business Requirements and Conducted Gap Analysis to install Business Content.
  • Designed & Developed custom DataSource, InfoSource, Extractor, InfoCube and ODS to fulfill user requirements.
  • Developed Transfer rules, Update rules and Start routines using ABAP to in corporate Business logic and perform data manipulation.
  • Extensively worked on transporting objects between BW system environments and corresponding SAP R/3.
  • Developed data loading strategies for master data, transactional data and delta uploads.
  • Created process chains for data loading, delta uploading and periodical PSA deletion.
  • Created MultiProviders on sales and delivery cubes to assist reporting on sales and delivery together.
  • Worked on Creating Aggregates, Compressions, Indexes, Multi Cubes and parallel setups for data loading to improve performance and utilize data effectively.
  • Requirement gathering with client interaction. Gathered requirements specific to BI report development keeping in view of the KPIs and analysis requirements.
  • Created Functional/Technical specifications for BW data models
  • Excellent track record of proactive communication and collaboration with customers to analyze BI needs
  • Involved in the design phase of the project. BI design is done keeping in view of real time data requirements and performance.
  • Defined work packages and technical specifications for design, development, testing and roll-out
  • Involved in developing the BI data model by creating characteristics, Key figures, Data sources, Data Store Objects, InfoCubes and MultiProviders.
  • Worked with functional consultant to map the source data with target structures
  • Developed close to 80 queries in Query designer using variables, formulas, selections, exceptions, RKFs, CKFs and Conditions.
  • Designed close to 20 Crystal Reports based on the client’s requirement which would match their existing reports format in COGNOS.
  • Enhanced the existing Crystal reports and made changes to the design on the basis of clients requirement
  • Experience in COGNOS reporting tool to test the data format similar to crystal report behavior.
  • Worked on modifying the existing queries and bug fixing.
  • Involved in monthly based releases and transported the BI objects from Development system to Quality system later to production box and ensure appropriate objects are transported.
  • Involved in the component testing and system testing phases and resolved the defects.
  • Demoed the report results and its nature to client with several input selections till client requirements are fulfilled.
  • Transferred SAP BI data to non-SAP destinations SQL Server cubes efficiently, in order to construct an Analysis Services based enterprise data warehouse
  • Analyzed and fixed the bugs while Transporting objects to Quality system and production.
  • Documented the BI dataflow for MIGA right from the DataSource level till Data targets with mappings inclusively.

Environment: BI 7.0, ECC 4.7, ABAP/4, Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, Crystal Reports 8.0, Xcelcius


BW/BO Consultant


  • Created InfoObjects, InfoCubes, InfoPackages and developed Transfer structure, Communication Structures, Update rules and Transfer rules for InfoSources and ODS objects.
  • Created Info Packages, Process Chains and scheduled them in order to load Master Data and Transactional Data from SAP R/3 as well as Flat File Source Systems into BW.
  • Extensively worked with PSA in Monitoring the Data Transfer from Source Systems into BW and debugged when required.
  • Extensively worked with SAP BEx Query Designer.
  • Created workbooks and developed Excel macros to realize complex reporting scenarios.
  • Created Macros for formatting data in excel for flat files loading.
  • Extensively used BEx Analyzer to build queries with maps, charts and worksheets.
  • Improved performance of existing SAP BW Queries and reports by creating Aggregates and doing Compression.
  • Involved in Production Support, Data Load Monitor, and On Call for users.
  • Testing and documentation.

Environment: BI 7.0/3.5, ECC 6.0, ABAP/4

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