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Sr. Mm / Sd Lead Consultant Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Proven project/people management skills with professional competencies in mobilizing and judiciously managing resources with structured inputs in project planning, scheduling, monitoring ensuring project accomplishment within cost & deadlines.
  • Knowledge of Configuration of SAP Master Data such as New Customers, New Pricing Conditions, and Pricings Procedures and Subscription based pricing model.
  • A very good SAP Business analyst / Multifunctional consultant with strong customization expertise in SD, MM, PP, WM, LE, QM and FICO Module with three life cycle end to end implementation exposure with in time lines and budget.
  • Expertise in Super BOMs, Super routings, profile Configuration, Configurable materials and Variant BOM's. Contract Management /Quotation Management /Order Management /Billing Management Vistex /Service Management (CS).
  • Proficient in Configuration, Customization, Enhancements, Production and Very good knowledge in SAP Supply Chain Management (Advanced Procurement Optimization and Supply Plan).
  • Defining of various relevant Organizational units, Pricing Procedures, Condition Types, Condition Tables & Access Sequences, Condition Exclusion and Planning consumption based, forecast, and reorder point and MRP Procedures.
  • Architect numerous progressive SCM processes integration with BW, CRM, FICO, SD and PM Etc., designed and implemented various SCM /P2P processes, Go, No - Go decision in solution review and change control for SCM and P2P changes.
  • Designed Copy Control Routines to Facilitate Coping Necessary Data from Sales Documents to Delivery and Billing and Configuring document types, billing documents, WMS activities and Profile configuration. Integrating purchase, billing, accounting and controlling, integration with SD, MM, PP and FI.
  • Customized OTC, Sales Documents, Item and Schedule Line Categories, Pricing, Delivery and Billing, Availability Check, Copy Control, Output Determination, Account Assignment, Route Determination, Text Determination, Log of Incomplete Items, LE Shipping - Delivery processing, Shipping Pt. Determination, Transportation, Route planning, drop shipping, consignment sales.
  • Expertise in ASAP implementation methodologies involving all phases of SAP implementation lifecycle from initial Project Planning and scoping through Data Collection, Gap Analysis, Business Blueprinting, Legacy System Conversion (LSMW), Realization, Testing, Final Preparation, Go-Live Support, End-User Training, Documentation and also expertise in using Solution Manager.
  • Expertise in Production Support, Ticket Resolving and using the OSS (Online Support System), customize solutions in SAP (e.g. user exits, routines, output, BADIs, etc.)
  • Extensively operated with ABAP team in support of developing functional specifications for Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversion programs and Enhancements.


DATABASE: Unify, MYSQL, SYBASE, MS-SQL 7.0 and Oracle9i.

ERP: Oracle and SAP Technical/Functional.

HARDWARE: Pentium and RISC Servers.

PLATFORM: AIX, UNIX, Linux, Window 2010, Novell 5.0, OS2 and MS-DOS.

SAP SKILLS: ABAP/4 Development Workbench, Data Dictionary, ABAP/4 Programming, SAP Scripts, Data Transfer, Dialog Programming, Navigation, Debugging, Organizing, Development and Open Interfaces, including expertise in VISTEX, SD, MM and LE.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. MM / SD Lead Consultant


  • BRD Preparation relevant to Fossil Mexico and visited Monterrey, MX along with other team member, interacted with Business team member and implemented the process.
  • Customization of Pricing in Sales and Distribution by Defining Pricing Procedure, Condition Table's, Access Sequence, and Condition Type, Scale Pricing using Condition Technique. Created Price, Freight Cost, Rebate Discount and Tax Condition Types as per the Business Requirements.
  • Defined the partner functions for business partners by assigning an account group.
  • Maintained price relevant master data in customer master record and material master record.
  • Set up Separate prices for regular customers and dealers by defining different price groups.
  • Configured order-to-cash (OTC) process including inquiry, quotation, sales order, shipping and billing information system, pricing procedures (condition types, access sequence, condition exclusion and pricing procedure determination).
  • Configuration of Inter-company billing, Delivery-related billing, Invoices based deliveries, Credit & debit memos, enhancements to the billing plans types like Milestone billing, Periodic billing.
  • Created date determination rule, date category, inter-company pricing and billing scenario, test case and carried out cross functional module reliability tests.
  • Configured Material Groups / Material Types, Field Views and Screen Fields, Vendor Master for different Account Groups & Assignment of Numbers to the groups.
  • Configuration of Purchasing Documents, Requisitions, RFQ, Release procedures, Pricing Conditions, Info records, contract, scheduling agreements, delivery schedules and maintain source list. Inter and Intra company Stock transfers using STOs, Single Step Stock Transfer using Stock Transport Order using Goods movement 645.
  • Configured automatic account determination for Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Stock Transfer and Transfer Postings and configured various IM based Movement.
  • Configured settings for Reservation, Physical Inventory, Movement Types and other relevant objects in Inventory Management. Worked on inspection lots, inspection plan and quality info record.
  • Developed Batch Creation program to create batch in both the plants of different company codes, PO-STO Link report, Cutover Activities and Migration Activities
  • Developing SQ01 Transaction based report by developing info set relevant to inbound delivery and billing document, RD04 Output relevant Outbound and Inbound Idocs configuration to post vendor invoice in the receiving company code
  • Utilized LSMW to facilitate transfer of master data and transactional data like initial stock from legacy system to ECC 6.0.
  • Gave user training to Fossil Mexico end users and prepared them for UAT.

Confidential, Fairfield, CA

Sr. MM/SD/LE Lead Consultant & Team Lead


  • Configuration of Condition Type, Access Sequence, Maintaining condition records, Inter and intra company stock transfer of vehicles. SD Objects like Sales Organization, Distribution channel, Work flow and Notification objects development by giving specifications.
  • Created new condition table, access sequence, condition type agreeing to business needs. Activated Resource Related Billing and Pricing with formulas and routines for accommodating newly recognized functionalities for the new and existing business scenarios.
  • Involved in resolved issues with periodic, debit and credit memos. Also controlled Discounts, Surcharges and Rebates using Condition Technique, access sequence in integration with FI and also on revenue recognition.
  • Focused on "Order-to-Cash" process for contract processing. This included new order types, pricing, text determination and partner determination.
  • Configured Material Types, Vendor Account Groups, Partner Schema, Pricing Procedure, Message Determination, Batch determination, PO document types & Confirmations, Customer Outbound process, returns, shipping, MRP processing, Procurement, Consumption Management, Inter-company Inventory movements (STO) and Product Costing.
  • Configured LE: Shipping Controlling Documents modeled the Collective Delivery and designed shipping relevant functions in the order and delivery.
  • Designed and Implemented LE: the Freight Costing, Route and Shipping point determination, requirement Types and requirement classes, 3rd party order processing, Returns processing, Picking, Packing, Availability, Order and Delivery Scheduling, EDI IDOC processing, Output processing and determination, Text determination, Partner determination, Delivery and Billing Processes.
  • Configured Rounding Profiles, Route determination, Partner Determination, Text Determination, Output Determination, Account Determination, Revenue Recognition and Incompletion Procedure, ATP, Copy control, Shipping, Transportation, Rebates, Billing, Debit & Credit Memo, Returns, and Third Party Sales, value contacts and quantity contracts, WMS activities, Bill of Lading, Picking Confirmation, Packing and Goods issue tasks.
  • Shipping (LE-SHP): Configured Shipping Controlling Documents modeled the Collective Delivery and designed shipping relevant functions in the order and delivery, configured WMS activities, Bill of Lading, Picking Confirmation, Packing and Goods issue tasks. I have also worked on Transportation Management & Service Management.
  • Configured Deliveries related Billing, Periodic and Milestone Billing, Collective Processing of Billing Documents, Individual Invoices, Collective Invoice, Invoice Splits.
  • Pricing Details of SD/VISTEX Configuration changes
  • Good understanding of the incentives and payback solutions provided by VISTEX
  • Preparing Training Document for SD/VISTEX functionality
  • MM, SD, LE, FI and CRM Integration.


Sr. BA and MM/SD/PP Lead Consultant


  • Operated with manager and team members, as well as other relevant internal partners/stakeholders, to review departmental systems.
  • Focused on Workflow and Notification objects development by giving specifications.
  • Focused on processing of POs, Service Entry sheets, Sales Orders, Delivery etc.,
  • Focused on linked classes, items & BOM and configured ‘configurable materials-BOM’.
  • Focused on Rebate Agreements, assigning Condition type groups/tables, activated rebate processing, setting up retroactive rebates.
  • Set-up Configuration settings for Master Data-Customers and Materials.
  • Configured Customer Order Management, ATP, Shipping, Pricing, Billing and Credit Management, sales document types like Customized Order.
  • Configured Credit Memo Request, Debit Memo Request, Service Order, Contracts and Return Order.
  • Configured bulk maintenance of sales orders enabling the customer service department to make mass changes in sales orders.
  • Configured Assignment of order type to a different sales area and Creation and Assignment Sales Groups, Pricing Condition Types, Access Sequence, Pricing Procedure, Condition Exclusion,
  • Configured Business Cycle in Sales & Distribution involving Order Management - Order types, Item categories.
  • Configured Schedule line categories, Delivery Scheduling, Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements, Copy controls, Shipping, Billing, Sales support, Credit management and Automatic Account Determination.
  • Configured Rebates, Output for sales documents, Text Determination, Free Goods, Material, Shipping Point.
  • Configured routes determination, Incompletion Log Procedure, Delivery Type and Delivery Item Category.
  • Configured Batch jobs for Back order processing for Sales Order's and STO's with retail, E2E Order to Cash cycle for certain online business process.
  • Configured Assigning handling units to storage location.
  • Customized Picking for the storage location depends on material, Output Determination for Deliveries and Billing Documents, Billing Types- Invoice, Credit Memo, Debit Memo and Returns.
  • Streamline the output determination procedures and resolved multiple issues related to outputs.
  • Created and developed an SD Report using ABAP Query for Matching of Invoice to Cost and ensuring that the new report meets the business requirements.
  • Extensive knowledge on STO's with respect to process flow in retail business process and online business process. Product Allocations on Sales Order's and STO's with retail and online Product Allocations.
  • Good understanding on Back order processing with respect to Sort Profile with sort criteria in APO.
  • Activated the Security Roles required by Business Process.
  • Claims Management/Bill Backs/Agreement in Vistex.
  • Designed and Implemented Vistex Chargeback and Bill backs Claims, Reconciliation process for EDI supplier via EDI 867, 845, 849 and non EDI suppliers via Portal.
  • Worked MM,SD,PM,FI and CRM Integration


Sr. BA and SD/MM/QC/PP Lead Consultant


  • Involving in various business meetings to analyze and document the business requirements related to Order Management and Logistics
  • Configuring various Transportation groups/Transportation zones as per the Client requirement in maintaining the Route determination
  • Configuring the Storage Types, Picking areas, Storage conditions and the Picking Location assignments.
  • Configuration of order to cash (OTC) process by customized inquiry, quotation, sales order, cash order, rush order, deliveries and transfer orders.
  • Configured post goods issue, credit/debit memo requests billing and release to accounting.
  • Identify the best Practice for Implementation and Support in SD and Vistex
  • Claims Management/Bill Backs/Agreement in Vistex.
  • Involving in warehouse setup movements and its interfaces.
  • Involving actively in system to optimize material flow using different put away and picking strategies.
  • Configured various sales documents, item and schedule lines, shipping point, plant and route, taxes, prices, packing, handling picking and deliveries.
  • Customized partner functions and incomplete procedures.
  • Defining functional and technical specifications for custom picking and packing techniques.
  • Succeeded in cross-functional integration with LE/WM, MM, FI and PS.


SD/MM/PP/LE/SCM Lead Consultant


  • Involving in various business meetings with SD, MM, QM, PP and FI core users to analyze and document the business requirements related to Order Management and Logistics
  • Interacting with the ABAP team members to gather and verify requirements for the customer master.
  • Configuration of SD and MM Enterprise Structure and initial customization as per business needs.
  • Configuration of outbound delivery documents, delivery item category, and item category determination rule.
  • Created new Pricing strategies based on the client's requirements using the condition technique.
  • Configured Batch Management Process with class, characteristics, access sequence and strategy types.
  • Co-ordination between onsite offshore testing team.
  • Configured and customized exclusive Pricing Procedures with Price, Costs, Surcharges, Discount, Freight, Profit Margin using Condition Technique, VOFM routines and conversions.
  • Generated mapping documents between SAP for EDI transactions (both inbound and outbound), IDOC extensions and IDOC types, verification of outbound IDOC and of inbound IDOC.
  • Configuration of sales deals, pricing master data management, and price uploads, LSMW for pricing upload.
  • Designed and implemented various SCM /P2P processes, Go, No-Go decision in solution review and change control for SCM and P2P changes.
  • Integrated SCM processes integration with BW, CRM, FICO, SD and PM Etc.,
  • Concentrated on Vistex charge backs and Bill backs and Claims Management in Vistex.
  • Logistics configuration for shipping such as goods issue for outbound deliveries.
  • Involved in review/modification of mapping specs for existing EDI inbound/outbound transactions.
  • Involved in setting up various inbound and outbound EDI IDOCs including setting up partner profile, process codes etc.
  • Configured outbound delivery processing including picking, packing, shipping point determination and storage location determination, Scheduling, Stock Transport Orders (STO), Shipment Processing and Route Determination.
  • Incident management and bugs fixation During User acceptance Testing.
  • Integration with Other Modules: SD & FI integrations, SD &MM integrations, MM &FI integration and LE & SD integration.


AP, AR, GL, PO, HR, SD, MM Consultant


  • Understanding existing system, suggesting the standard processes to avoid the mistakes and identifying short falls in the present system.
  • Conducting of Business Process Reengineering study. Preparing the report. Suggesting the changes required in the existing process.
  • Preparing of system business blue print. The system scope covers the total business process of the company.
  • Interacting with the core users to understand the customization requirements.

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