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Senior Sap Bo/bi Developer Resume

Branchburg, NJ


  • 7+ years of Development and Consulting experience in SAP Business Objects (BOBJ) 4.1 Sp5/4.0/ XIR3.1/XIR2 using different suite tools like IDT, UDT, BI launch Pad, Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Desktop Intelligence, Central Management Console, Design Studio, Xcelsius aka Dashboard 2008.
  • Good database and SQL experience in SAP HANA SPS12, IBM DB2, Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server 2008/2005
  • Good knowledge in using Tableau and Qlikview
  • Extensive experience in operational reporting solutions with Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports.
  • Developed Web Intelligence reports with advanced functionalities like Drill, complex report level calculations, Charts, Hyperlinks, Input Controls with multiple data providers
  • Worked with Crystal Reports 2008 for creating complicated reports including sub - reports, parameter based reports, graphical reports, formula based, well-formatted reports, drilling reports, analysis reports and data reports.
  • Experience in creating Universes in IDT and the UDT tools. Created several calculations in the Universe to include complex business logic. Worked extensively on Join conditions, Filters, LOV, cardinality, Aliases, Contexts, derived tables and applied row level security on users.
  • Experienced in designing and developing Enterprise Dashboarding and Visualization in Design Studio 1.6/1.3 with SAP HANA and DB2 as backend.
  • Good experience in design and development of Dashboards in Xcelsius Converting Business Data requirements into Conceptual and logical visualization models. Leveraged excel functions and scripts to create robust logic within the Excel in addition to Query as a Webservice and Live Office.
  • Used Hyperlink URL’s within the Dashboards to launch Web Intelligence reports which can take parameters from the Xcelsius Dashboard.
  • Good administration experience in CMC like User and Content management by securing them and proving access, Promotion management with LCM and creating file based events to assist scheduling.
  • Good understanding of HANA Information models and have experience enhancing existing Calculation views for the current project.
  • Fair knowledge of data warehouse concepts, design techniques such as Star, Snow Flake schemas, multi-dimensional data model analysis using OLAP, Physical and Logical data modeling.
  • Excellent understanding of Data Warehouse architecture, Star Schema, Snowflake Schemas, Fact and Dimensions Tables.
  • Complete Software Development Life Cycle experience including requirements gathering, analysis/design, development and testing.
  • Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business requirements, functional requirements and data specifications for Business Objects Universes and Reports.
  • Experience working with offshore counterparts and reviewing their work before delivering to Users
  • Strong writing and documentation skills for the management, development and control of documentation.
  • Worked on a flexible schedule, weekends as per client’s requirement and with different clients and on various domains
  • Ability to meet deadline and handle multiple tasks, decisive with strong leadership qualities
  • Excellent communication, documentation and presentation skills
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented professional with strong technical skills.


BI Reporting Tools: SAP Business Objects 4.2/4.1/4.0/XIR3/R2, Web Intelligence, Design Studio 1.6/1.3, IDT, UDT, SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius, Crystal Reports, Desktop Intelligence

ETL Tool: Microsoft SSIS

Databases: SAP HANA 1.0, Tera data, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, IBM DB2, MS Access

Operating Systems: Windows 98/XP/Vista, UNIX

Data Modeling Tools: SAP HANA Studio

Software Packages: Teradata SQL Assistant, Oracle SQL Developer


Senior SAP BO/BI Developer

Confidential - Branchburg, NJ

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Interacting with business stake holders for gathering the business requirement and analyzing the requirement and transforming to reporting requirement.
  • Analyzing the data Oracle, BW and HANA data sources
  • Mapping the requirement against the data sources and identify the gaps, discuss with the database team and find workarounds within specified deadlines
  • Initiate discussions and meetings to discuss Design and layout of Dashboards and the security access model required to cater various users
  • Create a Universe in IDT to pull the part of data which comes from Oracle
  • Develop a security table that holds various user roles and restrictions based on Region and several hierarchies and use this table in the Universe and the Design Studio to show/hide the tabs and components
  • Build a mock-up Dashboard with data from Universe and BW and implement the security specifications from the security table
  • Get the mock-up reviewed and approved from the stake holders and build a template for the Design Studio dashboard with a custom CSS file that corresponds to Merck’s UI standards
  • Develop the Design Studio dashboards with various faceted information for ease of access and filtering. Multiple key metrics for the product, which are coming from various sources are displayed in several tabs with access levels implemented
  • Optimize the two existing Dashboards that were built in 1.3 version of Design Studio with the new features in 1.6 versions, mainly for performance reasons. By leveraging the parallel query processing.
  • Create an hierarchy filter using SDK extensions for security specification
  • Initiate requirement gathering sessions with users on the new self-service model for a part of the users that will access HANA views directly.
  • Design and Develop an excellent self-service model in Design Studio 1.6 where the users choose the connection and the HANA view and then create visualizations on the fly
  • Leverage the new Scorecard component in Design Studio 1.6 to solve a particular use case where the data needs to be portrayed in a certain fashion where dashboard real-estate was at stake
  • Work with Database team to create SDA connection to virtualize the Oracle data in HANA for the HANA migration activities and create two dashboards, one each for Oracle and Hana for performance testing to proceed with further approvals for the HANA migration
  • Create various unit test cases for the Dashboards and the Universes and work with the Offshore team on the testing and documenting activities

Environment: SAP Design Studio 1.6/1.3, Information Design Tool 4.1, SAP BW, Oracle, HANA SPS11

Senior SAP BO/BI Developer

Confidential -Maplewood, MN

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Involved in Analyzing the End users functional and technical requirements
  • Involved in Analyzing the Queries behind the existing ColdFusion reports to recreate them into Web Intelligence Reports
  • Prepare a Mapping Document after analyzing all the queries of the ColdFusion reports to figure out the tables used and relationship between them
  • Involved in creating several Data Foundations for different Business Objects environments and different Databases
  • Created Cardinalities, Contexts, Joins and Aliases for resolving Loops and checked the Integrity of the Universes
  • Defined Hierarchies in Universe to provide the users with Drill down option in reports and Predefined Conditions to use in Business Objects
  • Involved in Designing and Developing several Business Objects Universes from the ground up based on the Mapping Document and type of reports that will be generated from them
  • Created classes and objects using fields from several tables that are joined together and named and organized them based on the user requirement
  • Identified and created Universe level Objects, Filters and Prompts in the process of building the Universes to be used while creating Web Intelligence reports
  • Developed linked WebI reports by extensively using OpenDocument function
  • Created reports using Business Objects functionality such as Drill Down, Crosstab, Charts, Bar and Line Graphs, Prompts, Report level variables, Breaks, Sorts and Alerters etc.
  • Involved in preparing Unit Test Cases as per Development standards. Prepared Technical design documents for all the reports developed
  • Implemented row level security in the universe to allow the data to be viewed only by authorized person
  • Extensively used multiple data providers for building reports
  • Involved in the Design and Development of an Enterprise Dashboard to show the HR KPI’s to the elite users in the Clients Human Resources department
  • Create BIAR files in the Promotion Management (LCM) tool for moving the BI contents and user security across environments
  • Built the Dashboard with SAP Dashboards 4.1 and leveraged existing Universe and created database views and WebI reports to Summarize the data to be used in the Dashboard
  • Involved in complex month end processing that happens in the beginning of every month for the previous month where the Headcount and the FTE data is balanced using output from various Web Intelligence Reports
  • Coordinated with DBA and ETL in solving various technical issues and also to stream-line universe design and optimize query performance
  • Involved in BO Admin activities like Creating users, groups, managing BO servers to add/delete, enable/Disable them
  • Resolved various technical issues and also worked on to stream-line universe design and optimize query performance

Environment: Business Objects XI4.1, Web Intelligence, Information Design Tool, SAP Dashboards 4.1, Teradata, IBM DB2, Adobe ColdFusion, MS Access

SAP BO/BI Consultant

Confidential - Chicago, IL

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the Client’s BI reporting environment and enhance it
  • Upgrade the existing DeskI reports from 3.1 to 4.0 using the SAP Upgrade Management tool along with the Universes and its dependencies like the Scheduled instances of these reports
  • Convert the DeskI reports to Web Intelligence using the SAP Report Conversion Tool.
  • Test the semantics of the scheduled instances of over 40 out of 170+ reports and see they are copied over correctly
  • Fix the converted reports and recreate the tabs in WebI as and when required
  • Manage the existing Web Intelligence Reports and address the enhancement requests that comes from the users
  • Maintain and enhance several Universes that feeds the Web Intelligence reports
  • Develop new Web Intelligence Reports based on the Report Specification document the Business Analyst prepares
  • Added new tables to the Universes upon request and created joins and manage the integrity
  • Created new Universe level variables and filters to use in the Web Intelligence reports
  • Fix existing issues in the Universes based on the issue reported by the users through Remedy system
  • Created derived tables for complex report requirements which were not possible with existing joins in the Universe
  • Enhance the existing Web Intelligence reports by adding new items like additional tabs, new columns, Query and report level filters and alerts
  • Manage the scheduled Web Intelligence reports and handle the issues reported by the users pertaining the schedules
  • Create BIAR files in the Promotion Management in CMC for moving the BI contents and user security across environments
  • Created complex report level variables in the existing Web Intelligence reports to satisfy the user needs
  • Assisting users in doing Ad-Hoc reporting and doing frequent Universe changes to make their reporting work easier
  • Maintained SSIS ETL packages and did minor enhancements and fixes to them
  • Unit Testing & Regression Testing of reports.

Environment: Business Objects XI4.0/4.1, Business Objects 3.x, Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Universe Designer, Microsoft SSIS, Oracle

SAP BO/BI Consultant


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Create Universes off Oracle database to feed Crystal and Web Intelligence reports
  • Develop new reports and recreate existing Cognos reports in Web Intelligence for the Clients Supply Chain Department
  • Recreate existing Cognos reports that gets scheduled to users Printer directly in Crystal Reports off the data from the Oracle data
  • Develop OLAP Universes on top of BEx Queries for the Clients Sales Department
  • Develop new Web Intelligence based on the OLAP Universes
  • Created several Universe level variables and filters to answer the Business Questions which were not possible in the report level
  • To reuse the contents of the existing Universe, take leverage of it by linking that to other Universes based on the requirement
  • Involve in Knowledge sharing and requirement gathering sessions with the Business Analysts
  • Create several report schedules in Infoview that either goes to users Inbox or saves as an Excel in a shared drive or act as a trigger event to trigger another Schedule job
  • Create file based and schedule based Event triggers in the CMC to be used in various report schedule job that either distributes reports to users or saves the output in a share path
  • Involved in creating OLAP Universe on the Clients new SAP BW environment through SAP BEx queries and create simple Universe level filters using MDX scripts
  • Prepare and review technical documentation about the reports to document the sources and the Variables used in them
  • Prepare the unit test cases for the Web Intelligence Reports, Crystal Reports and Universes and coordinate the unit testing
  • Involved in developing Xcelsius dashboards that presents summarized dataset for the top tier business users with Query as a Web Service (QaaWS) as a source
  • Use Hyperlink URL inside the Dashboard to open Web Intelligence reports that has more detailed data of the summarized dashboard data, pass parameters in the URL to answer the prompts in such reports so that the data selection in the Dashboard sync with the data shown in Web Intelligence report

Environment: Business Objects XI3.x Web Intelligence, Universe Designer, Crystal Xcelsius, Crystal Reports, QaaWS, SAP BEx Query Designer, Oracle

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