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Sap Pm/pp/qm Consultant Resume

Moreno Valley, CA


  • A senior certified SAP PM/PP/QM Consultant
  • Strong analysis, design, configuration, upgrade and maintenance experience of PM, QM and PP modules
  • 14 years of SAP R/3 implementation experiences with 5 full life cycle projects, 3 re - implementation projects, 1 Up-grade project and 6 production support projects experience.
  • Certified in SAP Plant Maintenance module (PM) and SAP Project Systems (PS)
  • Certified in “Find Your Path to SAP S/4 HANA and Introduction to SAP Screen Personas
  • Member of SAP Award winning team - Confidential has been awarded 1st Place in the Process Innovator Category in the Customer Track for the 2017 SAP HANA Innovation Award.
  • Experience in S/4 HANA 1503 and working on migration to S/4 HANA 1610
  • Hands on experience in SAP Screen persona, Fiori apps, Analytical apps on S/4 HANA
  • Configuration experience in PM module in the areas of Equipment Master, Preventive Maintenance Schedules, Maintenance / Repair orders, External Service Orders and Notifications.
  • Configuration experience in PP module in the areas of MPS, MRP, Long Term Planning, Make-To-Order (MTO), Make-To-Stock (MTS) Production orders and Shop floor Control, Capacity Planning and Stock Transport Orders
  • Configuration experience in QM module areas of Quality Planning, Quality Inspections, Quality Certificates and Quality Notifications.
  • Configuration of Central functions like Variant configuration, Batch management, Serial number, Classification System, Status Profiles, Project Profiles, WBS elements and Networks.
  • Extensive integration experiences between Finance, Material Management, Warehouse Management, Product Costing, Sales & Distribution, Project Systems and Plant Maintenance modules of SAP R/3
  • Proficient in using tools like LSMW, CATT scripts and SAP Queries.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
  • Over ten years of functional experience in Production, Projects, Quality Control and Plant Maintenance


Confidential, Moreno Valley, CA

SAP PM/PP/QM Consultant


  • Plant Maintenance requirements gathering and configure Maintenance Objects as per business process.
  • Equipment Condition monitoring and Preventive Maintenance process setup and implementation.
  • Production Resource Tools Internal Verification and Calibration process implementation.
  • Defined the process to repair (MRO) an object using external services, subcontract and service orders.
  • Coordinated with Business Users in preparing Paint Shop, Body Shop and General Assembly Technical objects master data and upload using LSMW programs.
  • Production Planning, Quality Management and Warehouse business process issue resolution and provided production support
  • Prepare Functional Specifications and work with development team, test and deploy developed objects in Production System.
  • Development of Production Off-line Repairs, X-GATE screens and logic using SAP Personas.
  • Provide support in the areas of Vehicle production and VMS action email system.
  • Implementation of fixed bins for material in WH and converting existing multi bins to fixed bins.
  • Defined Quality Inspection Characteristics and implemented Material receiving inspection and return defect materials to Vendor
  • Training the Business Users
  • Conducted Unit and Integration Tests with Business team
  • Go-live of Plant Maintenance process and Production Support.

Confidential, Buena Park, CA

SAP PM Consultant


  • Conducted Workshops and gather Site Maintenance requirements and prepare Business blue print
  • Configuration of Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance process. Customized Notifications as per business requirement.
  • Functional Specifications create and work with development team
  • Trained the Super Users
  • Prepare Unit and Integration Test Scripts. Tested Business scenarios in SAP using Test scripts.
  • Master data upload and prepare cut over activities
  • Production Go-live and Support

Confidential, South San Francisco, CA

SAP PM/PP Consultant


  • Configure and implementation of Condition based maintenance using Measuring points and auto generated notifications
  • Syclo Mobile maintenance rollout and support
  • Production Process material type change and assessment of impacted programs and correction
  • Functional Specifications create and update
  • Implementation of SAP ERP enhancement Package EhP7, testing Plant Maintenance impacted objects and issue resolution by using SAP notes and program changes.
  • Test Script development, execution and defect resolution using HP ALM in regulatory environment for
  • Unit Test
  • Integration Test
  • Regression Test
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Resolution of Service requests, Incidents and Change management tickets using HP SM.

Confidential, Santa Clara CA

SAP PP Consultant


  • Production Planning Requirement Gathering
  • Development of Functional Specifications for auto creation of materials, BOM, Routings and Production Versions.
  • System configuration of MRP data elements
  • Unit Test, Integration and Regression testing using HP Quality Center
  • Production cutover activities
  • Post go live support

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

SAP PM/QM Lead Consultant SAP


  • PM Blue Print (Business Requirements Gathering)
  • PM and QM RICEF list - Functional Specifications for Reports, Interfaces, Enhancements and Forms
  • All PM and QM configuration
  • Design and developed templates for Material Master and Plant Maintenance data collection from legacy system sources for:
  • Functional Locations
  • Equipment’s
  • Bill of material
  • Task Lists
  • Measuring points
  • Maintenance plans
  • Development of Test scenarios and Cases
  • Organized Training sessions for Super Users
  • Module testing, System Integration testing and User Acceptance Testing
  • Mock go live and Cutover activities
  • Go live and Production Support

Confidential, Boston, MA

SAP PP/QM Lead Consultant


  • Production Planning and Quality Management Requirement Gathering
  • Make-To-Stock, Make-To-Order production process configuration and implementation.
  • PP & QM master data setup
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) implementation
  • Quality Notifications and Certificates
  • Coordinated with Costing team in defining material cost, labor cost and overhead cost.
  • Helped in developing training material and trained Super users
  • Conducted and tested unit test, string test and integration test scenarios along with Users
  • Go live and Production support.

Confidential, Lexington, KY

SAP PP/PM Lead Consultant


  • Production Planning requirements from regions with reference to global template
  • Planning Strategies: Make-To-Stock, Make-To-Order, Assembled-To-Order, Demand Management and Material Requirement Planning.
  • Developed interfaces for MES - Manufacturing Executions Systems (Wonderware) to SAP for Production Orders, Confirmations, Stock movement and Quality updates.
  • Maintenance planning strategies for Preventive maintenance, Predictive maintenance. Equipment maintenance using external services with Service orders for MRO processes.
  • Defined Sub-Contract process for external operation of Production order
  • Reviewed BPP’s created by functional team and assisted them in developing training material.
  • Functional Specifications for RICEF objects review, approval and development of objects.
  • Unit test, String test and Integration test of scenarios.
  • Defect recording and resolution of issues in HP Quality System (Mercury Quality System).
  • Cutover activities list preparation and completing the activities as per schedule during Go-live.
  • Actively participated in EMEA, North America, Latin America and APAC implementation
  • As part of APAC implementation, visited Cebu, Philippines Confidential plants, explained global processes, trained the users and participated in Functional Integration testing (FIT), Go-live and provided production support

Confidential, Buffalo, NY

SAP PP Lead Consultant


  • Business blue printing which involves
  • Gathering User requirements (URS) and converting the same into FRS (Functional requirements specs) and
  • Finally doing the build phase and configuration to the end realization using ASAP methodology.
  • Writing detailed functional specifications and configuring the system based on the same.
  • Designed Grids, dimensions, characteristics for AFS finished and Semi finished materials.
  • Maintained AFS Distribution of Requirements to determine the SKU data for a material quickly and easily. Utilized the Pre-sizing function to distribute Planned Independent Requirements (PIR’s).
  • Material Requirement Planning and Shop Floor Execution
  • Defined test scenarios scripts and carried out integration test with all the module members.
  • Trained Super Users (BPRO’s) and assisted in preparing training materials to train end Users.
  • Carried out Go-live cutover activities and provided Production support.


SAP PM/QM Lead Consultant


  • Preparation of BPML and Transactions Variant Check List (TVCL)
  • Verification and Identification of changes in transactions and functionality in ECC6.0
  • Configured and created QM Master Data - Master Inspection Characteristics (MIC), Sampling Procedures, sampling schemes, Dynamic Modification Rules, Codes and Code groups, Selected Sets and Task lists. Defined and tested Quality Inspection at Procurement, In-process, Post production, Delivery Inspection and recurring inspection.
  • Configured Quality Notifications to record internal problems, vendor and customer complaints
  • Defined Equipments, Functional Locations, Work Centers, Maintenance Plants, Measuring Points, task lists
  • Created strategies and planning cycles for Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of Objects.
  • Defined the process to repair (MRO) an object using external services, subcontract and service orders.
  • Established Safety Process using Work Clearance Management and Permits
  • Created new notification types and utilized Maintenance notification process to record details of repairs of equipments, spare parts utilization and captured maintenance costs using Maintenance orders
  • Defined calibration of testing tools and equipment by creating maintenance plans and Inspection plans for equipments and results recording of inspection characteristics for a inspection lot and usage decisions
  • Prepared training document and conducted training to the Business Process Owners and Users
  • Integration Test of business process scenarios of quality management, plant maintenance with PP process orders and all other modules and doing necessary corrections.
  • Preparation for Go-live and Provided Production Support after Go-live of system.

Confidential, Stratford, CT

SAP MM Consultant


  • Responsible for data migration and validation
  • Configured vendor and customer returns using quality notifications
  • Trained the Users in Shop floor order process, Stock transport orders, Procurement process, Inventory movements, Cycle counting the stocks. Quality results recording, Usage decision and Notifications. Long Term Planning, MRP execution and evaluations.
  • Providing post implementation production support for resolving the issues.

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