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Sap Hana Basis Consultant Resume

Los Angeles, CA


  • More than 8+ Years of experience in SAP BasisConsultant with a goal of providing excellent system reliability by working in fast - paced environments with strong organizational, technical, and interpersonal skills in SAP R/3 & Netweaver platforms on multiple projects in various capacities. Including expertise in Full Life Cycle of Upgrades, Production Support. Involved in Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of SAP NetWeaver Technologies.
  • Excellent skills in Basis administration of ECC 6.0 EHP 3/6, NetWeaver 04/04s, SAP R/3 (4.6C, 4.7 EE), EP 6.0/7.0, BW 7.0/7.3, PI 7.1/7.3 SCM 5.0/7.0 EHP2, SEM 6.0 and Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1/7.1 on Windows Servers, AIX platforms with Oracle, MS SQL database.
  • SAP System Technical Upgrade of various SAP application components (ECC 6.0 EHP3 to EHP6, Split Upgrade of BW 7.0 Dual Stack to BW 7.3 ABAP & JAVA only, SCM 5.0 to SCM 7.0 EHP2, PI 7.1 to PI 7.3, & Solution Manager 7.0 /7.0 EHP1 to 7.1
  • SAP BODS XI 3.2 administration and Technical upgrade to 4.2 SP3
  • Worked extensively on all aspects of SAP Basis Administration including SP Stack Upgrade, Kernel Upgrades, applying OSS Notes, Spool Administration, Background jobs, Backup/Recovery, Workload Analysis, SAP workplace monitoring using CCMS, System Monitoring/Maintenance and Performance Tuning/Analysis.
  • Worked on Livecache Administration including Refresh, upgrade.
  • Expert in Client Administration - Client Creation, Client copy, Client export, Remote Client Copy, Client Deletion, Assigning Logical System to client.
  • Installed and configured SAP Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1/7.1 for Early Watch Alerts (EWA), Maintenance Optimizer (MOPZ), Central User Administration (CUA), System Landscape Directory (SLD), Downtime Management, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), End User Experiencing Monitoring (EEM), System Monitoring (CCMS based), Technical Monitoring and Alerting, Solution Documentation & Data Volume Management (DVM) to enable to run SAP solutions efficiently and to help innovate and improve Business.
  • Installed& Configured CA-Wily Introscope, SMD, Hostagent&bytecode agents for monitoring both ABAP & Non-ABAP SAP systems.
  • Experience in BI & BOBJ 4.1 with BO Data Services 4.0 & SAP DQM 4.0
  • Installation & Administration on TREX
  • Administration of ADS services on AS JAVA 7.0, 7.3 Systems
  • Worked on Change Management with CTS strategies to facilitate the transports (TMS) from DEV to QAS and PRD systems and experience in configuring Enhanced Change and Transport system (CTS+)
  • Expertise in Administering J2EE Engine using ConfigTool, NWA (NetWeaver Administration). Visual administrator, Jcmon, Jsmon, JSPM, Portal Content Management.
  • Configured and worked on Archiving of Messages in PI 7.0.
  • Expertise in Database Management system (Oracle, SQL) - Regular maintenance/troubleshoot activities, Backups/Restoration, Table space administration, managing data dictionary objects, log archiving and checking the log file for trouble shooting. Performed online/offline Database Backups, perform system disaster recovery & System Cloning using BRTOOLs and RMAN.
  • Worked on conversion of LOB's which created as "BasicFiles" to "SecureFilea" for betterperformance.
  • Sign-On (SSO) between SAP BW ABAP & Java Systems.
  • Well versed in ALE configuration (SALE), setting up Central User Administration (CUA) to manage all users' creation, maintenance and migration.
  • Heterogeneous System Migrations
  • Worked as SAP Security architect and instrumental in roll out of SOX /JSOX compliance on SAP R/3 Financial System.
  • Proven ability to lead different SAP Basis Projects on complex SAP landscapes.
  • Highly motivated and detail-oriented; able to work independently or cooperatively as part of a team to complete audits and accomplish company goals.


ERP: SAP R/3 4.6c, 4.7EE, ECC 5.0 (Netweaver 2004 &2004S), ECC 6.0 EHP3, EHP6, SAP E- Commerce for SAP R/3 5.0, 7.0, AFS 6.0

SAP Business Suite Applications: SAP SCM 5.1, 7.0 EHP2, SCM Optimizer 10.0, SEM 6.0, SAP CRM 7.0, and SAP BPC NW 10.0

SAP Netweaver Components: PI 7.0, 7.1 C.E, 7.3, BI 7.0 & BW … EP 6.0 /7.0/7.3, SAP Netweaver 7.3 /7.31, MDM 5.5, TREX

SAP Components: Solution Manager … (EHP1), 7.1

SAP Solution Extension: SAP Central Processing Scheduling 8.0 by Redwood


SAP Analytics Solutions: SBOP 4.0 /4.1, SAP DQM 4.0, SAP BO DATA Services 3.2 & 4.2

SAP Archiving &: Open Text Archive and Storage Services 9.7.1 Document access by Open text

SAP Frontend Components: SAP GUI Client 6.40, 7.10, 7.20, 7.30 SAP ITS 6.40, BEx 3.5

NetWeaver Java Tools: JSMP, VisualAdmin, ConfigTool, NWA, SDM, SAP JVM Switch Tool, ADS

PI Adapters: Seeburger

SAP Technology Components: WILY INTROSCOPE ENTPR MGR 8, SMD AGENT 7.00

Hardware: IBM X 306 Series, RS/6000, HP RP 5470 (RISC), HP ProLiant DL580-G6, HP ProLiant DL380-G7, HP ProLiant DL580 G5

Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000, 2003, 2008-R2 Server, UNIX, HPUX, AIX …

Databases: Oracle 7, 8, 9i, 10g, 11 g, & Ms-Sql 2000, 2005, 2008

Languages: C, C++, Java

Web Related: HTML, DHTML.Java Script

Tools: Remedy 7.50, Marvel 7.3, Service Now

Domain Knowledge: SAP R/3 Basis & SAP Netweaver Administration, SAP HANA Administration & installation on SP8


SAP HANA Basis Consultant

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

  • SAP BASIS Administration for various SAP systems namely ECC6.0 EHP3, BW, SM, B2B AFS
  • Managing SAP instances and system maintenance. Fixing up the production failures
  • SBOP 3.2 & 4.2 Administration along with Promotion management working on SBOP Client tools
  • SAP BW Heterogeneous Migration from UNIX to Windows Oracle DB
  • Data service Upgrade administration and upgrade from 3.2 to 4.2 SP3
  • SAP BASIS Administration for various SAP systems namely ECC6.0 EHP4, BW, SM, SCM, PI 7.1
  • Periodic activities like SAP system refresh, Database patching, SAP Support Packages and new system build related activities.
  • Architecting Redwood Cronacle 8.0 Landscape along with Defining and maintaining Background jobs using SAP R/3 and CPS job scheduler and maintenance activities
  • Planning & Executing various technical maintenance activates of SAP systems
  • Using TMS (Transport Management System) to transport the objects from Development system to all other systems in the landscape.
  • Architecting SAP CPS Landscape along with Defining and maintaining Background jobs using SAP R/3 and CPS job scheduler.
  • Architecting SAP BPC 10.0 NW Landscape
  • Capacity Management for SAP systems storage on VM
  • Technical Upgrade of SAP ECC 6.0 Enhancement Packs 6 and BW 7.3
  • SAP E-Commerce R/3 Administration 7.0 along with TREX 7.0
  • ADS Configuration & Administration on AS JAVA 7.3
  • Periodic activities like SAP system refresh, Database patching, SAP Support Packages and new system build related activities.
  • Regular activities such as on-call support, ticket resolution, monitoring the system and tickets to adhere to the Service Level Agreements set by the Client.
  • Coordinating with the different teams such as SAP SD, SAP BW, and SAP Security during each release.
  • Analyzing the issues faced by End User and providing solution for the same
  • Interacting with the end users regarding the new enhancements and gathering the User requirements.

SAP HANA Basis Consultant

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

  • Daily system monitoring and performing Health checks as preventive steps to keep the system up and running.
  • Spool & Printing management & troubleshooting printer, solving users printing problem.
  • Analyzing Dumps, Failed Jobs and System errors.
  • System refresh from Production to various environments as per business requirements.
  • Table Space analysis using BR Tools.
  • APO Live Cache refresh in SCM systems
  • Generating of EW reports of Satellite Systems using Solution Manager.
  • Regular analysis of EW reports and prepare action plan as per SAP recommendations
  • SAP Dual Stack administration
  • Configuring CUA & Administration.
  • Configuring SSO and Portal setup for BI systems after every refresh
  • Creating Projects for transports in various SAP application Components systems as part CTS+ functionality.
  • Handling Transports in various SAP application Components systems
  • Handling Bundle Releases by checking dependencies of Transport Requests.
  • Administration & Maintenance of SBOP 4.1
  • Administration of SAP DQM 4.0 with ERP 6.0
  • MDM 5.5 Monitoring & Administration
  • Planning & Sizing of Solution manager 7.0 for E2E RCA implementation.
  • Upgrade Solution manager 7.0 to Ehp1 SP26
  • Installing SMD agents in all Satellite Systems
  • Preparing all satellite systems for E2E RCA implementation phase by phase.
  • Configuring E2E RCA in Solution manager.
  • Planning of BI 7.0 Technical Upgrade
  • Execution of Technical Upgrade on all Mosaic SAP BI Landscape
  • Assessment: Complex mosaic SAP technical landscape with different SAP Application components like (ECC, SCM, BI, PI & Solman) with a big bang approach
  • Managing Customized Functionality (e.g. RCM in APO)
  • Managing break-fix, continuous development and large implementations in parallel with upgrade
  • Managing downtime
  • Since upgraded OS version is not compatible. With existing DB version recommended customer
  • Upgrade Oracle Database to 11.2
  • Upgrade Operating System to AIX 7.1
  • Upgrade sap application And the above sequence has been followed on each SAP environments from (Proto type, DEV, QA, UAT& PRD) as a task of upgrade.
  • Split upgrade between OS, DB and SAP Application/product to gauge systems between each upgrade
  • Upgrade Project preparation phase had been carried out simultaneously with big bang approach starting with SAND Box /Prototyping systems, Blue print & Realization phase from DEV, QA & UAT with the strategy of parallel landscape.
  • Downtime minimized approach was recommended to reduce the overall Business downtime and also tune parameters accordingly to reduce the same by building QA & UAT systems in contrast with SAP Application PRD system.
  • Upgrade has been phased in 2 weekends. 1st phase - OS & DB upgrade and 2nd phase SAP Application Upgrade.

SAP HANA Basis Consultant

Confidential, Glendale, CA

  • Created Customized Monitoring Methods for RFC, Email and FAX.
  • ITS 6.40 Administration by tuning A-gate, W-gate Services
  • Upgrade of RTA agents in ABAP systems.
  • Involved in building Sand box, Quality and Production systems for implementation of SAP GRC AC 5.3
  • Upgrade of WinShuttle Query (Third tool for query in SAP R/3)
  • Regular System refreshes form PRD to QA..
  • Client Administration by Copy of client in PRD, QAS & DEV Server. (Create/Local Client copy/Delete on ECC landscape systems
  • Providing On-call Support over Weekends
  • Administration of SAP CRM 7.0 (ABAP & JAVA)
  • Generating of EW reports of Satellite Systems using Solution Manager.
  • Regular analysis of EW reports and prepare action plan as per SAP recommendations.
  • Analyzing Dumps, Failed Jobs and System errors.
  • Daily system monitoring and performing Health checks as preventive steps to keep the system up and running.
  • Spool & Printing management & troubleshooting include installation of printer, solving users printing problem.
  • Kernel upgrade.
  • Applied ABAP and JAVA based support pack stacks
  • All security related tasks -User Administration, role creation, Assigning Authorizations, Implementing roles, Setting Profile parameters.
  • Extensively worked on Profile Generator (PFCG) in creating roles, composite roles, derived roles, global roles
  • Implementation, configuration of GRC & Worked with tools RAR, ERM, CUP, SPM.
  • Creation of FIREFIGHTER IDs, assigning FIREFIGHTER ID to FIREFIGHTER ID owners, assigning FIREFIGHTER ID to Controllers
  • Manually working on transport program TP & resolving issues at OS level.
  • Table space Administration. Analyzing the dump issues if there are any program terminations, analyzing the logs files.
  • Monitoring, performance analysis, workload balancing and tuning or R/3
  • Provide Application Security, Production Support for access and user administration issues using SU53, ST01, and SUIM etc.User Administration, Creating Single Roles, Composite Roles and Derived Roles by using PFCG.

SAP HANA Basis Consultant

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

  • Created additional clients to allow development & testing
  • Performed client copies and client refresh.
  • Client Administration
  • System Refresh
  • Applying SPAM Update
  • Configuring the printers using various access methods
  • Maintaining Spool Database
  • Defining and maintaining background jobs
  • System monitoring
  • DB monitoring/Admin
  • Job monitoring
  • Handling daily BASIS administration on R/3 System
  • Dump and System analysis
  • Setup RFC destinations
  • Daily administrative tasks include frequently monitoring systems logs, Work processes, lock entries, Updates.
  • Open SAP message for system errors. Interact with SAP and finding solution
  • Database System Checks
  • File System Size Checks
  • Transparency in Issue Handling by reporting across the leads and heads
  • Alert Monitoring by send emails to business users whenever there are cancellation of critical jobs
  • Handling all SAP security issues & Administration.
  • System Improvements Undertaken As Part Of AMS
  • NESAP Hardware migration-Windows (32 bit to 64 bit)
  • Data base Upgrade from MSSQL
  • Involved in successful Installation of PI 7.0 (pre and post activities)
  • SLD Configuration (Create Technical, Business, Third Party Systems) on PI systems
  • Create Third Party Software components in SLD.
  • Successful completion of Licensing across all the systems (ECC, XI and R/3)
  • Implementation of Archiving in PI systems.
  • Apply ABAP and JAVA Support Pack Stack.
  • Providing on-call Basis Support for Production Landscape

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