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Sap Sd Functional Consultant Resume

Frisco, TX


  • Over 7+ years experience in SAP SD/LE Functional Consultant has extensive experience on wide range of current and potential business projects through full life cycle implementations include analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of software applications.
  • Expertise in Configuration of Pricing Procedure using Condition Technique, Condition Tables, Condition Types, Condition Records, Access Sequences.
  • Proficiency in the configuration of basic functions including partner determination, output determination, text determination, account determination, and free goods determination.
  • Well versed in translating/improving (SAP Best Practice) custom business processes into Functional Specification & carrying out the assignments assigned to completion.
  • Experience with Integration Points with SD, FI, CO, MM, LE, etc. area s within SAP.
  • Expertise in Creating, Comprehending BBP and the necessity to meet the Functional and User requirements Doc s.
  • Extensive experience in performing GAP Analysis, preparing functional specifications, programming specifications, user manuals, and troubleshooting tickets.
  • Expertise with Copy Control, transfer of data from preceding Document to Subsequent Document.
  • Interfaces: Expertise in developing interfaces between SAP and other internal and external IT systems such as interface Legacy Systems with SAP, interface banks & vendors with SAP. Experience in usage of ALE, IDOCS and EDI with SAP R/3.
  • Excellent knowledge of the ASAP methodology.
  • Conversion of AFS Sales Price into SAP Retail Purchase Price, using ALE
  • Worked on the following EDI s: Invoice 810, Sales Order 850, Purchase Order 855, and ASN 856. Ware house shipping Order 940 and Warehouse shipping Advise 945.
  • Experience with User Exits, Rebates, Tax Determination & Revenue Determination in Vertex.
  • Expertise in Material Determination, Product Selection, Material Listing and Exclusion specific Configurations.
  • Complete knowledge of testing cycle right from requirement gathering, test case execution, and defect tracking till report generations.
  • Experience in Sales Document configuration based on various sales processes.
  • End - to-end Order fulfillment Expertise in configuring Delivery process such as Picking, Packing, and Transportation, Proficient in configuring Shipping Point Determination, Route Determination, Transport and Delivery Scheduling, Backward Delivery Scheduling, Partial and Complete Delivery, Subsequent Outbound Delivery Split.Worked on ATP for Delivery Scheduling.
  • Create scenario specific data such as using AFS s Material with MRP status Active and Inactive .
  • Configuration of Sales Documents (Rush order, Cash Sale, Consignments, Special Orders), Item categories & Schedule lines.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in order to facilitate business and technical discussions and to document solutions.
  • Hands on experience in creating and implementing Bills ofMaterial (BOM).


ERP: SAP CRM Versions 6.0 and 7.0, SAP R/3 SD

Database: MS Access, Oracle 8.0/7.3/6.0

Methodologies: ASAP and SDLC

User Interfaces: SAP GUI/CRM 7.0 WEB UI

Testing Tools: BPT, QTP, HPQC

Tools: MS-Office, MS Share point portal, Informatica

ERP: SAP R/3, SD, MM, FI, CO, LE (Versions R/3 4.6 B, R/3 4.6 C, R/3 4.7 and ECC 5.0 / 6.0)

Language: C, C++, SQL


Confidential, Frisco, TX

SAP SD Functional consultant

Environment: Windows XP. Main Module: SD ECC 6.0


  • Conducting workshops to gather the business requirements.
  • Meeting with business process owners and departmental heads to identify the business requirement.
  • Analyzing the client s as - is business process and mapping it to to-be business processes by performing gap analysis.
  • Preparing business process documents for the sales and distribution activities.
  • Drafted functional requirement specifications (FRS) for customer master, quotation processing, sales order processing, consignment processing, billing, returns processing, contract processing, rebates processing, and backorder processing.
  • Prepared dataflow diagram for all of the business processes to be included in FRS.
  • Drafted user requirement specification (URS) for sales and distribution.
  • Identified RICEFW objects to meet the client specific requirement.
  • Prepared functional specification for the development of Reports, Interface, Conversion, Enhancement, and Forms. Prepared unit test scripts and checklist to be included in the functional specification. Tested RICEF objects.
  • Configured customer master and partner determination. Added customized partners in the customer master record. Designed customer master and customer account group. Worked in customer master conversion. Analyzed legacy customer records to map properly to the SAP systems and successfully migrated the customer master records using LSMW.
  • Successfully worked on pricing conversion, material listing conversion, open sales order conversion, contract conversion, and CMIR conversion.
  • Configured pricing procedure, condition types, access sequence, and built custom pricing tables.
  • Configured account determination, and identified account keys to post to the related G/L.
  • Prepared test scripts for the Sales and Distribution.
  • Trained testers to execute the test steps in SAP and recording the test results in Confidential Quality Center.
  • Designed smart forms for order acknowledgement, invoice, and rebate credit memo.
  • Defined user roles and security matrix for SD activities.
  • EDI interface design and development, logistics interfaces, customized packing functionality design and development.
  • Fixing configuration to support testing activities.
  • Working on integration testing and mock cutover preparation.
  • Working on business subject matter experts (SMEs) on SAP functionality to train them as trainers.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

SAP SD Functional Consultant


  • Written Functional Specification for developing different Output Forms related to Privacy Notice, Account statement, Cover Letter and Regulatory and Compliance documents.
  • Mapped the business requirements into SAP and identified gaps, wrote high level Functional Specs for RICEF objects during Blueprint Phase.
  • Configured new Output Type, Access Sequence, and Condition table and condition records.
  • Customized customer master data screen layout and Account Groups including Sold - to, Ship-to, Bill-to and Payer Partner Functions.
  • Configuration of master data, sales cycle which includes sales order transactions, delivery, shipping and billing.
  • IDOC configuration using EDI primarily Invoice 810, Purchase Order Acknowledgement 855, Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) 856, Sales Order 850 and Partner Profile, Error Handling, Message Types and Output Determination with the Sales order.
  • Involved in maintenance of Customer Master and Material Master. Customized sales order processing for different sales scenarios from inquiry to quotation to sales order, delivery to billing.
  • Used User exits to make enhancements in standard SAP Plant determination.
  • Extensively worked on test scenarios for unit testing and integration testing for all SD business processes and getting the sign-off from concern user after successful completion of testing.
  • Configured shipping point determination by customizing shipping conditions, loading groups, and by defining organizational structures in the logistics.
  • Configuration of Route and maintaining the Route determination. Configured the delivery processing, picking, packing and goods issue functions. Worked on route determination by customizing the modes of transport, shipping types, connection points, stages, transportation zones, and shipping conditions.

Confidential, Foster city, CA

SAP SD Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0


  • Designed and configured new pricing procedure and prepared functional specification for all customization
  • Developed and tested challenging custom forms like Picking List and Packing Slip.
  • Developed functional specifications for inbound and outbound IDOC customization, output determination procedures.
  • Created various customized EDI interfaces for ORDERS (855) and INVOICES (810) for new customers and new vendors.
  • As a team member updated master data pertaining customer master and customer material info record in order to have cleansed data to perform various testing scenarios
  • Identified testing scenarios, prepared Integration test documents and helped project team members with integration testing.
  • Developed detailed procedures and documentation for key users and end users.
  • Provided post Go - live production support and helped stabilize the system

Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP SD Business Analyst


  • Worked with different change requests on developing and enhancement of Compass Quotation Solution Management( A web based User Interface designed for Quotation as a part of End to End Sales Process)
  • Mapped the requirements into SAP and identify gaps, which are handled through technical development
  • Designed and wrote functional specs for customized Reports in Quotation.
  • Created Revenue table which is used to populate data in Reports and maintained data for testing.
  • Created and tested various Growth rules for Quotation line items which involved Growth tables.
  • Wrote Test Cases and Use Cases and uploaded in Confidential ALM tool
  • Involved extensively in Unit testing & Integration Testing and documented in the Confidential ALM tool.
  • Worked with Global support teams from China, Taiwan and India and scheduled meetings to accomplish the tasks with the global Team mates in developing the Quotation Web based user interface.
  • Worked on day - to-day production issues, break fixes and customer support
  • Involved in end user, documentation and transition activates

Confidential, Lansing, MI

SAP SDconsultant

Environment: ECC 6.0


  • Confidential is a private company established in 1986 and incorporated in Michigan. It is one of the largest utilities company providing electricity and natural gas to its customers.
  • In 68 counties of Michigan, Confidential Company provides fossil fuel generated energy to 60% of Michigan s residents.
  • Collected business requirements and bridged the gap between AS - IS and TO-BE processes by providing SAP solutions
  • Configured enterprise hierarchy including Sales organizations, divisions, distribution channels and sales groups
  • Proficient in IS utility system containing complex billing procedures to satisfy customer s requirement.
  • Delivered billing configurations including billing plan settings
  • Worked on intercompany billing.
  • Extensively worked on order management including configuration of sales order, contracts, scheduling agreements, item categories, and schedule line categories
  • Worked on Z pricing condition types
  • Defined copy control rules and incompletion control for sales documents
  • Used Quick Viewer Reporting Tool in order to achieve reporting analysis for order management
  • Build test scripts for various business scenarios and carried out unit testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing
  • Worked on Customer Master & Material Master data conversion using LSMW.
  • Working on production support and resolving various tickets/issues based on priority

Confidential, Benton Harbor, Michigan

SAP SD/LE Consultant


  • Development & Enhancement - (Order Management linked with Web Based Ordering Portal)
  • Designing, mapping and Developing Order Based Terms (OBT) - Order Management
  • Configured the system for the different processes in sales order processing which includes consignment stock, Rush order & Cash Sale, Rental Contracts to meet specific requirements in the business sales activities.
  • Data updates in Customer Master Records and various Custom Tables
  • Freight Management (Order, Invoice, Shipment Cost)
  • Transportation (Shipment and Shipment Cost including 3rd party links)
  • Data Extraction
  • Factory Calendar as well as assignment for delivery date determination.
  • Web Design, Process Flow, Data Display, EDI, IDOC Configuration and Process and Integration.

Confidential, New York City, NY

SAP SD Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, Oracle ERP, SAP CRM 7.0


  • Involved in a Full Life Cycle Implementation using ASAP methodology and documented project requirements, defined organizational model and refined project goals by mapping the business process to the standard SAP functionalities.
  • Developed and documented the functional specifications for the project requirements in the Blueprinting phase.
  • Primary CRM resource of this highly customized project responsible for most critical components and functions of IC Web Client scenario.
  • Configured and customized business scenarios with capabilities such as Base Functions, IC Web Client functions & profiles, Agent desktop functions.
  • Developed and customized the IC profiles based on client's business process and assigned them to the position holders and organization units.
  • Customized the screen layout of the IC Web Client, configured the component profiles, Tool Bar, Scratch Pad, Alert Modeler, Transaction Launcher and Interactive Scripting.
  • Customized the Alert Modeler setup in IC Web Client in such a way that it triggers events for special operations performed in the IC Web Client transactions.
  • Generated CTI specific call lists and assigned call lists to the call center agents.
  • Extensively involved and coordinated testing phase of the project and performed unit testing to ensure high precision.
  • Conducted user for Market Plan, Campaign Management and Market Segmentation.
  • Configured Sales documents in SD such as Rush Order, Cash Sales, and Consignment documents.
  • Configured various attributes related to Business Partner master data like roles relationships screen settings.
  • Participated in preparation of test cases for unit & integration testing and User acceptance testing and defect tracking in Quality Center.
  • Provided Production Support.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

SAP SD consultant

Environment: - SAP ECC 6.0


  • Reviewed Business requirements and conducted interviews with concerned users using structured and open questionnaires and recorded and documented the As - Is business process flow.
  • Created flowcharts for the various processes and got it validated from the concerned business process owners.
  • TO-BE processes are designed in terms of process view, component view, functional view, information view and organizational view.
  • Customized Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements for sale from stock, order requirements and Order to Delivery (OTD) Process.
  • Worked on the Configuration Parameters and Settings, Component Availability and determining the Item Categories for the Variant Configuration as integration with CRM module.
  • Configured Product Hierarchy with the use of characteristics and using them in pricing.
  • Assisted with Forecast Monthly Demand (FMD) issue.
  • Worked on Warranty Management, characteristic, class, warranty types & warranty determination.
  • Played a key role in an application Service Call Management in Customer Service Management Module to maintain the Service Notification/Service Order functionalities like Mileage Confirmation, Order Confirmation, Goods Movement, Work Duration Confirmation, etc. using Dialog Programming and Batch Input Programming. The travel time, work time and mileage are updated in separate Z Tables.
  • Configured Customer Hierarchy for statistics, pricing and to include the multi-level buying groups of customers
  • Assigned Storage locations to Plant, configuration. Warehouse, Pick & Pack Determination with different Warehouse numbers.
  • Worked in Transportation & Distribution (TD) to implement different processes.
  • Determined the Logistics Execution process and its variants like Shipping point, Route, Plant, Transit time, Transportation Planning Time, Shipment and Storage Location.
  • Configured the Inbound Shipment Types, Shipment Cost Items, made the Shipment Pricing Procedures, defined the Condition Types, and Access Sequence.
  • Configured the Inbound, Outbound delivery processes for MM and SD modules.

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