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Sap Mm/edi Resume

Camden, NJ


  • More than 9+ years of SAP of experience in configuration and implementations in diverse industries with full life cycle implementations, support and upgrade in Material Management (MM) and Warehouse Management (WM).
  • Experience in diverse industrial sectors includes Automotive, Healthcare, Retail, Wholesale Distribution Manufacturingand Oil & gas industry.
  • Involved in various stages of an implementation right from Business Blueprint to Post - Go-Live Production support using the ASAP methodology.
  • Create functional design and review/approve technical designs based on the gap analysis, validate/test the development objects.
  • Experienced in 'Procure to Pay' cycle - Purchase requisition, Purchase Order, Request for Quotation, Contract, Scheduling Agreements, Partner Determination, Goods Receipt and Invoice Verification.
  • Defining and assignment of MM Organizational units like Plants, Storage Locations, Purchase Organization and Purchase Groups.
  • Hands on experience of MM/WM integration with other SAP modules (IM/LE/PP/SD).
  • Extensively worked on MM master data material master, vendor master, purchase info record, material type configuration, vendor account group definition, master data field selection, work request for material master changes, Master data views - Purchasing, MRP views, Accounting view with price control key.
  • Configuration of Material types, defining attributes of material types, Configuring Account Groups and creating Number ranges for the material and the document types
  • Developed Business requirements according "TO BE" process in WM systems by defining InventoryManagement components, warehouse structure, storage types, sections and storage bins and quants.
  • Configured the placement and removal strategies for hazardous chemical and setup of automatic Transfer requirements (TR) & Transfer orders (TO).
  • Defining warehouse control parameters and number ranges, warehouse master data, warehouse strategy and activities and gathered detailed warehouse management and Handling Unit management requirements for client.
  • Knowledge of basic Shipping functions, Deliveries, Delivery Schedules, Picking/Packing, Goods Issue.
  • Design complex warehouse structures, selection and configuration of placements, Removal, Replenishment, Inbound/outbound deliveries, posting changes, stock transfer, storage unit management, Batch Management, Handling unit management and Inventory strategies
  • Experience in RICEF.
  • Used solution manager for documentation maintenance and configuration activities.
  • Used HP ALM for system integration and user acceptance testing.
  • Pricing elements like basic price, discounts, freight and taxes were defined for various grades of Materials, and material groups and vendors.
  • Knowledge in EDI/IDOC generation by setting up the partner profiles, message types, IDoc types & error/status handling.
  • Worked and Knowledge in 850/856/850/ 810/820/860/830/824 and 997 EDI mapping.
  • Excellent Verbal & written communication skills, good team player.
  • Results oriented ability to work in multi-tasking and changing environments.
  • Strong work ethics & good interpersonal skills, Open to new ideas and concepts.



Confidential, Camden, NJ


  • Configured Settings for Purchase Requisition, RFQ/Quotation, Purchasing info Records, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt and Invoice Verification.
  • Configured and wrote functional specifications on different business process issues like Consignment, Sub Contracting Third Party and STO.
  • Configured Release Procedure for the Purchasing Document and Purchase Order
  • Performed tasks related to development objects under RICEF for specific business requirements
  • Worked on EDI process (partner type, partner profile, message type, Inbound and outbound parameters) for Purchase Orders, Sales Order, ASN, Vendor Master and Master Data.
  • Worked on 850 /856 /850 / 810/820/860/830/824 and 997 EDI m apping.
  • Created sales, delivery and billing document types. Created billing documents based on documents like invoice based on delivery, credit and debit memos based on requests. Invoices based on sales orders and delivery. Cancellation document based on billing documents/credit memo.
  • Created test scenarios, test plans and helped power users and end users for Integration System Testing, User Acceptance Testing for EDI Testing in HP ALM.

SAP MM/WM/EDI -Rollout/Implementation

Confidential, Frisco, TX


  • Identified the Gap analysis for business users and gathers requirements from the business users and constructs the blueprint documents.
  • Analyze and confirm system design based on business requirements also build the system based on design
  • Configured Settings for Purchase Requisition, RFQ/Quotation, Purchasing info Records, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt and Invoice Verification
  • Configuring Organization structure, purchasing documents with Document types, MRP, Release strategy and Pricing schema - Access sequence, condition tables and Condition types to meet the requirements.
  • Configuring Physical Inventory Settings, Documents, Posting Differences, Inventory Cycle Counting.
  • Configuring Inventory Management Parameters for all goods Movement like Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Reservations and Goods Returns.
  • Preparing test scenarios, test plans and helped power users and end users for Integration System Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Regression Testing
  • Configuring WM structure by defining Warehouse numbers, Storage types, and Storage sections.
  • Worked on EDI process (partner type, partner profile, message type, Inbound and outbound parameters) for Purchase Orders, Sales Order, ASN, Vendor Master and Master Data.
  • Developed specs for multiple RICEF objects-Reports, enhancements to transactions, user exits, and enhanced standard SAP Reports
  • Defined WM Movement types, Storage type search, Storage section search, Storage bin type search, Stock Placement (Put away) and Stock Removal (Picking) strategies.
  • Maintaining the control parameters for the Warehouse number and defining the Number Ranges, and Configuring Storage type indicators, Storage section indicators.
  • Set up RF devices for put away, picking activities & involved in the customizing of Mobile data entry such as Verification control, RF queue management, and Bar-code settings.
  • Worked on Various EDI transaction mapping (850 /856 /850 / 810/820/860/830/824 and 997 )
  • Enable EDI messages to Warehouse Management System.
  • Worked on EDI messages such as Purchase order creation and (O/B 850), Change PO (860), Advance Shipping Notification or Dispatch advice (ASN 856).
  • Involved in Preparation and documentation of the Test Scenarios and performed testing (unit testing, user acceptance testing and integration testing) and logged test results in (SOLMAN) Solution Manager
  • Configured Release Procedure for the Purchasing Document and Purchase Order
  • Responsible for data migration and conversion activities such as extracting, migrating, validating and reconciliation of data.

SAP MM/WM/LE Functional Consultant

Confidential, Houston TX


  • Work with a team in core business Processes supported by SAP Blueprint & Connected Applications.
  • Provide support in the area of Procurement, Inventory Management, Logistics Information Verification.
  • Perform testing on change request before it goes into the production and also work with other team such as technical, PM, PS teams on integration issues to ensure the delivery of the given task completed.
  • Coordination and delivery of in the E2E Processes to ensure users understand full processes, where they fit in and what the key interfaces are with other users/Processes
  • Defined Storage Bin Structure for all Materials by defining Template, Structure, Start Value, End Value and Increment.
  • Customized put away and picking strategies for fixed bin, open storage, addition to existing stock, and storage unit types (pallets)and defined Put away, pickingstrategies.
  • Configured Handling unit management system
  • Defined WM Movement types, Storage type search, Storage section search, Storage bin type search, Stock Placement (Put away) and Stock Removal (Picking) strategies.
  • Configured and IMG settings for Logistic Execution which include Transportation Scheduling and the determination for Route, Storage Location, shipping point.
  • Configured storage types with and without Storage Unit Management
  • Requirements analysis, testing & documentation activities in support of project deliverables and identify needs and requirements in the business.
  • Review Change Requests, developing and testing detailed functional designs for business solution components

SAP MM/WM/LE Functional Consultant

Confidential, Houston, TX

Environment: SAP ECC 6.


  • Involved in Production Support activities include analyzing customer problems, suggest solutions, implementing changes, and test the changes in Purchasing and Inventory Management.
  • Configured settings in Material Management module to meet the organizational structure for the Client's specifications and its business processes.
  • Defined the MM and IM organizational structures such as plant, purchasing organization, storage location, and made the necessary assignments.
  • Involved in preparing functional and technical specifications as per the user requirements
  • Customized MM functionalities such as Master Data Material Master, Service Master, info records, source lists, Consumption Based Planning, purchasing, and Inventory Management.
  • Configured purchasing organization, purchasing groups and pricing & other Purchase functions.
  • Configured the Inventory management of goods at the points of receipt and issue for all stock categories and special stocks viz. consignment, third party, and sub-contracting.
  • Created physical inventory settings, documents, posting differences, inventory sampling and cycle counting.
  • Configured vendor master partner functions.
  • Configured warehouse management settings with various storage types, sections and storage bins.
  • Configured Inventory Management Parameters for all goods movements like goods receipts, goods issues, reservations, GR for blocked stock, goods return.
  • Configuring document types for purchasing documents like RFQ, purchase requisition, purchase orders.
  • Defined transportation planning point and Configured shipment document types; Maintained settings for shipment types and transportation relevance.
  • Assisted in system settings that are relevant to the maintenance of conditions and price determination in the purchase of materials
  • Automatic determination of GL accounts, mapping valuation classes to GL account.
  • Designing Core User and End user strategies and documentation.

SAP MM/WM Functional Consultant-Project Support

Confidential, Whiteland Township, PA


  • Customizing of Master Data like Material Master and Vendor master and involved in Variant Configuration.
  • Configuration of Purchasing documents - requisition/source of supply - quotas/ RFQ/ quotation entry and analysis/ PO/ automatic, vendor known/unknown, confirmations, release procedures and Invoice verification
  • Creating Outline agreements- scheduling agreements, contracts-value/quantity based.
  • Setup parameters for Info Records, Source list determination and Quota Arrangement to enable auto. PO generation.
  • Configured special stocks in inventory management for Subcontracting and Consignment materials.
  • Assisted in processing of incoming GRs directly to interim storage area, Bin creation; Put away strategy to move material from Interim storage location to destination storage location with automatic Stock Transfer Order creation.
  • Involved in sending quotations, PO and forecast delivery schedule via EDI.
  • Maintained goods movement for handling Unit stock posting in Handling Unit Management.
  • Involved in preparing Test scenarios, Test plans and helped end users for testing.
  • Handled the task of end user and worked on documentation for end users.

SAP MM/WM Functional Consultant

Confidential, Canton, MA


  • Project involved up gradation from SAP R/3 4.7 to ECC 5.0 and implementation across the company
  • Worked on all phases of ASAP Methodology of implementation that includes Project Preparation, Business Blue Print, Realization Documentation, Final Preparation.
  • Customization and Configuration Processed and performed a complete GAP analysis to identify problems and inconsistencies with the business requirements specification with the existing system
  • Participated in design validation, assisted in creating Requirement Traceability Matrix and tying RICEFW objects for the identified gaps.
  • Developed specs for multiple RICEF objects, reports, enhancements to transactions, user exits.
  • Configured Warehouse structure
  • Assigned and configured movement types for Goods receipt / issue, Stock transfer, TR and TO
  • Analyzed the implementation of RF devices for specific warehouses
  • Created Source List and Quota arrangement and used Source Determination in purchase requisition.
  • Managed Data Migration the transition from legacy data to SAP.
  • Defined and configured the Enterprise Structure, Material master, Vendor Master, Info record, Purchase requisition, RFQ, Purchase orders, Release procedure
  • Managed Special Stocks such as Subcontracting, Third Party
  • Managed automatic and manual creation of storage bins
  • Planned, monitored and tracked Goods movement through the whole supply chain
  • Configured new Movement Types required for achieving postings in cost centers
  • Implemented Split Valuation for different types of stocks.
  • Configured put away and stock removal strategies like Manual Stock Placement, fixed bin Storage, next bin empty, addition to existing stocks and bulk storage.
  • Post-Go live support

SAP MM/WM Functional Consultant -Project Support

Confidential, Detroit, MI


  • Carried cross functional customization and classification of related areas in MM / WM including GAP analysis.
  • Worked on creation of Master data, Info Records, PR & PO creation with release strategies and Outline Agreement.
  • Activating automatic Transfer Order creation and goods movement permissions for various storage types.
  • Configured vendor evaluation and generated reports with knowledge of Information Systems.
  • Worked on various purchase documents like PR, RFQ, Schedule Agreements, Contracts, GR, GI, Transfer posting and Invoice verifications.
  • Reconfigured the storage bins, storage types, staging areas, put-away and picking strategy for the warehouse.
  • Involved in creating Contracts, Scheduling Agreements, Invoicing Plans and Release Procedures.
  • Perform Unit testing on Purchase orders, Goods receipts and stock transfer orders.
  • Created Test Problem Report Log documents and procedures to provide effective flagging of issues and quick resolution.
  • Provided end user and support

SAP MM & WM Consultant



  • End to End implementation of MM/WM modules.
  • Collect the business requirements and Preparation of BBP.
  • Configuration and assignment of Enterprise Structure.
  • Configuration for Material master which includes number range assignment, screen sequence, field selection.
  • Configuration of new Purchasing document types and number range assignments.
  • Configure Cross - Company Stock Transport Order.
  • Configure procurement to pay process right from Purchase requisition, Vendor allocation, processing PO, Good receipt and Invoice verification to payment.
  • Special stock inventory management - Subcontracting and Consignment.
  • Inventory management: Transfer posting, Good issue, Reservation, Physical Inventory.
  • Automatic account determination: Defining valuation class, Valuation grouping code & assignment for G/L accounts.
  • Configure WM objects like WH, Storage type, Storage section, Storage Type / Section search, Put away and Picking strategies, WM Movement types and their assignments.
  • Configure Inbound & outbound delivery processes.
  • Creation of Unit test & Integration Test scripts and Test accordingly.
  • Creation and Testing of LSMW for Master and Legacy data upload.
  • Post-Go live support for one month.

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