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Sap Bi Architect Resume

North America, MichigaN


  • SAP certified consultant in the areas of Business Warehouse and Materials Management with implementation experience in bulding Analytics and Planning Solutions in Business Warehouse and Business Warehouse Integrated Planning for Supply Chain and Finance.
  • Over 25 years experience, with 14 years of Business Intelligence implementations, over 4 years of SAP R3 in the areas of Materials Planning, Inventory Control, Sales and Production Planning, and 7 years of operational experience related to materials Planning, Operations and Maintenance Planning, acquired in a manufacturing industry.
  • Strong industry experience, ERP and Business Intelligence implementations experience along with an excellent blend of Technical/Business Leadership and project Management skills position me as a unique opportunity for the clients.
  • My knowledge of ECC Functional areas and a quick grasp of client’s business have played a big role in designing effective and sustainable BI Solutions.
  • Ten years of experience in architecting and delivering Analytics with SAP Business Warehouse in the areas of Supply Chain and Finance across different industries.
  • Worked extensively in the areas of Procurement, Inventory Management, Sales, Profitability Analysis, Accounting, Costing, Asset Management, and Financial Supply Chain.
  • Solutions built under my technical leadership were robust and scalable, won company - wide recognition and nominations for CEO awards.
  • Architected supply chain applications in BW on HANA in a side car environment.
  • Excellent knowledge of modelling concepts around BW 7.4 on HANA with exposure to Compsoite providers, Open ODS Views, Advanced DSOs, consuming HANA models in BW, Operational Data provisioning in BW, and HANA modelling.
  • Implemented Integrated planning(BW - IP) solutions for Customer profitability and Gross Margin planning to support Budget planning, Forecast planning and Strategic Forecast planning.
  • Business Objects - Configuring front end application for planning in BOBJ Analysis for MS Office.
  • 13 years of development experience in BW space covering all aspects of development which include building custom extractors, data flows in BW using the most effective modelling techniques, extensive use of ABAP where approriate, working with both SAP and non SAP systems for data extraction.


SAP Skills : Business Information Warehouse, HANA, Integrated Planning, Supply Chain Management, ECC Modules, ABAP

ECC Functional: Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning Finance and Controlling.

BW Versions: 2.0 b, 2.1 C, 3.0 b, 3.1c, 3.5, 7.1, 7.3,7.4 (on HANA)

SAP R/3 & ECC Versions : 3.1 h, 4.6c, 4.7, ECC 6 EHP5


Confidential, North America, Michigan

SAP BI Architect


  • Architected Gross Margin planning applications for Budget, Forecast and Strategic Forecast (Sales and Cost of Sales) using Integrated Planning of Business Warehouse. Planning application user interface was built in Business Objects using Microsoft office for Analysis.
  • Led the deployment of Finance applications(Line costing- cost to produce, customer P&L) for North and Latin America.
  • Implemented Customer Profitability Application which included various levels of allocations for metrics related to Cost to Produce and Cost of Sales. This application had data flowing in from Sales, Finance, COPA and Production.
  • Worked extensively with Logistic Cockpit Extract Structures in the areas of Procurement, Inventory Control, Sales, Deliveries and Billing. Incorporated the Business Logic in terms of identifying the right data and also to support incremental loads into BW.

Confidential, North America

SAP BI Solution Architect


  • Architected solutions in a BW environment with HANA as an underlying database. Data Models and flows were designed in a way to leverage the power of HANA.
  • Delivered solutions in the areas of Supply chain metrics, SIFOT(Shipped in full - On time) and DIFOT(Delivered in full - On time) and sales/financial application Salesframe. These metrics were built using sales and delivery data from various systems such as ECC, AS400, JDE.
  • Re-architected and optimized the design of an existing Salesframe application which was built using data from ECC- COPA, Microsoft CRM, and Vistex.

Confidential, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

SAP BI Architect


  • Confidential was in the middle of ECC Implementation for North America. Advised the client on their BI Roadmap and helped in implementing the first Phase of Business Intelligence in the areas of Finance, Controlling, Financial Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Procurement, Manufacturing and Sales.
  • Enabled Business Functions to facilitate the usage of new Finance extractors, available in ECC from EHP3 onwards, to allow direct and replicated access to data off the same extractors.

Confidential, Minnesota

SAP BI Architect


  • Designed and built client facing analytics for the Supplier Network Collaboration Module of SCM in the areas of Replenishment Orders, Returns and Advanced Shipment Notifications, real time inventory levels.
  • Designed and built the entire Error montioring Dashboard in BI to depict the flow of messages between the client and its fulfillers for Replenishment Orders, Returns and Advanced Shipment Notifications.This Dashboard was modelled using Web Application Designer.

Confidential, Michigan

SAP BI Technical Lead/Solution Architect


  • Global Spend, Material price Variance, Material Cost Productivity, Risk Mangement system for Hedging Strategy for Commodities.
  • Responsible for the solution design, development of the above mentioned applications for North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Confidential, Tulsa, Okhlahoma

SAP BI Technical Project Lead


  • Led the BI Project for the Confidential group to build Financial Analytics in the Business Warehouse using R3 applications such as Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Profit Center Accounting, Cost Center Accounting and Profitability Analysis.
  • Was able to demonstrate excellent leadership skills in mitigating the issues commendably that come with a parallel implementation of R3 and Business Warehouse.

Confidential, Hopewell, Virgina



  • Headed an end to end BI Initiative to implement R3 Analytics in Business Information Warehouse in the areas of Sales and Distribtuion, Production Planning and Profitability Analysis.
  • Cross Application Analytics were built to provide visibility in the areas of projected Sales, Contribution Margin per Reactor Hour to identify bottle necks in the production line .
  • Open Orders Application was built in BW using a set of 5 different standard extractors from R3 in the areas of Sales, Deliveries and Billing to match the open orders definition of the client.

Confidential, Herhsey, PA

SAP BW Senior Lead Consultant /SolutionArchitect


  • Headed the initiative to build Trade Promotions Analytics in Business Warehouse right from the conceptual stage. This involved Data Staging from Siebel for Trade Promotions and also the IRI data for the retailers to analyze promotion effectiveness with Hersheys top Customers. Trade promotions Data Staging in BW were flexible enough to feed other applications (besides Promotion Effectiveness) e.g.Net Sales, which derives some of the cost elements from Siebel as Promotion Costs.
  • Assisted in developing Regression and Post Upgrade (BW 3.1 to 3.5) Testing Strategy for Business Warehouse.
  • Developed strategies around the handling of Logistics cockpit datasources during the Upgrade Phase to allow uninterrupted delta loads for applications built using Logistics Cockpit.
  • Was Instrumental in defining various Procedures for the Information Architecture team to standardize the approach required for designing applications in Business Warehouse.
  • Led the teams in developing Reporting solutions in the areas of Purchasing, Production Planning and Profitability Analysis.


MM/PM/SD Consultant (Team Lead)


  • Involved in different logistics areas e.g. Materials management, manufacturing and sales on this project and completed 3 full life cycle implementations for different sites of Confidential
  • Formulated data organization for all the divisions of Confidential for future maintenance of Material masters in SAP and subsequent design of the scripts based on various divisions, product lines and data organization for Confidential .
  • Assisted in the development of major interfaces in relation to functional requirements with their European system (AS-400) to share Product information and receive Purchase orders, shipping notifications from Confidential Europe.
  • Designed the complete Classification system for Confidential for materials and Batches. Developed various position papers for the use of SAP Classification in Confidential and configured the system accordingly. Spearheaded the efforts for creating approx. 200,000 materials in SAP (encompassing all the Product lines of Confidential ).

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