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  • SAP ECC6 Certified MM / WM Consultant with 13+ years of experience in SAP implementation & support projects and 8 years domain experience
  • Eight Full life cycle projects and Six rollout/support projects in US, UK, New Zealand, Singapore , Malaysia, Dubai and India.
  • Extensive experience in SAP MM (Purchasing, Inventory Management), WM (Warehouse Management) modules.
  • Strong Integration Knowledge in SAP MM-FI, MM-WM, SD-QM, MM-QM , PP-MM
  • Expertise in SAP Query & LSMW with standard Batch/direct input and batch input recording.
  • Expertise in all phases of SAP implementations applying ASAP methodology: process mapping, design, configuration, gap-fit analysis, testing, documentation, training, data migration, functional co-ordination for the project and post-implementation support.
  • Expertise in Leading Functional Requirements Sessions with Business and IT teams.
  • Expertise in Conducting QADB to capture requirement during Business Workshop.
  • Extensive experience in setting up, and customizing master data in MM.
  • Worked extensively with master records by maintaining different material types, internal and external number assignment, configure material group, configure partner schema, assign partner roles to vendor, material group, and user departments for material master and defined payment terms for vendor master, Info record.
  • Expertise in Configuration and customization of Purchasing module :Purchase Requisition, Purchase Orders, Setting of Document Type, Source Determination, SLED and Number Assignment for Internal and External Purchasing document. Configure release procedure with/without Classification. Settings for special procurement process including Subcontracting, Vendor consignments and pipeline.
  • Expertise in Configuration and customization of Inventory Management module: Customization for Movement type, creation of a new movement type as per client requirement, number assignment for Inventory Management Documents and integration with the Warehouse Management.
  • Expertise in Setting up Automatic account determination MM-FI (OBYC) for GL accounts
  • Logistics Invoice Verification- Document Parking, Invoice verification online, Invoice release, Blocking invoices
  • Expertise in Configuration and customization of Warehouse Management module : Customization for Warehouse setup, Storage types, Bin types, Putaway strategies, Picking strategies, Bin structure, IM/WM Movement types,
  • Expertise in Data migration and conceptual design for master data transformation in IM/WM modules from legacy system to SAP & validation of data integrity and good experience in working with LSMW.
  • Expertise in Developing Functional specs for multiple RICEF objects-Reports, enhancements to transactions, user exits and enhanced standard SAP Reports.
  • Worked in Interfaces and IDOCS.
  • Worked with various prestigious MNC clients: Sanofi Aventis, Roche Diagnostics, Siemens, General Mills, Applied Materials, HP (Singapore).
  • Conducted Five SAP MM academy in Singapore & Malaysia with rating of 6 out of 7

1. SAP Material Management
2. SAP Warehouse Management


Seeking a challenging Senior SAP MM/WM Consultant position wherein skills and experience can be beneficial to the company.


Confidential,Singapore Nov 2012 – Present
SAP implementation for Confidential,
SAP Lead Consultant

Confidential,units are categorized broadly into five main areas namely Earthworks, Civil Engineering & Infrastructures, Building, and Coal Mining & Coal Trading. Some of their successful projects include construction of key structural elements for the iconic Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and Resorts World at Sentosa.


  • Conducted Workshops for business team managers.
  • Requirement Gathering through QADB.
  • As-Is process and To-Be process documentation completed.
  • Business blueprint completed for Transport companies, Workshop companies, Earthwork excavation companies, Civil & Construction companies, Spare Part Trading companies, Coal Trading companies
  • MM-FI Automatic account determination (OBYC) Automatic postings to GL accounts are defined for account determination

Business Process Scenarios:

  • Procurement of Reorder point stock materials
  • Procurement of Stock materials
  • Procurement of Cost center & Project Items
  • Procurement of Diesel
  • Procurement of External services
  • Procurement of Asset
  • Goods Receipt Process
  • Stock transfer storage locations
  • Goods Issue to Workshop
  • Goods Issue to Project site
  • Stock transfer Defective stock to Blocked stock
  • Return defective part to vendor
  • Goods Scrapping for disposal
  • Goods Physical inventory / Inventory count
  • Goods Refurbishment of faulty items
  • Goods Diesel stock adjustment
  • Goods Material return from project site
  • Batch management
  • Goods Shelf life expiry
  • Goods Bin Location inventory management
  • Blanket Purchase order
  • Procurement Contract

Client: Confidential,US Jun 2011 – Nov 2012
Project: SAP ECC6 Roll out for new Plants
Managing Consultant


  • Conducted weekly meetings with core business team / Interface team in US to clarify the issues raised by IBM team
  • Facilitate meetings between IBM consultants and Business process owners.
  • To ensure project Timelines and also furnishing weekly status to PMO
  • Vendor Management: -Monitoring vendor performance (IBM Singapore)
  • Ensure that SAP projects were as per the requirements and standards mentioned by Business team

Client: Confidential,Singapore Jan 2008 – Jun 2011
Project: WM Implementation with MM/WM and SD/WM interface - ECC6
Managing Consultant



  • Direct the delivery of process transformation, technology initiatives and change management
  • Held meetings with different user departments to assess their demands and documented them accordingly
  • Evaluate SAP-based projects including budget proposal, Vendor development, Inspection plans and Procurement cycle
  • Vendor Management: AMS -Monitoring vendor performance (Obtech Asia Global Pte Ltd)
  • Project management: Project kick off-Preparing Business blue print ,Project schedule & timeline monitoring, UAT coordination
  • Ensure that SAP projects were as per the requirements and standards mentioned by clients
  • Helped in performing audits and testing of newly completed SAP projects

Responsibilities as MM , WM & SD consultant:

  • Conducted Requirement Gathering.
  • Developed Business Blueprint, Setup Configuration, Unit Testing &UAT
  • Configured new Ware house (Four Storey) and assigned to Plant/Storage location.
  • Configured Storage Types – (Each Floor is considered as Storage type)
  • Configured Bin Types
  • Configured Put away Strategy ( Empty Storage bin )
  • Configured Stock Removal Strategy (FIFO Strategy)
  • Defined Inventory / WM Movement Types
  • Defined Bin Structure
  • Extend material master WM view by LSMW
  • Created Functional spec for TO forms for Putaway & Picking
  • Created SAP Query to list TO Inventory movements
  • Conducted user training
  • MM-WM Process Setup: POąGRąTOąConfirm
  • SD-WM Process Setup: SOąDOąTOąConfirmą PGI
  • Intercompany Sales Process Setup:
    • Create Interco PO
    • Create Outbound Delivery
    • Create Picking TO with reference to Outbound delivery
    • Confirm TO
    • Post Goods Issue
    • Billing - AR
    • Goods Receipt for outbound Delivery
    • Create Putaway TO
    • Confirm
    • LIV - AP

Company code Migration from Accpac
Rollout to Three Company codes, Plant, Storage Locations, Sales Organization, Distribution Channels & divisions
Configuration includes:

  • Enterprise Structure - Credit Control Area and Business Areas
  • GL accounts, Account determination, Field Status Groups, Account Groups,
  • Document types, Customer and Document number ranges,
  • Account assignment, and Tolerance groups
  • Controlling; Cost center hierarchy & cost center
  • Developed B/S & P/L reports in Report painter

Client: Confidential, Dubai Aug 2007- Jan 2008
Project: SAP Post Implementation and upgrade to SAP ECC6
Senior SAP Consultant
Role: Business Analyst & MM Consultant

EPC project-Dubai-based diversified multinational group which operates in the areas of Engineering and Construction, Infrastructure Development and Management, Exploration of Hydrocarbons and Mining of Minerals and Metals for the energy sector, Trading Activities and Quick Service Restaurants.

Responsibilities Handled:

  • Implement SAP Best Practices procurement in place.
  • Conduct Existing business process study.
  • Developed To be process -Gap analysis.
  • PR, RFQ, Quotation & Comparison are reconfigured.
  • PR, PO release strategy are put in place.
  • User training for ten project site users.

Client: Confidential,US Feb 2007 – Aug 2007
Project: SAP Implementation in SAP ECC6
Designation: Senior SAP Consultant
Role: MM, MRP & WM Consultant

One of the world\'s largest brand-name in medical diagnostic instruments. Instruments, Reagents & spare parts are procured from German affiliates and sold to customers in Fiji & New Zealand.



  • Requirement gathering- Org Structure-Business blueprint- Realization -Unit test- Key user training-Data migration- MM processes- Procurement of Stock materials, Non stock material, Bundling( Subcontracting).
  • MRP- MRP Types PD,V1,ND-Purchase requisitions are created by MRP run for reagents and spare parts-Direct purchase orders created for customer orders for instruments
  • Three Carousels and storage locations are configured as warehouse- Inbound delivery creates TO- Confirmed after placement in carousel- Interface to carousel
  • Studying existing business process in the context of materials management and deciding to-be processes to suit the client objectives and to be mapped to the SAP system.
  • Definition of Organizational Units and their assignment.
  • Carried out GAP analysis and completed the study of system deficiencies with regards to SAP delivered Standard functionality
  • Configuration of Materials Master including Material Types, definition of views, required Number Ranges for Material types etc.
  • Vendor Master configuration including creation of Account Groups and usage of Partner functions and Partner Schema determination and their assignment to document types and account groups.
  • Configuration of Purchasing Info Record, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Scheduling Agreement, Contract, Quota Arrangement involving definition of Document Types, Number Ranges, Screen Layout etc.
  • Configuration of Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), Reorder Point based planning (ROP) & Consumption based planning.
  • Implementation of Inter-company and Intra-company Stock Transport Order (STO) scenarios.
  • Develop Design templates for legacy data mapping and developed LSMW for data migration.
  • IDOC for Purchase Order, Inbound delivery and Invoice. GR posted with reference to inbound delivery
  • Data migration for material master extension ,Purchase info record and upload of initial stock
  • Customized reports: To list materials stored in locations other than default Storage Location and to identify the materials stored in more than one location, Reorder stock report

Client: Confidential,Singapore Aug 2006 – Jan 2007
Confidential,company with diversified business groups in Chemicals, Communication, Life sciences, Marketing, Material handling ,Packaging & Technology
Project: SAP Roll-out to Malaysia SAP ECC6
Designation: Senior Business Analyst
Role: MM Consultant


Responsibilities :

  • Business Requirement gathering, Business Blue print, Configuration, Key User training, User Acceptance Test, MTP, GoLive.
  • Defined Organizational structure and their assignments.
  • Configured Materials Master including Material Types, definition of views, required Number Ranges for Material types etc.
  • Configured Purchasing Info Record, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Scheduling Agreement, Contract, and Quota Arrangement involving definition of Document Types, Number Ranges, and Screen Layout etc.
  • Definition of Message types, Access sequences, Message Determination Schema for Output Control of Purchase Orders.
  • Definition of Condition types, Access sequences, Calculation schema, Scheme groups and Schema Determination for Pricing in Purchase Orders.
  • Configured Valuation and Account Assignment including definition of Valuation Control, grouping of Valuation Areas, definition of Valuation Classes, Account groupings and Automatic G/L Account Assignment.
  • Configured Logistic Invoice Verification (MIRO).
  • Having experience for configuring physical inventory and cycle count.
  • Worked with SAP queries.
  • Design Mapping, LSMW for Legacy Data conversions & Data Migration.

Client: Confidential,Dubai Feb 2006 – Aug 2006
Number 1 in Europe, Number 3 worldwide, in the pharmaceutical industry

Project: SAP Implementation for Dubai affiliate and Rep office SAP 4.7C
Designation: Senior Consultant
Role: MM,QM Lead Consultant


Responsibilities :

  • Project Scoping - Business Requirements - Gap Analysis - Budget control - UAT-Release to Production - Project Follow up
  • Q&A, Business Blue print, Configuration, Unit Test, Master data Upload, Integration Test, User Acceptance Test.
  • Configured business processes for Procurement of Stock Materials, Non-stock materials and Subcontracting (Repacking), PO for Internal orders with account assignment category F, User exit for PO number range - Internal Batch Number. New PO Output Types-Batch determination.
  • Procurement Process: Invoice will be received from the UK & Europe affiliates - PO will be created based on the invoice and sent to 3PL by IDOC in Dubai Duty free zone. PO hard copy will be sent to Inter-company vendors in Europe/Germany for Stock PO. Materials cleared from customs by 3PL will be updated in SAP through IDOC as restricted stock.- After usage decision, materials will be posted to unrestricted stock or blocked stock-manual invoice verification for payment to supplying affiliates
  • Worked on configuration of Material master, Vendor master
  • Configured Purchasing process including RFQ/Quotation, Contracts, Scheduling Agreements, Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders.
  • Worked on configuration of Inventory Management: Number Assignment, Field Selection (Goods receipts, Goods issue/Transfer postings)
    Vendor Evaluation, RFQ/ Quotation/Quotation Entry and analysis/PO/Automatic Vendor known/unknown, Confirmation and Release Procedures.
  • Pricing elements like basic price, discounts, freight and taxes were defined for various grades of Materials, and material groups and vendors
    Configured and defined Pricing Condition types, Access Sequence, Condition Tables, Calculation Schemas, Schema groups, Schema determination.
  • Worked with Finance team for account determination configuration
  • Configuring Inventory Management Parameters for all Goods movements like Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Reservations, GR for blocked stock, Goods returns etc.,
  • Creating storage location automatically for different movement types with Goods issue/Transfer posting and Goods receipt.
  • Configuring special stocks in Inventory management for Subcontracting, and Consignment materials.
  • Configured IDocs -Mapping for PO Outbound & GR Inbound .

Client: Confidential,Singapore Jan 2005 – Feb 2006

Projects: SAP 4.6C-SCM
Designation: - Sr Functional Consultant Team Size: 15
Role: Project Lead
Modules: MM, SD

1. Japan BCS Project;
Configuration and integration with SD-MM and FI
Customer Order for Rack & Server created in Web portal is created as a Sales Order in Japan with a Back to Back PR based on Item Category. PR to PO Conversion done by Z program and a IC sales order created in Singapore thro’ Heart interface. Once the PGI is done, GR is posted to PO.


2. Mosaic + Project:
Mosaic+ is a Project to streamline and standardize the systematic process in ODM finished goods fulfillment
Sales Order Creation -PR Creation - Shipref Generation- Conversion PR to PO -Send IDOC 850 to Alliance- Receive Idoc 855 acknowledgment to 850-Receive IDOC 856- Sent IDOC 824 for 856-Inbound Delivery Creation-GR-Outbound Delivery Creation-PGI-Sent TT52 to Heart Interface

Client: Confidential,UK Nov 2004 – Dec 2004

Project: SAP Roll out Project SAP 4.6C
Modules: MM, PP,QM
Designation: - SAP Sr Functional Consultant

Responsibilities :

  • Master Data upload (Material Master, Vendor Master).
  • Data extraction and Upload by LSMW and SAP Query

Client: Confidential,UK Feb 2003 – Jan 2005

Project: Project Mercury- Implementation and Support SAP 4.6C
Modules: MM, QM, WM,PP
Designation: - SAP Sr Functional Consultant Team Size:23
Role: Project Lead


Involvement in the project : Hands on configuration in MM ,QM,WM module and its Integration With FI/CO, QM, SD, PP, PS
Support software: Royal Blue system and Touch paper system.


  • Drafted the Business Blue print after having discussions and meetings with the process owners using ASAP methodology.
  • Business Process Mapping and Gap analysis for various processes in MM/WM module
  • Creation of Business Process Procedures for various important Business processes / transactions in the organization in MM / WM module.
  • Customizing and Configuration of MM/WM module and its integration with WM/FI/QM/SD/PP/PS modules.
  • Designed Business Process repository and define procurement business requirements.
  • Worked with the IT and procurement team members to prepare the solution design documents for each phase of the project.
  • Definition of MM/WM Organizational structure and their assignments.
  • Vendor Master configuration including creation of Account Groups and usage of Partner functions and Partner Schema determination and their assignment to document types and account groups.
  • Definition of Release Procedures for purchasing documents.
  • Logistic Invoice verification configuration (LIV) involving System Messages, Vendor Tolerance Group, Planned Delivery Costs etc.
  • Configurations for standard and custom movement types
  • Configured physical inventory and cycle count..
  • Definition of Condition types, Access sequences, Calculation schema, Scheme groups and Schema Determination for Pricing in Purchase Orders.
  • Worked as a team lead for off –shore team for work plan and resource allocation.
  • Preparing monthly and weekly reports.
  • Coordinating with team member and project manager.
  • Responsible for Off-Shore Deliverables in SAP MM/WM maintenance & enhancement activities.
  • Design Mapping, LSMW for Legacy Data conversions & Data Migration.
  • Understanding of ABAP programming algorithms and logic.
  • End user training and documentation of user manual, training materials
    classification for Purchase Order.
  • Involved in i1 unit Testing and i2 integration testing of the business process flow
  • Trouble shooting in Data Migration in MM Module.
  • Creation of ABAP queries for data extraction from MM tables. WM tables, FI tables, QM tables
  • Developing and implementing an overall user training plan.
  • Post implementation support work in MM module transactions and its integrated module transactions like WM/FI/QM/SD/PP/PS/CS.

Client: Confidential,US Dec 2012 – Feb 2003
Applied Materials is a US Based Electronics Components Manufacturing Industry.
Designation: - SAP Consultant

Recurring Activities: Role: Team Lead/SAP MM/WM,QM Consultant, Team Size: Four
Updating Safety stock,, Reorder Level, To create / Modify Material Master, Flag / un flag Materials for Deletion, Set ERS Flag in P.O, Material Extension from plant to plant, Purchasing Group Update, and Changing MRP Type.

Development Activities: Role: Project Manager, Team Size: Two
VOR email process for non-OPO Suppliers. Email will be sent to Non OPO suppliers excluding internal vendors with Goods receipt information such as Part Number, Buyer, PO Number, Date, and Quantity as an Excel attachment. If there is a variation between the Goods sent and Goods received, as per VOR mail, the supplier has to revert back with in Two days with his Shipping details. This process avoids the differences between Goods received and Invoiced and there by reduces much time during Invoice verification Exception Message will be created for suppliers, Whose Internet mail Id is not maintained.

Client: Confidential,Malaysia Aug 2002 – Dec 2002
Project : Post Implémentation support
Designation: SAP Consultant

SAP Production Support Project:

Star Cruises is tourism related company running several ships for cruises. In this SAP implementation each ship is configure as a plant and it is a Post Implementation support project.
Tools Used: Royal Blue Help Desk, Lotus Mail

Role and Responsibilities Team Size: Seven

Client: Confidential,Chennai, India Aug 2001 – Aug 2002
A large scale automated Furniture Manufacturing organization with International collaboration. It has a fully automated plant with computer-controlled woodcutting, curing/bonding and assembling equipments with nearly 9000 components being imported.

Project : Implementation of SAP R/3
Modules: MM,QM,PP
Designation: SAP Consultant


  • Configured entire MM configuration in the areas of Procurement, Inventory management and Automatic Account Determination
  • Public holidays and public holiday’s calendar were created and factory calendar was assigned to relevant plants.
  • Internal number range was assigned to PR and external number range was assigned to RFQ and PO.
  • Internal number range was assigned to GR, GI and Physical Inv docs by transaction types WE, WA, WI respectively and for accounting documents through document type.

Client: Confidential,India Feb 2001 – Aug 2001
Hindustan motors Pvt Ltd is a four wheeler automobile industry manufacturing Lancer cars in Chennai.

SAP Implementation Project
Designation: Associate Consultant



Configuration: Four plants namely 1311, 1321, 1811, 1821 are created and assigned to the company code HML. 1311 is the main manufacturing plant. 1321 is the bonded warehouse. 1811 is the Chennai warehouse and 1821 is the Delhi warehouse. 34 storage locations were created. 6 purchase organizations are created for Imports (1311), MMO parts, plant general local, Imports (1321), Plant production Local and Red line stores.

MM: Purchasing

  • Twenty five purchase groups are created
  • Number ranges for purchasing Info records are defined for stock materials and non-stock materials.
  • Source list requirement at plant level was not mandatory
  • Number ranges for quota arrangement is defined for one group.
  • Number ranges for RFQ / Quotation are defined.
  • Document types for P.R. defined.

MM. Inventory Management

  • Material shelf life expiration date check for goods receipts for plant 1311 was trade active
  • Default values for reservation are defined for days not allowed (10 days) & retention period (30 days).
  • Tolerances for posting of inventory differences are defined as Rs.10,000 per due and Rs.1000 per inventory item for tolerance group 0001 and Rs.1,00,000 per due and Rs.10,000 per inventory item for tolerance group 0002.

Valuation and Account Assignment

  • Price controls for material types are defined with mandatory price control for FERT (S), HALB (V) and HIBE (V).
  • Valuation grouping code (0001)is activated for valuation areas 1311, 1321, 1811, 1821.
  • Nine-account category references (0001 to 0009) 23-valuation classes and 17 materials types are defined.
  • Automatic postings to GL accounts are defined for account determination.

SAP MM Academy Training Jan 2001 – Feb 2001

Duration: 08.01.2001 - 08.02.2001

Client: Confidential,Malaysia Feb 1998 – Dec 2000
Prefabricated Concrete Elements manufacturing industry supplying Ready-made blocks
and Structural Frames for Residential and Heavy Engineering industry.
Project: SAP Implementation 3.1H
Designation: SAP Consultant


  • Updating Q&A db for the Material management
  • As is study
  • Business Mapping in VISIO
  • Creating Material master and Vendor master
  • BDC to upload the initial stock


Confidential,Malaysia Feb 1990 – Feb 1998
It is a Prefabricated Concrete Elements manufacturing industry supplying Ready- made blocks and Structural Frames for Residential and Heavy Engineering industry
Designation: Production Engineer
Job Profile:
Planning and procurement of Raw Material
Computerized Material management
Project Scheduling
Material Control
Overall In-charge of Casting and QC
Planning the Logistics
Contract Management


Master Degree in Engineering
Bachelor Degree in Engineering

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