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Sap Pi Lead Consultant Resume



  • Over Nine years of experiencein SAP Netweaver Components XI/PI, BI includingexperience in ABAP/4 programming. Have good working knowledge in SAP R/3 in FI-CO, HR,PP, SD and MM.
  • Four full cycle implementation of SAP XI 3.0/PI 7.0/PI 7.1. Conversant in EAI areas (Message Brokers, Messaging Middleware, Workflow). Experience working with Middleware.
  • Working experience with 3rd Party Adapters like I-Way.
  • Solid Knowledge of XI Components - System Landscape Directory (SLD), Integration Repository, Integration Directory, Integration Server. Worked with IDoc, RFC, HTTP, JDBC, SOAP and File adapters. Excellent knowledge of ABAP Mappings. Knowledge of Integration Engine administration and configuration.
  • Extensively worked on different BPM Patterns.
  • Good knowledge in advanced areas of ABAP like ALE, IDOC Programming, RFC, WAS, SOAP, XML/XSLT, BSP and WebDynpro.
  • SAP Enterprise Portal (EP), Involved in development of web enabled HR Applications using BSP, WebDynpro, HTML, XHTMLB and MVC architecture.
  • Conversant with the Report techniques, BDC, LSMW, CATT procedures, Module pool, Report Painter, User Exits, SAP Script, Smart Forms, etc.
  • SAP R/3 & IBM WBI (Web Sphere Business Integration Adapters), Involved in design and development of complete MM Cycle interface with external Java Application.
  • Workflow experience include both functional & technical experience in MM, SD & PP. Used dynamic hierarchical approval, dynamic parallel circular and other standard templates given by SAP as well as extended the business objects, which include creating new events and methods.
  • Excellent knowledge of SAP BW components like Info Cubes, Multi-Cubes, Info Source, Info Objects, ODS objects, Update rules and Transfer rules.
  • Extensive knowledge in Data Modeling, Data Extraction and Data Staging.
  • Working Knowledge in Report Generation - Worked extensively in BEx Analyzer in building Queries and saving in Workbooks (Excel work sheets) and created Custom Queries usingConditions, Exceptions, Variables & Structures , Currencies ,filters and created aggregates for frequently used queries.
  • Have good analytical, problem solving, interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.

Netweaver Components

SAP PI/XI NW'04S, NW'04 SP17, Netweaver Development Studio (NWDS), XML Spy


IDOC, File, RFC, SOAP, JDBC, XI and HTTP. Configured these adapters as sender and receiver channels


FI/CO,HR, SD, MM and PP Modules

Portal Development

WebDynpro Application Development and Webdynpro iViews using Netweaver Developer Studio 2.x. Webdynpro Components, Windows, Viewsets, Views, Layout, Controls, MVC model. User Management (UME) Service.
Webdynpro Model based on RFC/BAPIs Web Services.

Runtime analysis & Debugging

ABAP debugger, runtime analysis & SQL trace




SAP PI Lead Consultant - PI 7.1, ECC 6.0 Confidential
May 2009 - Present

Project Brief

Confidential, is a corporation that manufactures robotic surgical systems, most notably the da Vinci Surgical System. FedEx Global Supply Chain Service Project replaces the existing middleware Cast Iron with SAP PI7.1.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Involved in setting up the system for the Proof of Concept & Successful POC has been achieved.
  • Involved in design and Analysis of the various interfaces used for Critical Inventory Logistics & fulfillment.
  • Involved in integrating various systems like AGILE, CLARIFY ,MDR.
  • Configured CTS+ for Transports. And Involved in overall Post Installation steps.
  • Developed Various Interfaces using File, IDOC, SOAP and JDBC Adapters.
  • Designed BPM for some of the SOAP scenario which needs exception handling using mail adapter.
  • Designed Solution using PI7.1 Features like JDBC Lookup & RFC Lookups.
  • Worked extensively on ccBPM Scenarios.

SAP Solution Architect - PI 7.0, ECC 6.0 Confidential
Feb 2007 - Apr 2009

Project Brief

Confidential, implementation of HR System for the state employees. 21st Century Project offers state employees online access to their information and provides management enhanced human resources processes, tools and information. This is one of the biggest HR Implementation in North America which includes Concurrent Employment.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Involved in leading a team of 15 for the Interface development involving multiple legacy system integration. And also managing the Netweaver Basis Team.
  • Involved in requirements gathering, estimating, designing, developing, deploying end-to-end PI 7.0 integration scenarios. Design High Level System Landscape, which spans the different stages of project life cycle.
  • Expertise in suggesting the client for various best practices for PI implementation.
  • Involved in Planning, Sizing & Estimation and resource allocation
  • Configured the PI Landscape in SLD viz. adding all the Systems in the System Landscape browser and creating Technical systems for the Web AS ABAP and Web AS JAVA. Assigning and creating all the required Business systems for the Technical systems. Configured the Software catalog by adding all the necessary Products and their related Software Components. Configured the Exchange profile of PI instance.
  • Administer PI features (RWB, Monitoring, Alerting, and Administration).
  • Set up PI security roles and authorizations for developers and administrators.
  • Configured message level security using transport layer security (SSL, Authentication Certificate) using visual admin tools.
  • Developed custom adapter modules for communicating with Mainframe system.
  • Involved in applying support packs and validating the system after applying patches.
  • Extensive knowledge on SAP Netweaver Technology and architecture positioning of the Exchange Infrastructure in the Netweaver stack. Creating Configuration Scenarios for A2A and B2B Integration.
  • Used XSLTmapping in PI for sorting and grouping input data to create multiple inbound IDocs in SAP ECC system.
  • Worked on File, IDOC, SOAP, ABAP Proxy, JDBC and RFC adapters.
  • Designed & Developed Complex mappings using Java Mappings & XSLT Mappings.
  • Designed & Developed BPM using various different Patterns & Templates.

SAP Solution Architect - PI 7.0, ECC 6.0 Confidential, NJ June 2006 - Jan 2007
Project Brief

Confidential, is one of the market leaders of innovative effect pigments for coatings, packaging, plastics, automotive, and printing applications.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Involved in leading a team of 10 for the Interface development for the UK Bio Developments of the company.
  • Involved in Planning, Sizing & Estimation and resource allocation.
  • Involved in requirements gathering, estimating, designing, developing, deploying end-to-end XI integration scenarios. Design High Level System Landscape, which spans the different stages of project life cycle.
  • Created data type, message type for requests and responses involved in the scenario.
  • Experience in complete Life cycle Implementation of XI project i.e. from installation phase of XI to the production phase. Involved in various phases of the project development from gathering requirements to testing and real time usage in production.
  • Configured the XI Landscape in SLD viz. adding all the Systems in the System Landscape browser and creating Technical systems for the Web AS ABAP and Web AS JAVA. Assigning and creating all the required Business systems for the Technical systems. Configured the Software catalog by adding all the necessary Products and their related Software Components. Configured the Exchange profile of XI instance.
  • Extensively worked with the Integration Builder Design and Configuration to develop all the required objects for the Integration Scenario. Created all the Message types, Message Interfaces, Message mapping and Interface mappings in Integration Builder Design. Created all the configuration objects such as Configuration scenario, Party, Receiver determination, Interface determination, sender agreements and receiver agreements for the various scenarios.
  • Generated an ABAP proxy for XI Outbound Interface based on SPROXY transaction.
  • Documented the objects created in various phases of the scenario.
  • Coded an ABAP report implementing proxy class generated above to extract data from SAP R/3. & testing the ABAP proxies.
  • Defining Web Services for the interfaces developed in XI.
  • Transporting the XI components from Dev client to Quality client using CMS server.
  • Participated in Integration Engine configuration.
  • Created Interface Operation instructions guide, which gives an overview of all the scenarios and their corresponding objects from Integration Builder.
  • Prepared PSD (Production Support Document) which would help in troubleshooting in production.

SAP Integration Lead Confidential, Portland OR Aug 2005 - May 2006

Project Brief

Confidential, is one of the world\'s leading suppliers of innovative production laser systems for micro engineering applications.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Involved in Planning, Sizing & Estimation and resource allocation.
  • Involved in setting up the Offshore/Onsite model and leading the team.
  • Involved in designing A2A scenarios with different systems like Ceridian, Hyperion, Gelco and Positive pay using XI 3.0.
  • Developed a workflow for GAP - Workflow Notifications Sales Triggers to notify the Sales and the Production managers/representatives to know about the variations in the projected book date and the build plan strategy in inquiry, quotation and the sales order.
  • Involved in leading a team of 12 for the conversion activities, planning for data cleansing activities and cut over.

SAP Integration Architect Confidential, Jan 2005 - Jul 2005
Project Brief

Confidential, is a project in the Software Supply Chain organization to integrate pm CPQ legacy applications onto the SAP platform. This involves implementing PP, LE, WM modules and extending the usage of existing SD and MM modules.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Involved in Implementing MALA, front-End imaging, routing to SAP workflow inbox and archiving functionality. Invoice image is attached to invoice posting on SAP and Web tools allows user to search images and their status.
  • Involved in data migration tool developments and defining action plan.
  • Developed a workflow for A/P processors to input invoice against a BPO via the transaction MIRO which will check against the tolerance limits and in turn will block an invoice for payment with appropriate workflow message.
  • Involved in developing a Carrier system solution using ODBC/SQL*Net to interface with the carrier system like DHL & FEDEX.

SAP ABAP & BW Consultant Confidential, Oct 2004 - Dec 2004

Project Brief

Designed & Developed R/3 Security reporting in BW "Checkmate" for P & G Security to define the abilities and conflicts of the SAP users. The Project involved with the use of SAP R/3 and SAP BW for reporting. To ensure internal controls are implemented, it is important that both the Global SAP Security Organization and Business owners are able to see who has access to what, as well as any potential conflicts that might exists when SAP users are assigned to much of access.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Developed a dialog program to define the Conflicts, abilities.
  • Developed an extraction program to identify the security issues found in the user profiles and to extract it in a format defined in the BW system.
  • Developed a function module to read info providers.
  • Used ODS to stage the data before transferring the ODS contents to Info Cube.
  • Scheduling Info packages for loading Conflict and Abilities data monitoring.

Failed data packets were analyzed.

SAP ABAP & BW Consultant Confidential
Aug 2003 - Sept 2004

Project Brief

Involved in requirements analysis, design and development of interface for MATS Java Application. The Project involved with the use of SAP XI 2.0, IBM WBI, WMQSI middle wares for their interface. It's a Team of SAP Functional, Technical Consultant, MQ Series Consultants, J2EE Professional team.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating SAP Team's activity onsite. As a project lead managed the activities of the SAP team and delegated tasks in the team.
  • Working with Project Manager for team's Activity Planning and team's Weekly Status reporting to TMT Management.
  • Working with IBM Adapter Team and co-coordinated the entire effort between SAP Team and IBM team for Middleware Implementation.
  • Involved in Mapping the XML objects to SAP IDOC Structure in WBI Adapter and JMS Adapter in SAP XI 2.0.
  • Designed and developed ALE Interface for Material Master, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Physical Inventory and Logistic Invoice Verification which includes Subsequent Debit, Subsequent Credit and Physical Inventory Counting Process. Where the Java Application sends the data in XML format, which gets converted into IDOC format with the use of WBI Adapter and posted into SAP.
  • Extensively worked with ALE Enabled BAPI, ALE Customization, IDoc Creation, Message Types, Inbound Programming and Outbound Programming.
  • Involved in Development of an Online Budget Check of a Java Application with SAP FI Module.
  • Involved in Archiving configuration of Material Master, Purchase Requisition, and Purchase Order..
  • Extensively worked in LSMW for uploading Material Master, Vendor Master and Initial Stock.

SAP Technical Consultant Confidential
Mar 2004 - Jun 2004
Project Brief

An application related to HR module in SAP Enterprise Portal (EP),using BSP, htmlb, xhtmlb, and MVC architecture. These 3 applications help employees to maintain their profile like their skills, trainings, and development plans etc. Also one of the applications helps managers to review profile of the employees.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • MVC Architecture design of the application.
  • Basic layout creation in html.
  • Front-end design using htmlb, xhtmlb.
  • Client side logic using JavaScript.
  • ABAP coding for business logic. Worked mainly with Classes (Object Oriented ABAP) and BAPIs. Creation of Classes, Creation of methods etc.
  • To prepare project related documents.

SAP Technical Consultant Confidential,
Nov 2002 - Jul 2003

Project Brief

The project was owned by the IPGS group of HP. The work involved in integration of various other legacy systems with SAP. The project involved some of the latest technologies like XML, SOAP etc. SAP WAS 6.20 was used as the default web server.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Designed and developed SAP interface for K2 Bridge through BAPI and RFC
  • Used Sap's XML interfaces to parse the Usage details from K2 system and post it in SAP as a sale order with the reference to the contract.
  • The Sales Order is created along with the installed base information-Functional Locations and Equipment. The RFC uses SOAP service via WAS.
  • Designed and developed DOR interface to process a COMPASS (MPC46) C & I sales line item, which will reference a order recognition schedule / Plan associated with the item which is tied to an WBS Element. To remind the user of this need, the system must block assignment of a WBS element to a COMPASS (MPC46) DOR-relevant C & I sales line item unless that WBS has a populated schedule/plan.
  • Designed and developed an user exit to identify certain exceptional COMPASS (MPC46) Material ID\'s which need to have their User status turned from DOR - DOR Relevant Item to NDOR - Not DOR Relevant Item based on their Material ID.
  • Responsible for supporting the business requirements of the functional COMPASS teams including Testing, Migration, Reporting, Training, Support and Deployment.

Consulting Analyst Confidential
Raytheon Aircraft, ARDEC
July 2002-Oct 2002

Project Brief

Confidential, is a pool of consultants from various SAP implementation projects in North America. Confidential, is working with clients such as Goodrich, Morrison, ARDEC and Raytheon. ESNA have agreed to assign a part of the development work, which are required to be done for these clients, to ES India.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Involved in designing the workflow chart and business objects for MM module. Extended the business object BUS1001 creating new events and methods. This particular workflow is triggered when the part class in a material master is updated and a mail is send to the users in SD & MM.
  • Extended Business Object BUS2012 in a way that the workflow has to trigger when the user create/change the Purchase Order and a mail has to send to the Superior for approval if the Net Price of the Purchase Order goes above than a particular amount.
  • Supplier Invoice Verification: Extended the business object BUS2081. When there is a mismatch in the supplier invoice and purchase order in terms of price and quantity, invoice verification is sent to MM for resolution.
  • Design and development of a report for treasury based on the balance sheet for hedging activities.
  • Design and Development of a report for listing invoices booked on a particular posting date along with the complete details which is used in cross verifying the data entry accuracy.

ABAP/4 Programmer Confidential
Dec 2001 - June 2002

Project Brief

Work involved in ABAP/4 programming, Reports, extensively in dialogue programming and SAP Scripts. Involved in integration of third party software i2 SCM with SAP.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Involved in providing both development and maintenance support for implementation of SAP at their plants .The Modules being implemented are Finance (FI), Materials Management (MM) and Quality Management (QM).

  • Defect analysis report for a given period, this report analyses the various types of defects for which claims have been accepted and their percentage.
  • Design and development of a report for payment status of each customer according to the zone wise.
  • Created a SAP Script for Printing Bank Checks, which includes various bank checks like SBI, ADB and ICICI.
  • Created a transaction to upload material master according to their Business Reengineering Process and their Materials Procurement Organization Structure which is includes the organizational views like Basic, Purchase, MRP-1, MRP-2, Accounting and Storage which is very similar to MM01, MM02 and 03.
  • Developed BDC/Data Extracts for transactions like Work Center, Routing, BOM, Material Hierarchy, and Source Listing.

Junior Application Developer Confidential
Nov 2000 - Oct 2001

Project Brief

Involved in providing onsite development support for the implementation of SAP at the client site .The Modules being implemented are Finance/Controlling (FI/CO), Materials Management (MM) and Production Planning (PP). Work involved in ABAP/4 programming, Reports, Report Painter, SAP Scripts, BDC, LSMW, Dialogue Programming. Some of the tasks executed were as follows:

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design and developed an interactive report for payment status of each customer.
  • Developed a report an interactive report for purchase value of glass on the basis of record from asset class bottle in plant and prepaid container expenses for brand pack.
  • Developed a report to track the internal order, year and plant given as input, which gives the total planned value, Actual, Budgeted, Committed.
  • Developed a report to calculate prior year depreciation according to the Asset Class, Asset Number, and Amount posted, Depreciation key, Depreciation area.
  • Developed a report to generate the details of movement type with debit and credit details.
  • Developed a report to tack up the internal order according to the Cost Centre, Cost element, Profit Centre, Controlling area and the order no.
  • Developed BDC's for Vendor Master, BOM, Open Purchase Order Uploading, to transfer all the materials, which were to be returned to the vendor to a movement type 961M periodically.

Junior Application Developer Confidential
Mar 2000 - Nov 2000

Project Brief

Work involved in ABAP/4 programming, Reports, Interfaces using BDC, SAP Script, Dialogue programming and Enhancements. Some of the tasks executed were as follows:

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Created an interactive report which will in the basic list gives the List of Vendors for a Plant selected by the user. The list will include the Vendor No and the Vendor Name. On selecting a particular Vendor, the Vendor Details like Items ordered on that Vendor, The PO no & the Delivery schedule agreed with the Vendor are displayed as drill down report using push buttons.
  • Created a Report listing for paid and pending RFP's (Request for payments) by Brand and customer for a given Sales area / Sales Organization.
  • Created new customer and Vendor information Forms using SAP Script editor.
  • Printing Modified Delivery Note (RVDELNOTE).
  • Created a batch-input program to load Create Customer by using Classical Batch input Method.

Educational Qualification

MCA - Master of Computer Applications
B.Sc Computer Science - Graduated in Computer science

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