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Sap Basis And Security Consultant Resume

Pontiac, MI


  • Provide daily support of servers spanning locations on three continents. Serve SAP security client with 100 SAP environments.
  • Responsible for SAP Governance, Risk & Compliance implementation and maintenance.
  • Programmer of SharePoint for employee time forecasting, skills inventory, job task surveys and staffing coordination.
  • Master of web design and programming, content management systems and respective databases.
  • Administrator of web servers, hardware and operating systems.
  • Technical writer. Recipient of “Making a Difference” and “Meaningful Innovation” accolades.
  • Speak Mandarin Chinese.
  • SAP Basis support, including OSS administration, spool requests, support packs, system copies if MYSQL server, transports and Windows server administration.
  • SAP Security support, including authorization issues, role creation and changes and user administration.
  • SAP Governance, Risk & Compliance support.


  • JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, Photoshop, Drupal SharePoint 2010, 2013 development
  • Windows Server 2003/2008, Debian and Ubuntu Linux Maximo, Salesforce
  • HP Unified Functional Testing/QuickTest VBA, C#, JAVA


  • SAP Support Pack upgrades (Windows Server 2003/2008). Executed upgrade process and created documentation.
  • SAP Governance, Risk & Compliance Implementation. Responsible for firefighters, roles and documentation.
  • SAP VBA Word template generation enhancement project. Identified issues with and fixed existing VBA code and added code and features to meet client requirements.
  • SAP scripting for automated work. As programmer, defined requirements and created scripts to perform tasks without need for manual work.
  • SharePoint development for HP SAP Global Practice. Designed graphics. Programmed JavaScript, CAML Query and HTML/CSS.
  • HP SAP Americas Staffing Coordinator. Coordinated, designed and moderated all parts of the staffing process. Designed the HR system and coordinated HP account teams with HP SAP managers.


SAP Basis and Security Consultant

Confidential, Pontiac, MI


  • OSS administration - User, System and Connection Management, Licenses: SLICENSE
  • Implement support pack stacks on existing platform version: Netweaver 7.x
  • Deleted spool request that failed but was significantly tying up a process. Identified process in SM51, deleted spool request in SP01.
  • Move transports from dev server to prod server and manually import files using STMS.
  • Reset passwords for users on Windows 2003 Server, at the SQL db level, and at the SAP level.
  • SPAM - upgrade support pack for Personas 2.0 SP3.
  • Troubleshoot performance issues using ST03.
  • Maintain HOSTS file for hostname to IP address resolution.
  • Stage transports for others to import in \usr\sap\trans\data or \cofiles.
  • Re-assign scheduled background jobs to new ID.
  • Test RFC connectivity via SM59.
  • Kill out of control process using: SM50, SM66, command line kill -9, task manager.
  • Kernel upgrades.
  • Printer administration in SPAD.

IT Business Analyst

Confidential, Troy, MI


  • Conducted ePayroll analysis and provided documentation to executives.
  • Supported the internal migration to Office 365 and resolved computer and telephone issues.

Freelance Web Designer

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Designed web sites for life sciences clients.
  • Supported the web design team with programing, graphics and database management.

Computer Technician and Web Designer

Confidential, Bloomfield Hills, MI


  • Implemented hardware fixes, installed networks and performed virus removal for commercial and residential clients.
  • Designed websites and performed related tasks ranging from text editors to CMS (Content Management Systems).
  • Designed, developed and managed databases utilizing Microsoft Access and MySQL.
  • Developed web presentations and animations using Flash.

IT Manager

Confidential, Rochester, MI


  • Developed and maintained web site for the retail boutique, managed customer database and developed and conducted frequent email promotions.
  • Wrote website administration and point of sale system instruction manuals.
  • Installed cash register hardware and software.
  • Developed and managed inventory system and interface with QuickBooks.
  • Installed computer hardware and software systems and responded to staff inquiries related to the web site, email, internet and form templates.
  • Taught employees how to use their technologies and systems.
  • Meaningful Innovation recognition for innovative way of connecting and utilizing SharePoint with PowerPoint for presentations.
  • Innovation commendation for programing the automation of recurring work and saving man hours and recognition for leadership in the development of Global SharePoint.
  • Achievement and Contribution acknowledgement for writing the JavaScript portion of the Vacation Tracker/Time-Off interface on SharePoint, which provided an easy-to-use solution for employees.

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