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Sap Abap/4 Technical Consultant Resume

San Jose, CA


  • Over 8 years of experience as a SAP Functional and Technical areas like SD, MM FI, WF, ABAP and HR.
  • Being part of various SAP implementations, Global roll - outs, Version upgrades and Support projects providing technical services within the organization and also with external providers using various interfaces and business modules to facilitate efficiency and derive value of the SAP modules and possess strong organizational skills in drawing out requirements from the customers.
  • Very Good Functional Understanding of FI/MM/EB Invoice Process flow
  • Experience in RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms) and in SAP Net Weaver environment which includes SAP ECC 6.0
  • Experience in requirement gathering, analysis, technical specification preparation and documentation.
  • Involved in upgrade from 4.7EE to ECC 6.0.
  • Worked on SPAU and SPDD during Upgrade Project.
  • Worked in a development area and have developed few new customized workflows, reports and also enhanced existing functionalities.
  • Worked on Data Dictionary objects like Tables, Data elements, Domains and Lock objects, Search Helps and Table maintenance.
  • Worked on Interactive, Classical and ALV reports using Object Oriented ABAP which involved creation of new and modification of existing ones based on client requirements.
  • Experience in Data Conversions and data uploads from legacy systems to SAP R/3 systems using different techniques of BDC like Call Transaction, Session and Direct Input Method.
  • Designed and implemented conversions and interfaces using LSMW and BAPI.
  • Experienced in Developing Dialog Programs Using Module Pool Programs and Designed Screens using Screen Painter and Menu Painter.
  • Experienced in SAP Script/ Smart forms, which involved design of new forms and also modification of existing SAP forms.
  • Experience in Enhancements and modifications using User Exits, BADIs and new Enhancement infrastructure
  • Worked on Debugging & Performance Tuning of SAP Program
  • Experience in ALE, EDI and IDOC.
  • Weekly Planning and Status reporting deliverables. Onsite and Offshore co-ordination.
  • Develop Technical Solution to the Objects assigned. Trouble Shooting and Performance Tuning.


SAP Modules: SAP SD, MM, FI/CO, PP, PM and QM

ERP: SAP ECC 6.0 EhP6, ECC 5.0, SAP Enterprise 4.7R/3 4.6, 4.0

Operating System: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT/98

Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL

Internet Technologies: JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XML, JSP and Web Services.

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access.


Confidential, San Jose, CA

SAP ABAP/4 Technical Consultant


  • Responsible for Support/Enhancements to workflows and other supporting developments for OCR Process.
  • Involved in Application Support activities related to Invoice Process, Invoice Workflows, Archiving of Invoice scanned copies for Confidential Project
  • Involved in requirement gathering, estimations, work allocation, delivery scheduling & senior management status reporting.
  • Maintain development scorecard for all the objects created. Keep track of all the details in scorecard like completions dates, object owner, reviewer etc, and issue tracker.
  • Guide the Team Members about the processes. Resolve their queries & issues. Make sure that all the members become competent enough in all the areas.
  • Monitored Quality Assurance & conducted reviews.
  • Regular maintenance observation log and bug report.
  • Involved in analysis and design phase of Small Enhancements implementation related to OCR workflows and OCR Process
  • Responsible for Development / Build of assigned demands with approved Design Specification
  • Conducting Unit Testing, Test Script preparation and User Acceptance Testing related Small Enhancements
  • Preparing Documents, Material, User Guides related to new enhancements in OCR Workflow Process.
  • Worked as Team lead for OCR workflow team.
  • As a Team Leader, motivated the team to handle all types of issues.
  • Resolved many complex issues in workflows, Read soft area as well as helped other module teams in resolving their issues.
  • Achieved zero tickets in queue
  • Worked on many PMR tickets and which helped in avoiding generation many incident tickets.
  • Participated in the estimation part for the new biddings made to the client.
  • Developed webdynpro application as per requirement to process work items from outlook
  • Developed navigation from one Iview to other Iview along with parameters using plugs without using component called webdynpro application from another webdynpro application.
  • Developed custom webdynpro application for invoice line item changes with change button click. users will be allowed to change the field values. An on Apply action selected items will be updated with new status.


SAP Workflow- ABAP Developer


  • Involved in requirement gathering, estimations, work allocation, delivery scheduling & senior management status reporting.
  • Existing FI/MM WF new concepts Development / Modifications to existing WF’s and Involved in development of New Credit Note workflow for MM.
  • Involved in development of new requirements.
  • Developed new customizing workflow for handling approval process in case of parked MM invoice.
  • Modified existing reports by introducing new concepts.
  • Developed new Functional Modules and Methods.
  • Modifications to existing Functional Modules and Methods.
  • Developed new method to the existing Business Object.
  • Designed and developed many enhancements
  • Provided the possibilities of handling the requirement and fulfilled it.
  • Right roles and authorizations are identified and updated to the clients. Related business objects were updated with new methods to handle the workflow process.
  • End to end all possible scenarios were tested and appropriate test scripts were documented with results.
  • Monitor peer review process and effectiveness of the process
  • Involved in blue print preparation of the project
  • Workflow for returned sales order modified from updating the billing block to the delivery block.
  • Several sub-work flows were used here to control approval process.
  • Workflow for FI parked invoices modified to release and posting the document.
  • Designed and configured Workflow to park GL documents over $50,000 and trigger approval workflow to release the parked documents
  • Sub-work flows used to control document process.
  • Worked on parked credit memos, contract renewal (Quotations) and parked GL document
  • Work flows.
  • As part of roll-out of new company codes, created new chart of accounts, Chart of Accounts Account Group, created a Retained Earnings Account.
  • Worked on creating, deleting and blocking of the G/L Account.

Environment: SAP ABAP/4, ECC 4.7ECC6.0.


SAP HR - ABAP Consultant


  • Involved in FS Analysis, estimations, delivery scheduling & senior management status reporting
  • Coordinate with offshore team for clarifying FS requirements, doubts and issues
  • Provide status update of the deliverables to the Management team
  • Monitor work allocation and progress of work as per the weekly plan
  • Monitor peer review process and effectiveness of the process
  • Developed HR Report to send Employee data to Plex system for Controls folks.
  • Done Enhancement for Info type 0021-To add two more fields for telephone numbers
  • Implemented HR IT0002 BADI for IT0002enhancement for Czech Republic (Molga 18) to add Personnel ID field Developed Interface Report sends census data from PBS to Mercer on a monthly basis
  • Developed an ALV employee and qualification report, which provides employee, qualification, current position and previous employer history using the corresponding info types.
  • Developed a report to display the number of absences and overtime hours using corresponding info types.
  • Developed a custom reports to find out the percentage of people whose status have been changed from on-hold to hire.
  • Developed a report in ALV that gets all the Infotypes for the employee, this was developed to check Info types were during the conversion load
  • Customized Personnel Change Requests templates (Adobe Interactive Forms) with Web Dynpro.
  • Involved in the migration of existing smart forms to Adobe Forms.
  • Developed an interface file, which transfers current organization and payroll details of employees from SAP to 3rd party in a user specified CSV file format.
  • Developed an interface file, which sends PAC contributions details to the client’s bank in a bank specific format. The file reads data from payroll cluster tables.
  • Created a BDC program to upload Personal Data, Organizational assignment, addresses and Basic pay data from sequential data files to SAP system.
  • Implemented user exit for insurance plan Info type (0168) to audit the number of additional units based on the number of children eligible for life insurance in family/relative persons Info type (0021).
  • Created an outbound IDOC interface to transfer details of deductions to a third party.
  • Involved in data migration from Legacy system to SAP R/3 in using BDC batch input technique using LSM Workbench. The process involves mapping of legacy fields with SAP fields.
  • Modification of the existing ALV report program to include the additional fields and the changes made to these fields on the customer master are captured in the report output.

Environment: SAP ABAP/4, ECC6.0, HR.


SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Developed a Report to display the customer open items in Account receivables based on the company code and customer.
  • Developed a report to display the list of Purchase Organization, Document Type and Account Group according to the Purchase Order Creation Date.
  • Created reports such as sales order report, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, invoice status and partner function details.
  • Created Sales-group performance report in SD module with respect to sales area.
  • List of Stock values.
  • List to display Purchase Requisitions.
  • Sales Document Details: The report lists all the sales orders as per the selected date range, sales order number and/or order type by the user to display all the Order details along with Delivery and Billing document details. User had the option of calling specific transactions, at drill-down from the basic list, to get further details of the selected document numbers.
  • Generated a Sales Order Details Report, which displays Order Number, Date on which it was created, Sold to party and Material Details based on Sales Order Number and Creation Date.
  • Developed a report to list open sales orders.
  • Developed report for Open purchase orders by vendor, which gives a detailed list of all open purchase orders, with number, material, and quantity.
  • Created an interactive report to output Vendor details like Vendor name and address etc. in the basic list and Bank details like Account number, Banker’s name and address in the secondary list.
  • Created a report that displays sales orders and their items, which needed to be delivered by a certain date. Selection criteria were used to enter the specified delivery dates.
  • Developed a report to display customer partner functions based upon sales organization and customer number using ALV.
  • Developed an ALV report that displays both sales and inventory data for a material with customer combination.
  • Created interactive report to display all the purchase orders handled during the selected range of period with secondary list selection to display vendor’s details.
  • Created an Interactive report which displays the details of purchase orders, if the User double clicks on any row the history details should be displayed corresponding to that particular purchasing document number.
  • Developed BDC programs to upload Health Plans and Benefits from Legacy System into SAP.
  • Loading Info types 0014 and 0015 using LSMW.
  • Modified and customized W2 forms as per client’s requirement.
  • Designed a layout set for the purchase order. Copied and modified the standard program with external subroutines as per our requirement to change address and to add the LOGO.
  • Developed a new smart form to print the goods receipt barcode label printing.
  • Developed the smart forms and converted them into PDF format.
  • Created report showing the, qualifications and previous employer data, to determine the eligibility of the candidates who have applied for a particular job.
  • Used BADI’s for automatic postal address checks.
  • Modified the User Exit for PBAS0001 to validate the Info type’s information.
  • Implemented BADI ME PURCHDOC POSTED to calculate PPV value based net price, standard cost, quantity.
  • Created an Interactive report which displays the details of vendor details, if the User double clicks on any row the vendor bank details should be displayed corresponding to that particular purchasing document number.
  • Modified a classical report to review credit and debit memos into ALV list display.
  • Created a Report based on selection range of vendor number and company code, Which gives the vendor details like vendor no, vendor name, city and state.

Environment: SAP ABAP/4, ECC6.0 EE, SD, FI, MM.

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