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Sap Basis Netweaver Consultant Product Delivery Lead Resume


  • I am an SAP Basis Consultant with 14 years of professional IT experience including 11 years of SAP Basis/Netweaver Administration and 3 years in System Administration.
  • I have extensive hands - on experience in all aspects of SAP Systems and Database administration during implementation, transportation and upgrade phases.
  • Additionally, I possess a broad technical and business background, which includes administrating, programming, technical support; help desk, technical training and quality assurance.
  • I have innovative technological skills with a proven ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems to increase customer satisfaction.
  • I have excellent technical, documentation, interpersonal and communication skills. (Fluent in English, French, Algerian, Berber & Arabic.)
  • AIX 6.1 DB2 9.5/10.1 & 10.6 homogenous Export/Import & DB2 system refresh based on backup and restore
  • Migration project from UNIX/Oracle to W2K3/SQL
  • Upgrade/Unicode conversion 4.6 & 620 to EHP4/EHP1
  • DR built Windows/SQL & AIX/DB2, DR testing
  • SQL 05/08/08R2 installs, upgrades, cluster installs & upgrades
  • Installed SAP Netweaver 2004s 7.0 SR3 (includes AS ABAP, AS JAVA, EP Core, EP, BI, PI)
  • Installed and configured of cProjects/xRPM 4.5 onto ABAP stack and Java stack
  • Installed SCM 2007 (EWM, APO, SNC)
  • Configured SAP Transportation Management 6.0 (on ramp-up) on NW 7.0 SR3
  • Installed and configured SRM 5.0 and CRM 2007
  • Built BOBJ Enterprise server 2008 (Crystal Reports, Xcelsious, Live Tools, SAP Connect Kit)
  • Configured SAP authentication in BOBJ CMC
  • Installed, configured and supported all ECC 6.0 aspects such as CTS/STMS, client copies, client refresh, profile maintenance, users access and security roles, performance and tuning
  • Upgraded multiple ECC 6 systems to EHP4 using SAPEHPi
  • Upgraded ECC from EHP4 to EHP5, 6 & 7
  • Worked with functional team to configure PLM 7.0 after upgrading to EHP4 with PLMWUI7.0
  • Installed Solution Manager EHP1 and configured MOPZs for satellite systems
  • Implemented OSS notes and worked with SAP to resolve issues
  • Configured RFCs, JCOs, Portal System Landscape, worked on Visual Admin, Configtool, SDM and JSPM, BI desktop diagnostic tool
  • Configured hardware (servers, multiple desktops, laptops)
  • Worked on different OS platforms W2K3, W2K8, Linux, Sun Solaris & AIX
  • Installed and administered MSSQL2005, MSSQL208 R2, Oracle 10G, DB2 9.5/9.7 & MaxDB 7.7
  • Performed Cisco PIX BOX 501 administration, facilitated users network and VPN access


Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, Sun Solaris & AIX 6.1


Network, Firewall, VPN, Switches

Hardware upgrade (adding processors, ram and disk drives)

SAP NetWeaver 2004s (BI, PI, EP, EPc, AS ABAP & AS JAVA)

BOBJ Enterprise server 2008 (Crystal Reports, Excelsius, Universal, Voyager, Live Tools) & BOBJ 4.0

SAP R/3 4.7, ECC, 5.0, 6.0

SAP upgrades and CUUC conversion

OS/DB migrations

CRM 6.0

SRM 5.0

SCM 2007

User Security Administration

Oracle 8.1, 9, 10/11G

DB2 9.5, 9.7 & 10.1

MS SQL 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012

OSS/SAP Service Marketplace

SAP Printing, Network Printing

Client Copy

Apply Support Packs (SPAM/JSPM) & SUM

Deploying add-ons components (JSPM)

Deploying components services (Visual Admin)

TMS and SLD configuration

Performance and Tuning

DB administration

Add-ons SAINT



SAP Basis Netweaver Consultant Product delivery lead


  • Export/Import DB2 database to retain table space after archiving 600 GB of data (DB2 9.5 FX8 high water marks limitation)
  • DB2 9.5 FP8 upgrade to 10.1 FP3
  • Export/Import DB2 database to migrate old table spaces that were created in v9.5 FP8 to new table space on v10.1FP3, purpose is to reduce high water marks and have the ability to shrink table space and reclaim disk space
  • System Copy/Refresh
  • ECC 6.0 SPS 19 to SPS 22, 24 & 26 on ABAP/JAVA
  • Day to day support BTC jobs, Queues, RFCs, Users, App servers, database, Transports, Short Dumps, Notes, Kernel patches, Support Packs,,,Performance monitoring dialog steps & system response time, long running jobs
  • SUM upgrades, applying support packs
  • Solman upgrade 700 to 710 SP8 & SPS 13 upgrade
  • Applied support packs on ECC EHP6, CRM, PI, SCM, BW, BOBJ 4.0, SRM & EP, AIX/Oracle
  • SCM 70 upgrade to EHP1
  • Day to day support BTC jobs, Queues, RFCs, Users, App servers, database, Transports, Short Dumps, Notes, Kernel patches, Support Packs,,,SAPinst export for data center migration
  • BOBJ 4.0 SP05 upgrade to SP06
  • Production day to day support
  • Performance tuning long running jobs after moving to cloud on W2K8/MSQL2008
  • System refreshes
  • Kernel patches, transport management
  • Solman set up, Wily setup, EWA reports
  • Steady state after migration from physical Iserries/DB2 to cloud SCE+ on AIX6.1/DB2 9.7 FP7
  • Solman setup, Wily setup, EWA reports
  • Performance tuning on ECC EHP7, CRM 7 & BW 740
  • System refreshes
  • Solman upgrade
  • Applying notes to fix ST03 history dumps, DB02 SQL explain feature, tune CRM SU53/52 WEBUI
  • Updating sapcrypto and certificates
  • Troubleshooting external interfaces
  • DB2 STMM tuning for BW and ECC


SAP Basis Netweaver Consultant


  • Production virtualization and migration from W2k3/SQL05 to W2K8/SQL08R2 (EDC to GDC)
  • Migrated from physical to virtual
  • System Copy/Refresh
  • ECC 6.0 EPH4 to EHP5 upgrade
  • ECC 6.0 EPH4 SPS 6.0 to SPS 10
  • SRM 5.0 to SRM 7.0 upgrade
  • SQL 2008 R2 upgrade to SQL2012 cluster and non cluster for BW 7.30
  • BSI Tax Factory 8.0 to 9.0
  • NWBC 3.0 connectivity to ECC EHP4
  • Day to day support (ECC, SRM, SCM, BI, PI, EP,,,) BTC jobs, Queues, RFCs, Users, App servers, database, Transports, Short Dumps, Notes, Kernel patches, Support Packs,,,Portal admin
  • BOBJ 4.0 Installation, patching and configuration
  • BOBJ 4.0 Active Directory SSO
  • BOBJ 4.0 SAP Authentication
  • User mapping
  • Webi cloning

Confidential, Tampa, FL

SAP Basis Netweaver Consultant Lead


  • Migrated SAP systems from UNIX/Oracle to W2K3/MSSQL
  • Heterogeneous system export/import 9 TB BW (Sand Box, DEV, QA, Release, Mass, PRD)
  • Heterogeneous system export/import 3 TB R/3 (Sand Box, DEV, QA, Release, Mass, PRD)
  • Post-migration activities (go live Jan 2011)
  • Built SQL05 & 08 named instances and named clusters
  • MSSQL upgrades from 05 SP3 to 08 R2 CU1
  • SQL 08 R2 row compression
  • SQL backup/restore procedures
  • System refresh/copy
  • Full Life Cycle PI 7.11 implementation PI Installs SBX, DEV, QA, Release, Mass and PROD on SQL08 (go live Jul 2011)
  • NWDI 711 full life cycle implementation installation & configuration (go live March 2012)
  • Built disaster & recovery landscapes
  • Combined upgrade/Unicode conversion R/3 4.6 to ECC EHP4 pre-upgrade activities, pre-unicode conversion activities, backup, downtime, finalization, Unicode export/import, post Upgrade/Unicode activities
  • Combined upgrade/Unicode conversion WAS 620 with CRM add-on 3.10 to EHP1 pre-upgrade activities, pre-unicode conversion activities, backup, downtime, finalization, Unicode export/import, post Upgrade/Unicode activities
  • IRIS CRM 702 DR built including BW/JAVA 730 with Siteminder SSO integration (completed Jan 2013)
  • GTS 7.2 on Netweaver 7.0 upgrade to GTS 10 on Netweaver 702 (currently going on as of Feb/2013)
  • EP dual stack upgrade from 700 to 730
  • OS Win 2003 migration to OS WIN 2008 R2 including BW 730 upgrade and MSSQL 08 upgrade to 2012

Confidential, Mountain View, CA

SAP Basis Netweaver Consultant


  • Performed Solution Manager installation and administration
  • Configured SMP Data Administration
  • Configured SLD and added satellite systems as technical systems
  • Created logical systems in Solution Manager
  • Connected and configured RFCs to satellite systems
  • Created MOPZs for each SAP satellite system in landscape, purpose is to be able to approve items in download basket and get systems ready for EHP upgrades
  • Performed SAPRouter administration, starting, stopping and updating router tab
  • Installed SAP NW 2004s 7.0 SR3 (BI, PI, EP, EPc, AS ABAP & AS JAVA)
  • Installed CPRXRPM 4.5 on NW7.0 (ABAP & Java)
  • Installed and configured BOBJ Enterprise server 2008 (Crystal Report server, Excelsius, Voyager, Universal, Live Tools), SAP Integration kit, LCM installation (BOBJ Trans)
  • Configured BOBJ to use SAP authentication
  • Integrated BOBJ XI 3.1 with NW7.0 (BI system)
  • Installed SCM 2007 (EWM, APO, SNC)
  • Installed SAP TM 6.0 add - on into NW 7.0 SR3
  • Installed CRM 6.0 and SRM 5.0
  • Upgraded ECC 6.0 to EHP4 using SAPEHPi
  • Worked with functional team to configure (PLM 7.0) after EHP4 upgrade
  • Generated profiles for PLMWUI Roles and performed user comparison
  • Installed and configured NWBC and Right Hemisphere on client machines
  • Built Content/Cache servers and Created Content Repositories for DMS
  • Installed and configure TreX 7.10 connectivity to PLM system
  • Performed portal administration and configuration such as UME, SSO, Post-Installation, SLD, BP and patches deployment
  • Installed and configured ADS credentials
  • Used Portal Diagnostics (BI Desktop Tool) to troubleshoot BI issues such as BI master system, SSO issues and template configuration
  • Enhanced Portal Performance and java max heap parameters in (Config Tool)
  • Performed System Copies using homogeneous and heterogeneous methods from source to target
  • Performed System refresh (backup and restore) such as detach and attach in large DBs
  • Performed clients administration (create, delete, copy, import, export & assign logical clients)
  • Performed DB Administration on DB client
  • Administration of W2K3, Linux, Unix

Confidential, Redwood City, CA

SAP Basis and Security/Network/Infrastructure Administrator


  • Integrated SAP HR into Confidential VoIP Service Application (Timecard)
  • Associated peer - peer VPN between SAP servers and Timecard servers
  • Set up users access and assigned security roles in ECC
  • Configured SSO and loaded certificates on both applications SAP HR and Timecard

Confidential, Plano, TX

SAP Basis Administrator


  • Installed and configured SAP NetWeaver 2004s and BI Portal Configured SLD, UME, SSO,java post installations and iViews (SAP BW) and deploying Portal Support Packs using JSPM & SDM, I also set up JCOs and RFCs to backend and monitored backend GW.
  • Installed and configured ECC 6.0 (DEV, TST & PRD) including TMS & CTS, Post installation and generated Security Roles profiles and facilitated users access.
  • I updated SPAM/SAINT and applied SPKs/ Kernel/IGS Pack. Performed Client Maintenance (create, delete, copy, import, export and logical systems).
  • Worked on RFC issues and GW monitoring.
  • Performed System copies, System refresh, Backup DB and Restore
  • Monitored performance and tuning, system dumps, logs, and spool maintenance

Confidential, Dallas, TX

SAP Basis Administrator


  • Applied kernel patches, support package, OSS notes, Add - ons, SAINT and SPAM update
  • Performed client administration (create, delete, copy, import, export & assign logical clients)
  • Performed system copies, system refresh, backup and restore
  • Facilitated users access
  • Transported requests from DEV to TST, and from TST to PRD
  • Set up and configured SAP Printers
  • Maintained SAP profile parameters
  • Troubleshoot RFCs and monitoring GW issues
  • Performed daily checks SM66, SM21, SM12, SM13, DB02, ST22
  • Supported functional team in daily basis

Confidential, Carrolton, TX

Systems Administrator


  • Troubleshoot Applications and Hardware
  • Win2K administration
  • Architected Data Model for Various Clients
  • SQL server administration
  • Created Users Profile to Authentication with domain
  • Batch files xcopy
  • Reviewed Data/Code Sessions with Development and Management Teams
  • Documented Database Design
  • Developed Data Dictionary for Internal and External Customers
  • Performed Database and Table Queries SQL 2000
  • Performed Data Transfers from Table - to-Table & Table-to Spreadsheets
  • AD Administration


Systems Administrator


  • Provided Desktop Application Support
  • Performed Network Administration
  • Resolved VPN Issues
  • LAN/Wireless Connectivity
  • Mapped Network Drives and Network Printer Maintenance (connectivity, etc)
  • Identifying and Resolving DNS, Network and Firewall Issues
  • Troubleshooting Windows/Hardware Issues
  • Active Directory (Password resets, Distribution Lists, adding users to security groups, etc)
  • General Information

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