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Sap Hana Consultant Resume

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Nashville, Tn


  • 24 years' extensive experience in Information Technology environment, which includes 21 years of SAP implementation experience SAP R/3 3.0A to ECC6.0/HANA Modules. Configure and Implementation experience in Manufacturing, A&D, Life Science, Oil & Gas, Retail and Utility with EAM/PM, SD, MM, TMS, WM, TSW,CS (Warranty), CUM (Compabale Unit Management), IMRO, MRO, SCM and FICO. Integration experience cross function module during implementation. Prepare test script, test data for integration test, UES and UAT. Prepare and validate test script and execute scripts. Capture and record the defects promptly during the integration and UAT. Fix the defect and retest and close.
  • Gather the business requirement from SOW, use case and Prepare Business requirement document. Develop the functional specification for development of RICEFW. Prepare data for unit test and integration test, complete with functional validation.
  • More than 12 years of SAP project implementation experience spans requirement gather, build use - case, blueprint, design, configuration, build, unit & integration testing, UAT, cutover, Go-live and post implementation support with FAST TRACK, ASAP, iSAP and Ajile-Water Fall methodologies. Additional five years of IT in logistics and banking before starting SAP career. Experienced in Business Process Reengineering, Business process mapping, writing the functional specification, test scripts, and BPP, RICEFW objects. Data migiration for PM/MM/SD/FICO module by LSMW, Winshuttle, BDC, and Batch program which include data cleansing, data mapping etc.. SAP global roll-out and SAP upgrades with the different landscape. Provide user training and documentation.
  • Excellent Consulting experience with IBM, Deloitte, CAP Gemini, Infosys, PWC, Accenture, SAP America, HCL AXON for SAP implementation and post go-live support. End to end configuration for EAM/MM/SD/SM/CS,PM/MRO/IMRO and FICO.
  • Quality test and record defect with QC10, HPQC, and SMARTBEAR. Ten years of SAP R/3 and ECC modules ABAP Technical experience with Programming, Interface, BAPI, OOP, BAD, EDI/IDOC/ALE, BRF+, LSMW, Objects, ITS Mobile, Winsuttle, RF Programming, Conversion, Reports, Smartforms, Webdynpro, SAP Scripts, Ariba and ALV, etc.


  • Data services configure setup for SLT
  • DXC
  • SDA
  • and FF. Data model created Analytical
  • Attribute and Calculation views. Data Transfer from R3
  • ECC
  • Legacy
  • Homegrown system
  • 3rd party system to S4HANA. UI with Lumira
  • Fiori
  • Excel
  • and Internet Exp. Worked on simple logistics and finance.


Confidential, Nashville TN.

SAP HANA Consultant


  • Gather requirement from the key user for data model and views for SD, FICO and MM.
  • Configure setup and execute for SLT, DXC, and FF for data replication of PM, SD, MM, WM-STO, FICO module in S4/HANA. Created new Catalog, Content, Shema for each master and transaction data. ABAP programming for MM and SD module.
  • Using HANA studio, create views from source to system for Customer/Vendor, Material master, Warehouse data, HUM/Sum with RF-ITS Configuration for Hand gun and Truck mount scanner, data using Side Car scenario.
  • End to end shipping point and stock periodic and cycle count maintenance.
  • Created data model, cubes, dimension using star join, Projection. UI integration build for Excel, Lumira and Crystal report using Main car scenario. Data model export and import to upper land scape. Used model OLAP and OLTP.
  • Pricing configure, which include charge back, Pay back and commision.
  • SD/FICO data transfer for GL, AP, AR and COPA, which include Attribute, Analytical, and calculation view. Extensively used Data service workbench for SD/FICO/WM/PM//MM module.
  • Created Functional spec and Tech spec and test data with test case as per use case.

Confidential, CA

Pole Loading Calculation for SAP EAM/PM/SM (ECC 6.0)/HANA


  • Design from BRD and Use-case for Compatible unit maintenance and Linear Asset Management.
  • Electric Transmission and Distribution Maintenance. Pole load calculation with GIS, GPS and OSMOSE system.
  • PM configure for Plant, Work center, Fuctional Location, Equipment, Measure Documents, Planning, Maintenance for planned and unplanned and Cost center settlement. Equipment and Pole refurbishment process with PTT.
  • 2.96 Million Distribution pole and Half million Transmission line and few thousand Gas line maintenance which include new asset creation.
  • Configure for PM related asset management for CUM Functional Location and Equipment.
  • End to end CUM configuration, test script and test data. Gas pipe line maintenance. Utilitity billing system
  • SD Billing system integration with Energy consumers, NEBS, GO90, and RTR.
  • Design new custom transaction for Pole and Join Pole based work management.
  • Interface design with GIS/GPS and Osmose via EI. Mapping with the Legacy system and Pole loading database.
  • Design and worked for PT&T and FAA for transmission and distribution line.
  • 2.6 million pole maintenance and pole loading calculation.
  • Joint Pole design for AT&T, Comcast, and Pacific Bell. Sales order pricing procedure created for various customers.
  • Prepare Test script for the Unit Test, Integration Test and UAT. Hyper care and Go live support.

Confidential Houston, TX

SAP Functional EAM/iMRO/SCM


  • IMRO implementation for Aerospace & Defense industry and Rollout for Europe, Australia, South America. Asia and Africa Regions.
  • Undertaken detailed discussions with business owners to gather requirements. Blue print validation and leverage to-be models.
  • Completed end to end configuration for Line, Heavy and Component Process, SM implementation with On-site and In house.
  • Completed configure for Functional Location, Equipment, Measure points/Documents, Schedle for Planning.
  • Configure for Master data, Transaction Data, and Config control process. Aircraft, Component Phase in and Phase. Maintained as allowed and as maintained for Aircraft.
  • Aviation regularity by region like FAA, CASA, EASA, CAA, etc.
  • Desinged Developed SCM/IMRO interface eFlight via PI and SCM-P2P with Abriba.
  • Worked on quote, PO generation, Shipment/ASN, Delivery confirmation, QA check, Invoice veryfication and make payment.
  • Task list and measuring document maintained for Aircraft and Component. Lock Book and records measurement from eFlight via flight sheet.
  • UI5 Design and developed FS for Line, Heavy, and Component process to simplify the SAP transactions.
  • Operation integration MRO and Cash to Customer Teams.
  • Worked on WPS1, MEB, MBX, EWI and all IMRO products. Structure part installs and dismantles, on condition part install and dismantle. Schedule maintenance for the single and multiple counters. Create multiple notifications including defect notification.
  • Configure for Notification, Work order and WO settlement. The operation, WO, and Notification sign off.
  • Aircraft certification with LBK1, Form1, Form 8130, etc.
  • Service order for the 3rd part component process, handle BPH part and Vendor consignment stocks. Warranty management for component and customer services to component repair. Based measuring document, warranty approvals, validation and custom actions to trigger event gate to gate process.
  • Design and developed FS for eFlight interface with MRO and SCM system.
  • Functional validation and functional test for all business requirement.
  • Write detailed test script for integration test and UAT. Prepare test data for IT and UAT. Execute test and record the defects and follow up all defects.

Confidential, Nashville TN.

SAP Pricing Consultant IS-Retail SD/MM/WM/FICO


  • Gather knowledge from the key user for Pricing implementation.
  • Configure end to end pricing for sales and purchase pricing system which includes custom pricing procedure and output determination for various customer communication.
  • Design for mobile user application for sales and services users.
  • Take over pricing related interface and developed functional specification document for build team.
  • Write test script and prepare test data for integration test. Prepare for the cutover plan and execute.
  • Write FS for smart form and Adobe form with the driver program.
  • Configure for sales and billing EDI interfaces.

Confidential, Stratford, CT

SAP Functional EAM/SD/ MM


  • MRO-CS implementation with warranty, in-house repair, Site repair, AMC, and sales service.
  • Undertaken detailed discussions with business owners to gather requirements. Blue print validation and leverage to-be models.
  • Completed end to end configuration for MRO/SM/CS process. Wrote Functional Spec with Unit test cases.
  • Configure for Master data, claim type, Master warranty, Counter based measuring document, warranty approvals, validation and custom actions to trigger event gate to gate process.
  • User exit and screen enhancement for warranty. Output message via mail, printer and EDI by event trigger. Handling customer RMA order via warranty.
  • Write Functional specification, test script for Master data like vendor, customer, contractor, and Functional Location, Equipment, and Material master. Material serialization configures and assigns to equipment level.
  • FICO settlement for the customer with pre-credit and post credit process and posting is done with AP/AR.
  • In MM/PM configuration with Contract, Schedule agreement to the vendor. Shipping, Outbound delivery, billing, output type configures. Vendor receiving, PGI, Payments, Goods issue production, and assembly line. Receive MRO order from Solumina and process via ECC and WBS settlement.
  • Build Material BOM, Equipment BOM. Customer warranty management based on Aircraft, equipment measuring points and reading.
  • Design and configure for O&R and external service process under warranty/contract. Service master and work order configuration.
  • MRO configure an interface with Solumina, TAT report design for O&R process Army, Navy, and FMS.
  • DCMA contract and delivery process and payment schedule process.
  • Warranty extend and authorization process. Charge based on pre-credit and WBS.
  • Designed FS, BPP, and Developed Proto Types for implementing MRO Functionality. Integration and testing, user training, cutover, and go-live. Go-live support.

Confidential, Marysville, OH

, SAP Functional PM/MM/IM/LE


  • Undertaken detailed discussions with business owners to gather requirements.
  • GSP project related warranty management for MRO. STO, Inbound and out bound delivery, Process customer billing with AR.
  • Configured performance and period based maintenance and schedule. Interface for PM with MAXIMO and Legacy system.
  • Order process report design from Notification to final settlement.
  • Equipment material serialization for claim processing.
  • Custom action and validation for Claim process.
  • Authorization and VSR application applied.
  • Vendor Warranty authorization assignment to Claim process.
  • Counter and time-based warranty actions matrix configuration.
  • O&R process and external service contract for warranty claim.
  • Create custom acknowledgment and claim process via mail, printout, and EDI.

Confidential, New Orleans, LA

SAP Techno-Functional WM/ IM/LE


  • Undertaken detailed discussions with business owners to gather requirements.
  • Jurisdiction validation RF ITS configuration and Design Label design etc.
  • Design RF transaction code with LM01 and Customs Code T-Code.
  • Design and work with Bin to Bin, Put away development, Work with Pick, Pre-Pick.
  • Developed RF Pack and Unpack, Dumping with Scarp.
  • Design and work for Production Order receive, PO/STO receive in RF.
  • Design Label linear and 2D bar code along with Smart forms.
  • Work with Printer setup for Bar Zebra Printer, Sato printers.
  • Work with Inbound and Outbound Delivery creates and updates.
  • Manage Internal HU/SU with Customer and Manage vendor HU handling via RF.
  • Undertaken global blueprint, conducted workshops, and come with detailed Business Design Document. Gap analysis, Interface design, etc.
  • Coast to coast pipe line maintenance. PM master data and transaction configure.
  • Interface with FICO and COPA for all posting.
  • TSW configure and interface build. Pipe line air patrol and robotic control from PM master data.
  • Pipe line related asset creation in finance and asset management.
  • Plant maintenance master data configure for Functional location, equipment, and material, BOM and service order.
  • Internal, external service contract and step by step order processing.
  • Master data interface from MAXIMO. Maximo order process via ECC.
  • Downstream to upstream pipeline preventive and breakdown maintenance.
  • Upstream customer warranty claim process and WBS settlement.
  • Oil and gas plant notification convert to order send to O&R and service provider.
  • Write functional specification to develop custom objects.
  • Write Test script and complete test and QC validation.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP Techno Functional IM/WM/LE/SD


  • ITS-RF configuration for RF hand gun and truck mount. Design and developer for RF gun 16X8 and 20X16 truck mount.
  • Inbound and outbound with STO configuration. Customer billing process and warranty management.
  • Designed and configured the SD/FICO/WM-HUM,SUM configuration interface objects and configured for pricing and COPA. Linear and 2D bar code design. Bar code printer setup.
  • Configure for various customer related output determination.
  • Configure and design for VISTEX and VERTEX systems.
  • Design and develop functional specification for Pricing procedure and COPA conversion.
  • Worked with customer rebates, incentives, chargeback, credit memo and discount interface with VISTEX and legacy system.
  • End to end configures for purchase order pricing and info record design.
  • Implemented warranty management (CS) for customer care and CRM system.
  • Implemented goods receipt for PO and put away as Handling Unit (Pallet) into the storage location.
  • Worked on integration test and cutover procedure for SD and MM objects.
  • Undertaken detailed discussions with business owners to gather requirements.
  • Undertaken project kickoff meeting, project approach, conceptual and detailed design, gap analysis and set up project timeline. Configure for RF design in IM modules.
  • Configure for Work order, Notification, Equipment, BOM, Maintenance schedule for measuring points etc.
  • Undertaken configuration, warehouse structure set up, putaway and picking strategies.
  • Undertaken configuration of directed putaway and bin replenishment.
  • Set up new IM movement type for directed putaway and replenishment.
  • Undertaken Shipment and loading goods deliveries to Hub via Shipment module.
  • Implemented RF technology for mobile devices for various IM movements.
  • Undertaken detailed development functional specification for RF development with the ITS solution. Bar code configures.
  • Implemented Storage Unit Management for materials packed in pallets.
  • Used shipment functionality for FTL shipment, packaging, loading to the truck and generating various shipping documents.
  • Implemented after sales warranty management for the customer, warranty includes service warranty.
  • Warranty based on performance as well as sales/delivery date based.
  • Set up QM to receive material to QA stock, usage decision and subsequent posting in IM.
  • Undertaken procedure to convert the stock material to sales order stock.

Confidential, Memphis, TX

SAP Techno-Functional


  • SAP upgrade with BPRF, FICO and PM modules, developed 90 objects within two years for Enhancement Conversion and interfaces. Experience on PM conversion and Upload.
  • PM configure for Fuctional Location, Equipment, Maintenance Schedule, Planning, Setup single and multiple counter, Equipment install and dismantle.
  • Configure Mesuring point and Data migration for all Master and traction data via LSMW and BDC Batch program.
  • Undertaken detailed discussions with business owners, trading partners, and EDI vendor to gather requirements. Worked for FS design in Global Supply Chain Project.
  • Undertaken project kickoff meeting, project approach, conceptual and detailed design, including an impact of new functionality on environment/performance.
  • Undertaken BRD review, gap analysis and set up project timeline.
  • Undertaken configuration of SAP WM and Handling Unit functionality to implement E-Pedigree requirements.
  • End to end configures for Sales pricing system, which includes finished, semi and raw materials. Design for pricing routine and enhancement both MM and SD modules.
  • Worked on output determination for SD, MM and PM modules with print prgram and forms.
  • Configured SAP Handling Unit Management module to implement Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC-18) for pick HU.
  • Implemented Storage Unit Management including put away and Picking using RF-enabled handheld devices for WM managed warehouses.
  • Design and Worked on RF Web console interface to fine-tune the performance issues.
  • Work with Plant Maintenance for more than two years' Work Center, Notification, work order, maintenance order, break down, MRO, Measure Docs and reading based on Equipment and function location, interface with MM, PS and FICO modules.
  • Undertaken inbound delivery processing and create HU using packaging instruction.
  • Undertaken org set up for HU Management using partner storage location configuration.
  • Made storage location transfer between HU Managed storage location and IM location (Pack and UN Pack) using HU monitor.
  • Undertaken detailed design for Edge project to automate Outbound and Inbound messages using third party EDI application (Sterling Commerce)
  • Configured MM Purchasing to implement Edge - Manufacturing Process.
  • Implemented 850 PO message to the vendor, 855 Order Acknowledgement, 856 ASN and 810 Invoice from the vendor using third party EDI application (Sterling Commerce).
  • Undertaken subsequent Global Rollout of IP for Asia, Brazil, and Australia.
  • In APO Covert Order to Heuristic, Mater data update ship from, GATP/ATP/CTP check, Roll, Scale, Trim Order Reports, Create SNP paper Machine from PPDS Paper Machine, etc.
  • Code Review, Performance Tune, and Trouble Shoot. Worked for various sub companies, Xpedx, Evergreen, Fiber supplies, Arizona Chemicals, CBPR and Paper Pro.
  • Production trouble shooting, resolve Production issues and emergency transport. Apply OSS notes with the help of STS. Find the Hot pack issues and resolve.
  • Physical Inventory and Cycle Count (specifical execution in discrete manufacturing environment)
  • Determine requirements and developed the functional specification for various labels used in the warehouse using SmartForms.
  • Design and setup of Warehouse Management to support manufacturing (backflushing, material staging) and Distribution.
  • Developed detailed functional specification for goods receipt for PO and bin-to-bin transfer through the RF-enabled handheld device using SAP console.
  • Roll out and did supports for more than 40 plants around the world.
  • Configured SAP LE and WM to implement transportation management solution for Xpedx.
  • Implemented carrier selection and rate shopping functionality using interface with 3rd Party application (Precession Software)
  • Implemented delivery and picking grouping functionality for efficient utilization of warehouse recourses for Fiber Supply, Ever Green and Arizona Chemicals.
  • Re-engineered existing TO confirmation process to improve a process and accurate stock balance.
  • Implemented short TO confirmation and automatic update of associated delivery.
  • Undertaken detailed interface design / specification between SAP and Precession Software using IDOC and Web Methods.
  • Implemented GATP project to migrate ATP and predefined rules from SAP core to APO.
  • Configured the system to enable the interface between SAP and APO.
  • Set up SAP APO-CIF Integration model to transfer master data.
  • Set up check instructions to determine the type and scope of availability check.
  • Define Condition table, define Rule Determination, execution of Rule determination and configure check instructions, rule strategy, determination of rule strategy and access sequence.
  • Undertaken material master set (strategy group, MRP group, MRP group) up to derive requirement type and the appropriate check mode in APO.
  • Worked on Production Orders with ATP and Backorder Processing.
  • Technical area worked ABAP, OOP, User exit, BADI, BAPI, ALE, IDoc, Smart forms, SAP Scripts, Reports, ALV, LSMW, Web method, RFC's, CIF's, Label Print, RF Guns, SAP Console, ITS for Remote RF guns, et
  • Undertaken detailed discussions with Materials Management business owners to gather requirements for various improvement projects.
  • Implemented Contract Release Strategy for procurement of direct and indirect materials for Fonda.
  • Worked on Consignment processing for fulfillment products directly from Fonda consignees to individual customers.
  • Implemented new storage type for raw material for better utilization of storage space.
  • Conversion Plan, Strategies, Design FS and Test Scripts.
  • Implemented cycle count process by quant for warehouse managed items.
  • Helped Fonda in fine tuning MRP and thereby reducing Inventory.
  • SAP implementation for MM/FI/CO Conversion & Interface development.
  • Implementation Requirement Plan for Payment Authorization, AS-IS analysis, TO-BE Design.
  • Time Management - Shift Plan, Time Data, Time Evaluation, Work Schedule, Incentive Wages, Time Sheet, CATS, Approval, etc.
  • Development of Functional Spec, Technical Spec, Conversion Strategy.
  • Business Process Analysis for Existing Systems and developed Maps. Configure & Development for EDI/ALE/IDOC. Developed User Exits and Field Exit for FI/CO.
  • Developed Test Scenario Outbound PO, Inbound GR/Invoice (EDI), Order Confirmation.
  • Data conversion using LSMW, BAPI, BDC, Customer Enhancement using BADI and BAPI.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ.

SAP Techno Functional


  • SAP Technical for MM/SD/WM Interface development.
  • Real-time warehouse and ship/delivery Interface National Chemical with UPS using I2 tools. Prepare day to day reports
  • Configured stock determination procedure for consignment stock at the time of goods issue for consumption.
  • SAP Technical for FI/CO/FI/MM/SD/PS Module Enhancement, Interface, and Reports development. Design & developed Interface with Non-SAP System using RFC via MQ Series.
  • EDI/ALE for Master Data Distribution Material, Vendor, and Customer. Worked for New Special Ledger and Global code change. MRO for Manufacturing Plant and Notification, WO, Preventive Maintenance and Schedule Maintenance. Time Sheet Entry and Evaluation Etc.
  • Interface with Hyperion, Product/Non-Product View Accounts. Natural Accounts, Forecast, Rolling forecast, etc. Time Management Plan for Employee, Contractor by Shift Plan.
  • MM/FI/CO/TR data conversion & interface using BAPI. Report development for Invoice, Vendor, and AP & AR. Customize enhancement for Purchase and Sales system using User Exit. SAP script for Internal Documents and Label Print out. Transaction Data. EDI - IDOC for Invoice, Vendor Order
  • ABAP/4 Performance Tuning, Code review, Unit Test, Integration Test and SAP patches with OSS notes. Production Trouble shooting and Problem-solving.

Confidential, Miami FL.

SAP Technical


  • SAP Technical for FI-CO/MM/SD Module Interface, Conversion, Enhancement, Reports design & development. Functional & Technical Spec Development. Lead and Manage eight-member off-site Team. Customer/Vendor/AP Master Data Conversion using LSMW tools.
  • Master data (customer, vendor) distribution via ALE and RFC calls. Development in Mercator Functional map and Field lookup and File update for SAP to AS/400 and AS/400 to SAP via Connect Direct. Interface with Tokyo GIRO, NAMHAN System.
  • Inbound/Outbound Interface with Legacy system AS/400 and UNIX system using BDC, Call transaction, BAPI, and EDI/ALE/IDoc. Developed ABAP queries on User requirement. Table Maintenance via transaction and assign authorization for Customized Objects.
  • BW ver. 2.0b BEX Reports and Query from R/3 data source and Flat file data, which includes creating info source with the new dimension, info cubes for Master data and Transaction data with the key figure, etc. Customize enhancement for Purchase and Sales system using User Exit, Field Exit. BAPI Program development for Static and dynamic updating of the price list, info rec, and Material Master.
  • SAP script for DO and RFQ and used a smart form to generate Function module program for SAP script Layouts. Conversion, BDC program development for MM, SD, FI/CO Master and Transaction Data. EDI/ALE IDOC Configure/development for E-marketing and LFS Europe and Japan.
  • Experience in ABAP was debugging to analyze the errors and guiding the programmers.
  • SAP Technical (ABAP/4) for FI-CO/MM/PS/SD/HR IS-RETAIL Module Reports development, data mapping, interface between third-party systems like Ingram, Vertex, Tax ware, JDA, KPT Invoice, Bank, Gentran, and Hyperion.
  • Development in RMA returns, 1099 for Tax, AM reports, SAP Scripts, BDC, RFC call, Call Transaction, Report Tree, User-Exit, Copy Control and troubleshooting with MM, SD, FI/CO, BW, and HR. FI-CO - Annual Sales, P/L Analysis, Shrink Report, Tax. HR-TIM, TEM reports, interfaces between SAP and 3rd party system Ingram. Article Master Interface with Siebel for Project System Cost Analysis.
  • Upgrade from 4.5b to 4.6b for MM, SD, PS module conversion, interface, enhancement, and Reports. Article Master, Customer Master Distribution to SAP sub system via ALE/IDOCs.
  • PO/GR/IR interface using EDI/ALE/IDOCs and RFC Calls.
  • Master data update via BAPI, Web to SAP Sales injection via BAPI.
  • Maintenance for Mercator Inbound/Outbound files. ABAP/4 Performance Tuning and SAP patches with OSS notes. Customized Reports and Query based on CompUSA Retail Business.

Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP Technical


  • SAP R/3 HR/MM/SD IS-OIL implementation for HES/Brown &Roots Domestic and roll out for its sixteen countries. PM Conversion and interface.
  • MRO interface from Maximo system.
  • SAP HR sub-module PA, PD, TM and TEM Report/Conversion development using ABAP/4.
  • MM, SD Module Reports, Interface, Conversion Program development. MRP/Forecast data, Consumption data for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe.
  • SAP upgrade for 3.1h to 4.0b MM, HR module programs which include unit test & integration test. Data Conversion for open AP, AR, Profit Center, Cost Center, GL accounts.
  • Conversion Tech leads for Logistics module.
  • Configure trouble shooting, Conversion, Integration Test. Functions include Organizations, Position, Employee's Events, Info types, Banking, Time management, data conversion and unit test. Conversion data from legacy to SAP FI/CO Conversion using ABAP/4.
  • SAP R/3 ABAP/4 Development for FI/CO, MM and SD Modules. This is rollout project for Asia Pacific Countries of Solutia Group.
  • Development of Reports, BDC, Interface, User-Exit, Copy Control, Dialog Program, SAP script, work-flow and Bolt-on. MM, PM Conversion plan & strategy, test data prepare unit/integration test and Documentation. FI/CO - AP, AR, GL, AM master data and Dynamic Data Conversion.
  • MM design from legacy process and functionality, which includes Master data, Info rec, vendor, PO, Source list, consumption based production planning and forecast.
  • PM, PS - Data Conversion, Interface and Report development using ABAP/4

Confidential, Singapore,

SAP Technical SAP


  • PM/MM/PP/SD/FI-CO Technical and Conversion/Interface Lead. As-is, To-be Model, Gap Analysis, Interface estimate and designs. ABAP/4 development, Interface, Report, Screen Painter, Menu Painter, SAP Script, ABAP Query and Call Transaction. Unit Test and Integration Test with Documentation.
  • MRP Legacy Re-engineering and design new MRP system in SAP with Bolt-ON.
  • Analysis and design for MRP factors like ROP, Lot size, buffer stock, Consumption-based plan, and orders. Program modification for 3.0a to 3.0c which includes all batches and configure for part of the technical side. Wrote more than 100 conversion and interface programs
  • Extensively worked in Plant maintenance end to end.
  • Legacy system (IBM3090 and ES9000) interface with SAP system. Conversion Mapping with FI/CO, MM, SD, PM, PP, SM Master data and Transaction data from Legacy IBM-9000 to SAP R/3.
  • COBOL/CICS/DB2/JCL in IBM 3090 MVS/XA Environment development work from off-shore.

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