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Sap Hana/ Bi Consultant Resume

Burlington, MA


  • 6+ years of Experience on SAP BI/BW, HANA and involved in Implementation and Development and Production Support Migration Projects. Having fair exposure in Technical as well as Function skills. SD, MM, PP, PM and FI/CO modules augmented by strong testing skills acquired from project experiences.
  • Have been part of Implementation team for different Data Models in performing different activities such as Mapping DSO's, InfoObject Creation, Documentation.
  • Design & development, Extraction, Transformation, Loading, Reporting, Testing and reconciliation, Monitoring, and Documentation & Maintenance.
  • Extensive experience in Multi - Dimensional Data Modeling, Extended Star-Schema, Data Flow Strategy.
  • Monitoring & Analyzing Process Chains and short dumps analysis on various production servers related to different systems such as BW/BI using various Transaction codes and raising support tickets and Identifying the cause of the occurrences.
  • Monitoring of Process chains for Master Data and Transactional Data. Actively and regularly involved in Load Monitoring of Daily, weekly, and Monthly, Data Loads using Process Chains
  • Resolving errors and creating reports occurred in the process chains on the production server end and documenting on the same.
  • Worked on Query designer tools for Query management and modifications
  • Good experience in creation of BI objects like DataSources, InfoObjects, DSO's, Infocubes and MultiProviders, BEx queries, etc.
  • Expertise in creating Functional specifications, testing plans and procedures for user requirements.
  • Create Attribute, Analytical & Calculation views in SAP HANA and write Procedures to modify the view output and perform Complex calculations using SQL Script.
  • Good Knowledge of SAP HANA Modeler HANA Studio, Designing Schemas, Creating Packages, Attribute View, Analytical View, and Calculation view.
  • Expertise with SAP HANA Studio with Modeling and Administrative perspectives.
  • Handled complete BI Architecture, Design and Integration with HANA, BW on HANA, BOBJ 4.x using layered scalable architecture++ (LSA++) with buildup of hybrid analytic/BI application.
  • Expert in HANA Sizing, In-memory, row and column based HANA concepts, HANA migration and Extraction with data provisioning techniques like SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation, ETL (BODS) and DXC (Direct Extractor Connection) for SAP and non-SAP data.
  • Extensively worked on Advanced DSOs, Open ODS Views and Composite Providers in Eclipse BW modelling tools perspective in HANA Studio.
  • Expertise in HANA modelling in both Graphical and SQL script.
  • Worked on SDA to fetch data from non-SAP sources.
  • Worked in all phases of BW/BI full life cycles including analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, post-production support/maintenance, documentation and end-user training.
  • Expertise in using different databases of relational, OLAP, OLTP, multidimensional databases involving SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC.
  • Designed, modified, debugged, and tested transformations, queries and other BI components using BW 7.3
  • Experienced in managing the BO users and groups, managing the universe using Central management console (CMC).
  • Acted as the production support lead who gave direction to the offshore team responsible for managing daily data loading, bug fixes, and enhancements.
  • Involved in complete project lifecycle process from the requirements specification document analysis to project sign off.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Reputed for dedicated teamwork, solid work ethics, and Commitment to achieving various Goals and key objectives. Good academic performance, analytical, and problem-solving skills.


Tools: SAP - BW on HANA, BI 7.4/7.0, SAP Technical Native HANA(SP11), HANA Studio, SAP BI/BW, Business Objects, Bex Query Designer, Bex Analyzer, WEBI.

Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server, PL/SQL

Language: C, JAVA, ABAP (BI related)

Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/10, Windows 2000/2003 Server

Others: Discussion Forums and knowledge sharing sessions.


Confidential, Burlington, MA

SAP HANA/ BI Consultant


  • Involved in requirements gathering, analysis and understanding scope of the Project.
  • Involved in SAP BW 7.3(Oracle) to 7.5 SP5 (HANA) Pre and Post Migration activities.
  • Involved in developing the new BW objects in SAP BW7.5 Environment as part of LSA++.
  • Involvement in rectifying the data load errors in SAP BW systems.
  • Enhancement of new fields in existing reports as per the user requirements.
  • Actively attended on weekly client status calls.
  • Strong knowledge to Fixing errors, analyze Data Issues, using filters to restrict data in SAP SLT process.
  • Handling of tickets raised by the end users with different priorities and resolving as per the SLA.
  • Performed extractions from SAP ECC, BW and Non-SAP source systems as well flat file source systems.
  • Extracted Non-SAP source systems data through SLT and BODS tools of data provisioning.
  • Created SAP HANA modeling views like attribute views, analytical views and calculated views for Sales, Finance and Purchasing data and created calculated attributes and calculated measures based on the client requirements.
  • Involved in cleaning the existing BW system objects like Info cubes, DSOs and Transformations before migrated into SAP HANA by running the SAP provided BW programs and fixed the issues.
  • Converted the existing BW InfoCubes into HANA Optimized InfoCubes and moved the InfoCubes extended star schema into HANA Analytical views by importing in SAP HANA Studio.
  • Created User accounts and provided Authorizations by using the Administrative perspective in the HANA Studio.
  • Worked on Direct Extractor Connection as well with BEx reporting tools.
  • Created Composite providers with HANA published information models like calculation views and analytical views.
  • Created Transient providers and ADSOs depending upon the Reporting requirement.
  • Created Composite providers by combining the existing InfoCubes and HANA Analytical views for complex reporting in BO Reports.
  • Created Open ODS Views for Master data and included them in Composite providers along with Transactional views.
  • Created data source on top of HANA views to make them available for Reporting and created ADSOs on top of them.
  • Prepared Documentation for User's future requirements.
  • Solved production support issues related to data inconsistency & job failures.
  • Created new reports as per the client requirement and worked on existing BEx Reports for migrating to WEBI.
  • Experienced with providing users with access to data by building reports and queries using tools including SAP BW Bex Query Designer/Analyzer, Business Objects Web Intelligence (WEBI).
  • Prepared Documentation for User's future requirements.
  • Involved in complete project lifecycle process from the requirements specification document analysis to project sign off.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

SAP BI Consultant

Technology used: SAP BI 7.0,SAP HANA


  • Involved in gathering business requirements from various business areas and constantly interacting with business users regarding enhancements and change requests.
  • Involved in Daily Production Support activities like Data Loading using info packages and Process chains.
  • Creating and managing the Info Objects, Application Component, Data Source, Info Package, PSA, Transformations, Rule Types, Routines, DTP, Error DTP, Error Stack, Info Cube, Data Store Object (DSO), Infocubes, Info Set, Multi Provider, Business Content and Process chains.
  • Created Process Chains to automate the data load and data target administration and monitored the processes.
  • Scheduled and monitored periodic data loads from R/3 to BW.
  • Monitoring of regular data loads, using RSPC, RSMO, SM37 and SM 50 which will update various BW data targets.
  • Creating custom queries, materialized views and optimizing the SQL queries for better performance in front end reporting layer.
  • Designed complex reports based on discussions with user groups and created various objects using built-in @functions (like @prompt, @select, @where, and @aggregate), complex SQL queries and joins.
  • Applied security features of Business Objects like row level, report level & object level security in the universe so as to make the sensitive data secure by creating Users/Groups/Sub-groups & assigning the privileges.
  • Worked as on call admin during the prod install of reports, SQL scripts.
  • Working with SAP support team to track product bugs and fix packs.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ

Senior SAP BI Consultant

Technology used: SAP BI 7.0


  • Attended shadowing and reverse shadowing sessions.
  • Completed the client related Mandatory trainings.
  • Prepared Service Catalogue which is used by the service desk to create service tickets.
  • As a Team member, I was responsible for all support activities on applications developed in SAP BI system like SAP BW Athena, IQC, Polaris, PTC, GMID, AIDA, Scorecard and MSC/ OSS.
  • Responsible in delivering some of the minor projects related to above applications.
  • Monitoring daily, weekly, monthly data loads.
  • Involved in Daily Production Support activities like Data Loading using info packages and Process chains.
  • Designing Technical and Functional specifications for minor projects.
  • Preparing test case scenarios for all development and moving transports to test and production environment.
  • Solving technical and functional tickets created by users which involved data analysis and reconciliation between different objects in BW and ECC.
  • Working on system improvement activities like PSA deletion, Compression, deletion of unused aggregates.
  • Created Process Chains to automate the data load and data target administration and monitored the processes.
  • Troubleshooting the errors while data loading.
  • Scheduled and monitored periodic data loads from R/3 to BW.
  • Handling of tickets raised by the end users with different priorities and resolving as per the SLA.
  • Involved in creation of new Process Chains so as to extract data from New Data Models to BI systems.
  • Extensive experience and expertise in SAP BI/BW Extraction (Generic /Standard), Modeling and Reporting (i.e. Back-end and Front-end). Good at implementing SAP BW with different SAP data source.

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

SAP HANA Consultant

Technology used: SAP HANA, Oracle 11g


  • Identifying the Requirements, sources and analyzing them.
  • Providing the estimates, test planning.
  • Validate business transformations are applied correctly before loading the data from landing to staging and to target tables.
  • Execute queries using Oracle which will validate the data in target table against the data from source tables if there is no mismatch then the output of the SQL Query will be zero records.
  • Preparing the test cases and getting it reviewed from Business analyst.
  • Validation of data in BOE reports and Dashboard.
  • Test Execution - system testing, integration testing, End to End Testing and Regression testing.
  • Test Execution and Defect Logging in HP ALM.
  • Test Results reporting and Review.
  • Involved in SAP BO Development in generating some Adhoc Reports.
  • Done unit and Regression testing to Validate reports for accurate output
  • Learned VB Scripting and developed macros as per project requirement (Automation tool) to reduce manual testing and make work easy
  • Got Appreciations for developing such macro

Confidential, Denver, CO

SAP HANA Consultant

Technology used: SAP HANA


  • Create flowgraphs for real time replication.
  • Interacting with the Business Users and Analysts in gathering business requirements for data modelling and reporting.
  • Write SQL Scripts to create procedure, testing.
  • Write functions for transformations at table level.
  • Create HDB Tables and load data from landing are using flowgraph.
  • Create calculation views to utilizing the features like calculated column, joins, unions, projections, aggregations, Create decision tables.
  • Perform Unit testing and SIT for built models.
  • Create Attribute, Analytical & Calculation views. Write Procedures to modify the view output and perform Complex calculations using SQL Script.
  • Worked on replicating data from SAP/Non SAP sources to target system using SAP landscape transformation (SLT), Business objects data services (BODS), DXC and Flat file uploader.
  • Created virtual tables in HANA from other databases using Smart data access (SDA).
  • Worked with different type of joins Inner Join, left outer join, right outer join, Referential join and Text Join while creating HANA Calculation Views.
  • Created Calculated Columns, Restricted Columns and Input Parameters for dynamic selections and leveraged stored procedures and Functions
  • Good Knowledge in SAP HANA security including User Management, Roles and Privileges.
  • Worked as a lead for maintaining the Knowledge management activities.
  • Active member in taking daily standup meetings.
  • Have prepared documentation.
  • Active participant in taking up team building activities.

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