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Sap Bw / Bi Lead Consultant Resume

Montvale, NJ


  • SAP BW/BI/HANA Architect having over 13.3 years of professional experience which includes SAP BW, SAP BW/4 ANA, SAP HANA, SAP BI / BO and SAP ABAP Expertise’s.
  • Experienced in Pharmaceuticals, Public Sector, Scientific and Technical Instruments, Apparel, Automotive, Financial Services, Retail, Utility, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Beverages, Energy, Technology, Oil and gas Sector and Industries.
  • Having very good technical skills, functional knowledge of SAP ECC application areas like SD, MM, HR, PS, PM, PP, IS - U, FICO, CRM and SRM etc. and experience in Planning Tools: BPC, Integrated Planning (IP).
  • Involved in more than 7 full life cycle implementations, which includes Gap Analysis, Requirements gathering, Blue printing, Development, Testing, Reporting, Go-live and Post Go-live support in several important roles like SAP BW/BI Architect, SAP BW Lead, Sr. SAP BW/BO Consultant etc.
  • Delivered optimized solutions which helped in reducing the processing time and thus improving the efficiency of the Business Process.
  • Experience in SAP BW on HANA and SAP HANA Studio.
  • Worked on SAP BW Upgrade and Migration Projects and SAP BI/BW security.
  • Experience working with Power Designer.
  • Attained Record of Achievement in Completing the SAP BW/4HANA Course.
  • Excellent communication skills and Won Appreciation from the clients worked.
  • Subject Matter Expert to explain technical terms, single point of contact to provide solution to clients operating with a strong sense of urgency.
  • Ability to work under pressure with cross-functional, cross-geographic and cross- cultural teams. Exceptional ability to quickly master new concepts.
  • Worked with the Creation of Info Objects, Data sources, Transformations, Info Sources, Update rules, Communication Structure, Transfer rules, Data Transfer Process, Info packages, PSA, Data Store Objects, Info cubes, Multi providers, Info sets etc.
  • Activated, Installed and Extended Business Contents based on Gap Analysis established on user requirements.
  • Proficient in extracting data from SAP ECC using LO Cockpit, FI-GL (both Leading and Non-Leading (Local GAAP) Ledgers), FI-SL, CO-PA, SCM, Generic Extractors, OLTP Extraction (Transaction Data, Master Data Attributes, Text, Hierarchies), Flat files, XML Data Sources, DB Connect for Non-SAP Extraction. Good knowledge on GAAP, GL, AR, AP etc.
  • Experience working with Advanced DSO, Composite, Transient, Hybrid and Virtual Providers.
  • Created Planning Filters, Planning Functions, Planning Sequences, Aggregation Levels, Data Slices, and Characteristic Relationships using Integrated Planning.
  • Experience in reconciliation of BW and BPC reports.
  • Developed Start routines, End routines and Expert Routines using ABAP to incorporate Business logic and perform data manipulation.
  • Expertise in Data Loading (Initial / Full / Delta Up-Load), Scheduling, Monitoring.
  • Worked with Process Chains to monitor the data loads and ensure quality data.
  • Worked extensively in Front-end Bex Query Designer to define complex queries using calculated key figures, Restricted key figures, Structures, Variables, Exceptions and Conditions etc.
  • Expertise with BI reporting for Data Analysis using BEx Analyzer, Web Application Designer (WAD).
  • Upgrade and Migration experience related to both BW Backend Modeling and Frontend Reporting.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning optimizing data loads and query optimization using Line item dimensions, Remodeling, Aggregates, Roll up, Indexing, Info cube Partitioning and Compression.
  • Worked on SAP BI 7.0 security authorization concepts: create authorizations, profiles, assign profiles to users etc.
  • Experience using BWA (Business Warehouse Accelerator), Analysis Process Designer (APD) and Open Hub Destination (OHD).
  • Generated Technical Specification documents for SAP BW on HANA and HANA.
  • Designed and developed SAP HANA data models using Attribute Views, Analytic Views, and Calculation Views.
  • Universe Designer: creation of universe from BI Info Cubes, queries and databases.
  • Web Intelligence: creation of reports from universe and formatting of reports.
  • CMC: create and give access to other applications and maintain user authorizations etc.
  • Query as a web service: created the query and publish the query as a web service.
  • Xcelsius/Dashboard: created excellent dashboards.
  • Crystal reports: create the reports from SAP BI Info Cubes and create the report from query as a web service.
  • Dashboard builder: created corporate dashboards and link the reports to the dashboards and linked the dashboards to the dashboard.
  • Used the Information Design Tool (IDT) to establish connection and created different resources for BO Reporting. Created WEBI Report, OLAP Analysis report, Crystal report, Dashboard (Xcelsius) and Live Office Reports.
  • Experience working with LCM/Promotion Management tool for migrating reports/Groups/Universes from one environment to another environment.



Data warehouse and Reporting Tools: SAP BW/4 HANA, SAP BW (Versions 7.5, 7.4, 7.3, 7.0, 3.5)SAP BO (Versions 4.1, 4.0 and XI 3.1).

ETL Tool: SAP BODS 4.2

In-memory RDBMS: SAP HANA 1.0

Languages: ABAP/4, C, C++, Java, VB, XML, HTML, DHTML.


RDBMS: Oracle (11g, 9i).

Operating System: Windows 8 OS/Vista/98/95/NT/XP.


Confidential, Montvale, NJ

SAP BW / BI Lead Consultant


  • Working on Invoiced Sales Project, Which involves mainly Migrating the Reports from External Data Warehouse to SAP BW.
  • Being the only resource handling this project and Successfully delivered the Reports to Business Users on time.
  • Performed Analysis with minimal direction and Information and Generated Mapping Document which and Designed the Architecture with the Data flow for both existing and new systems.
  • Designed and Developed entire flow, Starting from Extraction and Back-End Modeling mainly Creating Cubes, DSO, Multi Providers and Front-End Reporting.
  • Generated Reports using Analysis for Office and Bex query designer.
  • Also, worked on Performance issues with existing system and implemented solutions to better the existing job run time for process chains which again helped the users to get reports on time.
  • Provided solutions optimizing the existing reports and delivered the new reporting system.

Environment: SAP BW 7.3, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BO, Access, SQL and SAP CRM.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

SAP BW / BI Architect


  • Working on E-Procurement Project, which includes End to End Development Extracting Data from SAP SRM, ECC along with new Enhancements.
  • Also working parallel on OBIEE Project, which includes integrating SAP BW with Oracle BI for retrieving data from SAP BEx Queries to Oracle BI Application using XML.
  • Enhanced SRM Contracts, Purchase Orders and Shopping Cart Reports by adding new fields.
  • Extracted Vendor SBCR Information to SAP BW from SAP SRM to have a lookup in Contracts to extend Contracts with Small Business Type Information.
  • Resolved Performance related issues in both Back-end and Fronted of SAP BW for enhanced Reporting Performance for Shopping Cart Details Report.
  • Worked on assignment and maintenance of Roles and Authorizations to users for BI security.
  • Created a link between SAP BW Purchase Orders Report to SAP SRM Detailed Report with in portal by dynamically passing Purchase Order Number to retrieve Live Data from SAP SRM and allows to update the Information.
  • Created Report for Shopping Cart Status Details using Bex Query Designer and published to Portal.
  • Generated reports using Hyperlinking feature to link Summary and Detail Reports.
  • Generated BI Usage Statistics Report as per the Business Unit.
  • Enhanced the Bex Analyzer Report to run it properly at all the times to overcome out of memory issue.
  • Completed the Performance Optimization of the Process Chain which reduced total run time of the chain by splitting in to multiple Sub Chains with increased Parallel Processing, Packet Size etc.
  • Several Housekeeping Activities are performed to increase the availability of DB Size which in turn helped in the increased Back End Loading and Front-End Reporting Performance.
  • Created Purchasing Order Single Documents Report using Web Application Designer.
  • Modified BW queries to generate WEBI reports using BI Launch Pad in BO to meet user requirements.
  • Created WEBI Report, OLAP Analysis report and Crystal reports.
  • Created Contract Header and Detail Report using Design Studio.

Environment: SAP BW 7.3, SAP SRM, SAP BO and SAP ECC 6.0.

Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN

SAP BW / HANA Lead Consultant


  • Analyzed the User Requirements and created Functional and Technical Specifications.
  • Architect the Design for development of SAP BW Application as per User Requirements starting from extracting the data from different SAP ECC and Non-SAP Applications which is Oracle till Reporting.
  • Developed and Enhanced the Billing Document Item using Customer Exit, Contract and Project Data and extracted the data from SAP ECC to SAP BW to generate Service Reporting.
  • Created Complex Expert, Start, End and Field level routines in transformations as per the requirement.
  • Developed Service Backlog Data Model to get Open Sales Orders, Open Deliveries and Open Billing data.
  • Developed Service Order, Notification and Warranty Models which includes Extraction from SAP ECC, Back End Modeling and Front-End Reporting.
  • Enhanced SD data sources 2LIS 11 HDR and 2LIS 11 ITM in SAP ECC to get customized Sales order header and line item data by adding new fields and writing Exit and extracted and modeled in to SAP BW till reporting.
  • Worked on the Planning scenarios for financial and sales applications using Integrated Planning.
  • Developed Real Time Info providers, Aggregation levels, Planning functions, Planning sequences, input ready queries using BEx Query designer.
  • Designed IP using Copy planning function on Cal year to get actual data for Service Planning Report.
  • Worked on End-to-end development for The Headcount and Personnel Actions Info Cube (0PA C01).
  • Developed Service Labor Utilization End to End Model till Reporting.
  • Derived Geographies for Customer in Country, Region and State Hierarchy.
  • Enhanced Goods Movements Data source and wrote customer exit (CMOD) to fill the new fields.
  • Enhanced 0Employee, 0Mat Plant, 0Equipment, 0Network, 0Activity and 0WBS ELEMT Master Data attributes using Customer Exit (CMOD).
  • Developed Project Systems Data Model with Project Basic and Activity Data having Project, WBS, Network and Activity Level Details.
  • Extracted and Enhanced Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, PCA Extractors to SAP BW by designing and developing entire data flow till reporting.
  • Enhanced 0COOM C02 (CO-OM: Costs and Allocations) Cube Data Sources to incorporate into Project Systems Data Model by adding fields like Project, WBS Element, Site & Ship to Customers and Country.
  • Created Data Sources and modeled till reporting for SFDC (Sales Force.Com) Data Sources through Web Service for Project Systems Data Model and imported data to XML Files for reconciliation.
  • Designed User Roles and Authorizations to users for BW and BOBJ security.
  • Performed Data Modeling in HANA Studio by Developing Analytical views, Attribute views for the Transaction and Master Data respectively and Created Calculation Views using Attribute views, Analytic views etc. as per the business requirement.
  • Developed SQL scripts in Calculation views.
  • Created connections to SAP BW BEx queries and BW Info providers using Business Intelligence Consumer Services (BICS) in IDT (Information Design Tool).
  • Created Dashboards for Project Systems Data for every project linking to its Basic and Activity Data.
  • Created Webi Report for Service Backlog Reporting linking Open Sales Order Statistics, Deliveries and Billing Data.
  • Developed Service Actual, Plan and Estimate Crystal Reports.

Environment: s: SAP BW 7.5, SAP HANA 1.0, SAP CRM, SAP BO 4.1, SFDC and SAP ECC 6.0.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

SAP BW Architect


  • Involved in SAP BW Optimization Project, Redesigning the 27 Cubes for optimum performance.
  • Involved in redesigning the whole architecture with Housekeeping activities for enhancing performance.
  • Collaborated with Client managers, DBA's, Reporting team, Business users to understand SAP HANA, the existing landscape and identify key business use cases for the Proof of Concept (POC).
  • Gathered user requirements for Analysis and Reporting, Identified Gaps and Created Technical Design Documents.
  • Designed and developed the Data Flows with SAP BW LSA Architecture using Composite Providers, Virtual Providers etc.
  • Extracted data from data sources 2LIS 02 ITM, 2LIS 02 HDR to get purchase order header and line item data, and enhanced 2LIS 03 BF data source to get additional fields to existing material movement’s data model.
  • Worked with the Sales Data Model starting from enhancing the Data source in SAP ECC and writing the exit to get values for new additional fields, replicating the data source to SAP BW and redesigned the entire flow including DSO and Cube design till BEx Report on top of Multi provider.
  • Created semantically partitioned object (SPOs) on cube using Cal year.
  • Created Business Objects 4.0 - Universe, Webi, Lumira, Dashboards, Work space and Xcelcius reports as per user requirement.
  • Designing of the new universes, modifying existing universes by adding new objects to existing universes and working on the procedures for the development of Reports and Dashboards.
  • Worked with IDT to build Data Foundation and Business Layer for Adhoc Report Development.
  • Created charts like pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs. Analyzed the data in charts using slice/dice, drill up/drill down.

Environment: SAP BW 7.4, SAP HANA 1.0, SAP BO 4.1 and SAP ECC 6.0.

Confidential, Marshall, MN

Sr. SAP BW / HANA Consultant


  • Experience in Gap analysis, design, development, testing, documentation, maintenance, troubleshooting and performance tuning of SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting and BOBJ Reporting.
  • Involved in Design & development of SAP BI Back-end Data modeling and Front-end Reporting.
  • Activated SAP BW Business Contents and modification to existing content.
  • Extracted Sales Order, Replenishment Order, Check in transaction data into SAP BW using Db connect from Oracle and modeled the entire flow starting from Data source, DSO and Cube design to creating BEx Report on top of Multi provider.
  • Extensively Worked on Lo Cockpit and performing necessary procedures like setting up of update Mode, deleting set up tables, filling up of set up tables and loaded data from SAP ECC to SAP BW.
  • Enhanced Goods Movements Data source and wrote customer exit to fill the new fields.
  • Implemented the real-time cubes, aggregation levels, planning functions, fox formulas and planning sequences for IP applications.
  • Created Expert, Start, End and Field level routines as per the requirement.
  • Design and development of data flow for extracting FI data from ECC to BW and then to BPC.
  • Worked on Retraction of Consolidated data from BPC Models to BW.
  • Created Multi providers and enhanced queries for optimal performance.
  • Generated Package, Schema, Attribute Views, Analytic Views and Calculation Views in SAP HANA Studio.
  • Experience in SAP HANA Data Provisioning and using SAP LT Replication Server (SLT) and SAP Business Objects Data Services.
  • Developed new reports against BW Source. BICS connection, Universe .unv and .unx
  • Extensively used Structures, Cell definition, calculated key figures, Restricted key figures, New selection, New formula, Exceptions and Conditions for Query Building in BEx Query Designer.
  • Worked on complex Crystal Reports that require running totals, sub-totals, sub-reports, prompts, cross-tab, multiple groups, hierarchical grouping and conditional display of groups, fields and messages.
  • Modified Web-intelligence reports by adding characteristics and key figures and changed the formats depending upon the requirements of the end user.
  • Created Process Chains for all models having Selective deletion and event driven functionality.

Environment: SAP BW 7.3, SAP HANA 1.0, SAP BO 4.0, SAP BPC 10, Crystal Reports 2011, Oracle 11g, TOAD and SAP ECC 6.0.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC



  • Worked with Business Users to determine their reporting requirements and responsible for End to End Development in LSA (Layered Scalable Architecture) environment.
  • Enhanced 0mat unit, 0customer attr and 0material attr to incorporate new fields and wrote Customer Exit to retrieve the data.
  • Created a custom hierarchy to extract transaction data from SAP ECC and wrote custom program to fill the Hierarchy.
  • Modeled Out of Stock and Adjustments with myself connection with Extraction from Function Module.
  • Modeled Ordered Vs Delivered, Sales Actual and Sales Breakage Data models till reporting.
  • Created Generic Extractor to extract data from view for Sales Actual Extraction.
  • Extracted 0CO OM CCA 3 data source into SAP BW and redesigned entire data flow for 0CCA C03 Info Cube.
  • Designed IP using Copy planning function on Cal year to get actual data for sales planning.
  • Managed Data load, event processing, experience in Scheduling Process Chains of Events, Data source Enhancement, OLTP extraction data, Loading (Full /Delta Up-Load), Data Mart and Open Hub Service, Performance Tuning, Aggregates, BW Transports.
  • Used BWA to improve the query performance.
  • Worked with security for defining different roles for developers and end-users.
  • Worked on BW statistics requirement collecting the statistics on SAP BW objects usage, Queries, Data sources, Info Cubes, Multi provider, security and Authorization Roles. Extracted information from the SAP tables and created different extractors to pull required information in SAP BW area.
  • Created Filters by writing ABAP Routine at Info package level.
  • Created Process Chains for all models having Selective deletion and event driven functionality.
  • Integrated and extracted data into Business Objects environment from the SAP BW database system.
  • Created Webi reports from multiple sources and on multiple database platforms like SAP BW and SQL Server.
  • Created SAP BO Reports on SAP BW BEX Queries using BICS.
  • Used the Information Design Tool (IDT) to establish connection and created different resources for BO Reporting.
  • Used SAP Lumira, BO Explorer and Design Studio.
  • Involved in extensive testing with business users. Created test data for the users, performed Unit testing and helped business users in getting UAT sign off.

Environment: SAP BW 7.0, SAP BW 3.5, SAP BO 4.0, MYSQL, SAP ECC 6.0.

Confidential, Brentwood, TN

Sr. SAP BW/BI Developer


  • Generated the Technical Design Documents for Procurement, New-GL and CCA (Cost Center Accounting).
  • Implemented Reporting Financials for Profitability Analysis.
  • Activated Business Content specific to the requirement.
  • Implemented Hybrid Provider for CCA to get direct access to data from ECC and replicated data from SAP BI.
  • Created reports on Purchasing Data Cube in existing flow.
  • Created and Scheduling Event driven Process Chains.
  • Worked with Data Source Enhancement, Extraction and consolidation of data from different SAP ECC and Non-SAP System which is Oracle Database, Loading with Init/ Full /Delta Up-Load.
  • Worked with Open Hub Service and Performance Tuning activities like Aggregates, Compression, Indexes etc.
  • Used Web Intelligence (WebI) to create ad-hoc reports containing multiple data providers and complex charts to present the Business users with a better graphical representation of the data.
  • Created highly formatted Crystal reports as per the user requirement.
  • Used Variables, Drill mode, Slice and dice mode, Prompts and Conditions to make reports accurate and easier for analysis.

Environment: SAP BW 7.3, SAP BO 4.0, SAP ECC 6.0.


Sr. SAP BW Developer


  • Conducted requirements gathering workshops with key business users to understand existing challenges.
  • Reviewing the functional specifications and generating the technical specification and design with gap analysis.
  • Imported and converted data from SAP ECC, Legacy, or other external systems or data sources into SAP BW utilizing ETL techniques.
  • Involved in end to end design and development of Sales and Operations development starting from extraction to front-end reporting.
  • Created Start, End and Expert routines according to the requirement.
  • Created Exception and Customer Sales Operations Reports.
  • Conducted end user training on BEx Query Designer and Analyzer.
  • Helped coordinate meetings on project status, open issues, and overall progress to goal.
  • Worked with functional team to perform extensive testing on queries before coordinating the production change requests (transports) with SAP Basis team.
  • Performed data cleansing in SAP BW, administration tasks including monitoring and maintaining process chain, broadcasting, job scheduling, housekeeping, performance tuning, authorizing users, reporting and system monitoring.
  • Worked with the project team and multiple end-users to resolve issues and identify opportunities for business process improvements. Provided production support in SAP BW backend and frontend.
  • Created test cases for user testing and participated in UAT sign off.

Environment: SAP BW 7.0, SAP BW 3.5, SAP ECC 6.0

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