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Sap Bi Consultant Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • SAP BW/BI consultant wif over 7 years of professional experience, which includes expertise in SAP Net weaver (3.0, 7.0, and 7.1).
  • Participated in the Implementation of 2 full life cycles in BW/ BI implementation
  • Expertise in implementing complete life - cycle using ASAP methodology dat includes gathering business requirements, analyzing the business process, performing AS-IS Analysis, Identifying and analyzing the Gaps, Implementation, Designing, Configuration, Customization, Unit/Integration, testing, Data migration, Go-live and Post-go-live support along wif other Post-Implementation.
  • Expertise in all areas of SAP BW/BI which includes data modeling, data extraction, data loading (Full-delta uploads), scheduling, monitoring, testing and go live for BI and enhancing according to the requirements.
  • Expertise in the data extraction from R/3 and non-R/3 systems and testing.
  • Experience in the Design, Development and Configuration of multi-dimensional Data models, Info Cubes, Operational Data Store (ODS), Info objects, Data Sources, Info packages, Multiproviders, Transformation, DTP, Extract Routines, and Enhancements to Business Content.
  • Expertise in BOBJ, Business Object XI4.0/XI3/XIR2/6.x, BW, BEx Analyzer, Crystal Reports XI/10/9.
  • Having good experience in team management and handling issues.
  • Worked extensively wif Dimensional database modeling, Data migration.
  • Experience in OLTP extraction from R/3 source systems such as LO-Cockpit, CO-PA and from non- R/3 source systems, flat files, using generic data extractions.
  • Worked on extract structures, tables in other functional modules and extracted the data using various data sources, and also created custom extractors.
  • Expertise in report generation in BI, worked extensively on BEx analyzer, Query designer, Web application designer.
  • Created queries using conditions, exceptions, variables, structures, restricted and calculated key figures and aggregates for frequently used queries.
  • Worked on gathering data from SAP through Open hub destination and also from different sources like Oracle.
  • Experience in enabling, delivering and activating standard business content, extending and enhancing according to the requirements.


SAP Planning & Reporting Tools: SAP BI, BW 3.X

Languages: C, C++, SAP ABAP/4 and SQL

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g,SQL Server, Microsoft Access

Portal: Enterprise Portal 6.0

ERP: ECC 6.0, ECC 5.0, 4.7, 4.6C

Functional Areas: SAP MM,PP, SD, FI-CO,SD, HR

Web technologies: Html, java script, xml

Reporting tools: BEx Suite, WAD, Business Objects XIR3.1/XIR2/XI/


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

SAP BI Consultant


  • Responsible for Interacting wif Business for requirement gathering and Gap analysis, developing BI data models, designs, configuring custom and delivered BI content.
  • Developed System design specifications and Reporting specification Documents.
  • Involved on BW 7.3 upgrade discussions, performed beta testing and planned the upgrade wif good understanding of new cockpit capabilities, faster data load, design options & in-memory possibilities
  • Scheduled and automated data loads from R/3 to BI and optimized the load performance by adjusting the packet size, data selections and number of info packages.
  • Involved in escalating high-prioritized tickets regarding extractions, performance Issues and also load failures.
  • Analyzed and corrected production problems as they occur in the SAP BI system.
  • Monitoring of info packages and analyzing the reasons for frequent failures of info packages.
  • Monitored data loads wif full update and delta mechanisms for both master data and transaction data.
  • Involved in the monitoring of process chains to automate the process of loading data into data targets.
  • Schedule daily/weekly/monthly data loads.
  • Implement and manage ETL process to bring data from ECC to BW.
  • Extracted material component information and Supply Chain Maps Data in to DSOs from Flat file source system. Material Standard cost information is extracted from SAP ECC.
  • Involved in Extended Star Schema Design using multiple dimensions and fact tables. Worked on creating Transformations and DTPs.
  • Created Info Packages and Process chains to do Full, Initial, and Delta extraction for both Master and Transaction data.
  • Developed BI reports using BEx Analyzer, created queries wif Variables, restricted key figures, calculated key figures, conditions, exceptions etc.
  • Created Aggregation levels, Planning Filters, Planning functions, planning sequences, data slices, and characteristic relationships using integrated planning.
  • Created Universes over BEx queries and Multi provider of SAP BI using Universe Designer.
  • Generated reports on the Multi Providers and Info Cubes using Restricted key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Structures, Characteristic Variables, Text variables, Formula Variables, Cell Editors, Exceptions and conditions .
  • Involved in BW Extractions, BW Modeling and BEX Reporting, PS and Integrated Planning.
  • Extensively worked wif SAP BO WEBI Reporting in developing the reports according to used needs.
  • Involved in moving the Business Objects Reports from Dev to QA and Production using Import Wizard.
  • Involved in Scheduling and publishing reports in Crystal Enterprise Environment / Business Objects Enterprise 4.0/XI R3Environment.
  • Created Month to Date (MTD) and Year to Date (YTD) reports as per the client requirement.
  • Used RRI interfaces, filtering, conditions, variables, currency conversions, jump queries and navigational attributes.
  • Used the BEX Web Application Designer to create HTML pages which contain various tables, charts, existing exceptions and filters.

Environment: BI 7.0, ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, Business Objects XI3.1

Confidential, San Jose, CA

SAPBWTechnical Consultant


  • Worked Extensively on Data Warehouse Workbench and customized info objects, info cubes, DSOs, Data Sources, DTPs, Transformations and multi providers.
  • Involved in Modeling Planning Applications using SAP BI Integrated Planning.
  • Set up periodic Data loads from legacy system (flat files).
  • Installing and creating BI objects like info objects, DSOs, Info cubes.
  • Creating and managing dataflow using DTP, transformations and info packages.
  • Extensively used Structures, cell definition, calculated key figures, restricted key figures, new selection, new formula, exceptions and conditions.
  • Worked on report-to-report interface (RRI), to enhance the reporting features in BEx analyzer.
  • Developed various data extraction procedures for master data and transactional data using LO Cockpit and Generic extractors for customer defined tables.
  • Worked on activating the standard business Content Info Cubes like Customer, Deliveries. Purchase order and vendor Evaluation.
  • Involved in creating and Maintaining Multiproviders, Info Cubes, Operational Data Store, Data Sources, Transfer Structures, Communication Structures, Transfer Rules and Update Rules.
  • Created Info packages and Info package Groups and schedule them in order to load Master Data and Transactional Data from SAP R/3 as well as flat file source systems into BI.
  • Involved in performance Issues like Creating aggregates, Partitioning and Compressed the Info Cube to improve the query response.
  • Developed and implemented Crystal Reports on Business Objects Enterprise XI R3.
  • Worked in SAP Business Objects XI 3.1. Designed Universes based on BEx queries and created Webi reports.
  • Extensively used Bex Analyzer, Created queries by using filters, variables and calculated key figures according to end users requirement.
  • Understanding the specifications provided by the functional consultants, interacting wif onsite team to get to no the exact requirements, suggest them the changes where required and tan develop the objects as per the evolved specifications.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, ECC 6.0, NW2004S BEx, WAD, BO XI R3, SD, MM, FI (AP/AR/ New GL), PS.

Confidential, North Brook, IL



  • Reviewing the Functional Specifications and Building Technical Specifications
  • Worked on BEx reporting, Data modeling and Extraction.
  • Developed BEx reports using Query Designer and BEx Analyzer by using Restricted Key Figures, Calculated key figures, Filters, Free Characteristics, Conditions, Exception Aggregators.
  • Done ABAP coding to create User Exits wif variables in BEx report
  • Built reports using Structures and Hierarchies in BEx reports
  • Identifying the availability of Info Objects in SAP BW, Involved in installing the Business content objects and if not available creation of customized Info Objects when required.
  • Implemented DSOs, Infocubes, Multiproviders to support SD, MM, and FI reporting requirements
  • Involved in moving the Business Objects Reports from Dev to QA and Production using Import Wizard.
  • Configured and extracted Purchase Order data from LO Cockpit extractors by making use of the SAP defined datasources like 2LIS 02 HDR and 2LIS 02 ITM.
  • Worked wif PSA in Monitoring the Data Transfer from source system to BW system.

Environment: ECC 6.0, BEx, WAD, BO XI R3, SD, MM, FI (AP/AR/ New GL), PS.

Confidential, Northbrook, IL



  • Interacted wif Business Users to analyze the business process and gatheird the requirements.
  • Heavy Technical concentration in designing Info Packages, Info Sources, Update Rules, Reports.
  • Enhanced BI objects dat include Info Objects, Data Sources, Transformations, DTP, DSO, Info Cubes, Multi-providers, Info set and Open Hub.
  • Extensively worked on BEx Analyzer and WAD to create Queries, Variables, Structures, Exceptions, Conditions, Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Formula Variable, Replacement Path, Customer/User Exits, Tables and charts.
  • Performed detailed analysis to improve the Performance of Cubes using BW Statistics, Aggregates and involved in Production Support.
  • Performed various tuning techniques (aggregates, statistics, partitioning and multi-providers, OLAP Cache) to optimize the query performance.
  • Used Delta update mechanisms for uploading data to BW from R/3 in specific intervals. Extensively used Process chains to load data to the data targets.
  • Developed flexible queries using filters, navigational attributes, variables, calculated key figures, restricted key figures in BEx analyzer to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized way to give detailed level of information.
  • Created manuals for references and involved in training end users.
  • Adapted LO Cockpit, Generic, Flat File and DB extractions to retrieve SAP and Non-SAP data for reporting in SD, MM, PP and company's legacy systems.
  • Debugging Data load errors, Delta Queue Monitoring, and Extractor Checker by simulating BW asking for data and Customer Exits and Master/Transaction data testing.
  • Created Custom Data source/Info cubes/Infobjects for accommodating the global data available across the organization.
  • Worked extensively wif BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer for developing reports, analysis, and Web reporting.
  • Contributed a series of content development sessions among different business unit managers to address business group-specific needs and messaging risks while identifying overall key messages.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, ECC 5.0, CRM 5.0, HTML.

Confidential May 05- Mar 06

SAP-BW Consultant


  • Installation of business content, activating the data sources. Developed a number of transfer routines. Worked extensively on Administrator workbench (AWB), modified transfer structures, update rules.
  • Supported to Modified standard business content and created custom Info Source/Data Source, ODS and Infocubes.
  • Created InfoObjects, InfoSources and Source Systems to load data into InfoCubes using Transfer and Update rules.
  • Assisted to create Aggregates and Cubes for performance and efficient utilization of data.
  • Performed Delta Upload Management wif OLTP extraction.
  • Created ODS objects for data staging in BW.
  • Uploaded Master data, Transaction data from flat files into the SAP BW.
  • Developed front-end queries and reports using BEx query designer, BEx Analyzer.
  • Extensively used BEx Analyzer to build queries and workbooks to access data from BW data targets.
  • Created reports wif Conditions, Variables and Filters.
  • Created web reports through report template in WAD (Web Application designer).

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3, SD, MM, BEx.

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