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Sr. Sap Scm/apo/ibp Consultant Resume

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Philadelphia, PA


  • Senior Supply Chain Management Solution Architect with strong business consulting and global project implementation experience.
  • 15+ years of experience serving multinational clients with a focus on large complex global transformations spanning strategy, technology, analytics, data management, supply chain, change management and outsourcing.
  • In - depth experience in setting benchmarks, executing best practices, organizational change management and enabling digital platforms to modernize and transform supply chains & commercial operations.
  • Proven leadership skills with experience in management consulting and systems implementations in the Government sector and different industries including High-Tech | Industrials | Manufacturing | Consumer Products | Construction & Building Products | Pharmaceuticals
  • Proven track record of delivering impactful projects, analytics-driven business strategies a speaker at major industry conferences.
  • Expertise in delivering Digital Supply Chain transformation initiatives using Cloud, AI/ML, Mobile and Analytics SaaS enabled solutions.
  • 21+ years of experience in SAP Advanced Planner & Optimizer (APO) with strong design and configuration expertise in DP, SNP, Deployment, TLB, PPDS, GATP, CIF and Collaborative Planning.
  • 4+ years of experience in SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) - S&OP/Demand/Control Tower/Inventory/Response and Supply.
  • S&OP - Delivered optimal and profitable business plans with effectively balancing demand, supply and inventory; increasing speed and agility of planning process, enabled real-time collaboration between business functions. Configured IBP Process Templates to allow business to develop Budgets/Latest Estimates (LE), run simulations and model constraints at various aggregation/planning levels. Configured complex calculations using Period Attribute Transformation. Experience with EPM Sheet Formatting and Custom Alerts.
  • Demand - Configuration of advanced statistical forecasting models including Gradient boosting for improvement of forecast accuracy.
  • Demand Sensing - Modeling external downstream demand signals such as POS / Retail Store level data for deployment decisions.
  • Inventory - Optimized multi-stage inventory targets across network to improve customer service levels considering demand/supply variability, cost factors, lead times and other constraints.
  • Response & Supply - Configuration of rules and priority-based multi-level supply planning, Order-based and Time Series based models, sourcing/production ratios, deployment, allocations, order re-scheduling, gating factor analysis, constraint identification. Conducted POCs with Time Series based Supply Optimizer to develop a finite cost or profit optimized, constrained supply plan. Run what if scenarios to evaluate impact of cost assumptions, volume and capacity constraints.
  • Control Tower - Configured analytics and dashboards for Executive Reviews, Real Time Alerts to drive continuous improvement.
  • Integration - Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) - Agent configuration, data services, webservices, datastores, importing metadata etc. Smart Data Integration (SDI) configuration for Order Data integration between S/4 and IBP.
  • Web UI - Configuration of SAP FIORI based launchpads, apps and tiles.
  • Excel UI - Configured and developed templates with custom planning views/key figures/layouts/filters/alerts for business users.
  • Working knowledge of DDMRP - Buffer level determination, buffer profile segmentation and Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS)
  • Experienced with SAP IBP Rapid Deployment using Best Practices and with software versions prior and up to 2005.
  • Working knowledge of other Cloud / In Memory Supply Chain Planning platforms such as OMP, Kinaxis, o9, Logility, Aera and JDA.
  • 4+ years of experience with SAP S/4 HANA
  • Use of SAP Activate Methodology, Best Practices and Rapid Deployment Solution
  • Modeled Manufacturing, Planning and Order Fulfilment scenarios enabled using MRP Live, PPDS and ATP functionality.
  • Advised clients on scenarios with co-existence of planning and execution systems, ECC, S/4, APO and IBP.
  • 11+ years of experience with Multi-Echelon Inventory Planning & Optimization packages such as SAP EIS/SmartOps MIPO.
  • Successfully delivered multiple supply chain improvement projects that helped customers realize ROI on strategic initiatives, reduce TCO, increase agility, improve service levels and performance metrics throughout the organization.
  • Strong supply chain background in Operations Excellence, DDMRP, Demand Sensing, TOC, SCOR Model, 6σ, CPFR and SCEM.
  • Experienced in developing and implementing Best Practices, Global Design Blueprints, Realization and Rollout on large scale SAP projects.
  • Over 10 Full Life Cycle implementations experience in SAP PP with excellent understanding of business scenarios in various industries including Discrete, Repetitive and Process Manufacturing.
  • Experience with implementation of Cloud based Supply Chain collaboration, visibility and traceability tools such as GT Nexus and TraceLink.
  • Experience with Service Parts Planning (SPP) for Aftermarket Spare Parts Planning, safety stock and inventory optimization.
  • Experienced with Ariba/Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC) for vendor and PO collaboration scenarios.
  • Experienced in over 4 SAP APO GATP implementations including scenarios for Multi-Level ATP, RBA, CTP, Allocation and Monitoring.
  • Expertise in design and implementation of Analytics solutions such as Tableau, BOBJ, QlikView, Domo etc.


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Sr. SAP SCM/APO/IBP Consultant


  • Configured and customized IBP - S&OP based Demand Signal Verification and End to End Planning View templates to determine network demand, supply and inventory coverage. Trained and Supported business users on Global Planning design and system functionality.
  • Involved in Global Design and implementation for IBP - Demand Planning and phase out APO DP.
  • Evaluation and prototyping of S/4 HANA and build transformation roadmap for client to transition out of APO PPDS.
  • Design and implementation of dashboards for tracking key supply chain metrics using Tableau and IBP Control Tower.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Sr SAP APO / IBP / Supply Chain Consultant


  • Configured APO DP solution to implement ABC/XYZ inventory segmentation, Statistical Forecasting, Forecast Optimization to help improve volume/mix forecast accuracy and bias metrics.
  • Optimized APO SNP solution to leverage Re-Order point planning, Extended Safety Stock planning and forecast consumption. This led to higher inventory turns and improved service levels for the business.
  • Assisted with software assessment and evaluation effort to select next gen planning system of record. This included prototyping and comparing business requirements, fit/gap analysis, costs and effort analysis. Solutions evaluated were SAP IBP, Logility, JDA and Kinaxis.
  • Design, configuration and implementation of an end to end SAP IBP Proof of Concept (PoC) - S&OP, Control Tower, Demand, Demand Sensing, Inventory, Response & Supply solution with CPI-DS and SDI integration with SAP ECC using SAP Best Practices and RDS.
  • Modeled IBP Demand Sensing to leverage POS data from Retail Stores at a Daily level to generate a Short Term Sensed Demand signal and enable the business to make short term Inventory Deployment decisions based on this data. This leveraged Gradient Boosting algorithm for fine tuning short-term forecasts.
  • Performed detailed Time Series Analysis to identify demand patterns such as Trend, Seasonality, Continuous, Irregular or Sporadic at a Product- Location-Customer level. Leveraged Change Point Detection features to identify significant change in time series data which may have indicated product transitions, customer transitions etc. Determined CV thresholds, assigned product-customer specific statistical forecasting models and configured ABC/XYZ segmentation profiles. This analysis helped build the inventory and product fulfilment strategy. deled and implemented Product Life Cycle Planning features in IBP Demand.

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

SAP IBP Consultant


  • Configuration and setup of Planning Area, Planning Operators, Forecast Profiles, Planning Views, Custom Alerts, Application Jobs, Security.
  • Execution and evaluation of Supply Planning process - including Spend Analysis, Capacity Analysis, Raw Material and Packaging Planning, What If Scenarios including – New Plant/DC/Product Introduction, Demand / Capacity Simulations, Inventory Optimization etc.
  • Data Integration scenarios to transfer Master / Transaction data sets from ECC / BI / APO via CPI-DS to IBP.
  • Configured complex IBP business requirements requiring Attribute Transformation, Attributes as a Key Figure, Period Shifts, Offsets, Configured Alerts, EPM formatting, Permission Filters, Rolling Aggregation, Last Period Aggregation etc.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Sr. SAP SCM/APO/IBP Consultant IBP Modules – S&OP, Control Tower


  • Involved in design and implementation of these strategic transformation initiatives which involved sites/markets/logistics centers globally to help improve Information Flow across the network, Master Data quality, Demand Signals (internal and external), Above Site Planning Processes, Site- specific Planning and Scheduling Playbooks, Cross Site communication and collaboration processes, Inventory Optimization, Optimal lot sizing, Line Item Effectivity/Engineering Change Management process and Organizational Change Management. Some of the key benefits realized through this initiative include ‘End to End’ Supply Chain Visibility, higher Agility and Responsiveness, Better Capacity Utilization/throughput, Reduced Non-Value Added Planning and Re-work, Better Inventory Strategies, Reduced Expediting, Better Customer Service, Improved Margins and Upside, Network Orchestration, Better Protection for Material Flow and Demand Volatility, Finite Stable Plan and higher system adoption.
  • Managed a global team of Network Planning Services, Plant Network Operations, ERP Solutions and Regional Supply Chain colleagues. Extensively traveled to manufacturing sites in Asia, Europe, US, Canada and Latin America for workshops, implementation and .
  • Implemented Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based Intelligent Demand Forecast algorithms to improve statistical forecasting.
  • Implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Workflow technology to evaluate Master and Transactional Data quality, recommend and perform corrective actions using tools such as Jedox and Blue Prism software.
  • Designed Tender Simulation Planning (TSP) process in APO to manage an end to end simulation process involving modeling Tender demand from Markets, planning across entire supply chain from Finished Goods, Bulk/APIs and raw material/component levels, determining material and capacity constraints and evaluation of feasible supply scenarios to fulfil Tender demands.
  • Involved in SAP IBP – S&OP and Control Tower implementation - for use in Tender simulation efforts, S&OP process, Volume and Inventory Projections, Plan of Record, Cross Site Planning dashboard and other business scenarios using Agile/Scrum methodologies. Played an advisory role in evaluating business requirements, business processes and compare them to existing and upcoming functionality.
  • Involved in Aera/FusionOps implementation to model value stream maps, KPIs/Metrics at the Brand Level.
  • Assisted in development of exception based master and transactional data reports and metrics enabled through SAP BOBJ on HANA.
  • Deployed a comprehensive Engineering Change Management and Line Item Effectivity Solution using Planning BOMs/Interchangeability functions in APO. Designed and deployed custom PPDS heuristics to do controlled product substitution and interchangeability functions based on specific market approval and regulatory timelines for various countries.
  • Involved in the Global Serialization Program to provide Track and Trace visibility across the network at Unit/Case/Pallet level serialization.
  • Experienced in implementing SNC (Supplier Network Collaboration) with scenarios such as Order Forecast Monitor, SA and PO Collaboration (Promise dating, ASN and Proof of Delivery), PO Collaboration Subcontracting and Component Visibility, Quality Notification Collaboration, Invoice Collaboration.
  • Advisory role on future state roadmap for transition from existing SAP Business Suite to S/4 HANA, APO and IBP.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. SAP SCM/APO/S/4 HANA/IBP Consultant


  • Client was facing significant challenges with production and procurement plan instability, extensively long run times for MRP, high volume of MRP Exceptions, inability to finitely schedule production lines, hardware performance limitations etc.
  • Implemented solutions to stabilize materials planning and fulfillment processes, PFEP analysis, lower volume of MRP Exception Messages, improve supplier scheduling and component planning.
  • Involved in evaluation of SAP MRP Add-On Tools and McKinsey’ Always-On methodology to deliver optimal materials planning strategy.
  • Advised on Digital Strategy using SAP Digital Manufacturing – RDS; Industry 4.0, Connected Manufacturing concepts.
  • Built roadmap and prototype for transition to SAP S/4 HANA and APO to allow for real time constrained MRP runs using PPDS on S/4. Used SAP Model Company approach to simulate future state supply chain planning and execution process.
  • Completed and end to end PoC using SAP IBP – Demand, S&OP, Inventory, Control Tower and Response & Supply with S/4 HANA integration to demonstrate an Integrated Business Planning design.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Sr. SAP PP-PI/SCM/APO/EIO Solution Architect and Team Lead


  • Configured, deployed and implemented global SAP enabled business solution across several manufacturing and packaging sites in the network. Leveraged best practices and design improvements to allow sites and markets to operate in an orchestrated supply chain network.
  • Implemented SAP PP-PI enabled with modeling of Labor and Capacity Planning, modeling of Quality Assurance operations and steps in the recipe to allow for accurate planning and scheduling, use of setup matrix and resource classification in recipes to enable optimal schedule for packaging and manufacturing lines, sub-contracting info-records to achieve an integrated planning solution.
  • Implemented and deployed use of Long Term Planning for Annual Budgeting purposes. This was accomplished by loading the budget forecast for 3 years into APO Demand Planning, copying the APO Active Version to a Simulation Version, firming the current year and generating supply plan in the simulation version. The budget plan was extracted from APO and uploaded to the Long-Term Planning Scenario in SAP ECC by creating simulative LTP planned orders for finished goods. An LTP MRP run was executed to explode the BOMs and generate production and procurement plans in SAP ECC which were evaluated by the sites to determine the volumes for the budget. Costing and financial analysis was done on this annual budget plan and subsequently submitted to Corporate Finance.
  • Implemented Tolling, Sub-Contracting, Consignment and Inter-Company processes using FLEX (a customized solution to handle material flow through physical, financial and/or virtual locations in SAP) using Product Routings and other master data. This solution automated the Purchase Order, Stock Transport Order, Sales Order, Inbound Delivery, Outbound Delivery, Goods Receipts across the network to efficiently allow the product to flow reducing errors and manual intervention. Process Monitoring and Auditing was being done across the entire network which had detailed documentation trail of SAP documents created through this process allowing full visibility of product in the supply chain. The primary reason for this development was to allow for easier material flow through the Logistics Centers in the world, which managed finished good, bulk and API product transfers and sales from sites to markets, and between SAP and non-SAP locations. Integration to APO with the use of TLB (Transportation Load Builder) to allow for Stock Transfer Requisition/Replenishment Transfer Requests.
  • Implemented Shelf Life Planning functionality in SAP ECC and APO to achieve accurate planning in APO with Shelf Life Expiration dating, Total Shelf Life, Minimum required shelf life at location level, Projected Wastage and Stop Sale calculations.
  • Implemented Packaging Solution using Alternate BOMs, Usage Probabilities, Production Version Control, Engineering Change Management.
  • Modeled Product Interchangeability scenarios for upcoming Bulk or API changes in the network taking into account regulatory, compliance and approval considerations to allow for accurate planning, visibility and execution across supply chain network. Modeled use of Production Data Structures (PDS) in APO for use with Engineering Change Management.
  • Implemented and tested JDA Demand Planning for the Consumer Health business to help improve forecast accuracy, improve forecasting processes for promotion and display planning, leverage better forecasting algorithms tailored to product lifecycle and use Point of Sale Collaboration with key customers such as Walmart and Costco. This solution was integrated to the existing SAP infrastructure – ECC, APO SNP and SmartOps MIPO.
  • Blueprinted, designed, developed and implemented a Multi Echelon Inventory Planning and Optimization tool (SAP EIS/SmartOps MIPO) for the Consumer Healthcare business. This is a fully integrated solution to SAP ECC 6.0, JDA, SCM 7.0 and BI 7.0 with SmartOps MIPO 6.7.1. The EIS tool performs safety stock optimization across various echelons of the supply chain and throughout the full BOM, considering production and capacity constraints. This project involved customizing APO to plan with time dependent safety stocks using SNP Heuristics and perform SNP Capacity Leveling and Deployment. Configured Reporting and Analytics capabilities using Micro Strategy, and currently analyzing the use of the AIM Module to leverage Business Objects based analytics and dash boarding capabilities. This project was responsible for achieving significant improvements in customer service levels and reduction of working capital and inventory.
  • Helped management use MIPO for performing business simulations, network design modeling and supply chain cost analysis.
  • Implemented SAP APO DP/SNP, Deployment and PPDS for the Consumer Health and Bio Pharmaceutical Business. This also involved APO SNP/PPDS implementations at major manufacturing facilities across the network. Scope included setup and configuration for planning master data, CIF, SNP Heuristics and Capacity Leveling, PPDS Planning Heuristics – Strategy Profiles, Planning Board, Setup Matrix, PPDS Optimizer, Product Planning Table, Receipts/Requirements View and Alert Monitors. Helped transition the business to a higher planning maturity level and was part of the core team to help SAP enabled Supply Planning adoption across the network.
  • Implemented a VMI / Replenishment solution for Make to Order Markets for Global External Supply Organization enabled through SAP APO.
  • Implemented SNP/PPDS Subcontracting functionality for tolling processes and 3rd party processing.
  • Involved in several business process improvements, Master Data Management and Supply Chain optimization initiatives.

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