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Senior Abap Resume

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Atlanta, GA


  • 7 years of Professional Experience in programming as an ABAP\4 Technical Consultant wif expertise in implementing and integrating software applications and modules under different versions of SAP R/3 and ECC environment.
  • Good working experience in ABAP/4 Reporting (wif Interactive, Classical, ALV list/grid).
  • Experienced in ABAP/4 Workbench in building teh Data Dictionary Objects and Function Modules.
  • Enhanced teh SAP standard functionalities using User Exits, BAdi’s and Enhancement Frameworks.
  • Expertise in Data Migrations/Conversions using BDC Programming on Call transaction and Session methods and also teh migration of data using LSMW.
  • Worked on interfacing using standard and custom BAPIs for distributed systems in SAP R/3.
  • Expertise in working wif ALE/EDI to transfer IDocs for Cross applications to integrate systems.
  • Designed and developed screens using Dialog programming wif Screen Painter and Menu Painter.
  • Good exposure in WORKFLOW ECC 6.0 how to design a business process in workflow for any modules and customized business object and method.
  • Good noledge in OOPS (OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING) wif BDC and in ALV.
  • Developed and modified Forms using Smart forms, SAPScripts.
  • Extensively worked on creating Dynamic UI elements in Web Dynpro.
  • Experience in creating Views, UI Elements and Contexts for Webdynpro application.
  • Technical and Cross - Functional experience in various modules and applications of SAP R/3. Good understanding of business process procedures of SD, MM, FI/CO, HR, QM, WM, PP and APO modules.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning, Testing, Optimization of reports in system integration and user acceptance testing, SQL and Short Dump Analysis.
  • Good programming experience in Unix/Windows platforms using Java, C, Python and Mathematica programming languages for Client/Server programming noledge.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills wif excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


Operating System: Windows, Unix/Linux

ERP: SAP R/3 4.X, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0

Web Development: HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP.NET, CSS, XML

Programming Skills: ABAP/4, C, C++, Python, Mathematica, Java, VC++ and Visual Basic

Databases: Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2005, MS Access

Data Dictionary: Structures, Domains & Data Elements

Reports: Classical, Interactive, ALV Reports

Forms: SAPScripts, Smart Forms, Adobe Forms

Interfaces: BAPI, EDI/ALE/IDocs, RFC, Workflow

Conversions: BDC Runs, LSMW

Enhancements: User Exits, BAdi’s

Module Pool & Tools: Screen Painter and Menu Painter using Dialog Programming, CATT, ITS, BSP, Web Dynpro


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior ABAP


  • Lead Confidential MONARCH-MYZEP project through all project phases starting from requirements gathering, analysis through testing and productive implementation.
  • Developed Web Dynpro Applications using MVC pattern to display Purchase order details.
  • Developed Web Dynpro Applications to display all invoice details.
  • Responsible for developing a Web Dynpro Report to display Open items of a Customer.
  • Assist in system test, performance test and other user tests.
  • Prepared specification documents for teh offshore team of 3 developers for functional and technical requirements, report specifications, design documents, and test scenarios according to Confidential standards.
  • Created LSMW Project for teh data migration of Material Master Data into SAP system.
  • Worked on teh BAPI sales order related function modules BAPI SALESORDER CREATEFROMDAT2 and BAPI QUOTATION CREATEFROMDATA2 to create sales orders and quotes.
  • Worked extensively on teh portal development for teh company’s Portal, where teh sales representatives login and order products for teh customers.
  • Worked on teh pricing conditions to show teh prices and discounts of teh products before hand for teh sales reps to pick from teh MYZEP portal. Provided functionality in SAP to update teh pricing condition for teh discount percentage and teh fixed Dollar discount off in teh SAP through teh frontend .NET portal.
  • Worked on teh contract pricing related developments where a particular type of customers and sales reps has a default price for a list of products.
  • Worked wif teh VISTEX team to develop teh commission percentage for teh sales reps when they sell a product for teh customers for any price.
  • Report Development using ALV and BAPI.
  • Created custom BAPIs for teh different requirements related to SD.
  • Enhanced teh existing BAPIs in SAP to meet teh requirements of teh client.
  • Worked extensively on BDCs to retrieve and update teh customer master and Pricing data, which are not directly provided in any T-Codes or Function modules.
  • Worked on linking frontend .NET platform to SAP where teh orders are allowed to be created.
  • Developed some function modules dat work wif teh material data, like product history, Units of measure, conversions and pricing conditions.
  • Worked on AR and AGING reports in FI module using oo concept.
  • Worked on customized F.23 report using oo concept.
  • Developed a workflow for invoice approval.
  • Enhancements and Interfaces have been my key role in dis project.

Environment: ECC 6.0

Confidential, Spartanburg, SC

ABAP Developer


  • Developed Web Dynpro Application to display teh details of Time Confirmation Details.
  • Developed Web Dynpro Application to display teh details of Service Confirmation Details.
  • Designed and coded a BDC program for open purchase orders of non vendor (ME21) in Material Management.
  • Designed BDC program for Sales orders using transactions VA01.
  • Developed User Exit, which will be triggered when some quantity moved from already reserved stock from one of teh Storage location Batch. When teh user try to deliver dat kind of Sales orders teh user exit will raise an Error message.
  • User-Exits for storing Deleted Deliveries (SD): Sap doesn’t store teh Deleted Delivery data. A User-Exit is created in which all teh relevant Delivery data is inserted into a User defined table.
  • Created LSMW Project for teh data migration of Material Master Data into SAP system.
  • Developed a report to display all materials dat go out-of-stock - Only Finished Goods.
  • Sales Performance & Analysis report made available in a hierarchical format based on different sales organization levels.
  • Designed teh inputs screens for updating all teh machine details, holidays, reasons for non-utility of teh machines hours, department details, shifts details etc and Developed reports.
  • Configuration of Ports, Partner Profile to set up customer and vendor partner company for EDI communication of outbound or inbound documents like Purchase orders, sales orders, invoice of advance shipment notice following ANSI X12 standards.
  • Worked on teh SAP-Script layout sets in MM modules. Teh document modified were layout set RVORDER01 and teh corresponding print program modified as per teh client’s requirements.

Environment: ECC 6.0

Confidential, Round Rock, TX

ABAP/4 Technical Developer


  • Worked on an enhancement using BAdi/ SCMB/ DELIVERY for validating teh details entered while creating ASN (Advanced Shipment Notification) in SCM-SNC system, when finished goods or raw materials are to be shipped to manufacturing plant teh supplier needs to create ASN which will create an inbound delivery document to ECC to receipt against purchase order also it triggers standard STPOD IDoc message using MIGO & VL32N.
  • Enhanced teh User Exit (EXIT /SAPAPO/SAPLCIF STOCK 001) to ensure dat stock transactions for teh finished goods from OTC (SD) system are mapped to teh right distribution center in SCM-APO via CIF interface over Live Cache. Also used BAdi (BADI - /SAPAPO/CIF DELTA3) to report teh errors accurately on APO side.
  • Extended an IDoc for replicating Goods Receipt (GR) information from SAP to an Account Payable System (Lynx) through Web methods (EDI) whenever there is a GR creation/change in SAP upon saving will make teh information ready for IDoc conversion and will be triggered instantly upon selection by teh interface program. Error handling is also handled for IDoc to XML messages using teh report program for output determination.
  • Developed an IDoc interface program dat is triggered whenever there is creation/change of Purchase Order in ECC dat sends message via Web Methods (EDI) in XML format to an Accounts Payable system (Lynx) upon saving of order. IDoc is triggered using output types to match performance similarly Scheduling agreement (SA) details are also transferred upon creation/change of SA. IDoc error handling is also done using custom tool.
  • Worked on an interface program in SAP to extract data from Oracle system in order to replicate teh vendor master details since from teh interface is run last time wif filter criteria as Company code, Purchase organization and last change time stamp greater TEMPthan time stamp ran last time.
  • Designed and developed a Smart form to print teh Purchase Order form from teh PO overview screen of SNC dis provides teh supplier wif teh ability to print teh PO details of SNC into PDF format which is triggered using BAdi implementation.
  • Worked on an ALV report to display teh Low Inventory Status details of materials by plant, purchase group, MRP controller, vendor and also various stock type (Un-restricted, Quality, In-transit) of a material grouped for a particular plant location. dis report also provides details of Open Purchase order Quantity available for teh material wif vendor confirmation details related to quantity and delivery date against each vendor.
  • Worked under S ALRXXXX reports using oo concept.

Environment: ECC 6.0 - SCM 7.0

Confidential, Dallas, TX

ABAP/4 Technical Developer (Offshore Lead)


  • Enhanced teh process of releasing blocked invoices using MRBR to update goods receipts matching quantity and amount wif reference to SRM purchase order. Used Enhancement Spot to export values and implemented BAdi (MRM BLOCKREASON DELETE) to unblock teh invoices wif respect to its matching good receipts.
  • Designed and Developed Swiss Invoice Payment Slip Smart form to match teh preprinted layout design along wif all material its serial numbers quantity VAT % to account subtotal and total amount wif multi-page setups.
  • Worked on modifying teh enhancement portion of FSCM BAdi (UKM CHECK ST) dat does credit check rule. Checks for customers sales order say 25% of open invoices past due tan our functionality should block invoices.
  • Worked on an interfacing material classification and characteristic details via IDoc between MM and PLM where Web Methods is used as mapping tool. Used BAPI (BAPI OBJCL GETCLASSES) to obtain object classes to replace classification and characteristic values on SAP.
  • Processed teh IDoc of Message Type MBGMCR to update teh status wif its failure custom message related to its Material and Quantity information using WE19 and so on no good receipts is done if teh IDoc quantity is different from teh delivery quantity. Once teh IDoc quantity is changed to match delivery quantity good receipt is posted.
  • Modified teh Reconciliation balance report between Lexmark and its SMI suppliers for various movement types 101, 561, 565, 411 wif specified manipulation as per requirement.
  • Worked on Balance Sheet Report to send all General Ledger details from SAP to ARIBA using custom RFC call. To send GL total details along wif Profit center, cost center and foreign currency checks.
  • Worked on a User Exit to Change Payer value for invoice list instead Sold to party value of Invoice when creating invoice List using VF23.
  • Created SAP Standard BAdi and Enhancement Spots according to OSS Notes for correction notes to resolve production issues wif teh help of BASIS Team.
  • Worked on Travel Management issue using transaction TRIP to debug and analyze teh cause applied OSS notes to solve teh issue.
  • Worked on an interfacing object to replace teh blank incoming details of Unit of Measure from GTS wif secondary UOM on SAP side which needs to be populated/ updated properly in table T604.
  • Worked on bug fixing on global, export and Swiss payment invoice Smart forms on most of teh client forms.

Environment: ECC 6.0.

Confidentia, New Haven, CT

SAP ABAP Developer


  • Used transaction codes SM36 and SM37 to set up and monitor teh background jobs and used RSBDCSUB to process teh jobs.
  • Developed a BDC call transaction program to load teh accounting documents in to teh SAP system in FI/CO using teh transaction codes FB01/FB02.
  • Used SAP Workbench Tools such as SQL Trace, Transaction Analysis and ABAP/4 Data Dictionary to research teh data needed to meet teh report specifications
  • Used BAPI, IDoc and Message type for Statistical Key Figure Transaction. Used a BAPI based ALE Scenario to handle seven different Inbound Interfaces.
  • Created a Custom wrapper for BAPI, IDoc and Message type for Outbound Check Free interface.
  • Enhanced teh User Exits dat - while making Release Strategy, after Release teh Purchase Order if any lower level changes teh PO gives an Information message and exit teh screen.
  • Developed and tested user exit for stock placement strategy (WM module).
  • Design and develop SAP Scripts for delivery, picking list and warehouse stock movement document printing.
  • Modified SAP program SAPM06P and SAP Script MEDRUCK to produce Purchase Order, RFQ, and request for tender depending on output type .Configured in MM.
  • SAP Scripts/ SmartForm: Modified teh existing layout set and teh program for Delivery. Changed Invoice Script by modifying teh SAP standard layout set. Modified standard SAPscript print program and SAPscript layout form for account statement printing.

Environment: SAP 4.6C

Confidential, Durham, NC

ABAP Developer


  • Worked on teh BAPI material related function modules BAPI STANDARDMATERIAL CREATE and BAPI MATERIAL EDIT to load/change teh material master data.
  • Used teh BAPI named BAPI VENDOR EDIT to modify some of teh suppliers in teh Vendor Master Data.
  • Created an ALV report to display a list of quantity stock for specific materials in specific plants or storage locations based on teh input values like plant, storage locations, material and product hierarchy entered on teh selection screen for OTC (order to cash) module.
  • Used an User Exit for Billing Output Determination to copy teh printer number from delivery document instead of condition record, based on certain condition wif relate to FI/CO integration.
  • Enhanced a User Exits which will automatically assign teh Order type wif Purchase Order Number while making a PO using Customer Functions.
  • Used a User Exit to include teh material description when teh goods receipt is entered using MB21 wif reference to PO.
  • Used LSMW to migrate purchase order information records to SAP from presentation server.
  • Designed and developed Dialog Programming for Entry of Warranty Claim(s) details received from Customer. dis functionality was not provided by Standard SAP and hence separate Z-Table, data elements and domains had to be created along wif teh Dialog Program.
  • Worked on IDocs and maintained Inbound IDocs - ORDERS05. Checked teh status of teh Inbound IDocs dat is posted on teh system and recovered it from errors if any isn’t successful.
  • Modified teh purchase order layout in SAP Script according to client’s requirements dat also needs teh data to be retrieved from a custom Z-Table.
  • Workflow: Implemented Workflow to notify person responsible when service order is completed. Workflow is triggered wif event released. Object BUS2007 is utilized. Vendor Master Create Workflow: Developed a workflow using LFA1 for Vendor Master. Once base view is created workflow is triggered. Extended teh business object LFA1. Event was triggered using change document object. Developed rule based function modules to determine user responsible.

Environment: ECC 5.0

Confidential, Orlando, FL

SAP Technical Consultant


  • Developed BDC program for Transaction FK01 to transfer vendor address in to SAP.
  • Generated accounting documents for external party transaction (in Oracle Apps system) using BAPI technology.
  • Used BAPI SALESORDER CHANGE for removing teh billing block at item level in sales order.
  • Developed a Batch Input Program to upload Vendor Master Data from legacy system to SAP R/3 database. Teh data was uploaded using transaction XK01.
  • Production Plan Report- dis shows production plan for an object, which were planned in different work centers one after another. dis report shows teh sequential operations of an object in a manufacturing industry.
  • Production Order Report- dis shows teh production orders in a work center of different objects. dis gives teh different operations of different objects in a work center.
  • Implemented User Exit EXIT SAPLBARM 001 in Production Planning to include component scrap factor from Material Master.
  • Worked on EDI: Created IDoc setting teh outbound parameters for teh Purchase Order.
  • Developed Workflow for Invoice Notification and configured teh Organizational structure to set up teh responsible persons and parties for receiving notifications.
  • Developed Workflow for Purchase Requisition Approval Notifications.

Environment: SAP 4.7.

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