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Sr Software Engineer Resume

Los Angeles, CA


  • More than five years experience with mobile - first responsive design. Producer of hand-coded sites specializing in W3C/WAI/508/WCAG2 compliant code standards.
  • Development focused on producing lean efficient sites to serve wider audiences at reduced costs.
  • Employ optimization techniques to improve performance, reliability, search indexing, and accessibility.
  • Implement modular component approach to design templates cut from original designs that maintain presentation and intent.
  • Continuously expanding development skill set by applying improved frameworks and libraries to projects.
  • Actively seeking continuous project involvement throughout conception, organization, development, delivery, maintenance, support, training, and documentation.


Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Sr Software Engineer


  • Front-end developer work on B2C delivery services and for development and enhancement of the client service CMS. Project involved development of HTML5 responsive designs on a PHP back-end with the use of SCSS, jQuery, and a bit of support for AngularJS, ReactJS, and VueJS.
  • Rebuilt web audio player with a new HTML5, CSS3, responsive design model.
  • Upgraded existing in-house CMS script libraries with newer versions of jQuery, Redactor, and scrollMonitor.
  • Optimized jQuery and CSS development with code linting and performance tweaks.
  • Expanded modular component approach with simpler models and flexible controls.

Confidential, Culver City, CA

Sr Front-End Web Developer


  • Produced B2C site for video content delivery and B2B for asset and account management using responsive design from mobile phones to desktops. Project uses the Node/Express platform with Jade/Pug templates and SCSS to deliver HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3 from the Amazon cloud.
  • Built responsive HTML5, template driven system of sites designed to deliver videos to devices ranging from the smallest iPhones and mobile devices to desktop computers.
  • Developed projects using Node, Jade/Pug, MySQL, SCSS, AWS, GitHub, and a variety of front-end libraries (i.e. jQuery, Knockout, Backbone)
  • Integrated tracking and analysis tools to profile the users for targeted services and advertising.
  • Integrated a range of social platform services including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Confidential, Tustin, CA

Sr Front-End Web Developer


  • Produced high efficiency sites with PHP, CSS, JS, jQuery, XML, & JSON. Implemented support for projects involving ASP.net and JSP. Applied code focus on front-end, standards compliant XHTML and HTML5 sites using Responsive Design and jQuery. Content deployments implemented a custom build of Interwoven CMS. Development was built around reusable template designs that are built to make complete design changes rather simple. This gives a site the opportunity to rapidly change for things like seasons, sales promotions, segment marketing, or even offer user preferences.
  • Applied responsive design (HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3) to company rebranding and redesign using table-free design practices.
  • Improved process for development and updates for PHP, Java, ASP, XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Developed UI solutions toward compliance, consistency, and browser support.
  • Freelance consulting and web development projects involving: creation of new site templates from designs, update and maintenance of existing PHP/MySQL sites, and upgrade/enhance existing sites.
  • Rebuilt and maintained web site for avionics and aviation industry manufacturer (PHP, MySQL) to achieve code compliance and facilitate simple updates.
  • Produced simple and maintainable site code templates that work on desktops and early mobile devices (XHTML, CSS2/P).

Confidential, Corvallis, OR

Project Manager


  • Essentially created my role with OSU to develop and improve the campus Web services.
  • Became highly involved in the development of the core services of the OSU campus and helped to create and build many of the basic web services.
  • Produced central and supplementary scripts: web mail (PHP, LDAP, 2yr), Oregon weather (CFM/PHP, 3yr), page hitcount tool (PHP, MySQL, 2yr), guestbook (CFM, 2yr).
  • Maintained and upgraded the OSU campus Inktomi (2yr) and Google (XSLT, 2yr) search engines, campus map (Perl/PHP, MySQL, 2yr), and campus calendaring (Perl, 4yr).
  • Produced regular site statistical reports using WebTrends log analysis software (2yr).
  • Produced the OSU campus catalog and schedule of classes (HTML, SSI, Perl, 2yr). Improved update process to cut development time less than fifty percent.
  • Performed office PC/Mac setup, OS/software installation, customization, and maintenance to reduce operational costs.
  • Produced primary documentation and tutorials for the central functions of the web and reduce the requirement for direct customer assistance.
  • Served as the primary customer service contact and support for the central web server.
  • Instructed courses for beginner web development classes to reduce in-person support needs.
  • Supervised 6-8 students in producing web projects as a way to encourage learning advanced development techniques.

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