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Systems Analyst Resume

New Cumberland, PA


  • Programmer Analyst and Consultant, Microsoft certified in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with extensive experience in REXX, Microfocus COBOL, COBOL, and databases on a variety of platforms. SAP, ABAP, JQUERY, ASP NET MVC, Windows Azure, UNIX, and LINUX familiarity.
  • Professional, service - oriented, motivated, self-starter, reliable, quick learner, skilled troubleshooter, database analyst, and educator. Also experienced in Z/OS, ISPF, JCL, and Control - M.


Systems Analyst

Confidential, New Cumberland, PA

  • Responsible for code installation, verification, and maintenance on a Z/OS System. Duties included daily code installations for major new code releases as well as production fixes. Monitored the system for outages and post-installation issues. Interacted with users to help solve problems.
  • Wrote REXX code to verify that the correct version of code had been correctly installed after the daily install procedures had been run and to verify the compile dates of code before it was moved into production.
  • Modified several existing REXX procedures.
  • Contributed to special project to consolidate two LPARS into one LPAR.

Senior Consultant / Programmer

Confidential, Sterling Forest, NY

  • Senior Consultant and primary programmer for SMA, a proposal tracking system, for disaster recovery contracts. SMA comprised 200 REXX programs running on the VM platform. A new system to replace SMA, rewritten in ABAP under SAP, went into production in 2012. Responsible for all troubleshooting, analysis, sizing, and programming changes. Provided help desk support for a community of 1000 users for the SMA system. Worked on a major rewrite of the SMA system in 2001 to support new contract language. Performed all testing and documentation for the SMA system as needed.
  • Assisted SAP programmers by answering technical questions about SMA during rewrite of the SMA system.
  • Self-taught ABAP on own time to further help SAP programmers. By project’s end, was able to write simple ABAP programs.
  • Received a department award for my assistance to SAP programmers.

Database Administrator

Confidential, Mahwah, NJ

  • Maintained DB2/2 databases running on OS/2 platform at 63 sites in US and Europe. Supported UPS’s tracking system (CRS), which tracks pickups and deliveries.
  • Wrote new procedures in REXX for database migration from OS/2 to Warp.
  • Helped identify Y2K compliance issues.

Database Analyst

Confidential, Cambridge, MA

  • Worked full-time while attending Boston University. Supported and maintained databases for production jobs running in SQL/DS on a VM platform. Applications included finance, accounting, and property and asset management.
  • Responsible for monitoring and allocating space on the VM databases. Coded and tested changes for REXX production code for the databases. Participated in a disaster recovery test to verify that the university payroll would be able to be run in the event of a disaster.
  • Helped migrate a database from a VAX computer to the Confidential mainframe. Helped install and improve performance of Oracle databases. Documented procedures for programs as needed.


Confidential, Montvale, NJ

  • Converted COBOL programs, which ran on a Univac computer, to run on an Confidential mainframe. Designed, maintained, and tested batch programs for the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) online system consisting of numerous COBOL programs and REXX executables.
  • Wrote programs for drug pricing system, Advertising Space Analysis system, and other systems. Performed all testing and documentation for systems.

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