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Senior Software Development Engineer/team Lead Resume

Jersey City, NJ


  • Deliver end - to-end product solutions for large, complex multiple site projects
  • Skillful in managing units of multi-site projects and directing staff.
  • History of bringing assignments in line with budget and schedule.
  • Known for delivering quality brand of excellence.
  • Excellent leadership/team player style with strength in building trust and rapport with clients.
  • Acknowledged as “go to” specialist for providing solutions and delivery of compensation initiatives.
  • Expert in analyzing/debugging/developing extremely complex systems/applications/programs, providing diagrams and technical documentation.



Databases: DB2 V11, AQT, QMF, SPUFI, SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008

Microsoft: Windows XP/NT, Microsoft Project, Visual Studio 2008, Excel, PowerPoint


Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Senior Software Development Engineer/Team Lead


  • Oversaw application development projects in Foreign Exchange.
  • Delivered Foreign Exchange transactions solutions for private individuals and institutional investors’ distribution channels at Confidential .
  • Provided analysis, technical documents and diagrams, projects planning and estimation for Foreign Exchange, Multi-Currency, Broker dealer, and Positions verification, developed, tested and implemented the most challenging parts of the Foreign Exchange application.
  • Executed comprehensive program applications as a project lead, providing technology solutions for Rate Adjustment applications for internal and external feeds.
  • Maintained/designed/developed confirmations reports system, supported full life cycle (SDLC) including project estimation, resources allocation, systems analysis, creating FRD/TDD, process diagrams to fix incorrect and missing translations, making adjustments for $2.7M servicing agents and allowing customers to eliminate manual routine for 100+ agents’ (daily) Multi Currency (COBOL/DB2/UDB).
  • Provided Core functionality applications analysis (FRD/TDD, diagrams), transitioning and consolidating 3 different systems on IBM platform, permitting Confidential to meet compensation accountability for private individuals and institutional investors accurately and on schedule (COBOL/CICS/DB2).
  • Coordinated offshore production support team, resolving production issues impacting agents’ payouts, including process abends, missing or incorrect payments, other data inaccuracy, providing analysis of issues, root cause and full business satisfaction solutions (COBOL/CICS/DB2/UDB/SQL Server DB).
  • Held knowledge transfer sessions with Business group, IT and Production Management teams, optimizing support for Multi-Currency Positions Compensation projects (End of the day).
  • Administered system development life cycle (SDLC) activities, delivering new product introductions for each client distribution channel - private individuals and institutional investors, achieving product availability for new positions.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Software Development Engineer/Team Lead, Application Development


  • Led Foreign Exchange projects. Provided estimation, strategy, business requirements discussion, project planning and programming communication, resource allocation, for the most complex units, supported developing and testing.
  • Produced risk mitigation of security breaches by 90% for the Data Masking project (Agile methodology) which included 27 Confidential applications, protecting sensitive (personal) data from theft, including SSN and bank accounts. Supported full life cycle for each application including analysis, FRD/TDD/diagrams, unit and system test, implementation and post - implementation monitoring.
  • Carried out revenue-based compensation plan for Confidential Resources broker supporting Positions brokers, resulting in achieving compulsory release date for project completion (COBOL/CICS/DB2/SQL Server DB). Provided system analysis, technical documentation, supported development.
  • Directed (analyzed) project on requirements for Foreign Exchange system ($8M bonus payouts per annum), guaranteeing system produced and displayed payments accurately and on time.
  • Implemented 20% annual reduction of manual process and $160K application maintenance reduction, by supporting sunset of 3 integrated legacy systems, resulting in new efficiencies.
  • Bolstered re-platforming legacy Foreign Exchange application to strategic compensation platform, delivering seamless interface support for 200 downstream systems, providing more robust control processes (COBOL II/CICS/DB2).
  • Analyzed, designed and developed the new system.

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Designed, implemented enhanced and maintained the Money Market and Foreign Exchange Systems which provides the user with the flexibility to enter varied and specific transactions, assist the operating areas in their rapid processing and produce immediate updates.
  • Maintained core functionality with regard to Multi-Currency, Early Maturity, Rate Adjustments, Cancellations/Corrections, Verifications, Positions, and Confirmations Reports.
  • Consulted with user to confirm user requirements and give status reports.
  • Participated in an EMU Project, which enhanced the Money Market and Foreign Exchange Systems to improve performance processing EMU currencies.
  • Addressed all found issues, delegating and overseeing problem resolution.
  • Performed QA Analysis for EMU, created test plan, test cases, test scripts, and loaded, queried and manipulated data in a test environment.
  • Programs were written in COBOL II, CICS utilizing SQL to access DB2 database and using VSAM files in MVS and UNIX environment.

Confidential, Paramus, NJ

Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Designed, tested, implemented, maintained and provided support of a Package Exception System which allows the user to maintain customers account information thus ensuring on - time deliveries
  • Maintained the Confidential tracking/tracing retrieval facility.
  • Created JCL and migrated code from development areas to test area.
  • Wrote utility programs to convert VSAM files; tested and debugged CICS and batch modules
  • Designed the system according to the users requirements.

Environment: utilized: COBOL II, CICS, DB2, and VSAM.

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