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Systems Engineer/analyst, Senior Resume

Portland, OregoN


  • Data processing experience since 1983 including...
  • 6 years Informatica ETL.
  • 5 years Oracle PL/SQL.
  • 8 years COOL: Gen development.
  • 3 years DB2 DBA.
  • 3 (cumulative) years Java EE application development.
  • 1 year Discoverer Reports.
  • 2 years Crystal Reports.
  • 2 years IBM systems programmer.
  • Specialized in ETL using Informatica power center - Oracle stored procedures - COOL: Gen/mainframe application development.
  • Recognized for high quality (defect-free) application development.
  • Provided expertise in Informatica, COOL: Gen, Oracle PL/SQL, DB2


Languages: Informatica Power Center, Oracle PL/SQL, COOL Gen, COBOL, JCL, and Java.

Operating Systems: IBM mainframe z/OS, windows, UNIX (beginner level)

Software/Applications: Informatica Power Center, Oracle PL/SQL, TOAD, COOL Gen, CE-Edit, Web Sphere, Eclipse, J2EE, Struts, Netezza, AQT, Oracle, DB2, and CICS.

Miscellaneous: Crystal Reports, Discoverer Reports.


Confidential, Portland, Oregon

Systems Engineer/Analyst, Senior


  • Team objective is to manage the structure, content and availability of data consumed by all reporting platforms, mainly Netezza/MicroStrategy but also few Discoverer and Oracle Reports.
  • The size of the team is 20+ people.
  • The projects are valued as "critical for current operation and future growth".
  • Responsibilities included developing, unit testing, integration testing and production implementation of Informatica mappings and workflows.
  • Recognized for delivering quality (defect-free) product.

Environment: Formal agile-like SDLC methodology, Informatica Power Center/Power Exchange, DB2, Netezza, Oracle 11g and, recently, Oracle (12c) Exadata.


Line-haul / Load-plan / Simulator


  • Team objective is to set the rules governing freight movements, run the simulator to study impact of proposed changes on a weekly basis as well as model and optimize actual Line-haul (long-haul) runs on a daily basis to minimize total operational cost.
  • The size of the team was 5 developers stationed in Portland. Operational Research and Line-haul control is managed by higher-level team members and managers at the head quarter branch.
  • The project was valued as "the most mission-critical software".
  • Responsibilities included maintenance of all processes pertaining to aggregation and preparation of Line-haul Optimizer input and interpreting output as well as providing support to Line-haul/Load-plan controllers.
  • Was entrusted with developing all routines needed to aggregate and interpret Simulator output. Work was vetted by chief designer of the Simulator and was found reliable.
  • Recognized for delivering dependable bug-free application programs and for providing insight of Load-plan rules and their impact.

Environment: Ad-hoc methodology, Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures and simple web interface.


Systems Engineer


  • The objective was to prepare and forward shipment manifests to border control authorities before trips actually arrived at crossing ports.
  • The size of the team was 3 developers. The project was valued as "government mandated".
  • Responsibilities included developing backend processes to collect and forward trip/shipment information. Recognized for delivering dependable bug-free application programs.

Environment: Waterfall methodology, COOL: Gen, DB2, CICS, CHANGEMAN, COBOL backend, Block mode screens and Enterprise Java Bean. Applications were based on cooperative packaging with server portion running on mainframe as CICS transactions. Block-mode screens also ran under CICS. TIBCO executed calls to middle-tier EJB which coordinated calls to back end via Java proxies.


DB2 Database Administrator


  • Migration from VSAM to DB2. Upgrade from DB2 v3 to v4.
  • The size of the team was about 30 personnel.
  • The project was valued as a "necessary upgrade".
  • Responsibilities included review of DDL and DML. Conversion and loading of existing data.
  • Recognized for delivering professional service and support.

Environment: Waterfall methodology, MVS, DB2, CICS, JCL.

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