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Data Warehouse Developer Resume

Charlotte, NC


Power BIStar Schema SSIS, SSAS, SSRS Tabular/OLAP

Machine LearningMDM - DQS, MDSAzureQlikview & Qliksense mySQL, T-SQLExcel, Access 2016 PowerPivot Automation and Reporting

DAX, MDX Business Objects Crystal Reports Microsoft Office 365

Management Studio SQL Server 2014 Visual Studio (SSDT)Data Warehousing

Talend Open Studio


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Data Warehouse Developer


  • Implemented several Power BI dashboards to create new insights and automate
  • Ongoing Training & Support

Confidential - Charlotte, NC

Data Warehouse Developer

Apps/Tech: SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Visual Studio 13 (SSDT), Management Studio 16, Excel 16, Office 365, Power BI, Azure, Pentaho, SQL Server 2008R2, 2012, & 2014, PowerPivot, Data Mining, Master Data Management, DQS (Data Quality Services), MDS (Master Data Services), Machine Learning (BigML, AzureML), Qlikview, Qlik Sense & Talend Open Studio, BigQuery

Languages: MDX, DAX, T-SQL, M (Power Query), C#, VB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Associative Query Logic (AQL)


  • Finance Dashboard - saved over $300,000 in Anaplan license costs and generated new insights into business operations (Replaced Anaplan SaaS which was costing too much money and didn’t have detail)
  • Advanced Section Access, integration with google sheets, incremental loading QVD’s, data warehousing, self-service pivot reporting capability
  • Sales Operations Dashboard - increases sales by having dynamic insights and tracking into their leads, prospects and sales. Allowed for better coaching and tracking against key target areas
  • Advanced Set Analysis, alternate states, triggers, automated PDF report distribution addition
  • Resigns Dashboard - increased revenue by pointing out opportunities to resign existing clients to maintain and improve upon our business with them
  • Subroutines, loop through 40+ ODBC connections, Peek function, QVD layer
  • Account was on the verge of leaving; competitor had a team of analysts that had presented analytics and insights which wowed the client
  • Put together a dashboard and analytics presentation using data provided by client for proof of concept in less than a week using Power BI
  • Analytics and BI capabilities were a crucial part of the clients decision making process, and based on the presentation we provided they were very impressed and we secured the account


Data Warehouse Developer


  • Created flat file dataset from SQL Server for use by BigML (Dataset had over 80 key metrics and dimensions for pest tracking combined from more than six source systems)
  • Created several binary classification supervised learning models using boosted decision tree algorithm per BigML (Gained visibility into several key influences that led to customer churn; some unexpected)
  • In addition - performed standard BI analysis on dataset for Churn rates and statistics
  • CEO could easily view different regions of the U.S. and Canada to see current route effectiveness, compare regions, divisions or cities, and view potential target areas for improvement or new routes
  • Disparate spreadsheets cleansed, analyzed and profiled using Data Mining add-in for Excel
  • Added data via Power Query; Enhanced model with DAX Measures and calculated columns; Added filters and slicers to easily see different views of the data on the fly


Data Warehouse Developer


  • Created to support/replace current SSRS sales reports and enhance ad-hoc and trending capabilities
  • Designed ETL (SSIS & TSQL) to move current data warehouse sales data into star-schema format fact and dimension tables for use by SSAS OLAP; Extended ETL with control tables and cube processing
  • Cube - Added write-back to sales targets tables, MDX Measures, KPI’s, Drill-through (To sales detail and measure descriptions/expressions), Hierarchies including Fiscal and Calendar year, Role-based permissions, Actions, Top/Bottom 15 Named Sets
  • Built Excel reports and dashboards using cube as source to replace current SSRS reports which were having issues due to scale and usage
  • Prior process was not scalable; created a cube to support larger clients and enhance analytics
  • Saved over 80 hours per project per month in FTE costs and time by having automated ETL and Cube
  • Documentation provided by querying DMV’s to get cube schema data; Created BUS Matrix, Measure descriptions, Model architecture and outlier/data-validation report
  • Created dashboards in Power BI with live connection to Tabular Cube for Tier 1 clients
  • Drafted business intelligence business plan to support strategic account managers in the proposal for a BI team and solution to senior leadership (Several key accounts on the verge of leaving due to lack of insight into their data)
  • Developed several Qlikview operational dashboards from MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL database sources. (Management gained increased visibility into data and key metrics to better track and optimize the business)
  • Provisioned VM and SQL Server 2014 in Azure Cloud; Copied on premise data warehouse to Azure (SSIS) and connected client applications to Azure tables and cubes (POC for cloud migration strategy)
  • Installed and configured MDM on SQL Server 2014 (Data Quality Services and Master Data Services)
  • Created demo ETL (SSIS) to cleanse source data and load to MDM staging views
  • Pentaho Use-Case for Embedded Analytics Testing
  • Converted BRC Cube SSIS ETL to Kettle ETL, reviewed several Kettle Jobs and Transformations
  • Created BRC Cube (Mondrian) using schema workbench
  • Modeled sales data using metadata manager for interactive reporting
  • Reviewed several embedded analytic instances
  • Created automated emailing system in Excel to assist with operational update emails for client support teams (Saved over 35 person hours per week)
  • Built Excel App with parameter driven UI that pulled data from key source systems in SQL Server for business users to validate 2.0 data migration effort and UAT testing (This app helped catch several key bugs during the UAT effort)

Confidential - Akron, OH

Informatics Analyst

Applications: SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Visual Studio 12 (SSDT, BIDS), Management Studio 12, Excel 13, Access 13

Tech: SQL Server 2008R2, SQL Server 2012, PowerPivot, DTSX

Languages: DAX, T-SQL, MDX, VB

Third Party Tools: Truven Health Analytics - Advantage Suite, Optum Analytics Suite


  • Data Modeling - created several multi-dimensional models (star schema) for both internal (SQL Server 2008R2/2012) and external (Excel 2013 PowerPivot) client reporting and analysis
  • Internal claims model: comprised of several fact tables and over 50 dimensions
  • Used as the source of truth for Clinical Business Informatics reporting and analysis
  • Created via a series of stored procedures and DTSX packages that pull data from various transactional and lookup tables. Automated and scheduled via SQL Server Agent Job.
  • Logic included to cleanse and validate the data (control tables), check for errors, create calculated columns and assign integer keys and descriptions
  • Model includes general indexing as well as report specific indexing (query analyzer) to increase performance of both reporting and ad-hoc analysis
  • Created a copy of the data model from the 2008R2 server onto the 2012 box. Then pulled the multi-dimensional model into Visual Studio 12 using the tabular modeling component; once completed model is then deployed to analysis services
  • Added hierarchies and sorting to both dimension and fact tables
  • Created over 150 measures using DAX and created several drill-to-detail actions
  • Defined relationships, created user groups and added a perspective with minimal information for “lite” users
  • Automated cube documentation via DMV’s (Data Management Views) scripts and SSRS
  • Created several automated management reports that could be “sliced” any way by using multi-value parameters via stored procedures
  • Using the cube and some stored procedures, was able to take a week long manual reporting project and schedule and automate the entire process (over 90 RDLs)
  • Automated some reports through Excel by setting up direct connections from Excel to the servers stored procedures; In addition, used cells as parameters for those stored procedures
  • Took initiative to build a “Standard Client Reporting” package which was sorely needed and met with much praise from the Chief Medical Officer (SSRS, Data-driven, Self-Service, Tabular and T-SQL)
  • Created a DTSX package to upload notes from an Excel file to the server and then update various tables
  • Automated a DTSX package to routinely grab last month’s data and export it into several flat files on the shared drive; used as the monthly data source for Truven
  • Automated cube updates using Analysis Services connection manager via DTSX packages

Confidential - Phoenix, AZ

Business Analyst


  • Designed and audited recurring and ad hoc analytical reports to support business intelligence using Business Objects 6.5 and XI, Crystal Reports XI, SQL, Microsoft Excel 2007, Access 2007, Outlook 2007 and SharePoint 2007
  • Created report request application using InfoPath 2007 to streamline workflow process - increased business
  • Collaborated with DBA’s and management to QA and validate new internal application implementation
  • Used pivot-tables, drill-down techniques, data warehousing, data mining and documentation/scripting
  • With SharePoint 2007 created process workflows, web pages and parts, created views and linked shared documents
  • Coached team on new ways to leverage Business Objects Rich Client to improve and automate processes
  • Shaped decision support reports involving forecasting, trending patterns, dashboarding and KPI

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