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Informatica Mdm Developer/analyst Resume

Irving, TX


  • Around 7 years of IT experience with special emphasis on MDM hub configuration and Master Data Management, System Analysis, Design, Development of applications and Quality Analysis.
  • Designing, Installing, Configuring core Informatica MDM Hub components such as Informatica MDM Hub Console, Hub Store, Hub Server, Cleanse Match Server, IDD
  • Defining and configuring landing tables, staging tables, base objects, hierarchies, foreign - key relationships, lookups, query groups, queries/custom queries and packages
  • Designed & developed multiple cleansing and standardization scenarios using Address Doctor
  • Implemented Hierarchy Manager Module in addition to Match/Merge/Unmerge to depict various hierarchies
  • Helping business to understand the Match rules configuration and decide the trust factor and Configure match/merge rules
  • Configuration Address Doctor for address cleansing in MDM Hub
  • Addressing issues of master data definition, metadata acquisition and data migration including data profiling, validation, clean-up and remediation, and source to target mapping
  • Performed cleansing and mapped business requirements to available features in IDD
  • Implementing IDD applications to maintain/manage data, access relationship hierarchies and configured task management to route tasks to the Data stewards
  • Configuring charts on the dashboard according to business requirements in IDD and user exits in IDD for selective validation alert pop ups
  • Experienced in testing Client/Server, and Web based, mobile applications by using automated & manual testing.
  • Strong Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Testing Life Cycle (TLC), Testing Methodologies and Techniques.
  • Extensive abilities in operations and technology related to financial, business and administrative applications and related hardware and software.
  • Proficient in development, execution, maintenance of Test plans, Test cases, Test scripts, Test specifications and Test scenarios.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and an attitude to learn the new cutting edge technologies.
  • Ability to quickly analyze and come-up with an efficient industry standard solution for a given problem


EIM Tools: Informatica MDM Multi-domain Edition 9.x, IDD

Cleanse Adapters: Address Doctor

Databases: Oracle 8.x/9.x/10g/11g, DB2, My SQL

Testing Tools: Quality Center, Selenium, Cucumber, TFS, JIRA

Programming Skills: Ruby, JAVA, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, UNIX Scripting

Application Servers: JBoss, Web Logic 10.x/9.x

Package: MS Office (MS Access, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word), Visual Studio 6.0.

Environment: Windows 2000/ NT/XP, Sun Solaris, Unix, Windows Server 2003/2008


Confidential, Irving, TX

Informatica MDM Developer/Analyst


  • Collaborated closely with Business Analyst to understand the business data flow and in gatheringrequirements
  • Configured and installed Informatica MDM Hub server, cleanse server, resource kit, and Address Doctor5 in Development, QA and Prod Environments.
  • Worked closely with ETL data architect for performing land batch process to populate data from external source system to landing tables in hub.
  • Configured the Base objects, Staging tables, foreign key relationships, static lookups, dynamic lookups, queries, packages, query groups and custom functions.
  • Used Hierarchies tool, for configuring entity base objects, entity types, relationship base objects, relationship types, profiles, put and display packages and used the entity types as subject areas in IDD.
  • Set up match/merge and run match rules to check the effectiveness of MDM process on data.
  • Successfully implemented IDD using hierarchy configuration and created subject area groups, subject areas, subject area child, IDD display packages in hub and search queries for searching the data for Organization and Individual in IDD data tab.
  • Implemented the approval process for subject areas in IDD, according to business rules and requirements
  • Closely worked with Data Steward Team for designing, documenting and configuring Informatica Data Director for supporting management of MDM data.
  • Created and documented the secure resources, roles, users for roles, and assigned privileges to roles using Security Access Manager in Development, QA and Prod environment.
  • Defined the security such that MDM ORS schema will be secured with access only granted for specific integration uses, using users created for those specific integrations.
  • Documented the issues and actions taken related to data cleansing using cleanse lists and predefined cleanse functions.
  • Created Unit Test Case Document, Technical Design Document, Informatica MDM Hub batch process, Informatica Hub and IDD Migration Request Document.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Informatica MDM Developer


  • Involved in the brain storming sessions for deciding the data model with Solution and Data Architect
  • Created, redesigned and worked on physical data model and helped for logical data model extension using Erwin
  • Configured Address Doctor by doing the changes in the Config files on the hub server
  • Created the landing tables, base tables and staging tables as per the data model
  • Defined and developed the ETL process to load the data into the landing tables during the land process
  • Configured the Foreign Key Relationships among the Base Objects and define the lookups for the staging tables
  • Configured the Automation process for Land, Stage and Load Process (Batch Process)
  • Developed mappings using various cleanse and address doctor functions
  • Did manual landing, staging and loading process using the batch viewer
  • Used Metadata manager to Import and Export of Metadata and Promote Incremental changes between environments from development to testing phase
  • Worked closely with the Business in gathering the Match rules and created the Match rule document
  • Developed the Match paths, Match Columns and Match rules (Exact and Fuzzy) in the Match and Merge Process
  • Ran the Match and Merge set up and fine-tuned the Match rules
  • Worked on Hierarchy manager for hierarchical relationships between design objects using entities and hierarchies
  • Worked Security Access Manager (SAM) for creating roles and assigning users.
  • Created and Implemented IDD applicationto search Dealer by creating subject area groups, subject areas, subject area child.
  • Created MDM stored procedures and batch groups for MDM hub.

Confidential, Fairfield, CT

Informatica MDM Consultant


  • Involved in working closely with the business in developing an approach for Product Master and Customer Master based on mergers.
  • Installed and configured Informatica Hub 9.5 on Dev Box and configured address doctor
  • Worked closely with the Business in gathering the Match rules and created the Match rule document
  • Developed the Match paths, Match Columns and Match rules (Exact and Fuzzy) in the Match and Merge Process
  • Involved in the process of doing External Matching for the Records provided with the Master Data.
  • Involved in providing support for the Application and looking into any data related issues and understanding the root cause.
  • Worked with SOAP UI to Force Publish records using the WSDL files.
  • Involved in working with the Business in gathering the requirements for Supplier Master.
  • Involved in Creating all the Staging Tables and Base Objects for Mastering Records for Supplier Master.
  • Involved in Configuring JMS setting in Informatica MDM and integrating the external applications using SIF.
  • Used the Informatica Service Integrated Framework (SIF) to develop the web service for MDM Process.
  • Involved in using the web services created using SIF for publish and Force Publishing a Duns Number.
  • Provide weekly status updates on progress, status and issues.
  • Developed high level and low level design documents.

Environment: Informatica MDM 9.5.1,IDD, Java, SOAP UI,Informatica Power Center 9.1, Oracle 11g/10g, Toad, JBoss 5.1.0, Address Doctor, Windows server 2008, Unix


Informatica MDM Consultant


  • Successfully completed Customer and Product centric Master Data Management initiatives using Informatica Master data management product
  • Installed and configured Informatica Hub 9.5 on Dev Box and configured address doctor
  • Involved in discussions with the Data Architect and Solution Architect in defining and changing the data model
  • Created landing tables, base tables, staging tables according to the data model and number of source systems
  • Defined the foreign key relationships among the base objects and defined look ups on the staging tables and packages, query groups and queries/custom queries
  • Implemented real-time integration with MDM HUB using real-time batch processing for business data coming from four source systems.
  • Conducted brain storming sessions with business users to understand matching requirements and prepared high level document
  • Analyzed and profiled the data and came with up the initial match rules and gone through several iterations for tuning matches.
  • Designed and defined best implementation and deployment practices for Informatica Data director implementation within services organization.
  • Develop standards, guidelines, processes, and expertise to consistently address strategic data issues such as data quality, cleansing, standards, and integration by using Address Doctor cleanse adapter.
  • Used metadata manager for importing, exporting, validating the data for transforming the schema from development environment to testing environment.
  • Profiled Data coming from different database systems like Oracle, XML, IBM Mainframe Flat files, DB2 and performed Data Quality Audit.
  • Informatica core components like Designer, workflow Manger, Workflow Monitor were used extensively.
  • Created Sessions/Batches in Informatica server manager to execute mappings.

Environment: Informatica MDM 9.5,IDD, Informatica Power Center 9.1, Oracle 11g/10g, Toad, JBoss 5.1.0, Address Doctor,Windows server 2008, Unix


Informatica MDM Hub Developer


  • Worked as closely with Business users, Data Architects in understanding the business and the needs
  • Involved in redesigning the data model by doing the necessary changes by enhancing the scope of the project
  • Created Landing Tables, Staging Tables and Base tables by making the Data Model as the base
  • Defined the Trust scores for the source systems as per understanding the business process
  • Defined the Foreign Keyrelationships and provided lookup information for the required columns in the staging tables
  • Developed the mappings and used the necessary cleanse functions by analyzing the data using the data quality tool
  • Concatenated the columns to get unique values loaded into the Pkey source of the staging tables
  • Fixed the issues while getting the data loaded in stage and base tables and worked with Informatica Support
  • Used hierarchies workbench tool, for converting base objects into entity base objects, creating entity types, relationship base objects, relationship types, profiles, put and display Queries
  • Configured match and merge and run match rules to get the matches by eliminating the duplicates and merging the records using the merge process
  • Successfully implemented IDD using hierarchy configuration and created subject area groups, subject areas, subject area child, IDD display packages in hub and search queries for searching the
  • Implemented the approval process by enabling and disabling the buttons for subject areas in IDD, according to business rules and requirements
  • Configured Auto Merge and Manual Merge settings for Data Stewards in Hub and IDD
  • Worked extensively on BDDConfig.xml, BDD Bundle Properties, Error code Bundles, Message bundles properties, Metadata Bundle properties in IDD
  • Created documents for the relationships, landing tables, staging tables, base objects, hierarchies, and IDD application
  • Provided end user and helped them to understand the new features and application

Environment: Informatica MDM 9.5.1, Informatica Power Center 9.1, Base SAS, Oracle 11g, Unix


Software QA


  • Analyzed and understood the requirements.
  • Involved in Functional, System and Installation, User Acceptance Testing on both web and mobile.
  • Executed the Test scripts written in RUBY
  • Creating framework using CUCUMBER for automation of headless testing.
  • Involved in writing test cases using Quality Center.
  • Proactive participant in weekly AGILE team meetings and updated team lead and manager on status of testing
  • Involved in UAT Test Case Creation & Execution with End Users
  • Executed the Selenium test scripts for each build for Functional & Regression Testing.
  • Performed Peer review of test cases and executed them.
  • Built a Detailed, Reusable, Script-free Keyword+ data Driven Automation
  • Created Data Driven Framework & included the previous scripts as per requirement in Framework.
  • Exhibited strong aptitude in implementing Quality Assurance Standards & Testing Methodologies using Use Case documents, functional specifications & requirements
  • Created, designed & executed test plans, test scenarios, test cases & test reports.
  • Conducted test plan reviews & Test case review for the project team.
  • Ensures applications are setup correctly & working in both test & production systems.
  • Prepared High Level test scenarios & Test Scripts & cases for Functional testing based on user stories.
  • Involved in Behavior Driven Testing using CUCUMBER.
  • Tested User Interface inconsistency and application functionality.
  • Performed Regression testing.
  • Identified and documented all the issues and defects in TFS to ensure application software works as per SRS
  • Effective coordination between development team and testing team.
  • Involved in weekly status reporting.

Environment: Java, CUCUMBER, RUBY, Selenium Web Driver, Perl, SQL Server 2008, Windows 7, Linux, TFS, TDD, Quality Center, iOS, Android, Agile Methodology, Scrum


QA Engineer


  • Participated in the full project lifecycle with particular emphasis on creation, maintenance and execution of test to ensure the capability of the systems being built. W
  • Working closely with the Developers and Engineering Teams in the review and modification of the product and its specifications using Agile-testing methodology.
  • Developed automated test cases, scripts for the core modules using BDD (CUCUMBER - RUBY for several modules.
  • 3 Amigos sessions where I worked with a BA and a Developer throughout the development lifecycle. 3 Amigos meeting created story card and use cases.
  • Executing the Test scripts written in RUBY and maintain script
  • Created high level quality test cases for execution during each release in the Software development life cycle.
  • Identify, Report, Track, and Monitor Defects in defect tracking system(JIRA)
  • Implemented CUCUMBER for unit testing, Implemented Selenium for Integration Testing, Implemented image based automation for Cross browser and cross platform testing
  • Performing all QA tasks following Agile Methodology(scrum).
  • Worked very closely with Business consultants, System Designers and Project managers to ensure the
  • Creating High Level Scenarios and Test cases to follow the SDLC guidelines and processes.
  • Performed Acceptance Testing using CUCUMBER.
  • Involved in Behavior Driven Testing using CUCUMBER- RUBY.
  • Performed Function and Regression testing
  • Ensure entire end user experience meets expectations.
  • Used Quality Center for Writing test cases, mapping requirements with test cases, executing them and
  • Creating defects.
  • Involved in executing the Test cases.
  • Involved in Defect tracking and reporting.
  • Performed Functional, UI Testing, Integration, System, Regression Testing.
  • Performed validations in different systems such as backend and middle tire.
  • Provided the regular status updates to all stake holders and upper management.

Environment: .NET,, Selenium, Perl, SQL Server 2008, Windows 7, Linux, TFS, RUBY, TDD, Quality Center, iOS, Android, Soap UI, Manual Testing, Waterfall, Agile Methodology


Quality Engineer


  • Analyzed and understood the Business requirements.
  • Involved in creating Test Cases based on the functional specifications.
  • Executed test cases and verified actual results with the expected results.
  • Based on Test Plan, Reviewed the Test Cases.
  • Performed Functional, Adhoc, User Acceptance, and Regression Testing.
  • Used Selenium for automating web applications.
  • Tested User Interface inconsistency and application functionality.
  • Logged the defects using Quality Center.
  • Participated in weekly meetings.

Environment: Quality center, Windows XP, Waterfall Model, TFS, Selenium

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