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Sr. Etl & Data Modeling Developer Resume

Plano, TX


  • 20 years of summary IT software and database development, designing and building business solutions on projects for financing, pharmaceutical, insurance, accounting, energy generation, warehouse, commerce, and service domains
  • Over 12 years of BI development experience using T - SQL, PL/SQL, SSDT (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), Power BI, MicroStrategy on different servers (MS SQL, PDW, Azure Data Warehouse, Oracle 12c, PostgreSQL)
  • 6 years of Designing, Architecting, and Leading Development of large-scale complex business solutions, planning sprints, leading scrum, mentoring teammates
  • Expert in modeling OLTP and OLAP databases: Tables (Dimension, Fact, Stage, etc.), Views, Indexes, Constraints, Functions, Stored Procedures, Triggers
  • Excellent in complex T-SQL Queries (ETL/ELT, AD Hoc, tools) with Subqueries, Dynamic SQL, CTE, Cursors
  • Experienced in all phases of SDLC including requirement analysis, application design, development of multi-tier applications, testing, implementation, production support, and maintenance
  • Having a huge experience in data transferring, aware of all common issues in this area
  • Strong expertise in Data Modeling, Performance Tuning, Fine Tuning, Query Optimization, Data Mining
  • Experienced in working and leading in Agile and Waterfall environment, ability to work in intense job environment with multitasking, tight deadlines, distributed team
  • Skilled in Architecting and Modeling Data Warehouses (Star and Snowflake schemas), Analyzing source databases (OLTP, OLAP), building complete fully organized solutions


Languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, MDX, DAX, Python

Databases: MS SQL, MS Parallel Data warehouse (APS), MS Azure, MySQL, Oracle 12c, PostgreSQL, MS Access, TransBase, DBF

Environment: SQL SMS, MS VS, Microsoft Azure, SSDT (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), Power BI, MicroStrategy, Tableau, BIML, TFS, Jira, Octopus, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, 1C.CPP 8.x, Agile, Waterfall, ITIL


Sr. ETL & Data Modeling Developer

Confidential - Plano, TX


  • Assumed responsibilities for Design and Development of ETL / BI solutions for company management and board reporting in the service domain
  • Worked on successful optimization and filling 25 Tb Data warehouse (dozen-billions-rows tables)
  • Designed a new Data Warehouse solution for Board reporting sourcing from T-BOS from scratch (Qlik Attunity, SSIS, DataManager, APS Data Warehouse, Power BI)
  • Proposed multiple upgrades that increased functionality and performance:
  • Designed and implemented a new idea of storing and querying a monthly snapshot of a huge Fact table (saved 3 GB space every month and reduced load duration from 18 to 12 hours)
  • Redesigned indexes, distribution, and statistics on over the 100 tables - that increased performance of MicroStrategy reports by 20% overall
  • Designed and implemented a new breakthrough approach to calculate customers trips (source data didn’t have connections between trip points) - this table became the main source for vital data analysis for the Boards
  • Redeveloped Invoice table load - increased performance by 50% and changed the method of splitting fees and paid amounts from header to details from average to proportion approach
  • Implemented a new breakthrough approach for parsing a string with parameters and values in a huge table that reduced load time from 100+ hours to 3 minutes (100’s millions of rows)
  • Developed BIML script to automate creating of 600+ SSIS packages with parameters and multithreading
  • Implemented a pool of service procedures to automate load processes and facilitate the creation of new fault-tolerant load procedures on Parallel Data warehouse engine

Sr. BI Developer

Confidential - Austin, TX


  • Assumed responsibilities for SSRS and SSIS development for business solutions in the service domain
  • Implemented Incremental load process with SSIS for a table (hundreds of millions of rows) that does not have any timestamp
  • Led the training of a new developer to strongly improve his abilities in T-SQL and SSRS
  • Designed SSIS package for finding deleted rows in a source table and delete them in the destination
  • Developer parametrized reports that customers could configure for their needs
  • Significantly shorted the list of tasks that was growing before

Sr. SQL Database Developer

Confidential - Dallas, TX


  • Assumed responsibilities for SQL database development on MS SQL 2016 for client’s solutions
  • Using triggers created complicated data check and validation to dozen of crosslinked related tables
  • Created complex built-in Data warehouse tables (like balance) for complex front-end application reports. All these tables were updating on-flight with control of negative balance
  • Remodeled indexes, and statistics to increase the performance of application reports
  • Designed and implemented a new database working with the remote application development team

Sr. BI Architect / Technical Lead



  • Assumed responsibilities for designing and developing business solutions for the company’s clients, leading development teams, inspiring and mentoring team members
  • Designed and implemented parametrize discount system, calculating discounts on-flight for the front-end application. Automate Discount amount or percent can change for each row or for the whole document depending on quantity, quality, amount, client, day of the week, number of rows, and particular trade along with manual chosen percent or amount. All with just one query
  • Led design, development, and implementation of the build of the whole BI system (Data warehouse, ETL, Reports) from scratch for multiple clients, working closely with business owners and/or management
  • Solved hundreds of interesting and complicated tasks, built several unique solutions, created customized reports and data migrating tools, trained tens of developers, completed many projects

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