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Bi Developer Resume



  • Software Engineer with 7 years of experience in ETL, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data Modeling, Robotic Process Automation, and Project management in the fast - moving agile environment. Experienced in Business Process Design, Analytics, application of Data Lineage phases of the Data Lifecycle including Governance, Mining, Data validation, Predictive modeling.
  • Well versed in machine learning algorithms Linear, logistic and time series, Linear discriminant analysis, decision trees, random forest algorithms.
  • Strong ability to query and maintain stored procedures of SQL for various RDBMS such as SSMS, DB2, Aginity workspace, Oracle, SAS Procs.
  • Experience in data analysis, data visualization using QlikView/Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, model building with machine learning algorithms for prediction and forecasting using data (historical or time series with regression techniques), using statistical/econometric tools like SAS and R, data mining using python, SQL, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, etc.
  • Experienced and knowledge on Amazon Web Services: AWS Redshift, AWS S3 and AWS EMR.
  • Self-motivated to take responsibility and contribute to be a productive team member. Strong team building, mentoring skills and excellent leadership capability.
  • Well experienced in working closely with stakeholders, gathering requirements and translating them into solution design and development, expertise in developing executive level dashboards and scorecards.
  • Involved in System Integration Testing (SIT), Regression Testing, GUI Testing, Performance Testing & User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Very good hands on experience on data migration - validation projects.
  • Good knowledge of the US healthcare, Banking, and Utility sectors.


ETL: Datastage 11.5, DataStage 9.1, Informatica 9.1.1, ODI

Data Analytical: IBM Cognos Framework Manager, SAS, SAS E-Miner, Ab-Initio, Information Analyzer, Jmp Pro, IBM Information Governance Catalog, SSMS, Aginity, Java script, UNIX Shell Scripting, Star - SnowFlake schema, Excel, Google Sheets, GITHub

Data Visualization: Power BI, Tableau, Cognos Report/Analytics studio, SSRS, Visual Studio, QlikView, Oracle Hyperion.

Programming languages: R-studio, Base SAS, SAS Macros, Python, JavaScript

Machine Learning: Linear Regression, KNN, Naïve Bayes, Random Forest, SVM, Boosting, K-means Clustering

ERP: SAP, IBM Maximo, Peoplesoft, Workday


Confidential, NC

BI Developer

  • Communicated and supported decision making across the Transmission department to the technical and business stakeholders.Gathered and documented the requirements for analytical reports, participated in requirement meetings and data mapping sessions to understand business needs.
  • Involved in data cleansing and processed third party spending data into maneuverable deliverables within specific format with Excel macros and python libraries such as NumPy, SQLAlchemy and matplotlib.
  • Used Pandas as API to put the data as time series and tabular format for manipulation and retrieval of data.
  • Helped with the migration from the old server to Jira database (Matching Fields) with Python scripts for transferring and verifying the information.
  • Analyzed Formatted data using Machine Learning algorithm by Python Scikit-Learn.
  • Experienced in python, Jupyter, Scientific computing stack (numpy, scipy, pandas and matplotlib).
  • Performed troubleshooting, fixed and deployed many Python bug fixes of the two main applications that were a main source of data for both customers and internal customer service team.
  • Used Python scripts to parse JSON documents and load the data in the database.
  • Generating various capacity planning reports (graphical) using Python packages like Numpy, matplotlib.
  • Analyzing various logs that have been generated and predicting/forecasting the next occurrence of events with various Python libraries.Developed shared metrics scorecards, monthly dashboards and forecasts for multiple areas of the Transmission department to determine the KPIs.
  • Created calculated measures and calculated columns using DAX Queries to fulfill client perspectives.
  • Developed Ad-hoc reports, linked reports, dashboards, drill through reports using Power BI, SSRS with live as well as historical data.
  • Converted the requirements/ specifications to SAS code to generate datasets, tables, analyze and decode the SAS code for troubleshooting and problem solving. Maintained the documentation of changes to SAS code, programs and specifications.
  • Experienced in using various statistical procedures in SAS such as Proc SQL, Proc Sort, Proc Freq, Proc Univariate, Proc Means, Proc Transpose, Proc TTEST and Proc Import.
  • Created and maintained metadata dictionaries and report definitions. Involved in creating and maintaining ad-hoc business impacted Covid-19 reporting dashboards and KPIs using PowerBI. Installed and configured Enterprise gateway and Personal gateway in Power bi service for creating, scheduling and publishing the enterprise level power BI reports, managed access of reports and data for individual users using roles . Presented Mock up reports based on initial requirements, coordinating with the business in finalizing the design followed by signoff. Worked on Oracle TOAD, SQL developer for loading ETL tables, worked on data organization and indexing methods. Used the input data from various sources like Outlook, Web Application,Stored Procedures, SQL DB tables, SQL joins, sub-queries, primary foreign keys, views, Json,Excel and PDF files into Kofax platform.
  • Good experience in writing queries in T-SQL, StoredProcedures, indexes, Triggers, views and CTEs.
  • Built the automation blocks using Json, Java script, SQL DB functions. Contributed to multiple automations which saved around 9000 manual hours of gaining productivity, processed around $600,000,000 of invoices during 2020. Created SQL views for fetching data from ERM platform as input source to RPA solutions. Involved in migration of code from QA and Prod environments. Worked with business in creating QA testing scenarios for SQL Views and ERM platforms (IBM Maximo).Has a good exposure on the CI/CD framework, deploying an End-to-End CI/CD pipeline for various applications using Jenkins as the integration server for Dev, QA, UAT and Prod Environments with Agile methodology.
  • Develop / Auto deploy content using AWS (Amazon Web Services), GIT/Bitbucket, Maven, Jenkins
  • Develop custom tools/scripts/packaging solutions for AEM using Java/Unix
  • Develop integration solutions between AEM, AWS (Lambda, S3, API Gateway and Cloud Formation) and Spredfast (Social) Platforms
  • Developed detailed ERDs and DFDs using various modeling tools and developed databases based on the system model following the techniques in SDLC (software development life cycle) Environment: Power BI, Power Apps,Visual Studio, SSMS, TOAD, SSAS, O-365, Kofax, Python, Java Script, SAS, IBM Maximo, AWS (Lambda, S3, API Gateway and Cloud Formation)

Confidential, Ohio

BI Developer


  • Worked with Business Stakeholders for gathering the requirements and managing the delivery, involved in the entire data report development lifecycle.
  • Worked extensively on Data Profiling, Data cleansing, Data Mapping and Data Quality.
  • Conducted independent statistical analysis, descriptive analysis and Logistic Regression.
  • Performed ad hoc analysis of data sources for all external and internal customers.
  • Imported the claims data into Python using Pandas libraries and performed various data analysis.
  • Produced summary tables, graphs, and data listings using SAS.
  • Created interactive dashboards and visualizations of claims reports, competitor analysis and improved statistical data using Tableau.
  • Supported technical team members for technologies such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Formulated procedures for data extraction, transformation and integration of health claims data.
  • Used Excel's VLOOKUP to determine the customer data and created pivots to easily access and validate data.
  • Created Tableau Dashboards with interactive views, trends and drill downs along with user level security.
  • Assisted the team for standardization of reports using SAS macros and SQL.
  • Performed Detailed Data Analysis (DDA), Data Quality Analysis (DQA) and Data Profiling on source data.
  • Responsible for designing, developing and testing the software (Informatica, PL SQL, UNIX shell scripts) to maintain the data marts (Load data, analyze using OLAP tools).
  • Experience in building Data Integration, Workflow Solutions and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) solutions for data warehousing using SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS).

Environment: Python, Tableau7.0, QlikView, Microsoft Excel, MS SQL, SAS, Teradata, ETL, SSIS, Teradata

Confidential, South Dakota

Data Modeler


  • Analyzed the raw data files using IBM Cognos Information Analyzer, which offers data quality assessment and helps in monitoring and defining the correlation between the fields.
  • Define the data patterns, rules, and metrics according to IBM Information Governance Catalog and build a logical relational/ dimensional model using star schemas to define the source and target fields.
  • Created, enhanced and maintained IBM Cognos Framework Manager Relational and Dimensional physical Models using a three-layer approach (Database/Foundation/Business).
  • Created Multidimensional Cube in Cognos transformer using Framework Manager Packages and iqd files as data source.
  • Created and supported Cognos Transformer models and cubes. Involved in implemented security at transformer level by creating custom views.
  • Effectively used reporting and data Visualizations to enhance the translation of data which includes creating reports, dashboards, stories and data modules using IBM Cognos 11.0.
  • Worked on setting the user security, deploying / publishing the packages, and Cognos reports from Dev to Prod.
  • Assisted in the development and implementation of various strategic initiatives around MetaData Management and Data Quality, ensuring proper configuration and change controls are implemented and followed.
  • Involved in Security and Maintenance of Enterprise data model at the atomic and dimensional level for Business Intelligence purposes.
  • Created customized Cognos templates/themes which are used by the power users to enhance/accelerate the report development.
  • Worked with current and historic transactions, payments, plastics, and Letters sent to the customer's Checking and Credit card data to find future trends and mitigating the risk.
  • Developed almost 350 interactive reports on Cognos report/Analytics studio and validated with the Hyperion workspace reports.
  • Created interactive prompt pages, conditions, and filters in Cognos reporting studio and dashboards to optimize, improve the report performance/ reduce the redundancy according to the reporting requirement.
  • Hands on experience in building simple and complex interactive active reports, drill through reports. Involved in all the phases of the data in developing a data warehouse and reporting.

Environment: Cognos, Data Stage, Aginity Workspace, Information Governance Catalog, Framework Manager, Peoplesoft

Confidential, South Dakota

Data Science Analyst


  • Queryed on different databases related to structural and non-structural data and working on its extraction using SQL and base SAS.
  • Identified and tracked current fraud trends by reviewing transaction and account patterns.
  • Utilized Sqoop to ingest real-time data. Used analytics libraries Sci-Kit Learn, MLLIB and MLxtend.
  • Extensively used Python's multiple data science packages like Pandas, NumPy, matplotlib, Seaborn, SciPy, Scikit-learn and NLTK.
  • Performed Exploratory Data Analysis, trying to find trends and clusters.
  • Built models using techniques like Regression, Tree based ensemble methods, Time Series forecasting, KNN, Clustering and Isolation Forest methods.
  • Worked on data that was a combination of unstructured and structured data from multiple sources and automated the cleaning using Python scripts.
  • Extensively performed large data read/writes to and from csv and excel files using pandas.
  • Tasked with maintaining RDD using SparkSQL.
  • Developed Ad-hoc reports, linked reports, dashboards, drill through, drill down reports and complex visualizations using Power BI.
  • Converted SSRS reports to Power BI reports / created interactive dashboards.
  • Used DAX and MDX for data analysis and visualization.
  • Scheduled and maintained monthly financial executive Power BI dashboards.
  • Worked with business executives for determining the KPIs and giving the insights.
  • Performed data cleaning and preprocessing for analyzing data patterns and content for correlation using JMP pro and R-Programming.
  • Created, scheduled, tested and maintained the schema objects, tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, triggers with T-SQL.
  • Implemented Decision Trees after cleansing the data, using SAS E-Miner, to forecast the fraud trends.
  • Worked closely with Client services, chargebacks, disputes, and other internal teams to mitigate risk and Customer Retention.

Environment: Python, Power BI, SSRS, SSMS, SAS, Visual Studio, Workday

Confidential, South Dakota

Graduate Research Assistant


  • Accurately interpreted data and created Power BI dashboards from SD agricultural data and critically investigated the areas to improve crop production.
  • Involved in all the steps of the data lifecycle (cleansing, analyzing, modeling, Predicting and visualization) of the data from multiple data sources.
  • Create user interactive dashboards and prompt pages and pivot using Power BI.
  • Scheduled Automatic refresh and scheduling refresh in Power BI service.
  • Wrote calculated columns, Measures query’s in power bi desktop to show good data analysis techniques.
  • Involved in Weekly presentations to the business users about the reports and their changes as required.
  • Created machine learning algorithms for the ‘Heritage Healthcare’ by analyzing the previous 2 years of relevant data.
  • Predictive modeling and web scraping using python Numpy/ pandas by working on different data formats such as JSON, XML, etc.
  • Performed SAS/analytical programming, data management, quality control, and reporting for research projects including clinical trials.
  • Extracted, manipulated, and merged large databases to create analytical datasets.
  • Assisted in defining analytical variables and helped consulting with project staff on project needs.

Environment: Power BI, Tableau, Python, SAS, Visual Studio, HR Analytics


BI ETL Developer


  • Used ETL DataStage developer for extracting, cleansing, transforming, integrating and loading data into the data warehouse using Netezza database.
  • Used ETL strategies to implement data mart facts and dimension RDBMS tables.
  • Created DataStage jobs staging transformer, aggregator, sort, join, merge, look up, surrogate key, column/row generator.
  • Data Validation from source(raw tables) to the target (staged) using SQL test cases/validations on the Aginity workspace.
  • Unit and Integrated testing of DataStage jobs as per the client requirement.
  • Testing using SQL queries to validate the ETL source-target mapping.
  • Liaise with various business groups in the organization to facilitate implementation of improved business intelligence and reporting processes.
  • Developed reports using Power BI, Power Pivot, SSRS, implemented drill through and hyperlinks using Power BI.
  • Writing complex MDX & DAX formula Develop the complex Dashboard by showing % values.
  • Created dashboard displays KPI values and other Major Transactions in Power BI.

Environment: Power BI, Data Stage, SSRS, SSMS


BI Analyst


  • Used ETL DataStage developer for extracting, cleansing, transforming, integrating and loading data into the data warehouse from MS SQL database.
  • Developed ETL solutions to migrate disparate data sources into centralized data mart structure for HEDIS and SSRS.
  • Developed SQL queries to retrieve required data from servers. Completed extensive data processing and validations using SAS datasets. Used LIBNAME Statement to retrieve data from Oracle servers.
  • Developed programs using Base SAS & SAS/Macros to extract data and create SAS datasets from various sources like Oracle database, Access database, Excel and flat files using Import techniques.
  • Used macros, stored processes and procedures like PROC SQL, PROC FREQ, PROC MEANS, PROC SORT, PROC PRINT, PROC TABULATE, and PROC REPORTS.
  • Created large datasets by combining several datasets using inner and outer joins in SAS SQL and BASE SAS merging techniques
  • Created DataStage jobs staging transformer, aggregator, sort, join, merge, look up, surrogate key, column/row generator.
  • Unit and Integrated testing of DataStage jobs as per the client requirement, Testing using SQL queries to validate the ETL source-target mapping.
  • Improved the performance of the slow SQL queries by implementing proper Index.
  • Involved in coordinating admins to connect to different sources like DB2, Oracle and SQL Server by establishing ODBC connections.
  • Set various DataStage environment variables and parameters in the DataStage administrator and used them in managing the projects.
  • Created UNIX shell scripts to utilize the DataStage Parallel engine to handle large volumes of data
  • Developed DataStage jobs to load the data into tables using DB2 Connectors and ODBC connectors to extract data from DB2, Oracle and SQL Server tables and load into Teradata Tables.
  • Providing Quality assurance testing of these modules by preparing test strategies using Teradata SQL, attend client review calls for each deliverable provided by the module signoff.
  • Involved in creating views, stored procedures and custom SQL queries for data extraction and validation.
  • Worked on Claims, Alignment, Events, Member Alignment, Data, developed SAS Scripts to test the reports and validated the data.
  • SQL Data modeling, investigative ETL Data Extracts for SSRS reports identifying Pharmaceutical prescriber trends.
  • Developed HEDIS measures reports for measuring effectiveness for intervention outreach programmes.
  • Created data visualizations using parameter based, custom code cognos BI reports for intervention and Corporate level HEDIS performance reporting.
  • Used Cognos 10.2 for various lists,drill through and drill down reporting.

Environment: DataStage, Cognos, Tableau, T-SQL, UNIX, SSRS, Tableau, Excel, SAP

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