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Sr. Lead Tableau Analyst Resume

Lawrence Township, NJ


  • Programmer/Developer with over 11 + years of experience in design, development, implementations, testing, support, maintenance & upgrades of SAS, Tableau BI Applications in Healthcare, Pharma, Financial industries on windows and UNIX environment.
  • Worked on multiple Data warehousing projects with complete Software Development Life Cycle process starting with Requirements Analysis, Technical Analysis, Design, Build, Test, Deploy and Production support
  • Responsible for production updates (monthly, quarterly and semiannual) and fixes
  • Extensive Knowledge of Dimensional Data Modeling of Star Schema/Snowflake and Relational database concepts.
  • Worked on Data visualization tools like Microsoft BI, Tableau, SAS to build trends and for reporting needs.
  • Provide expert level sales assistance in predictive modeling, data mining and related scenarios, data integration and mashing, and model optimization for testing.
  • Worked/ Working on SAP HANA,AWS(Amazon Red shift Data) and Big data sources to access data for reporting needs
  • Worked as Tableau ADMIN configuration and providing Permissions to users as Author or Reader and restrict as per business needs and create projects.
  • In - depth knowledge on Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Reader and Tableau Server.
  • Used of various Tableau functionalities for creating different dashboards like Sets, Actions, Parameters, Filters, Tool tip, Detail, Charts, Custom SQL and Interactive dashboards with Page and Dashboard Prompts for different use cases.
  • Worked on Migration projects to move reporting needs from one tool to another and migrating from one version to another like tableau 10.1 to 10.3.
  • Experience in cleaning and resolving data issues as well as merging data from different sources into a single integrated dataset.
  • Provided suggestions for building Data warehousing and build Data models when trying to move sources to new platform or during Migration.
  • Developed UNIX shell/korn or Perl scripts for sending mails to the business team, and updates on the Job and Writing Unix Shell Scripts to run batch jobs, automated processes, and to automate routine systems.
  • Worked on Marketing, sales, Heath, Insurance, HR, AUDIT financial transactional data to build models and reporting needs and for data cleanup projects etc.
  • Built/created different views(materialized) for the business so they have easy to access different data in one table and updated/refreshed and changed as per the business rules
  • Worked on several reporting tools like SAS/E Miner, SAS/ E Guide, SAP BO, TOAD, SQL Developer, SSRS, XL to fulfill the business requirements.
  • Worked on various big data platforms like Amazon redshift (aws) and Hadoop and part of the Migration teams in transitioning the data.
  • Provide expert level sales strategy and guidance for Predictive Analytics, Data Warehouse, BI using Analytic Applications
  • Extensive work in ETL process consisting of data transformation, data sourcing, mapping, conversion and loading using Informatica and other ETL tools.
  • ETL and data management experience with includes data warehousing and business intelligence principles
  • Exceptional problem solving skills for delivering useful and prudent solutions. A quick learner with an eye for detail and excellent analytical and quantitative skills. Excellent written and communication skills with ability to work under pressure in a highly visible role and good team player.


Tools: SAS/EM, SAS/EG,SQL Developer V3.2, Toad 11.6, SAP Business Objects, Tableau Desktop, Informatica V8.5, V9.0,IBM Cognos, Crystal reports, SSRS, SSRIS, Alteryx, QlikView 11.x

Database: Teradata, Oracle, Sybase, Mainframe, SQL,DB2, Greenplum, Hadoop, AWS, SAP HANA

Programming Languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, VB Script, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, SAS, R, UNIX Shell Scripting

Other: MS Office


Confidential, Lawrence Township, NJ

Sr. Lead Tableau Analyst


  • As a part of Corporate Analytics team Worked on creating dashboards to determine the corporate business and communications on various projects - to help the leadership take decisions.
  • Worked on highly confidential data that is accessible only by the leadership, Audit teams that would help take decisions on changing the business models etc.
  • Worked on Commercial, Sales, Marketing, HR, Compliance, AUDIT Teams in order to build reports or Dashboards for the leadership to take decisions or present to the Management using Tableau.
  • Built dashboards for AUDIT teams - as to make it easier for the Audit team for them with the Auditing process and introduced them to Tableau dashboard functionality and visualizations.
  • Built dashboards for marketing teams to identify the issues and help business take decisions.
  • Co-ordinated with team on time lines and delivery of the projects and updated Management accordingly.
  • Connected to various data sources and join the tables in data source tab and modify variables as required and rename as per visualization and business needs
  • Worked on developing QlikView Dashboards using Chart-Box (Drill Down, Drill up, & Cyclic Grouping), List Boxes, Input Fields, Table Boxes, Calendars, and Date Islands.
  • Developed dashboards in Qlikview delivered through the web, enabling to measure the performance of the business with analytical capabilities and provided POC concepts to the Management.
  • Created stories and Dashboards in tableau and presented the findings to Higher Management to take decisions based on the findings on the data.
  • Created Parameters, customized Calculations, Conditions and Filters for various analytical reports and dashboards in Tableau 10.01
  • Connected to various sources of data via tableau to validate and build dashboards and created story lines and made presentations on the findings.
  • Worked on restricting Access or providing permissions in Tableau as per business needs and built queries or filters based on user role in the company.
  • Moved the dashboards to production and scheduled to refresh as per business needs and provided with an update to the business users accordingly
  • Maintenance of Tableau dashboards and make changes or re - design as per new business rules and changes in the requirement.
  • Created filters and Actions that would help access or see additional data/details on hovering or by click
  • Modified data sources and wrote complex SQL’s in custom SQL in Tableau to get data in the required form or layout so that it can be used for visualization purposes.
  • Hide and unhide sheets as required to limit unwanted numbers or sheets in the dashboard
  • Created business requirement document (BRD) and documented the process and requirements from the business and updated them whenever there is change with a change request.
  • Worked on Analytics to create Predictive models and graphical visualizations using SAS.
  • Worked on secure/confidential data Used SAS base code to generate reports and performs ETL process (data extraction, transformation and loading, validation).
  • Worked on determining the data quality in the tables, communicated with different teams and business on the impact for reporting and helped to resolve issues by the findings.

Environment: Unix, SAS 9.2, SAP HANA, AWS, MY SQL, Tableau 10.03,SAP HANA Console, QlikView 11

Confidential, Madison, WI

Sr. BI/Tableau Analyst


  • Part of the Data Analytics team worked on creating reports which include graphs, summarized reports accessing different sources like Mainframe, Oracle, DB2, Greenplum, and Hadoop.
  • As a part of team, I was able to work with different data/reporting requests from various departments in the company like Commercial/Farm Ranch, Auto, Property, Life, Umbrella, Claims, Quoting.
  • Worked extensively in data analysis, Impact analysis and worked closely with defect teams to solve the issues and underwriting department
  • Maintenance of Tableau dashboards and make changes whenever requested, update the data feed by extract or live connections as required.
  • Widely used SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Enterprise Guide to do analytics on trend, sales, equity and build predictive models for the company sales and other departments.
  • Worked with business to provide statistical reports that would help Management team to identify risks with the business or a program implemented and predictive analysis.
  • Created Parameters, customized Calculations, Conditions and Filters for various analytical reports and dashboards in Tableau 10.01
  • Worked on Data Visualization in building dashboards for Media data from Media departments for identifying the backlogs and identifying the issues and communicate with the Management to help take decisions.
  • Connected to various sources of data via tableau to validate and build dashboards and created story lines and made presentations on the findings.
  • Worked on Analytics to create Predictive models that help business take decisions easier using SAS/ Miner.
  • Worked on secure/confidential data Used SAS base code to generate reports and performs ETL process (data extraction, transformation and loading, validation).
  • Worked on migrating source tables of the SAS code from Oracle to BIG data Platforms like Greenplum and HADOOP.
  • Built reports into interactive dashboards in Tableau Desktop that were presented to Business Users, Program Managers, and End Users.
  • Directed and strategize the creation of multiple Excel report all VBA based with end user focus
  • Written VBA scripts to run jobs and automate them as per business needs.
  • UNIX shell scripting was used for scheduling batch jobs.
  • Experienced in Marketing Strategy development, financial models, projections, and documentation, Risk Analysis, Data Mining Techniques, Statistical Analysis and Predictive Modeling using SAS and SAS Enterprise Miner.
  • Extensive use of detecting, describing and verifying defects, bug tracking and modifying the existing datasets for the improvement of the existing system.

Environment: Linux, SAS V9.0 V 9.2, SAS/Enterprise Guide 4.2, SAS/Enterprise Miner 13.2, SAP Business Objects 3,, Teradata, Hadoop, ORACLE 10g, Toad 11.6, Tableau Desktop V8/V10

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Sr. BI Analyst


  • Worked on Reports for SC Expansion Project, MO Expansion Project, RX claims Project, NJ Expansion Projects and ICD 10 Remediation.
  • Used SAS base code to generate reports and performs ETL process (data extraction, transformation and loading, validation). Monitored and managed the data feeds into the data warehouse and extraction transformation and loading to analytical database.
  • Responsible for production updates (monthly, quarterly and semiannual) by processing client’s eligibility and claims data from different carriers.
  • Manipulated existing Oracle database by accessing the data using SQL pass through facility.
  • Worked on pre-existing macros for data validation by checking data distribution and comparison to standard data.
  • Actively involved in analysis of Claims data, Membership, Medicare and Medicaid data and Service Line data and created delimited files to send it to third party for further analysis.
  • Used SAS ODS and Proc Export steps to create all the reports as user interface was completely based on the Windows environment
  • Developed UNIX scripts for sending mails to the business team, and updates on the Job and Writing Unix Shell Scripts to run batch jobs, automated processes, and to automate routine systems.
  • Created Excel metric reports with high level VBA integration process scripts with user form interaction features
  • Worked on Cognos tools (Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, PowerPlay Transformer) to generate reports required by the business.
  • Generate Cognos Reports and perform data comparisons for specific users upon request.
  • Migrated reports from Cognos 8.4.1 to Cognos 10.1 Environment
  • Analyze the requirement of the client/user and perform statistical tests and data analysis using statistical tools like SAS, SAS/STAT, SUMMARY, FREQ and predictive modelling of the data.
  • Created new SAS datasets from raw data files using Import Techniques and modified existing datasets using Set, Merge, Sort, Update, and other conditional statements.
  • Provide analytical and technical support for member/eligibility and claims data
  • Conduct or facilitate root cause analysis on all in-scope incidents and recommend a corrective action plan.

Environment: UNIX, SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2,SAS Internet PL/SQL, Cognos8.4.1, ORACLE 10g

Confidential, Richmond, Virginia

SAS Programmer


  • Performed statistical analysis and data management on study data by utilizing appropriate statistical methods using SAS and SAS tools.
  • Publishes key service and support performance metrics in a consistent manner with a focus on accuracy and timeliness.
  • Creates results presentations and facilitates results review meetings with senior leadership, directors and managers to analyze results and action planning.
  • Oversees transitioning of manual service/support reporting processes to the outside vendors and monitor performance. On an ongoing basis, monitors performance of vendors and ensure accurate reporting.
  • Directly responsible for supporting business needs from metrics need standpoint and working with responsible parties to deliver results.
  • Works with members outside of ecommerce organization to develop consistency and accuracy in reporting.
  • Collaborates with delivery team to improve data collection and web- based tracking.
  • Integrate results of the Marketing Mix Analysis, Price Elasticity and other advanced analyses into business planning process.
  • Experienced in using various Transformations such as Expressions, Filters, Aggregators, Lookups, Routers, Joiner and Sequence Generator etc. to load consistent data in to Oracle, SQL Server databases.

Environment: Internet Oracle 10g, Teradata, SAS V9.1.3, SAS Enterprise Guide, Excel, Windows XP, UNIX.


Programmer Analyst


  • Develop new or modify SAS programs to load data from the source and create study specific datasets, which are used as source datasets for report generating programs.
  • Generate customized reports by using macros.
  • Combined different data sets using MERGE statement and Proc SQL.
  • Created and maintained SAS Datasets that were extracted from an Oracle Database.
  • Extracted data from Oracle using SQL pass through facility.
  • Created reports using various SAS procedures such as PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE, PROC FREQ and PROC UNIVARIATE.


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