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Business, Technology And Marketing Consultant Resume

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Washington, NY


  • Management of employees, hiring, firing, project management, training, and oversight
  • Excellent general business knowledge, communication skills and customer service expertise
  • Proven ability to complete assigned tasks with tight deadlines and with quality results
  • Proven ability to develop requirements and execute project from start to finish
  • Superior analytical, organizational, and problem solving skills
  • Quickly and effectively troubleshoot, research and resolve issues
  • Work well within and across groups, or as an individual contributor
  • 16 years of experience in business development, technology deployment and internet marketing.
  • 10+ years of management and leadership experience
  • 5+ years developing, implementing, and running marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies
  • Developed and deployed technical specs and system requirements for multi - million user web platforms
  • Hired, deployed, and managed team to successfully implement multi-server deployment of platform using C#, ASP.net and MS SQL systems. Changes implemented, increased revenue more than 4-fold
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising development and deployment, managing and tracking campaigns
  • Experience working directly with technology teams to track technological solutions including to build marketing campaigns, analyze metrics, create reports
  • Extensive development of metrics-based marketing campaigns to achieve a fixed ROI, cost per lead, cost per sale, and specific profit targets
  • Implemented or assisted in the implementation of marketing campaigns for more than 75 companies


  • Programing with C, C++, C#, SQL, Java, Java Script, ASP.NET, Python, MYSQL, SQL SERVER with TSQL, Assembly, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, Bash…
  • Software Engineering, UML, Requirement Specifications
  • Machine/ deep learning using TensorFlow 1.3, 1.4, Keras utilizing Graphic Processors, pandas, Numpy, OpenCV
  • Website, E - commerce, Portal Development/Deployment
  • SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Site Optimization
  • Windows; XP, 2007, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 08,12,16
  • Linux, Ubuntu Distros, Fedora, Raspbian
  • CPanel, WHM, WHMCS, Easy PHP,
  • Help desk experience solving immediate support issues
  • Deployed WordPress, custom themes, custom plugins, Drupel, and Joomla customization
  • Development of board computation applications utilizing raspberry pi for robotic vision applications


Confidential, Washington, NY

Business, Technology and Marketing Consultant


  • Business strategy consulting focused on the development of technological solutions for web, and social media deployments including web portals with CRM
  • Deployed strategies for: search engine marketing, metrics creation, tracking solutions, social media management, server deployment, and more
  • Built, managed, and tracked PPC campaigns with AdWords and AdCenter
  • Developed websites utilizing PHP and SQL for multiple industries and products for customer targeting
  • Managing display and text - based affiliate marketing and a wide variety of web properties
  • Optimization of websites, sales campaigns and business strategies

Confidential, NY

Executive and Turnaround Specialist


  • Brought on board in March 2006 to increase flat revenues despite growing online usage. Successfully increased profits by 425% and revenue by 350% during an 18-month timeframe
  • Main responsibilities included engineering the system requirements, building the business and marketing plans, then hiring and managing a programing team, marketing team, customer service team, sales, and secretarial etc. to run the company
  • Completely reimagined the company’s sales model, marketing plan, and technical structure
  • Implemented extensive on-site analytics, SEO strategy, as well as offline PR, that included trade shows and print media campaigns
  • Solely responsible for hiring all positions above as well as, helpdesk, call center, web marketing division, including programmers, marketers, graphic artists and site content providers.
  • Successfully designed and executed the marketing and sales plans within the scheduled time frame.

Confidential, Melville, NY

Search Engine Business and E-commerce Director


  • Responsible for developing Pay-Per-Click campaigns including research, creative, and copy development, and efficient use of long tail keywords
  • Integrated tracking scripts onto client’s websites, e-commerce platforms, and CRM systems
  • Aided in development of tracking databases, to preform analysis of client’s website and keywords.
  • Interacted with account teams at Yahoo Google, and Microsoft daily
  • Supported in-house account managers to oversee management of Pay-Per-Click accounts
  • Assisted in sales cycle to consult with prospects on technical aspects of campaigns and assist in tracking integration
  • Responsible for reports, spreadsheets and analysis for both internal use and for clients
  • Aided in creating bidding strategies, and management algorithms to manage at the keyword level
  • Developed written procedures for management of client ad campaigns

Confidential, Jefferson, NY



  • Built and managed a brick-and-mortar computer gaming network
  • Networked gamers for “cyber café” style gaming experiences before home-based broadband became widely available
  • Designed, built, and maintained the computer network and infrastructure
  • Designed and implemented marketing strategies and advertising
  • Hired and managed a team of employees to oversee operations and troubleshoot technical issues

Confidential, Washington, NY



  • Managed Stores, inventory, employees, and finances in 3 locations
  • Responsible for inventory management and in store product placement
  • Selected products and evaluated existing product mix
  • Brought brick-and-mortar business online in 1996
  • Developed and deployed their e-commerce business including design of e-store and backend.
  • Began marketing web site with classifieds and SEO
  • Worked directly with wholesalers and manufacturers to select and purchase products
  • Attended various trade and industry events including The New York International Toy Show, gift shows, and variety and merchandise shows to evaluate, negotiate terms and purchase products
  • Assisted in the successful negotiation for the sale the retail locations of the business

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