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Senior Enterprise Architect  Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Over 25 years of IT experience
  • Knowledgeable in creation of new departments and practices to align with Business vision, mission, and strategy
  • Full command of operational issues and the corresponding IT solutions in enterprise organizations, including structured data management systems, business process modeling and management (BPM), enterprise content management (ECM), enterprise application integration (EAI), and enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Full command of cloud computing particularly AWS
  • Expert knowledge of managerial issues and the corresponding IT solutions in large organizations, including business performance measurement (BI), business activity monitoring (BAM), and business trend prediction (Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and OLAP)
  • Solid knowledge of IT Infrastructure for large organizations including hardware, network and connectivity, data center, and end user computing (mobile, desktop, messaging, and directory service)
  • Highly experienced in enterprise architecture design frameworks (TOGAF and Zachman)
  • Expert knowledge in assessing business and IT alignment using enterprise architecture roadmap and governance
  • Extensive experience in designing strategies, architecture, and roadmap for business and IT transformation
  • Expert knowledge of Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) fundamental concepts in enterprise business including business structure, business architecture, business pillars, business operating models, business performance levels, and business maturity.
  • Solid experience with ITIL service management concepts
  • Extensive knowledge in requirements analysis, including business analysis, use cases, and user stories
  • Full command of software development processes, including RUP, Agile, and Waterfall
  • Experience in all phases of SDLC: analysis, design, implementation, testing, and deployment
  • Highly experienced in sales support (pre - sales engineering)
  • Very well-versed in consulting and off-shoring dynamics
  • Excellent UML and graphical modeling and presentation


Confidential,San Francisco,CA

Senior enterprise architect

  • Made use of Amazon EC2, ELB, and API Gateway to produce Microservices and API gateway POC
  • As the owner of the API Service Gateway initiative architected and implemented the MuleSoft PCE (on orem) according to backend Microservice owner and business requirements
  • Helped kick off the API Gateway initiative by providing the requisite training to business organization administrators as well as users (developers, contributors, visitors, etc.)
  • Created the increasingly-more-detailed API Gateway architectural drawings
  • Successfully demonstrated the initial POC on AWS Cloud
  • Helped gather business and functional requirements for the upcoming RFP
  • Began evaluating API Gateway vendors, as per the gathered requirements
  • Began engaging FRB Info Sec department to ensure proper security is put in place
  • Created various documents highlighting complimentary technologies, such as WAF and CAS (Central Authorization Service)
  • Conducted research on API Gateway best practices and evangelized accordingly


Senior enterprise architect

  • Created L1, L2, and L3 reference architectures to be used by portfolio architects going forward
  • Created contextual, conceptual (L1), and logical (L2) architectures diagrams for Kaiser’s move from on premise PeopleSoft system to Oracle HCM cloud.
  • Defined the OTBI and OTBI-E elements of Oracle’s OBIEE system to be used for Kasier’s HCM cloud target state.
  • Authored the Target State Architecture Handbook, defining architectural standards, principles, reference architecture, stencils, templates, and guidelines.
  • Created draft target state architecture for the Human Capital Management (HCM) portfolio.
  • Produced initial Target Architecture Practice deck to be presented to the Vice President of Enterprise Architecture
  • Cross-collaborated with principle and portfolio architects to identify and define architectural standards, principles, and guidelines to be used in the Target Architecture Practice.

Confidential,Herndon, VA

Senior enterprise architect

  • Architected Confidential Automated Desktop Underwriter (AUT) target state using modern SOA principles of loose coupling, modularity, and reuse
  • Made use of API Gateway products to provide access control and rate limiting functionality as well as analytics capture and logging of new APIs to be rolled out
  • Made use of Confidential ’s Cloud-based “Vault” service to store, retrieve, and analyze incoming unstructured documents
  • Defined atomic and complex services for Confidential AUT target state
  • Created context, L1, and L2 architectural diagrams for the Confidential AUT target state
  • Determined and defined the choice of technical solutions required and available as well as aligned with Fannie Technical Reference Model (TRM)
  • Helped provide solutions for the 14.2 and 15.1 releases of Credit Enhancement (CE) current state portfolio
  • Assessed CE current business processes (BPs) and provided solutions, as needed by the business owners
  • Translated high-level Confidential vision into a B2B strategy in preparation for transitioning from the current state to the envisioned target (SOA-based) state
  • Based on Confidential Technical Reference Model (TRM), created a technology stack for the entire Confidential organization
  • Served as a member of the architectural patterns working group (PWG) to harvest, review, formalize, and evangelize architectural patterns across the entirety of Confidential
  • Provided technical and editorial expertise on the formal working Confidential cloud initiative document (ongoing)

Confidential,San Diego,CA

Senior enterprise architect

  • Met on monthly basis with C-level management to discuss and assess AVID’s current and future challenges
  • Assessed the current business processes (BPs) across all organizations and created the corresponding maps
  • Using the current BP maps, worked with process owners to create improvements on the existing processes, with a quality assurance panel (QAP) to approve the newly proposed processes, and then with IT to automate when appropriate/needed
  • Architected a new corporate portal to unify the diverse group of business application used by employees, provide SSO capabilities, and allow for central content management used across the company
  • Helped translate high-level, vague company strategies into concrete components of people, processes, data, technology and culture, mostly via the TOGAF framework
  • By converting silo-based business processes to cross-functional ones, helped move the company on the CMMI enterprise maturity model from level 1 to level 2
  • As a liaison between business and IT, helped to make clear the importance of business/IT alignment through cross-functional rather than silo-based thinking

Confidential,San Francisco,CA

Senior enterprise architect


  • Met on bi-weekly basis with C-level management to discuss and assess Confidential ’s ITAC expansion project as well as receive feedback as to my team’s performance/assumptions
  • Fully assessed the current application architecture status at ITAC, including cloud and grid computing and SOA.
  • Fully assessed the current state of infrastructure, including full data center analysis, at ITAC
  • Fully assessed network latency and potential for datacenter move to other Confidential core and region data centers, including some on the East Coast.
  • Created a comprehensive final roadmap recommendation document as to the options open to ITAC for moving
  • Presented the comprehensive roadmap findings at a full day presentation and QA session to C-level management.

Confidential,Sunnyvale, CA

Senior enterprise business architect

  • Continually interviewed executive level management to elicit information and gain better understanding of the departmental vision and strategies.
  • Created the business performance model for educational department (NetApp University)
  • Modeled the corresponding business processes using BPM and Visio
  • Interviewed subject matter experts to identify the applications architecture supporting the business processes
  • Served as advisor on key architectural issues slated to have high impact on departmental and corporate technology, architecture, and business solution demands
  • Collaborated with domain architecture stewards to define reference architectures, roadmaps, and recommendations.
  • Provided input collection and documentation of information that described the current state, reference baselines, and target architectures
  • Ensured interoperability and standardization of technology and solutions and their alignment with global business and technical visions
  • Helped IT collaborate with business to evaluate business goals, identify business problems, and propose solutions
  • Architected business process management suites (BPMS) and business architecture using BPMN and BPEL
  • Unified different corporate portals on heterogeneous platforms for clients, using Oracle WebCenter portal platform
  • Defined BPMs on client portals as part of end-to-end solutions
  • Helped define and improve governance for business services and business processes
  • Contributed in driving strategic planning of applications, information, and business functions across the company
  • Helped produce SOA governance under the IT governance umbrella

Confidential,San Jose,CA

Senior Adjunct Instructor

  • Created, edited, and reviewed instructional materials before each academic term and provided instruction based on such material during each term
  • Created examination and testing materials and used to gage academic learnings during each term
  • Corrected and graded examination and testing materials
  • Conducted office hours and tutoring to ensure students were abreast of the subject matter materials
  • Achieved one of the highest instructor rating in Confidential history
  • Maintained a high degree of academic standards and integrity

Confidential,Los Angeles,CA

Senior enterprise business architect

  • Interviewed subject matter experts at client sites to ascertain the current state of business architecture
  • Interviewed executive management to ascertain client need and propose enterprise-wide solutions as a pre-sales engineer
  • Collaborated with enterprise and domain architects as well as local subject matter experts to assess and understand the current state of the architecture
  • Developed business architecture strategies for client business architecture groups, based on situational awareness of various business scenarios
  • Served as advisor on key architectural issues slated to have high impact on client corporate technology, architecture, and business solution demands
  • Learned each client’s business domain and business challenges to facilitate and influence business process re-engineering and improvement as a part of each solution’s post-implementation phase
  • Captured strategic business goals that provided traceability throughout organization and mapped to metrics that provide ongoing governance
  • Identified business requirements by using structured business approach and methodology inside the context of each enterprise
  • Described the primary business functions in the context of the enterprise and distinguished between supplier-related, customer facing, business execution, and business management functions.
  • Specified, examined, catalogued, and suggested improvements to the strategic and support processes of different client business units.
  • Worked collaboratively with the other senior Enterprise Architecture experts to support different concurrent projects and make architectural decisions across portfolio solutions and implementations.
  • Often worked as single point of contact for projects to align architectural and business goals
  • Where necessary, provided alternatives to existing standards in order to meet emerging architectural and business goals
  • Articulated and presented custom solutions for clients
  • Prepared current and future business models by using BPMN, IDEF, and UML
  • Performed gap analysis, generated reports, and made presentations to convey findings and recommendations, and developed transition and sequencing plans.


Senior business architect

  • Collaborated with business to define and document functional requirements for data, reports, analysis, metadata, training, service levels, data quality, and performance
  • Interfaced with the client to validate requirements and recommend optimized solutions
  • Performed system impact analysis, including upstream and downstream impacts
  • Collaborated with data architects and BI developers to translate requirements into technical specifications
  • Determined and validate potential data sources, build validation plan, assisting with or building scripts, executing the scripts, and communicating results in non-production environment
  • Produced detailed technical specification as per customer requirements
  • Produced deliverables, including the Vision and Scope Document as well as the Software Requirements Specification, on time and within budget.
  • Defined resources and schedule for project implementation
  • Conducted interviews and facilitated meetings with technical and business executives to derive/validate performance goals and business functions and processes
  • Performed the analysis of business motivations and business operations through the use of business analysis framework and the related networks.


Senior business analyst

  • Accelerated the delivery of the new Unity product to market while meeting company’s risk and cost reduction objectives.
  • Elicited complex requirements (business, functional, non-functional, and technical) using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshops, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, business analysis, task and workflow analysis.
  • Documented and maintained requirements by performing requirements analysis and developing and specifying detailed requirements according to standard templates, using natural language.
  • Communicated and collaborated with external and internal customers to analyze information needs and requirements
  • Delivered and maintain SDLC analysis artifacts as needed (including state diagrams, use cases, UI prototypes, entity relationship diagrams, data dictionaries, etc.).
  • Facilitated interactions between stakeholders in order to help resolve disagreements/conflicts and drive to a consensus.
  • Collaborated with IT team members and subject matter experts to establish the technical vision and develop and understanding of business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirements and recommended solutions that enabled the organization to achieve its goals.
  • Performed enterprise analysis to understand the needs of the business as a whole and its strategic direction
  • Identified initiatives to enable the business to meet its strategic goals.
  • Assisted users with streamlining of department automation by reviewing current software and recommending appropriate changes.
  • Reviewed and evaluated users’ department requests for system modification and recommended action/alternatives to the appropriate managers
  • Established partnership with stakeholders across the organization and acted as liaison among the stakeholders for specific projects and operational tasks.
  • Evaluated, developed, recommended, and implemented upon approval and in a timely, efficient manner the budget for stakeholders to include all major hardware and software information systems.
  • Prepared current and future business models by using BPMN, IDEF, and UML
  • Using IBM Rational System Architecture, generated business process descriptions that documented business requirements, business rules, and business procedures.
  • Defined the overall architecture of software platform by collaborating with software development team
  • Coordinated with product management teams in areas of defining and finalizing product requirements
  • Monitored and supervise other development team members, including reviewing implementation plans and code


Integration/content management architect

  • Architected, implemented, and managed multi-tier Plumtree (now part of Oracle) corporate portal for Smart & Final’s US operations
  • Integrated Smart & Final’s legacy systems with Plumtree portal
  • Conducted interviews and facilitated meetings with technical and business executives to derive/validate performance goals and business functions and processes
  • Performed gap analysis, generated reports, and made presentations to convey findings and recommendations, and developed transition and sequencing plans.
  • Analyzed and reviewed business, functional and high-level technical requirements.
  • Designed detailed technical components for complex applications utilizing high-level architecture, design patterns and reusable code.
  • Supported detailed project estimates and project work plans.
  • Planned and conducted code reviews for changes and enhancements that ensured standards compliance and systems interoperability from TIBCO to Plumtree portal
  • Created test plans for module-level integration and tracking and resolving defects.


Senior enterprise business architect

  • Elicited clients for detailed project requirements. Produced detailed technical specification as per customer requirements.
  • Produced deliverables, including the Vision and Scope Document as well as the Software Requirements Specification, on time and within budget.
  • Defined resources and schedule for project implementation.
  • Assessed the impact of new requirements on existing suite of complex applications
  • Communicated the holistic view as well the detailed dissection of the business processes
  • Quickly learned, and used new technology and tools and then documented that knowledge before mentoring newer personnel on such technology
  • Analyzed and troubleshot data quality, ETL process, and other issues to resolution
  • Produced well-written, unambiguous technical documentation and delivered on time
  • Performed remote and on-site customer training
  • Helped author technical requirements as well as technical manuals.
  • Performed onsite customer demonstrations as well as contract and pricing negotiations

Confidential,San Francisco,CA

Senior software engineer

  • Analyzed, designed, and wrote customized web based applications (“widgets”) for Plumtree customers using C# for IIS backend databases on top of Windows IIS application servers.

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