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Senior Bw/bobj & Hana Architect & Lead Resume

Tampa, FL


  • Over 13 years of IT experience, functional experience with knowledge in Implementation, Upgrade and Support in SAP BI/BW/BODS/HANA and Tableau . Extensive experience in SAP HANA - Data Modeling, data provisioning, Reports development and SAP HANA Modeler .
  • Over 7 years of SAP Technical and Functional Experience in SAP BW/BI and BOBJ including reporting tools Web Intelligence, Xcelcuis, Crystal Report, Lumira, BEx Analyzer, Design Studio and Fiori.
  • Experienced in BI 7 upgrade assessment, SOW, sales and presentation to clients
  • Experience with system architectural design for SAP and legacy system integration with SAP BI
  • Designed and architected Business Objects BI4.2 landscape design for scalability and user growth.
  • Experience with Enterprise Portal, WAD and Design Studio
  • Lead installation and upgrade of BOBJ 4.0 to 4.2.
  • Performed migration from BOBJ 3.1 to 4.0 and performed upgrade from BOBJ 4.0 to BI 4.2
  • Configured complex integration for BO 4.2 in a clustered environment with SAP BI, ECC and SQL EDW
  • Experience in creating SAP HANA information models such as Packages, Attribute Views, Analytic Views, and Calculation Views with graphical and script based methods, using SQL, SQL Script, and CE Functions as needed.
  • Interacting with legacy business users to understand business process flow, business logics and to assess major data objects, data volume for data migration.
  • Experience in developing SAP UI5 Fiori reports on HANA using SAP WebIDE.
  • Experience in HANA modeling and good understanding of SAP HANA architecture.
  • Migrated objects for Financial & Customer master into SAP HANA system.
  • Created SAP HANA optimized objects to improve performance.
  • Experience in Configuring and Consuming SAP HANA models in BI clients such as SAP Business Object Explorer and MS Excel.
  • Working knowledge on creating universes using IDT on HANA views and report development in WebI.
  • Experience in creating Analytical Privileges.
  • Experience in working with modules of Business Objects XI Enterprise suite like Information Design Tool, CMC, Web Intelligence, Business Explorer (BEx) and various reporting tools like Crystal Report Enterprise, Lumira.
  • Worked on SAP BO Universe Design, Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Design Studio Lumira and Xcelsius.
  • Involved in SAP HANA migration to BW on HANA.
  • Extensive white paper design and use of ASAP methodology for complex BI initiatives to manage scope and budget.
  • Extensive work with BOBJ BI4.1 security integration with BW & HANA
  • Worked with HANA Studio in a HANA Enterprise environment with SLT between ECC and HANA
  • Extensively worked in the designing of performance optimization strategy for BW Data warehouses
  • Experienced in G/L Accounting, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables, Cost Center Accounting, Internal Orders, Profitability Analysis.
  • Excellent experience in Extraction (Lo - Cockpit, FI/CO, HCM, SD, CRM, MM, GTS) of Master data and transactional data and Performance tuning.
  • Experience with Non-SAP source of data extraction using Universal Data Connect (UD Connect)
  • Experience with Business Objects, Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 with integration with crystal report, Live Office and Bex.
  • Insight with best business practices and technology to optimally drive client business processes
  • Lead and implemented Business Objects and BW upgrade (BW 7.3 to 7.4 & BI4.0 to BI4.2) with HANA migration
  • Expertise in executing SEM BPS functionality, creating Planning Packages


Confidential, Tampa, FL

Senior BW/BOBJ & HANA Architect & Lead


  • Installed and Upgraded Business Objects from BI 4.0 version to BI 4.2 sp4 systems.
  • Proposed multiple clustered BOBJ environment and deployed them all.
  • Setup Single Sign-On (SSO) Windows AD and SAP BW integration with BOBJ 4.2
  • Optimized BOBJ performance for SAP BW data source
  • Developed multiple webi, crystal and Xcelsius reports.
  • Used Query As Web Service to source data for xcelsius dashboard development
  • Created multi tab webi reports and scheduled them to a dynamic recipient list
  • Performed SAP HANA POC for future deployment of BW on HANA.
  • Designing and creation of Attribute, Analytical, and Calculation Views(Graphical) using HANA Studio; Creates schemas, tables; Worked on different joins (left outer joins or referential joins; Inner Joins; Text Joins)
  • Worked on providing security restrictions on models using Analytic Privileges and assigning authorization roles to different types of users.
  • Configured SLT, created new SLT schema, replicated the data from SAP ECC and non-SAP data, modified the SLT transformation filtered, and added new fields with logic before data loading.
  • Worked on both BODS tools: Data Services Designer and Data Services WorkBench.
  • Created Data stores & importing metadata, creating Batch job, Data Flow, Query transform, Executing job, Validation, built in Transformation, Built in Functions.
  • Responsible for developing complex SAP Data Services Data flows/Workflows using different types of transforms like Query transform, Table compare transform, Case transform, Map operation, Merge, History preserve based on the business requirements.
  • Responsible for developing complex SAP Data Services Data flows/Workflows using different types of transforms like Query transform, Table compare transform, Case transform, Map operation, Merge, History preserve based on the business requirements.
  • Created Data Flows for cleansing master and transactional data. Used Data Quality transformations like US address cleansing for cleansing purpose of the master data and transaction data.
  • Had created Virtual, Transient Infoproviders and Composite providers in BW on top of HANA Model, created DB Connect to load data from HANA to DW.
  • OLAP Universe design using SAP BEx Query and Info Cubes. To access DS and InfoSet data, created BEx queries first and created Universe on top of the BEx Query. Accessed SAP InfoCubes, Transient Providers, Virtual Providers.
  • Design, Development, and implementation of BW Objects like Info Cubes, DSOs, Transformations and DTPs.
  • Promotion of HANA code to production using export/import of information models and delivery units. Involved in transports using Delivery Units; Transported Universe from one System to another system.
  • Worked on designing SAP BW data Flows (DSOs, Transformation, and DTPs) on the BW on HANA database Scenarios and imported them to the HANA studio tool.
  • Creation of local and secure connections and Universe in IDT; Created universe using IDT and report development in WebI.
  • Design and set up and configured Design Studio Application for Mobile environment.

Environment: SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 09, SPS10, BW 7.4, BODS 4.2


Senior BOBJ/BW & HANA Architect/Developer


  • Sizing the Servers based on the volumes of data, number of jobs that could run at the same time and number of users
  • Designed Performance tuned Landscapes to avoid Network Latency and Client Connectivity issues for SAP BOBJ Data Services and SAP BOBJ Enterprise
  • Experience in setting up Development, Test and Production environments and also in setting up the migration standards for SAP Business Objects Data Services.
  • Selecting the compatible software versions for different components and installing them without any installation errors
  • Huge experience in Installing Data Services 3.x and 4.x, Cleansing Packages, Address Directories, Data Quality Management for SAP ERP/CRM, RFC Servers between BODS and SAP, Data Insight, Business Objects Enterprise 3.x and BI Platform 4.x, Information Steward
  • Hands on experience in Registering the repositories in the Data Services Management console, configuring RFC Services between SAP and BODS, creating the Job Servers and Assigning the local and profiler repositories and Page File configuration for BODS Cache
  • Configuring SAP Authentication between SAP and BOBJ Enterprise, receiver Port configurations for Adaptive Processing Job Servers with in BOE to troubleshoot Client Connectivity for BODS 4.0 Designer and registering BODS repositories within BOBJ CMC for 4.x versions and managing the user rights
  • SAP Data migration team for Legacy data analysis, Master Data (Materials, Customers, Vendors), and transactional data collection, extraction, cleansing, and transformation to load into SAP
  • Interacting with legacy business users to understand business process flow, business logics and to assess major data objects, data volume for data migration.
  • Working with business users/owners to gather data migration requirements, design data mapping documents, and define business rules for cleansing, and transformation requirements
  • Collection of master data requirements to be processed in SAP, provide parameters for identifying obsolete / inactive records
  • Developed front end UI5 Reports such as Delta Requisition, Price Mismatch between Contract and PO, Accrual report to calculate open commitment for Materials and Services for business users.
  • Extensive SAP Data Migration experience by conventional method of Creating Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, and Transformation rules
  • Have Extensive knowledge in SAP HANA modeling with BeX and Analysis for Office as front end.
  • Developed HANA Information Data Models (Attribute, Analytic, and Calculation Views) and BW objects such as ADSOs, Composite Providers, and BeX Queries using eclipse-based BW Modeling Perspective.
  • Involved in creation of calculated attributes, measures, restricted measures, calculated columns, filters, hierarchies, variables, in-put parameters to satisfy reporting requirements using SAP HANA studio
  • Configuring Real-Time jobs and Web Services for SAP Data Quality Management for SAP and running the Batch and Server RFC’s for both Online and Batch processing of addresses from SAP ECC and CRM
  • Configuring the Repositories(Central, Local and Profiler), configuring the Data Stores for different sources and targets with multi configurations and maintaining the Substitution Parameters configuration
  • Creation of Job Servers, Job Server Groups and Access Server, configuring the Web Services for Real-Time Jobs, Batch Job Scheduling and Monitoring, monitoring of System Performance and troubleshooting the performance related issues, the Citrix/Client Connectivity issues and SAP Connectivity issues using RFCs
  • Code migration using central Repositories, Repository and ATL Export across the landscape, Creation of users and assigning appropriate rights and setting up the Degree of Parallelism for data flows wherever required to tune the job execution performance
  • Updating the Address Directories required for Data Quality Management jobs for address cleansing on a monthly basis
  • Created Attribute views, Analytical views and Calculation views. Created SQL script for calculation views in order to address complex business requirements of extracting purchase orders information with respect to invoiced amounts, delivered amounts based on the PO history category type and debit/credit indicator.
  • Created Open Data source (ODS) view in SAP to access the HANA views.
  • Created the BeX queries on top of the Open Data source (ODS) which allow the user to access the BeX queries through the Business Object Analysis.
  • Attended SAP BW on HANA Modeling workshops with the knowledge of using composite providers in BW Modeling.
  • Creation of TCP/IP RFC(registered Server Programs) connections in SM59 to provide connectivity between SAP and BODS
  • Configuring the Shared drive on the SAP Servers which will be used by ABAP Data flows, creation of Source System within SAP BW for BODS to push data into SAP BW using BODS Batch jobs

Environment: SAP Net weaver BI BW 7.3/7.5, FI, SD, SAP BOBJ/BO (/4.2/R2/6.5), ABAP/4,ECC 6.0, Oracle, BPC, BODS, Business Explorer, Analysis for Office, SAP HANA Modeler SLT 2.0, SAP Design Studio 1.0, OER, P2P

Confidential, Houston, TX



  • Full Life Cycle Implementation Solution Architect starting from Gap Analysis, Requirement gathering, prototyping, Realization, Go-Live to Support for HANA.
  • Experience creating schemas in HANA modeler and developed Calculation/Attribute/Analytical views
  • Experience in HANA Modeler, Data provisioning using SLT, DXC, BODS, and Flat Files.
  • Experience in Export/Import wizard, hierarchies, Restricted and Calculated measures, Variable, input parameter, SQL Script, procedures, Currency conversions, hyperlinks, Joins and Managing Modeling content.
  • Responsible for understanding, in collaboration with business representatives, how different data elements are used by the business in production systems, and how those data elements then should be reflected in reports. Along with the ability to translate raw data and information sources into practical, usable reports and other vehicles that support decision-making.
  • Worked independently with little direct supervision effectively in a highly complex, entrepreneurial and often in high-pressure environment.
  • Experience SAP Lumira Datasets, Visualization, Stories and Documents.
  • Experience building Lumira acquiring data from Excel, SAP HANA Views, Universes and text file.
  • Analysis of Office installation and setup, Configuration with BW Bex queries and RDBMS connections
  • Experience working as onshore lead responding client issues during US working hours and updating weekly/daily ticket status update of offshore team to management.
  • Extensively worked on Calculation Views, Analytical Views, Attribute Views, Star Join CV's, Hierarchies by using Calculation Views, Delivery Units, Import, Export, Filters, Variables, If Else Calculated Formulas, Calculation Attributes/Measures for Inventory Extensively worked on Transposes like Row to Columns, done Currency conversions using Calculation Attributes/Measures & Restricted Calculations.
  • Dynamic data selections by using input parameters like Direct, Column, Static, Derived from Table.
  • Extensively worked on LO Extraction Cockpit to extract Logistics data from Source System (R/3).
  • Imported the Master Data Tables from SAP Modules SD, MM, QM, PP, WW, FIN, and Flat Files (CSV, Excel) to tables in HANA.
  • Used Calculation Views for data display as Header and Item Data format.
  • Worked on reading the BW models in to HANA and creating the HANA view to achieve the complex reporting requirement.
  • Extensively worked on Virtual Provider based on HANA Models & FM.
  • Extensively worked on Composite Providers. Created the stored procedures and scheduled those using ABAP to load the snap shot information into HANA tables.
  • Worked on reports like HR data reports which showed the hourly rate of employee and Annual Salary. Developed custom extractor to fetch Timesheet data table to show snapshot of all status in time.
  • Developed reports like employee head count which would give count of employee based on their Manager and work center, company code and region.
  • Used Business Objects 4.0 to create various Universes with RDBMS as underlying data source and developing reports in Webi. Upgrade Reports, LOV’s, Prompts, Schedules and Merged Queries.
  • BODS Job server Configuration, setup, Repository development configuration with database, Creating and configuring job server, Assigning jobs to job server, Job server scheduling using DS Administration console, Production support and development.
  • SAP Dashboard tool installation and setup, Dashboard development deployment for browser and mobile support. Upgrade dashboards and publish to .xlfs
  • Worked on trigger based data replication for SAP ECC using SAP Landscape transformation (SLT)
  • Developed Real-Time Data Information models to support SLT replicated tables for SAP ECC.
  • Transported objects by creating delivery units between SAP landscapes. Developed ETL jobs with heavy transformations for data acquisition from SAP ECC and Non SAP systems.
  • Developed different kind of dashboards using Xcelsius by configuring QAWS and Live Office.
  • Installed SAP Integration Kit and Service Pack 2 also Fix Packs to resolve integration issues.
  • Also worked with Basis to upgrade SPAM level
  • Setup user Authentication between SAP BW and Business Objects
  • Perform system server sizing for Business Objects Dev, QA and Prod
  • Configured LDAP authentication in Business Objects for User SSO
  • Performed user security landscape for enterprise wide single sign-on (SSO) with the use of LDAP, IDM and Access Manager.
  • Set multiple hierarchy node in Bex Query for consumption in BOBJ universe
  • Performed system performance evaluation for SAP BW and Business Objects for performance and system landscape
  • Developed SAP BI custom InfoCube according to client specification and then exposed master queries to BOBJ universe

Environment: SAP BODS/BO 4.1, ECC6/CRM7->CR&B/ISU, MS-SQL server, Oracle. SAP HANA 1.0 SP09, Predictive Analytics, BODS, ETL, ECC 6.0, CRM, Erwin, Oracle, SLT, BW, SQL, PL/SQL, BO4.1, Web Intelligence, IDT, Design Studio. Preparation of Road map for simple finance & building the team for the project .

Confidential, Houston, TX

Sr. Applications System Analyst


  • Installed and configure, Business Objects Business Intelligence and Business Objects Data Service and clustered all three system to use a single repository.
  • Upgraded Business Objects from BI 4.0 version to BI 4.1 systems.
  • Migrated BI 4.0 version of reports to BI 4.1
  • Installed server components
  • Installed and configure Web Tier components (Tomcat)
  • Installed Client Tools (WebI, Xcelsius, Crystal, Import Wizard and Data Services)
  • Create Enterprise user accounts
  • Setup security for created user accounts with custom access levels
  • Configure servers and Server Intelligence Agent for processing tier
  • Test logon to InfoView, CMC and WebI with SAP Authentication
  • Troubleshoot and fixed all migration related issues with reports and schedules
  • Created and configured Central and Profiler repositories and connected to BOE CMC
  • Connected BOBJ Enterprise to MS SQL Analysis service
  • Created relational universes on top of SQL Enterprise data warehouse (EDW)
  • Sizing the Servers based on the volumes of data, number of Profiling jobs that could run at the same time and number of users
  • Conducted several proof of concept for BOBJ front end tools to the power users and technical/functional team members.
  • Created OLAP and Relational connections to create webi reports and Xcelsius dashboards
  • Created complex webi reports
  • Designed Performance tuned Landscapes to avoid Network Latency and Client Connectivity issues for SAP BOBJ Information Steward, SAP BOBJ Data Services and SAP BOBJ BI Platform/SAP BOBJ Platform Services
  • Created various Dashboards for the purpose of Managers and C-level employees of the organization using SAP Business Objects Xcelsius Dashboard tool
  • Configure Business Object InfoView integration with Sharepoint
  • Created order status and sales analysis dashboards using Xcelsius to publish to EP using opendoc link
  • Designed Xcelsius dashboards and work on performance tweaks for Live Office connection to Xcelsius
  • Designed the strategy for BO enterprise security on the top of SAP BW Security for Folder level access to different end users
  • Worked on converting the .UNV universes to .UNX universes and migrated the BOBJ 3.x code to BI 4.x environment.
  • Created JDBC connection to consume HANA information through Explorer, crystal report and Xcelsius Dashboard tool.
  • Accessed OLAP universe through Webi to create Webi reports
  • Setup SSO between portal and Business Objects
  • Configured Secure Network Communication (SNC) both on BOBJ server side and SAP BI side for SSO.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. SAP BI/BW BOBJ Consultant


  • Involved in the Blueprinting phase, Gathering business requirements, analyzing existing SAP system and other interfaced systems and participated in the ETLarchitecture of Finance and Controlling modules using BI Administration workbench.
  • Involved in Full life cycle implementation of BW BPS involves transitioning from BW-BPS to BI- IP.
  • Worked extensively on FI-CO, SD, HR, COPA. Loaded the data from ECC to BI and used initialization with delta update and full update methods. Used SAP BW for Data Stage to extract, transform and load (ETL) the data from various data sources HR, PP, SD, and FI.
  • Extensively worked for BW-CRM integration area like Services, Survey Confirmations, IBase, Activities, Opportunity management and ECC Logistics and FI.
  • Created Generic Extraction from user defined tables and created transformations using ABAP routines.
  • Designed and created complex process chains to automate the data load and data target administration.
  • Developed Analytical Reports with multiple parameter fields, multiple expressions and multiple grouping for hierarchy levels and published them using the Business Objects Enterprise XI.
  • Created WEBI reports with Variables, Prompts and Complex Calculations to get Alerts for Xcelsius Dashboards.
  • Checked the Universes for Integrity and exported to the Repository to make resources available to the users and groups and Created Adhoc Reports by accessing the Universe.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BI 7.0, SD, MM, PP,FI, PCA, SCM, ABAP/4, IP, Business Explorer, Xcelsius, Crystal Reports with MDX, BOBJ/BO (XI 3.1/3.2), WEBI, Query Designer, Report Designer

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