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Mainframe Consultant Resume

Newark City, NJ


  • A highly dedicated MAINFRAME DEVELOPER with experience in design, coding, testing, debugging and implementation of Brokerage, Banking and Retail applications. Solid knowledge of COBOL II, CICS, DB2, VSAM, JCL, Procs & MVS utilities. Excellent communication skills and demonstrated ability to liaise between business and development sectors. Awarded twice at JPMorgan Chase for performance and innovation of time saving solutions.



Editors: TSO/ISPF, ICCF, Panvalet

Databases: DB2, Oracle, SQL performance tuning, Stored Procedures, QMF, SPUFI

Languages: COBOLII, COBOL, CICS, BMS, Vsam

Utilities: Syncsort, Fileaid, Platinum, XPEDITER, Intertest, IBM Debug, Endevor, FTP, NDM

Software: Crystal Reports, Rocket, Word, Excel, Access, Sharepoint, ITSM


Confidential, Newark City, NJ

Mainframe Consultant

  • Modified, tested and installed several batch (Cobol, DB2, Assembler) and online (CICS) components for a major client take - on project for Broadridge Financial Services.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Senior Applications Programmer

  • Supported and developed online (CICS) and batch (Cobol, VSAM and DB2) back-office trade and settlement processes of Stock Record, Margin, and Options for both end of day and intra-day components.
  • Calculated margin and option calls based on stock exchange, broker, and federal balance requirements for domestic and foreign account positions, enabling notification to account holder when funds are needed.
  • Accessing the appropriate input files, created XML formatted files to be delivered via Web service protocols.
  • Enhanced batch processes through optimized program logic, minimizing CPU usage (MIPS reduction).

Confidential, New York, NY

Applications Programmer and EDI Support

  • Supported full-scale retail distribution system by coding in Progress 4GL on Linux server, using SQL logic for on-line and batch processes.
  • Designed and customized UPC shipping labels for several retail chains using Zebra programming language (ZPL).

Confidential , Brooklyn, NY

Database Reporter

  • Designed and created reports using Access as a front end and MS/SQL Server stored procedures to retrieve and join data from multiple tables as well as updating tables via use of triggers.

Confidential , New York, NY

Applications Programmer

  • Managed a batch and on-line system conversion from VSAM file to SQL access which enhanced speed of online response and nightly batch processing via use of DB2 aggregates, column functions and qualified cursors.
  • Assisted Broker house service providers by downloading time-critical data for Corporate Reorganization, Dividend Reinvestment, and Escheatment processing.
  • Coded changes in Cobol/DB2 for reporting cancelled, surrendered, and lost certificates to Thomson Reuters, conforming to new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.
  • Developed processes which captured cost basis data for tax-lot accounting for P&S, transfers and exchanges.

Confidential , Brooklyn, NY

Database Designer

  • Designed a SQL database linked to Magic front-end to support order-entry, invoicing and inventory control.
  • Created SQL triggers and stored procedures, enabling quick response to user on-line requests.
  • Performed QA testing, confirming accuracy of all modifications to the batch process and on-line screens.


Database Reporter

  • Designed and created critical management reports against MSSQL, Foxpro, and Access databases, tracking Fund investments for Fund of Funds LP's plus their underlying investments.
  • Integrated Crystal Reports techniques within Visual Basic using ADO, Transact SQL, and stored procedures.

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

Senior Applications Programmer

  • Created, updated, and transmitted domestic and foreign trade and foreign exchange (FX) transaction reports.
  • Developed a Mainframe to Windows-NT interface using Excel saving 4 man-hours daily.
  • Optimized the DB2 Swift Message Database by developing a flexible process to purge old messages.
  • Tested jobs processing inputs from TDQ and Infolink messaging facilities, reporting flaws to development team.

Confidential , New York, NY

Business Analyst

  • Collaborated with business analysts and other business managers in analysis and design of a migration of Mainframe Sales Audit and Inventory systems (Cobol/CICS) to a Unix RS6000 based vendor system.
  • Served as liaison between the technical and business departments defining current and proposed requirements.
  • Presented Business and Functional requirement documents pertaining to the scope of each phase of the project.

Project Manager

  • Managed team of 4 programmers modifying and testing several Assembler date utilities of 260 batch jobs to implement addition of 5th week to February to conform to 4-5-4 retail calendar requirements.

Applications Programmer

  • Supported on-line Merchandise system that controls on-hand/on-order stock levels and warehouse distribution, simplifying correction of errors for the user via symbolic cursor positioning.
  • Maintained Sales Audit system which edits and reports Fujitsu register and Mail Order inputs and feeds General Ledger, Commissions, Charge Settlement systems.



  • Implementing CICS and OMNIGARD, created Log System to identify the user who enters a given update.
  • Reduced daily job execution time of transaction reporting by twenty minutes utilizing the Syncsort utility.
  • Developed software to create reports and support back-end trade processing using COBOL and CICS.

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Participated in the development of a global Stock Loan System that allows loan transaction filing worldwide.

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