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Salesforce Consultant Resume



  • Around 8+ years of IT experience and 7+ in SalesForce.com CRM platform as Developer and Administrator and Experience in SFDC development using Visual Force Pages, Components, Force.com IDE, SOQL, and SOSL, DML statements.
  • Expertise in SFDC Development using Lightning Application, Apex Language, Visual Force Pages, Classes, Controllers, Triggers, Indexes, Locks Web Services, Components, Tabs, Apex Web services, Custom Objects, Reports, Analytic Snapshots and Dashboards, Profiles, Creating Roles, Page Layouts, Org - Wide default, Sharing rules, Work Flows.
  • High level of proficiency in creating Roles, Profiles, Email Services, Tasks, Email Templates, Workflow Rules, Workflow Alerts, Actions and Workflows Approvals.
  • Configured and maintained User profiles, role hierarchy and Password policies.
  • Worked on Salesforce Marketing cloud Connector V5/208, Multi-Org and Mobile Studio.
  • Extensive Experience working in implementation of Case Management in Service Cloud Console.
  • Experience working in service cloud, supporting cases, developed workflows and triggers for automated case resolutions.
  • Experience in Data Migration using Data Loader Import Wizard and schedule the batch using Jitter Bit.
  • Good Experience in Salesforce.com Configuration and Design of Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and Force.com solutions, with an emphasis on Service Cloud solutions.
  • Build and Supporting 5 Business Units’ on 2 Instances Prod/Parallel Production (Test).
  • Build and Maintained Multiple Cloud pages for Unsubscribe pages and also advisor landing pages.
  • Worked on Cloud Page Smart captures also integrate it with journey builder.
  • Knowledge on Configuring the Contract management and revenue management with using of Apttus CPQ.
  • Developed several Lightning components, Global actions, process Builders and objects specific actions.
  • Created Lightning Components, added CSS and Design Parameters which improves performance.
  • Worked on Field Service lightning to connect workforce to deliver intelligent and productive on-site service.
  • Developed Lighting Components Apex classes, controller classes, Apex Triggers and visual force pages on force.com platform to customize application according to the functional needs.
  • Created and used Email templates in Visual force and HTML.
  • Reengineered APEX code already in production to optimize trigger based transactions for performance and speed as well as to work seamlessly with governor limits.
  • Enhanced Apex Class and Visual Force Page to create a custom Related List, showing activities for selected contacts or clients.
  • Implementation of Apex Triggers, Apex Class for automation of the business process on Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Custom Objects.
  • Performed Apex Callouts from Salesforce to the same external system to get tracking information of an order.
  • Implemented Security and Sharing Rules at Object, Field and Record level for different Users.
  • Experienced in designing Junction objects and implemented various advanced fields like Pick list, Custom Formula Fields, Field Dependencies, Validation Rules, Work Flows, and Approval Processes for automated alerts, field updates, and Email generation according to application requirements.
  • Used SOSL and SOQL for data manipulation using data platform database objects.
  • Expertise in various Standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, opportunities, Products, Price books, Cases, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Experience in force.com Web services API for implementing web services in the application for access to data from different users.
  • Understanding Software Requirement Specification and identifying the required Test Scenarios for product.
  • Defect Reporting and Tracking using Automation Tools like Buganizer, Atlas, Confidential Earth and Mapmaker, QGIS.
  • Extensively worked on testing Confidential APPS for Mobile Applications in different browsers.
  • Extensively worked on usage of Metrics and Reporting Tools.
  • Done UAT (User Acceptance Testing) on most on the scenarios before which needs to be deployed to the real world.
  • Good understanding of Object Oriented Programming and Professional GUI designer.


Salesforce Technologies: Salesforce CRM, Apex Language, Apex Classes/Controllers, Apex Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Visual Force Pages / Components, S Controls, Apex Web Services, Lightning, Salesforce.com customizations like Record Type, Role Hierarchy, Validation, Quotes, Formulae, Page layouts, workflow & Approvals, Dashboards, Analytic Snapshots, Case Management Automation, Custom Objects.

Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug: in, Force.com Explorer, Force.com Data Loader, Force.com Excel Connector, Force.com Platform (Sandbox and Production), Apttus, Apex Data loader, Force.com Apex Explorer, AJAX tool kit, Force.com Ant migration Tool, Force.com Excel connector and Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Snapshot, Force.com GUI, Apex Data Loader, JitterBit, Agile accelerator, Taskray

Cloud: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud

Tortoise SVN, Stash Git: GITHUB

Programming: JAVA, C, C++, APEX, SQL, and PL/SQL

Databases: Oracle 10g/9i, SQL Server MYSQL, DB2

Custom Integration: Outbound Messages, Field updates, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom settings, Custom labels and Tabs, Email Services, Role Hierarchy.

GIS Tools: Quantum GIS, Shell script, AutoCAD, Cartography, Mapping, Confidential Mapping Tool, Mapmaker, Confidential Earth, Mapmaker, ATLAS, Fusion tables, Confidential Refine, Buganizer, Agora and Online docs.

Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Lightning

ETL tools: Informatica, Data Loader, Mulesoft

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix


Confidential, NJ

Salesforce Consultant


  • Implemented new enhancements including creation of custom objects, workflows, email alerts, templates and UI changes.
  • Created Visualforce pages for custom login and configuration of communities. Configured Salesforce.com to meet business requirements - including fields, page layouts, workflows, approvals and validation rules.
  • Created modern Enterprise Lightning Apps combining Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component features.
  • Enabled Aura Framework, by adding Aura Attributes and Aura Handlers for Events to focus on Logic and Interactions in Lightning Applications.
  • Involved in a lightning application which works on cases such that whenever a case has been taken by an agent about an issue, resources are provided to agents in this service cloud.
  • Tested apps by appending multiple components to a Lightning Application thereby deployed Applications from Sandbox to Production.
  • Upgraded some Apps from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience to develop rich user interface and better interaction of pages.
  • Worked on Salesforce1 Platform to build Mobile App by enabling Lightning Components for use in Salesforce1 mobile platform to make Lightning Application mobile.
  • Retrieved some data and its functionality from Third-Party API's and displayed within the lightning component.
  • Responsible for Unit testing and performance testing of SFDC API/Web Service. Responsible for Agile methodology testing package upgrades in sandbox org and deploying in production org.
  • Responsible for End-to-End Salesforce to Salesforce Data Migration using App Exchange products Monarch, Snapshot & Data Loader.
  • Worked on data migration of objects like Account, contact, lead, attachments and custom objects from source SFDC to Target SFDC, used data loader and file exporter tools.
  • Authored Systems Requirement Specification (SRS), Use case, System Requirement Change Request, and Data Dictionary to Delta's SFDC implementations such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Chatter.
  • Used Service Cloud to allow users to automate service processes, streamline workflows.
  • Made new feature enhancements on Service cloud console view and developed some Visual force components.
  • Worked extensively in customization of Service Cloud Console by embedding Visualforce pages in custom console components, highlight panel and interaction log.
  • Configure salesforce and marketing cloud integration user along with configuration in salesforce.
  • Support the Email Marketing Manager in the development of new business requirements.
  • Created and maintained the email templates to be used in the Workflows, Auto Assignment Rules and Auto Response Rules related to Lead Management module in Sales Cloud.
  • Worked on customization of Sales Cloud schema by customizing standard objects like Leads, Accounts, Contact and Opportunity, Products.
  • Integration of Sales cloud with external information systems using SOAP API web services.
  • Updated the APEX Controller and Helper functions regularly making the Component Context Aware as per business requirement.
  • Designed, developed and implemented solutions for the Apttus CLM system deployed on the Salesforce Platform.
  • Developed Quote Documents using X-AUTHOR for Word, also developed Customized login screen for community user and functionality to redirect user from Salesforce to APTTUS CPQ Quote creation using APTTUS API's, APEX, Visual Force and Trigger.
  • Worked for APTTUS Product Configuration, Pricing Configuration with some advanced functionality of SFDC.
  • Used Data Loader for Data Management in force.com platform.
  • Developed various Custom Objects, Tabs, and Entity-Relationship data model, validation rules on the objects, tabs, Components and Custom links.
  • Configured Salesforce Automation (SFA) for Campaign management, Opportunity Management, Account and Contact Management, Data Quality Management.
  • Used Salesforce Automation Process (SAP), Created workflow rules and defined related tasks, time-triggered tasks, email alerts, field updates to implement business logic.
  • Designed and developed SFA based Application on Force.com Platform in Salesforce.com environment with Apex programming language at backend and Visual-Force pages as user interface.
  • Developed complex workflows and approval processes for automating business logic.
  • Used SOQL and SOSL with in Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application.
  • Used Github to commit for personal sandbox to Dev.
  • Integrated the REST API based Web Services on Demand for extracting the data from external systems.
  • Inserted and Updated data using data Loader.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Force.com, Apex, Lightning, Visual Force Pages, Marketing Cloud, Sales, Cloud, Data Loader, HTML, Inside sales telephonic plug-in, Doc E-sign, Java Script, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Mailing List Management, Data Management, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Services, Security Controls, SOAP, REST, Git, Sandbox data loading, ANT tool.

Confidential, TX

Salesforce Developer


  • Involved in gathering business requirements from sales/marketing team and business analysts and performed detailed analysis of business and technical requirements and designed the solution by customizing various standard objects of Salesforce (both Service and Sales cloud)
  • Worked on the project "Salesforce Single View" which is process for merging the two Instances of salesforce.com being used by different teams at UPS into a completely new instance with suggestions of external workforce from Salesforce.com.
  • Played a major role in the discovery stage of Salesforce.com Org Merge.
  • Worked on Apttus CPQ product setup, pricing setup and integration with Salesforce objects to bring existing custom functionality in parity. I also worked on DocuSign for Quote approvals.
  • Worked on Apttus Order Management and Apttus Billing / Revenue Recognition.
  • Supported data migration activities for migrating data from various business centers and business center users with the support of Saleforce.com.
  • Worked on sales cloud module such as Web-to-lead, Auto-response rules on standard objects like Account, contact, lead, campaigns.
  • Configured and tested Salesforce Service Cloud to enable servicing, tracking, and reporting of incoming requests via Email, Web, and Phone.
  • Worked on service cloud module such as web-to-case, Escalation rules, and Assignment rules.
  • Working with Administration activities like Users, Profiles, Permission Set Role, OWD settings and Sharing Rules. Designed and Developed Service Cloud and Integration.
  • Worked on Salesforce.com Sales Cloud functionality, including Account Planning, Sales Forecasting, Opportunity Management, Lead Management and the Configure/Price/Quote (CPQ) processes.
  • Designed and developed the UI of the website using HTML, Angular JS, Ajax, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed various Apex classes, Apex triggers, Controllers to meet the requirements.
  • Worked on Marketo to develop and implement Confidential Analytics in the forms for the data to flow to the Lead object in Marketo and hence from there to salesforce.com.
  • Worked on designing, developing and implementing two-way Salesforce FTP Integration using PHP and Javascript.
  • Implemented the requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Worked on various installed packages to meet the requirements.
  • Worked on developing Workflow rules, Flows to meet the requirements.
  • Worked on implementing Process Builder to simply the process of implementing Workflow rules and other flow related tasks.
  • Worked on various Salesforce.com standard objects like Case Management, Accounts, Contacts, Content, Reports and Workspaces.
  • Performed regression tests on the existing code using Workbench & Eclipse and made the necessary changes to enhance the code wherever necessary.
  • Developed Custom Validations rules to meet the requirements.
  • Complete bulk imports of data using Apex DataLoader.
  • Deployed the code developed in the UAT Sandbox to Production.
  • Interacted with testing and the development teams for the development and testing of the code.

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Salesforce.com, Force.com Sandbox, Workbench, Import Wizard, Apex, XML, JavaScript, PHP, Controllers, Sharing Rules, Permission sets, Profiles, Visualforce Pages, Workflows, Email Updates, Web Services API, Apex Data loader, Web center queries, Marketo, Confidential Analytics, Process Builder, FTP, SFTP.


Salesforce Developer


  • Closely worked with SalesForce.com consultants while implementing the solutions for the needs of the organization.
  • Designed, developed and deployed the Custom objects, Page layouts, Custom tabs, Components, Visual Force Pages, Apex classes to suit to the needs of the application.
  • Customized the Dashboards to the track usage for productivity and performance of business centers and their sales teams.
  • Customized tabs for among different business users groups and business centers.
  • Integrated the web services by generating the necessary stubs from the WSDL files for extracting the data from internal systems using Scribe Insight.
  • Create various profiles and configured the permissions based on the organizational hierarchy requirements.
  • Implemented Apex Classes & Triggers and linked them to manage the workflows implemented in the system.
  • Implemented S-controls to manage sales plan call sheets within Sales force, capturing prep data and call activity.
  • Created Visualforce Maps to display the contact Mailing Address on Map.
  • Created page layouts, search layouts to organize fields, custom links, related lists, and other components on record pages.
  • Provided data access reports to Compliance and Security ensuring that data and roles are properly defined and transparent.
  • Developed Visual Pages to include extra functionality and wrote Apex Classes to provide functionality to the visual pages.
  • Designed and deployed Custom tabs, validation rules, Approval Processes and Auto-Response Rules for automating business logic.
  • Used field level security along with page layouts to manage access to certain fields.
  • Used Force.com developer toolkit including Apex Classes, Apex Triggers and Visualforce pages to develop custom business logic.
  • Worked on various Salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Developed and configured various Reports and Report Folders for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Integrated the Web Services for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of Salesforce.com.

Environment: SalesForce.com CRM Application Platform, Apex Language, Visual Force, S-Controls, HTML, JavaScript, Custom Objects, Tabs, Page Layouts, Workflows, Approval Processes, Email, Messaging, Dashboards, Reports, Eclipse, Sandbox, Production environment, REST API, SOAP, Metadata, Bulk transactions, security controls, Scribe Insight.


Application Developer


  • Involved in various SDLC phases like requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development. Involved in Salesforce.com implementation and maintenance of CRM functionalities.
  • Created Source to Target Mapping documents for integration purpose.
  • Created Functional and Technical documents for SFDC reports, workflows.
  • Implemented Chatter for status update, document sharing, customized profiles, applications and internal networking.
  • Developed Object Model and UML design models for developing Use cases and created Sequence diagram, class diagram and active diagrams for application components and interfaces.
  • Developed Visual force pages, controllers for performance evaluation.
  • Involved in configuring Salesforce.com security profiles and custom object supporting integration and quote featured enhancement.
  • Created the workflows and for automated lead routing lead escalation, alerts and custom plans.
  • Developed Triggers and linked them to manage the workflows developed in the system.
  • Implemented Streaming API to push notifications to Salesforce Application.
  • Integrated hosted application using S-controls.
  • Involved in developing Approval process for the application by implementing custom formulas in different stages of approval.
  • Developed various Custom Reports, Dashboards and deployed them for different business user levels.
  • Used Hibernate framework in persistence layer for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database.
  • Created dependency injection among bean objects and Used Java Script for validation at the client-side and on Server side.
  • Provided the training to the internal business users to use the application and develop their own custom reports.
  • Wrote SOQL and SOSL statements within custom controllers, extensions and triggers.
  • Supported the data migration activities for migration the data from various business sources with the support of salesforce.com.

Environment: Force.com, Apex, Data Loader, Import Wizard, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Sandbox, Controllers, Visual Force Pages, Workflow & Approvals, Custom Objects, Dashboards, XML, Triggers, Security Controls, third party tools.


Map Consultant


  • Understanding the Requirements and Functional Specifications of the application.
  • Participated in identifying the required Test scenarios for Buganizer and Atlas tools
  • Prepared and Executed Test Cases as per System Requirements for Confidential maps and Buganizer and Atlas tools
  • Performed various black box testing Methodologies Like Functionality testing, Compatibility Testing, Database Testing, Usability Testing, Retesting Testing, Regression testing and Server Log Files Testing.
  • Defect Reporting and Tracking using HP QC 10.0. And Buganizer and Atlas tools.
  • Taken ownership (POC and mentored the team of 20) of entire public transportation (Transit) as I have very good understanding on the feature.
  • Also handled a team of 20 members for about 8 months.
  • Attends daily status calls with client by exchanging the ideas that resulted in betterment of work.

Environment: HPQC 10.0, Buganizer, Mapmaker Index and Atlas

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