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Sap Pm/qm Functional Consultant Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Analytical and goal oriented professional with over 9+ years of functional experience in the field of Plant Maintenance (PM),Quality Maintenance (QM)and Material Management (MM) modules which includes project analysis, customization and implementation of SAPECC and R/3. Have worked in 3 SAP Full Cycle Implementations, 1 SAP Maintenance project, 1 SAP Upgrade Project, and 1 Support project. SAP experience include configuration, prototyping, testing, implementation template mapping, archiving, support and developments/enhancements.
  • Functional Location structure, Equipment management, Maintenance Notifications, Maintenance Orders, Maintenance Order Completion, Maintenance Assemblies, Number ranges, Screen layouts, Control keys, Measuring Points and Counters, Characteristics, Code groups, Catalog profiles, User Status, Non - stock items, Movement Types, Serialization, User exits, Reports.
  • Three full life cycle implementation with hands on knowledge on upgrading and experienced in the following SAP versions: SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0
  • Experienced in SAP recommended ASAP methodology on all stages of projects including Business Process Analysis, As-Is and To-Be designing, Business Blueprint Mapping,Gap Analysis to customization
  • Having implementation experience of Repetitive&Discrete Manufacturing
  • Experienced working onthe integration part ofQM with WM, PP andSD modules
  • Experienced working on the integration part of PM with MM and PP modules
  • Experience in SAP data migration from legacy to SAP system using Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)
  • Extensively worked with Solution Manger (SOLMAN)
  • Technical knowledge in Table Controls, Data Dictionary, Reports,User Exits, BADIs, BAPIs and Function Modules
  • Experience in the configuration ofinterfaces between external system and SAP like EDI, Idocs,LIMS, MES etc.
  • Involved in Cut-Over Activities, provided production support
  • Worked in different SDLC methodologies like Waterfall,Agile, V-Model, Rapid etc.
  • Skilled in using software like MS VISIO, ARIS, LUCIDCHART for process flows
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills and abilities to make balanced & independent decisions. Worked in user training and documentation.
  • Understanding & Analyzing customer’s ‘AS-IS’ Business Processes and mapping ‘TO-BE’ processes.
  • Excellent team member, motivated to learn new technology, maintaining good interpersonal relations, client interaction, strong communication and presentation skills.


Tools: HPQC,Remedy, MS Visio, MS Excel, MS Project, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw

Operating System:: Windows-all versions, Linux and Mac OS

ERP Packages: SAP ECC 6.0, ECC 5.0, R/3 4.6B, 4.6C, SAP S/4 HANA


Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP PM/QM Functional Consultant


  • Led workshops with the business team to understand as is maps and to find out potential gaps in Quality Management and Plant Maintenance.
  • Worked directly with business team to prepare the Business Process Flows for the Quality Management and Plant Maintenance processes
  • Prepared Configuration Documentfor all the configurations in Quality Management and Plant Maintenance module
  • Created General Maintenance Task Lists for inspection, maintenance and repair processes of equipment and used these task lists for Preventive Maintenance instead of creating Equipment Task Lists.
  • Preventive Maintenance - performed necessary configuration for creating time-based and performance-based maintenance plans, scheduled maintenance plans for defined cycles to generate maintenance calls and processing of maintenance calls
  • Held the responsibility of Data Lead for the Plant Maintenance data - was responsible for extraction of the data from legacy system (PMC2000), modify the data and prepare the data to upload in SAP
  • Processing external services as individual purchase order, work center and service entry sheet, planning and executing maintenance projects.
  • Under capacity planning assigned employee, performed scheduling.
  • Creating Permits (e.g. OSHA standard) and Permits Categories and Warranties and assigning to the equipment and the Order.
  • For the preventive maintenance configured task list types, user profiles, component assignment, order, configured maintenance strategy.
  • Wrote functional specifications for maintenance processing, preventive maintenance processing, MRO/spare parts processing and PM-Information system processing.
  • Set maintenance Plan categories, configure planner group.
  • Prepared the Test Scripts and Training documents for Quality Management and Plant Maintenance processes
  • Trained Users to work in the SAP system for Quality Management and Plant Maintenance onsite
  • Worked for all the necessary cutover steps in Quality Management and Plant Maintenance
  • Created Presentation and Training materials for the End users and supported even after the Post Go-Liveand hyper-care phase of the project.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

SAP PM/QM Functional Consultant


  • As a PM functional consultant involved in business process analysis and blueprint phase.
  • Evaluated existing maintenance Processes and scenarios in the production departments and maintenance departments and adapted them to SAP.
  • Created master data templates for data gathering and assisted for loading data into the system.
  • Maintained equipment category, defined number ranges and maintained settings at plant level.
  • Maintained Authorizations settings for master data by creating a role and assigned different transactions to the Role.
  • Performed configuration setting for PM Notification types M1, M2, M3, Serial Number profile and then assigned serial number profile to the Equipments and Materials.
  • Performed customization for BOM usage in plant maintenance. Configured Equipment BOM, Functional Location BOM. Customized the central settings of BOM’s and configured the link with other areas. Also, defined Codes and Code Groups
  • In QM master data Catalog, Code Groups, Selected sets, QM classes, Master Inspection Characteristics were finalized with business user and upload to the system
  • Defined QM inspection in Plant Maintenance, QM inspections points and number range objects.
  • Customized Certificate Profile, Certificate types, Data Origin and Output Determination Procedure. Also, maintained Notification types, Catalog and Catalog Profile for Notification types.
  • Defined work center control like work center types and link to Task List application and defined Person Responsible for work center.
  • Defined maintenance strategies in Preventive Maintenance plan. And developed maintenance task list for Equipment, Functional Locations and General tasks. Maintained task list status in general data.
  • Maintained Scheduling types for maintenance and service orders and set the scheduling parameters for maintenance and service orders.
  • Configured and developed all areas related to Measuring points, Inspection Characteristics, Measurement Documents and Measurement Entry sheets.
  • Tested generation of Calibration Orders with inspection lots, result recording of inspection characteristics and usage decision.

Confidential, Malvern, PA

SAP PM/QM Functional Consultant


  • Configured Control Recipe destinations, Process messages and Process instruction categories; Created PI categories using PI assistant wizard.
  • Use of Production Versions for use of various alternative BOMs and multiple recipes
  • Configured Master Recipes with a Quality Inspection Characteristics and configured the inspection plan.
  • Involved in configuration of inspection lots, quality certificates, catalogues, quality notification and Certificate of Analysis (COA).
  • Involved in integration with QM in assigning inspection types to material master based on in process inspection or post process inspection.
  • Responsible for full cycle implementation of PM module, responsible for business process study, requirements gathering, research and interview with end users, documentation, reading blueprints, testing, modeling of business requirements, translating user requirements into functional specifications.
  • Prepared a detailed document of AS-IS study and developed the detail TO-BE processes to suit the Organization objectives.
  • Created a planning plant for the maintenance activities and assigned it to maintenance plant.
  • Maintained equipment categories and defined additional business vies for equipment categories.
  • Customized Work Center and Work Center categories and link to task lists. Also, configured field selections for Basic data, Scheduling, Capacity and Cost Center assignments. Configured and assigned person responsible for work center.
  • Configured and defined Warranty Types and permit categories
  • Built hierarchies for functional location structure
  • Defined notification and order integration and assigned notification types to order types.
  • Configured Order Types and assigned Order Types to all Maintenance Plants. Defined default order types for maintenance plants.
  • Defined priorities and configured scheduled parameters for maintenance and service order.
  • In maintenance activity type, defined possible Maintenance Activity types and Assigned Valid Maintenance Activity Types to maintenance order types. Set Default values for maintenance activity type for each order type.
  • Customized the sort filed for the selection and grouping of maintenance plan. And Configured Maintenance Plan categories to control the business process
  • Wrote Functional Specifications for maintenance processing, Preventive Maintenance processing and spare parts Processing and Plant Maintenance Information system.
  • Worked on enhancements (user exits) for capital work order delegation of authority to determine customer specific default values, Created Settlement Rule, combining transactions of create Notification and create work Order in to fewer screens.
  • Helped developers with Work Order Forms Notification Overview, Material Issue Slip and Work Order Optional Control ticket.
  • Performed unit testing, Archive testing and Security and Role Testing in PM and setup the test data, test scenarios and test scripts.
  • Created detailed user documentation and held training sessions for End users.

Confidential, Nashville, TN

SAP PM/QM Consultant


  • Involved in configuration, testing and implementation of SAP PM Module.
  • Configured functional Locations, Equipment, BOM, functional location BOM.
  • Performed configuration for maintenance plans, maintenance order and work order scheduling.
  • Configured maintenance tasks, maintenance order type dependent parameters.
  • Defined Location, Currency for maintenance statistics.
  • Created several valuation classes and characteristics and configured new material types as per client requirements.
  • Configured price determination schema - defined condition types with access sequences, calculation schemas, condition tables and account determination procedures.
  • Optimized Plant maintenance orders to ensure data quality.
  • Configured planner groups, maintenance plan categories, serial number ranges, warrant categories, partner determination procedures for PM orders, Batch Management.
  • Maintained Orders (operations and components) and assigned Revisions to identify the work period and Notifications in all aspects.
  • Prepared Business process as per the ASAP methodology for setting up QM master data in material master Quality View, Inspection characteristics, Quality Plan, Catalogs for Usage Decision and Generic Characteristics, Routings/ recipes, PI sheets used in Batch.
  • Experience in creating Info Record, Quality Notifications: internal, vendor and customer, Defect Recording and Analysis, 8D reports,QN in SD, Production and Purchasing.
  • Automatic Usage decisions job scheduled for inspection type 01 and 04.
  • Configured Test calibration equipment master, maintenance strategy, General task lists created and assigned to maintenance plan, Internal and external calibration orders were released according to the schedules
  • Carried out split evaluation of materials based on valuation category, local and imported as the valuation type’s assigned number ranges for material types.
  • Configured planner groups, maintenance planning plant.
  • Defined default value for planning indicator for each order type.
  • Prepared functional specification with mapping for following conversions from legacy system to SAP.

Confidential, Boise, ID

SAP PM Consultant


  • Assign Task list type to material type and inspection type to Lot origin
  • Defined the structure for the plant location with the standard hierarchy in global level for the future implementation in other plants
  • Configured maintenance planning plants, maintenance plants, master data records for Functional locations, Equipment and Planner Groups
  • Created Measuring points and counters and priority types
  • Dealt with refurbishment orders for defective spare parts
  • Configured master warranties, warranty counters and set up equipment with warranty tracking.
  • Created master data templates for data gathering and assisted in loading data into system.
  • Created user status for Work orders to provide restrictions of transactions based on status to reduce user error.
  • Configured code groups, catalog profiles, characteristics, measuring points, and counters.
  • Customized Work Center and Work Center categories and link to task lists. Also, configured field selections for Basic data, Scheduling, Capacity and Cost Center assignments. Configured and assigned person responsible for work center.
  • Developed maintenance strategies, general maintenance task lists, maintenance plans and scheduled using deadline monitoring.
  • Configured the system to record all the Master Inspection Characteristics history
  • As part of the master data defined and maintained work centers, equipment classification, Permits-Lockout/Tag out, Activity types
  • Configured Test Calibration Equipment: equipment master, Maintenance Strategy, task list assigned to maintenance plan; internal and external calibration orders released for equipment according to their schedules
  • Dealt with goods receipt process against purchase orders Go live cut over activities and Post Go Live support.

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

SAP QM/PM Consultant


  • Identified the key Business Process from the legacy system
  • Created the Business Blueprint with the involvement of core members of the business
  • Configured the QM master data: Sampling Schemes, Sampling procedures, Dynamic modification rules, master Inspection characteristics, Inspection methods, Classes, QM procurement Activity through control keys, Inspection Setup, Inspection plans
  • Configured the PM master data: Functional location, equipment, equipment BOM, task list, work center, maintenance plan and measuring points
  • Configured the Stock Transfer Inspection between Plant to Plant
  • Releasing the vendors by monitoring their QM systems
  • Requirements Definition, New Business Process Design, Acceptance Test Plans, Procedural Documentation, Functional Testing and Integration Testing
  • Provided training to Super user and End-users.Determined necessity of additional reports and wrote functional specifications for developers for enhancements using user exits and modified work order print-outs.
  • Coordinated preparation of business process procedures and created configuration documentation for knowledge transfer.


SAP PM Functional Consultant


  • Working closely in the areas of Break fixes, Maintenance support, Process improvements / enhancements and new process, user training.
  • Daily monitoring & quick resolution of the Tickets at various priority levels (High to low)
  • Resolving issues, communicating with customers, handling development projects etc. form a part of daily work.
  • Participating in Client Meetings and updating status of tickets and collectively putting the effort for better resolution of Tickets.
  • Module Related Developments and Conducting Super User Meetings.
  • Actively involved in supporting the end users in the issues related to Plant Maintenance like issues in Maintenance Order Processing, Settlement issues, Notifications, Scheduling Parameters of Maintenance Plans and Refurbishment Orders.
  • Global support in handling PM Module in the areas of Work Order Settlement, Maintenance Plans, MTTR, MTBF Reports, BW reports for PM, Maintenance Costs and Batch Jobs.
  • Close interaction with PM - Super users, Users, Business Process Stewards in various regions on freezing various issues addressed in the form of Ticket. Quick resolution of the tickets of various severity levels raised by these regions.

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