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Senior Sailpoint Engineer Resume

West Chester, PA


  • Experience on designing and development in IAM products like SailPoint IIQ
  • Experience on coding in distributed computing domain using technologies Java, XML etc.
  • Configuring the Applications (Authoritative and Non - Authoritative) using Active Directory, Flat file, JDBC and LDAP connectors to load the Identity Cubes.
  • Manage all phases of application lifecycle including requirements analysis, application design, construction, quality control testing, deployment and integration, troubleshooting, maintenance, and change management on Sailpoint IIQ.
  • Developed Rules like Build Map, Correlation, Exclusion, Policy Violation, Policy Formatting etc., as part of connector development.
  • Experienced in generating custom reports and Role Mining.
  • Performed upgrade from various versions of SailPoint IIQ.
  • Developed custom SailPoint Identity IQ Rules and Workflows as per the business needs.
  • Developed custom connectors for custom target application.
  • Deployed and Architected Identity Management, LDAP Directories, Single Sign-On (SSO), Provisioning and De-Provisioning Identity Workflows, Access Management, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), Authentication and Authorization as well as Custom-built Security and Technology Frameworks.
  • Configured and Deployed SailPoint IIQ Connectors for various target systems.
  • Hands-on with aggregation, workflows, tasks, rules and roles.
  • Strong understanding of internal technicalities of SailPoint IIQ.


Identity and Access Management: Sail point IIQ, 6.x, 7.x

Directory Server: Sun LDAP, Microsoft ADOperating systems

Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server

Languages/Technologies: Java/ J2ee Technologies, XML, JSF, C, QBasic, SAML

Oracle, MySQL, MS: SQL, DB2

Application/Web servers: Tomcat, WebLogic

Other Utilities: IDE Eclipse and NetBeans


Confidential, West Chester, PA

Senior SailPoint Engineer


  • Involved in complete implementation of SailPoint IQ.
  • Development of Lifecycle Manager Workflows, Lifecycle Events, Certification Events, Custom Email Templates and Task Definitions.
  • Configured Organizational, Business, and IT roles for various application entitlements.
  • Aggregation, Refresh of data from Authoritative, non-authoritative applications to Identity IQ using Direct Connectors like File Delimiter, JDBC, Active Directory, LDAP.
  • Integrate SailPoint IQ 7.x technologies with in-house and third-party applications for birthright provisioning, access request approval and fulfillment, provisional, custom workflows.
  • Performed the task of onboarding UAR data into SailPoint. Responsible for implementing scoping, preparing reports, task definitions and rules for facilitate this onboarding process.
  • Provision user access, manage applications, assign roles using LCM
  • Performed Access management and reporting using Compliance Manager, Key responsibilities included assisting the client in their Role Based Access Control and Separation of Duties (SOD) policies initiatives.
  • Developed reports, analytics using the Identity IQ provided role/user/audit search
  • SSB (Service standard build) process for customizations developed during the implementation phase.
  • Implemented Access Certification, Automated Provisioning and Governance aspects of IIQ.
  • Develop complex workflows and service adapters in the SailPoint Identity IQ configuration interface.
  • Worked with various application teams to establish connectivity AD, eDirectory, People soft.
  • Experienced in database creation and maintenance and thorough understanding of IdentityIQ DB stricture and design.
  • Implemented Self-service feature, Password management feature, Provisioning feature and forgot password change in Sailpoint.
  • Managed client requirements and configure SailPoint connectors.
  • Rewriting the workflows to encompass the new way of provisioning. Restructured the entire product to reflect direct provisioning across many applications.
  • Responsible to manage Administration functionality of the Sailpoint such as loading data, create roles, create policies, scheduling tasks and certifications and reports.
  • Included the improving Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities by controlling access to applications and systems that contain critical and sensitive information.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

SailPoint Engineer


  • Designed and implemented Access Certification, Automated Provisioning and Governance aspects of IIQ.
  • Mainly responsible for converting the combination of manual and CONTROL-SA provisioning to direct SailPoint provisioning via both out of the box SailPoint connectors, and custom written Java code connecting to a variety of systems via mechanisms such as SOAP and REST web services, JDBC, custom API's etc.
  • Rewriting the workflows to encompass the new way of provisioning. Restructured the entire product to reflect direct provisioning across many applications.
  • Implementation of different direct/custom connectors to connect Mainframe (RACF), Teradata, Unix and Oracle etc.
  • Installed and configured RACF SailPoint connector to integrate with Mainframe systems.
  • Wrote policy rules to ensure SOD and written new workflows to reflect business needs.
  • Design and developed a shell script to find on a server all the users who has sudo access, then generate a report that can be run from the cron (UNIX system scheduler)
  • Built a customized task to generate manager certificates in bulk to improve the Technical and Functional Acceptance Testing (TAT/FAT) process efficiency.
  • Implemented and Customized the SailPoint product to configure products (such as BladeLogic, TAM, and OIM), systems administration, operational support and problem resolution.
  • Involved in knowledge sharing sessions for SailPoint Compliance Manger component and involved in creation of design documents, code reviews and statement of deployment methodologies for the clients.
  • Execute (SailPoint IIQ) test cases through multiple launches and to include development and test environments.
  • Collaborated in implementing and deploying SailPoint Identity Now (IDNow) in Windows
  • Provided project management support across multiple security work streams.
  • Provisioning and access governance experience with and understanding of security on systems such as AD, LDAP/Unix, Oracle, Sybase and manual provisioned applications.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

SailPoint Developer


  • SailPoint Identity IQ Installation and Configuration as required by the design solution.
  • Developed build map rule, creation rule and customization rule to create Employee and Contractor user accounts into SailPoint from their current application's exported feed file.
  • Developed a custom form in the SailPoint UI so that various admins can create Employee/Contractor user accounts manually through UI and provision users.
  • Developed a creation rule to run update, terminate and rehire transactions on specified Employee and Contractor user accounts based on the feed file data.
  • Developed a scheduler using Java that will periodically run to terminate contractors on their specified contract end date
  • Developed a code that will send expiration notification to Contractors.
  • Worked on identifying central source of data feed to onboard Identities into SailPoint.
  • Developed Audit Detail Report, SOX Report and Remediation Report as per client needs.
  • Developed workflows for life cycle events Joiner, Mover and Leaver
  • Involved in designing and implementing Custom AD connectivity to pull data from AD.
  • Designed integration configuration for Remedy ticketing system with SailPoint Identity IQ as to cater existing client specific ticketing system.
  • Developed custom certifications to cater client needs.
  • Designed and deployed Identity & Access Management solution to improve user experience, meet compliance, and reduce costs.
  • Worked on various Certifications, developed custom task and reports.
  • Worked on custom and out of box workflows in SailPoint.
  • Communicated to clients and partner's aspects of both the product and the implementation at the technical and functional levels appropriate for the situation


Software Developer


  • Designed the complete process flow of the application using Agile development methodology.
  • Involved in design sessions during sprint design meetings to understand and come up with design solutions for the user stories.
  • Access and manipulate various Content Server components using Web Services interfaces, including document management objects, user and group objects, and search functionality.
  • Manipulate objects stored within the Content Server repository’s Undelete workspace.
  • Designed and developed web-based UI application using Struts tiles frame work and used JSTL, JAVA/J2EE, xml, HTML, Ajax, CSS, JQuery for the presentation layer.
  • Consumed and created a secure SOAP web service.
  • Used Struts and Spring framework to implement MVC design patter.
  • Hibernate is used for application data persistence
  • Implemented the middle tier using EJB framework.
  • Created test cases using cucumber.
  • Used Sonar to maintain quality of source code.

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