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Knowledge Manager Resume

Ft Meade, MarylanD


Confidential, Ft. Meade, Maryland

Knowledge Manager


  • Provided and managed Multinational Information Sharing (MNIS) Program Management supporting activities to directorates within Defense Information Security Agency.
  • Oversaw corporate - level knowledge management processes which included, knowledge collection, knowledge sharing and identification of subject matter expertise.
  • Devised a methodology whereby management leadership should readily identify important scheduling criteria sent from divisional system analyst on status of projects.
  • Submitted initial documentation for the development of a “Knowledge Learning” organization.
  • Sought methodology for conversion of documentation from different media into SharePoint.

Confidential, Ft. Belvoir, VA & Madison, Alabama

Requirement Analyst / Knowledge Management


  • Provided team leadership and project management on Information Technology projects within the Confidential /5 of Confidential Materiel Command.
  • Provided program requirement management support to the C4ISR division of Current Operations ( Confidential /5) of Headquarters, Confidential Materiel Command.
  • Collaborated in the planning, design, development and implementation of new Information Technology (I.T.), business applications, and enhancements to existing business applications.
  • Evaluated data sources (disparate databases) for possible implementation into the Confidential enterprise network. Conferred and discussed relevant I.T. specific issues with members of Major Defense Acquisition Programs.
  • Spearheaded an eighteen (18) month re- of Confidential circuit connectivity for Confidential Materiel Command’s Subordinate Command (SRA), Logistic Support Activity ( Confidential ) contractor, Halliburton’s Internet connectivity with its subcontractor KBR for exchange of proprietary information.
  • Orchestrated the scheduling and of functional components that comprise the Confidential Operations Center with Confidential specific tactics, technique and procedures (TTPs) to improve upon roles and responsibilities conventions previously established by Confidential .
  • Wrote several policy documents for orchestration of change management for the Headquarters, Confidential Materiel Command that had Army-wide influence.
  • Authored the “Internal Security Policy Policies and Procedures for the Miller Operations Center”, which dictates the security protocol for security responsibility, which was the precursor to what was eventually established in the transfer to Confidential at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.
  • Created a knowledge management strategy based on Confidential ’s organizational goals and objectives which were dictated by the Chief Information Office (CIO office) of G-6 in Headquarters DA Pentagon considering the specific knowledge requirements necessary to achieve goals and objectives established by upper management.
  • Utilized SharePoint functionalities, in conjunction with instituting Knowledge Management policies and procedure methodology within Confidential ’s Confidential /5-Current Operations directorate.

Confidential, VA

Senior Analyst


  • Provided program requirement management support to the Confidential /5/7 LandWarNet Battle Command, Headquarters, Department of Defense Pentagon.
  • Collaborated in the planning, design, development and implementation of new Information Technology (I.T.).
  • Represented the LandWarNet (LWN) Directorate as the single point of contact to operating force for, fielding and employment of LWN capabilities.
  • Provided analysis, guidance and recommendations to military and government senior level staff on Confidential Battle Command System ( Confidential ), interoperability issues.
  • Developed a prototype of an Executive Information Tool, which displayed the current status of programs germane to the Confidential /5/7-LandWarNet directorate.
  • Assessed and evaluated the synergy between the Confidential Synchronization Tool (AST) tool and the Single Interface to the Field (SIF) databases, and made recommendations to the in corporation of both into the Global Information Grid.
  • Recommended the in corporation of the Confidential Force Generation Synchronization Tool ( Confidential ) into the Confidential Global Information Grid (GIG).

Confidential, Newington, VA

Knowledge Management Officer


  • Lead the development and maintenance of Confidential Materiel Command ( Confidential ), Confidential /5 Knowledge Management program.
  • Developed and managed the knowledge management structure in accordance with Confidential ’s Miller Operations Implementation Guide policy.
  • Presented a knowledge management strategy for implementation into the Confidential division, incorporating a quarterly program of development. Briefed the progress of the KM program to Chief of Plans and Operations on a monthly basis detailing the development.
  • Drafted policies, directives, briefings and procedures relating to Knowledge Management in accordance with Chief of Information Operations (CIO), G-6 directives, HQ Confidential Pentagon, for knowledge management implementation within the Confidential .
  • Developed a naming / file management structure for both the Confidential (classified side Internet) and
  • Devised and presented to the Confidential /5 management a fully functional Knowledge Management (KM) program, consisting of KM constructs, naming conventions and .
  • Integrated Knowledge Management into the operational plans of the Current Operations, Confidential, Miller Operations Center staffing constructs.
  • Formulated an information generating repository system whereby each division sections the Confidential Current Operations division could identify their respective data once placed on the shared drive.

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