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Technology Lead Resume



  • Analytical, technically sophisticated professional with 10 years of experience driving the completion of complex and effective projects to enhance usability and performance of technological applications.
  • Demonstrated achievements in contributing to success of projects and project teams throughout all phases of project lifecycle, from conception to execution.
  • Exceptional talents in the design and development of Web Applications, Cloud Applications, Data Access Layers, Database Architecture, Mobile Applications, and Standalone Applications using multiple technologies, OS platforms, and databases.
  • Excellent communicator, skilled in building, leading, and strengthening cross - functional teams to drive cohesive operations.
  • Proven expertise in coding, design, and implementation of applications across investment banking, insurance, and manufacturing industry enterprises.


  • Solution Architecture
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Sales and Distribution
  • SDLC Management
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Technical Specifications
  • Product Roadmap
  • Design & Implementation Plan
  • Data Lifecycle Management


Languages: C#

Data Bases and Tools: SQL Server 2014, T-SQL, Reporting Frameworks, Cosmos DB

Development IDE: Visual Studio 13/15

Web Application Design: MVC, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Light Switch, Angular JS

Service Oriented Design: WCF, WEB-API, REST, OData

Cloud Application Design: Azure Service Bus, Application Insights, Stream Analytics, Event Hubs, Queues, Azure Storage, SQL Azure, Web Jobs, Worker Roles, Radis Cache

Cloud Tools: Azure Portals, Service Bus Explorer, File Zilla and Azure storage explorer

Application Development: Windows Forms, WPF, Console Apps, JSON, XML

Continuous Integration Tools: TFS, VSTS, MTM, Products Studio, JIRA, GIT, NuGet

Additional Skills: ADO.Net, Entity Framework, UML, Fiddler, N-Substitute, Unity


Technology Lead

Confidential, Redmond


  • Contributed in functionality implementation across different modules like Data Services, Reporting, User Management, Broker Services and Entitlements.
  • Developed Applications using Confidential, WEB-API, MVC, Light Switch, Web Apps, Worker Roles, SQL over CI environments.
  • Developed Cloud Application using Service Bus, Queues, Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, Document DB, Application Insights, SQL Azure, Blob Storage, Table Storage and Azure Active directory. Enhanced applications with different design pattern with Leader Election, Retry, Competing Consumers Pattern, Circuit Breaker Patterns.
  • Developed critical core components to establish communication between different modules and to share common functionality across.
  • Supported test execution and regression testing phases by providing fixes for bugs and actively participating in all phases including production deployments.
  • Delivered strategic design, utilizing knowledge of functional requirements to integrate technological advancements.
  • Contributed to success in design reviews and provided vital inputs in considering overall performance and design principles.
  • Addressed critical production issues and provided timely fixes to unblock the users and came up with Support tools which helped support team for Quick identification of issues at Production.
  • Constructed technical prototypes to establish vast technology options using ER Studio Software and authored technical specifications, including low-level design and high-level design details.
  • Fulfilled key role as techno functional SME within project, providing one-point solutions for various issues across project lifecycle.
  • Drove performance improvement initiatives to improve application performance.


Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed Office mobile product SISX assembly for weekly product releases using C# and C++, developed apps in Visual Studio 2010, Carbide++ and source Depot as version management tool.
  • Drove project completion, utilizing comprehensive knowledge of functional requirements and implementation for proper functionality and usability.
  • Directed design implementation for fuzz run, load runs over the devices to identify memory leaks and battery performance of office application in mobile product development.
  • Created SharePoint Reports using Excel web parts and performed SharePoint Server Admin activities.
  • Contributed to success of regression testing process, improved product quality by automation.


Associate System Engineer


  • Facilitated construction and improvement of Confidential services and enhanced business workflow to align with DB Model.
  • Assisted team in coordination of regression testing and unit testing to ensure usability and functionality.




  • Contributed for development of web application using Asp.Net and C# to ensure product met established requirements and regulatory standards.
  • Worked on TSQL, stored procedures and views, in addition performed unit testing and integration testing.

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